Chapter Six: Anew (Part One)

In the dark, dreary mansion of the former Riddle family, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Lord Voldemort awoke to a sudden burst of magic spreading from his core to the rest of his wraith like body. He screamed in pain, unused to the amount and power of the magic coursing through his veins.

Tom didn't notice the Runic Circle that slowly glowed a brilliant gold as it formed around him. He didn't notice Nagini and Wormtail's frozen form inside the room. He didn't notice the growing limbs and muscle and skin. He didn't notice the light engulfing him and the whole room. All he felt was pain, coursing through his veins. He could hear himself screaming in agony. Through it all, bits and pieces of himself returned to its original form. The form he had before he first created his Horcruxes.

And slowly, as his consciousness grew, through the pain, he noticed that he had not been this coherent since he made the second Horcrux. He noticed that he had not felt so in tuned with his magic since before his sixth year of Hogwarts. He noticed that the familiar powerful Magic that was in his core and coursing through his body was not his own.

He noticed the warmth. And he heard the cries. He heard the pleas.

Tom's bright blue eyes snapped open, his thoughts perfectly coherent for the first time in decades. And then his eidetic memory – once his pride, slowly forgotten to madness, supplied the shocking truth of who's Magic was in his core.

Harriet Potter.

When Barty sneaked out of Hogwarts and into the grounds of Riddle Manor in Little Hangleton, he didn't know what to expect. He had intended to tell his master about Potter's lack of magic and try to get him to forget about Potter. The girl had been through enough and had just lost her magic. Death Eater he may be, he would never wish more pain and suffering to an already world hardened child.

But as he Apparated into Little Hangleton, the first thing he saw was a bright light shining through the windows of Riddle Manor. Even far from the large house, he could hear his Lord's scream of pain. Panicked and a little worried over his Lord, Barty limped as quickly as he could towards the house in Moody's physical body.

As soon as he opened the door, the Azkaban escapee stood stunned at the feel of pure, undiluted ritual Magic that washed over him. For a moment, he was flashed back to his first ever Samhain Sabbath. It was a small ritual that his mother had insisted they do behind fathers back after the death of Grandfather Caspar. He was only 11 at the time and Grandfather Caspar had passed on peacefully in his sleep. His mother had told him Samhain used to be celebrated as a Day of Magic, a day to honour the dead of beloved ones. It was a small ritual to call upon the spirit of his late Grandfather but the Magic he felt that night from the ritual. It was pure. It was powerful. It was wonderfully nostalgic, bringing back the old memories he had of his grandfather playing with him as a smaller child.

The magic he felt now that came from within Riddle Manor was reminisce of the magic he felt during that Samhain Day years ago. But the most curious thing was that he felt a very familiar feel of Magic coming from the Lounge his Lord favoured to occupy. It was nagging him from the back of his mind but for the life of him, he couldn't remember from where he knew the feel of the magic.

Slowly, the light that engulfed the house receded back into the Lounge before finally disappearing under the door. Hesitantly, Barty strode forward and slowly cracked open the door and froze in shock.

The Lord that he was familiar with normally had pasty white skin and glowing red eyes, snake like features and his body robed with black. His Lord normally had a terrifying Dark Magic that resonated with their own Dark Marks and commanded attention and loyalty from those who practiced Dark Magic and the Olde Ways.

The Lord that Barty saw in front of him right now had pale, but healthy looking skin and deep dark eyes that reminded him of the night sky. His features handsome and his body fit, a black cloth covered his privates. His magic was undiluted, powerful, intoxicating. It was familiar but yet it wasn't the familiarity he had of his Lord's magic before his first defeat 14 years ago.

He could see, through Moody's eye, the gold remnants of the magic lingering in the room and realized with a start that it was Potter's Magic;a much darker, much more powerful version of Potter's Magic but still hers.

And it was coming off in waves from his Lord's restored body.

Barty didn't know what the utter fuck had happened. But whatever it was, wasn't something any of them, not his Lord, not Dumbledore, not anyone could have predicted or achieved.

Because the runes burned on the wooden floor beneath his Lord's body were rarely seen.

Because only Merlin himself had ever recorded such divine designs of the Runic Circle.

Because it was Runic Circles of Magic herself in her purest form.

With a jolt, Tom realized he could finally stand on his own two feet again. He raised a hand and marvelled at the unblemished and fair skin that rested on his meat and bones. After that third Horcrux, he had never really realized how different his body was before then. He never realized how much he had degraded, both physically and mentally. All his carefully laid plans made during his schooling years lost to insanity.

All thanks to his own foolish fear of Death.

"My Lord?"

The sudden call had Tom swirling around with his arm outstretched, reading to blow the intruder to pieces. He managed to stop his thoughts of casting when he recognized the Polyjuiced Barty standing at the doorway. His eyes roamed the room then, taking in the dusty and rotting furniture, a cowering Pettigrew and a slowly approaching Nagini.

Grimacing, he crouched down to allow Nagini to slither up his arm and around his shoulders. Gently, he stroked his familiars scale, a little amazed at the warmth. He never realized how much he had missed stroking Nagini. He remembered the coldness that had been a constant companion to him ever since he created a Horcrux from the Gaunt Ring. And he inwardly winced when he remembered what he did to his favoured familiar in the summer.

I apologize Nagini, for using you like that. He hissed at the snake, regretfully stroking her warm scales.

Nagini merely hissed and licked her master's cheek. Master was unaware. It is fine.

Tom's lips quirked in a small smirk at his familiar before he turned to Barty, who was looking at him in awe and confusion.

"It seems that I have somehow received my body back without the help of the ritual… Would you like to tell me why, Barty?"

Barty startled at the smooth voice, so unlike the snake like hisses he was accustomed to from his Lord. "I-I'm not sure, my Lord. But… Your magic… It's like…"

Tom's eyes narrowed. "Yes. I know. It feels like Potter's magic… Curious…" He trailed off as he looked down in thought, his chin cradled between his fingers.

Taking a deep breath, Barty figured bluntly telling his Lord about Potter was the best way to go right now. "Potter's lost her magic to the Goblet."

Immediately, Tom's head snapped up and his eyes widened minutely in shock. "What?"

Barty flinched back slightly. The sudden burst of shock had caused Potter's – no, his Lord's magic to suddenly wash over him. It felt a little cold, but mostly enticing as his Lord's magic always was, even back when he was somewhat insane. "Potter swore an oath that she wouldn't compete in the tournament… And the Goblet took her magic… That was two days ago, my Lord. I deeply apologize for not telling you sooner. I was only able to get away now…"

Tom's face scrunched up in confusion and concentration. Why would Potter choose to loose her magic instead of competing? Why would she just abandon her Magic like that? Was she even alive now? He remembered reading somewhere that the pain of loosing one's magic was equal or perhaps even more painful than the Cruciatus Curse. For her to have survived that was impossible. But on the off chance she did survive…

What purpose does she play in the prophecy now?

"My Lord, what will we do now?" Barty asked hesitantly. "Potter doesn't have magic now. She's not much of a threat anymore, so it would be best to leave her alone, right?"

Tom paused in his thoughts and turned back to Barty with an eyebrow raised. "I may have been insane for the past few decades Barty but I know you don't usually let anyone escape even if they are not threats. What happened?"

Barty cringed. Okay, so maybe he won't be able to get out of much now that his Lord was 100% sane. Thank god Regulus was dead or they would be getting Cruicio-ed together after being humiliated with the shit they did.

"It's… complicated, my Lord." Barty started hesitantly, trying to find a way to tell the man what had happened in Hogwarts.

Tom raised an eyebrow at this and smirked. "Then show me. Legilimens."

Harriet was sitting on the swings of the park near Privet Drive when Sirius found her. She was looking down at the ground while her feet drew patterns in the sand. He sagged in relief and approached her quickly.

"You okay there, pup?" Sirius questioned as he squatted down in front of her.

Harriet didn't say anything but nodded her head instead. Smiling softly, Sirius raised his hand to her chin and lifted it. He saw shimmering green eyes and trembling lips and felt his heart ache.

"I won't say I understand, pup. But I can say that there are things where we can't control, no matter what happens. Petunia allowed her jealousy to control her. She loved Lily and she never allowed herself to love you. That's fine. Because I'm here now. I wasn't there for you before but I will be here now. For you. Because you're my pup and I love you so, so much." His smiled widened when he saw a little spark in her eyes and a slight upturn of her lips. "So turn that frown upside down and we'll go see Remus now, eh? I have a feeling that if he chooses to stay, he'll want to at least see you before we leave."

Harriet stared at Sirius for a while before nodding. She was about to get up but paused and turned to look at Sirius. "Push me on the swings for awhile, please?"

Sirius stared into green eyes and felt himself melt. This was his goddaughter. His only daughter. His daughter that had been deprived of love and affection for a little over a decade. He felt himself nod and smile at the happy smile that graced Harriet's face.

He would do anything to make his little girl happy.

Remus John Lupin stared at the empty bottle of Vodka in his hands, not knowing what to do. Dumbledore had just sent him a letter saying that Harriet had lost her magic to the Goblet of Fire and that she has gone missing last night. He had been overcome with grief and had started drinking whatever he could get his hands on in an effort to forget his own pain.

It didn't work.

He still felt hallow. He still felt like his world had just crumbled into pieces and knew that this time there was no way to pick up the pieces. Before, when half his pack had died or gone to prison or had betrayed him, he could still stand strong. He had been strong because of the thought of protecting his cub.

But Harriet was missing now and no one knew where she was. Not even Dumbledore.

Choking on a sob, Remus dropped heavily on the ragged couch he and Sirius had bought so long ago. His pack was gone. James and Lily were dead. Peter was a traitor. Sirius was on the run and wasn't likely to come back soon. And now Harriet – his beautiful, precious, little cub was missing.

The weary werewolf could already feel the tears start to gather again in his eyes. He idly wondered how much more could he cry before his tears dried completely. He was pretty sure there wasn't a minute where he hadn't cried in the past few hours since Dumbledore had delivered the news. But his heart ached in pain at the thought. He was such a miserable shit.

Bangs on the door startled him. He sat up, confused as to who would visit him. Dumbledore had contacted him through letters and he knew no one else alive that would visit him willingly. With a wince at the thought, he hurriedly wiped at his eyes and quickly approached the front door as the bangs continued.

When Remus opened the door, he was most definitely not prepared to see the shaggy dark hair and blue-grey eyes he was so familiar with. He stood at the doorway, completely rigid as he stared in shock at the man standing in front of him.

"Well, staring has definitely been fun, Moony but could you step aside so we can get inside and warm, please?" Jested Sirius as his roughish grin widened at the gobsmacked expression on his friend's face.

Remus continued starting for a few moments before Sirius's words registered in his mind. "We?"

At that, Harriet stepped out from behind Sirius with an apologetic grin on her face, her green eyes lighting up mischievously at him. Remus stiffened further and his body reacted before his mind could catch up to what was happening. His feet moved forward while his arms raised themselves to shove Sirius away ("Hey!") so he could reach his cub and engulf her in a tight hug.

Harriet stiffened in surprise but soon relaxed as she felt the tremors that racked Remus's body, affecting her as well. Slowly, she raised her arms to wrap around his back, squeezing lightly. "I'm sorry for worrying you, Moony. In my defence, we didn't contact you first because Sirius thought it would be a great prank to play on you."

Remus sobbed and laughed hysterically at the same time. "I'll get him back for that later."

"You shoved me into a bloody bush Moony, I think you got your revenge well enough." Came Sirius's sarcastic drawl and the two hugging broke apart to turn and look at him.

True enough, Sirius sat on his bum in a bush with leaves and sticks stuck to his hair and clothes. Harriet and Remus took one long look at him, then looked at each other and promptly burst out laughing. Sirius pouted at his best friend and goddaughter before grinning and laughing as well.

As Remus held out a hand to help Sirius up, only to be dragged down into the bush as well, Harriet's heart swelled in hope. She laughed as her godfathers started wrestling in the bush and in her heart; she prayed that they could have millions of more laughs like this in the future.

Tom reclined in the large green plush chair that sat in the study room of Riddle Manor. Compared to the dreary, rotting look a few hours ago, he had finally transfigured and repaired most of what had been damaged while testing out his Magic. Decayed wood was repaired and the pine panelling almost glistened from the magic. Furniture were righted, stuffed again and mended. Windows were repaired and cleaned and the hearth blazed with warm fire.

It had truly been a while since he had done such a mundane task, yet as his Magic flowed energetically along his veins and into his spells, he couldn't help but enjoy it. While he did not regret the deaths he used to create his Horcruxes, he did regret not thoroughly researching the spell and its consequences to his magic, body and mind.

As his eyes roamed the book he had found in the late 1950s about the Goblet of Fire, his thoughts drifted to his former enemy. Former because like Barty had said; without magic, Harriet was of no threat to him. The memories he had seen from Barty of the event both confused and shocked him.

Like the masses (to his everlasting disgust) he had thought the Girl-Who-Lived to be a pampered, spoiled little brat that had gotten everything she wanted. He had thought her arrogant and sheltered. He had thought that she could get everything she wanted. He had thought she was nothing more than a weak little sheep that followed Dumbledore's manipulations like a good little dog.

He was wrong and he hated being wrong, so he forced himself to actually read the contents of the book he was holding.

Supposedly, Zeus, the King of the Gods had commissioned Hephaestus, the God of Fire, the Forge and Volcanoes to create the Goblet of Fire after the first Olympian games was held to pick the best of the best of warriors to compete in the tournament. Like what was done a few weeks ago, names would be written and dropped and the magic of the pure fire would choose those worthy and most likely to survive them. Unlike the Muggle Olympic Games, its Magical counterpart were much more dangerous and ranged from harmless swimming to battles to the death with Hydras.

The clause where a witch or wizard would lose their magic had only come into effect in 779 BC after one of the warriors chosen by the Goblet ran away with the King's wife. The King had been so angered, he had demanded the clause be added after he had hunted the warrior down and killed him and his wife. Tom snorted at this.

"What foolishness." He thought as he snapped the book shut, deciding to think on it more later on. He stood to return the book to its place on the shelves when the parchments on his desk caught his eye.

Tom stared at them for a while before sighing, his shoulders sagging in exhaustion. He raised a hand to his temple, tiredly massaging it. He really didn't want to think about how his former enemy was raised in a similar situation as his own youth. It really didn't come as a surprise for Dumbledore to ignore an orphan's pleas for protection from Muggles. But it was surprising that the old fool would do it to his precious Girl-Who-Lived. Though he had his fair share of experiences with those blasted Muggles in his youth, he had always been able to protect himself. He had been abused, yes. But he never imagined the slight of a girl that had faced him with fierce determination and defiance in her eyes to be an abused child.

Even worse since it was her blood family that had done it.

Cringing, Tom quickly gathered the parchment for safekeeping. He wouldn't be able to use them right now, after all.

"My Lord, I'm about to head back to Hogwarts now." Barty called after knocking on the lounge door. Tom wandlessly opened the door, much to Barty's awe. Tom wore an amused look, he had forgotten how rare Wandless Magic was and how amusing it was to watch prideful purebloods gape at him in awe when he did it.

Tom handed the parchments in his hands to Barty. "Drop by Gringotts when you can and put this in your vault. I'll ask for it after I create a new identity to use in the Wizangamot." Tom ordered and walked past the loyal man.

Barty stared after his Lord in confusion, though he was still a little awed at the display of magic. He looked down at the parchments in his hands and quirked a smirk. As he turned to walk out of the manor, he wistfully wished Regulus were still alive for them to plot a way for their newly found sane Lord to be more open in his opinions. He chuckled at the thought as he took a quick look at the parchments again before he tucked them in his pocket and Apparated away.

Proposal for Protection of Magical Orphans Act.

"Well then." Remus started as he placed tea in front of Sirius and Harriet. "What is this all about?"

After the trio had entered the home, Sirius and Remus had Scrougify-ed themselves before settling on the living room couch. Harriet sat on the large red plush chair she suspected Sirius had bought when they were younger while Sirius and Remus took up the soothing cream coloured couch.

"Minerva told me you lost your Magic, Harriet." Remus said gently.

Harriet flinched at the reminder. "It was to lose my Magic or face Death in the face again this year, Moony."

"It was still very dangerous, Harry." Remus pressed. "There are many records of witches and wizards dying after loosing their Magic."

"But what matters is that Ana survived it, Moony." Sirius interrupted firmly. "She's alive and well and we're leaving the country."


"How is that subtle, Sirius?!"

Harriet and Remus exclaimed at the same time while Sirius shrugged unapologetically. "Ana and I will be leaving the country for Germany. We came to ask if you're in with us or you're out with Dumbledore?"

"Dumbledore doesn't know what you're doing?!" Remus gasped.

"Dumbledore has been manipulating Ana since day one and has been keeping secrets and stealing from her vault, Remus." Sirius pressed angrily.

"He wouldn't-"

"He did." Harriet cut Remus off coldly, bringing the werewolf's attention to her. "He placed me with the Dursleys and forced me to stay there when he knew perfectly well how cruel they were to me. He stole from my trust vault every year since Mum and Dad died. He stole Dad's Invisibility Cloak and gave it to me for Christmas implying that Dad had allowed him to 'borrow' it. He stole all the items Mum and Dad left me in my vault and I can't get them back. He knows Sirius is innocent and yet refuses to allow him a trial even though he could have done it when he discovered Peter was still alive!"

Harriet's voice had risen as she ended her speech. She slowly stood from her seat to stand in front of Remus and Sirius. "He's not what we thought he is, Moony. He lied to a lot of us. He refuses to see that he was wrong and refuses to correct his mistakes. I don't trust him and if you don't agree to come with us, we… we…"

"We'll be forced to Obliviate you, Moony." Sirius continued for his goddaughter. "For our safety and Ana's happiness, Dumbledore cannot know where we're heading." He continued and looked straight into Remus's deep brown eyes seriously. "Are you with us or not."

Remus stared at his best friend and cub for a long time, his mind reeling with the information he had gotten. Had Dumbledore really done all that? Or was it a lie? Was Sirius trying to get him to not trust Dumbledore anymore? What in God's name was going on?!

"I…" Remus swallowed. "I don't know, Padfoot… It… This just seems so unreal."

Harriet sighed sadly and Sirius looked pained. "I know it does, Remus but it is the truth." Sirius said, an almost desperate tone present in his voice. "I really don't want to have to Obliviate you. It wouldn't be fun." He chuckled weakly.

Remus smiled weakly as well but turned to Harriet when he heard quiet sniffles. His eyes softened considerably when he saw the tears gathering in her eyes and stood to pull her in a tight hug.

"I want you to come with us, Moony…" Harriet whispered sadly through her tears.

Remus smiled comfortably, his eyes conveying just how much he wanted to believe her. His thoughts were a warzone right now and he needed to see with his own eyes if what Harriet and Sirius were saying was true. "I'll always be with you, cub. Even if I don't remember, I'll always put you first." He said with a sad smile as he wiped away her tears.

Sirius stood and joined the two in a hug. "We're going to miss you, Moony."

Remus snorted playfully. "You'll just miss not having a target for your pranks."

Harriet burst out laughing at the two and the three broke off the hug. Sirius and Harriet moved to the side as Remus sat back down. Sirius raised his wand and Harriet looked away. Remus only smiled comfortingly at the two, his heart swelling in love and pain.

"We're really sorry for this, Moony." Sirius said finally.

"I may not be able to remember this, Padfoot, but my heart will know the two of you will be safe and that's enough for me." Remus returned with a happy grin.

"We'll miss you, Moony." Harriet tacked in and Remus smiled at her, affection clear on his face.

"I'll miss you both very much as well. Take care of each other."

Sirius took a deep breath and steadied his wand.


Madam Poppy Pomfrey was feeling very much irritated with her long time friend and former Professor. So were Minerva McGonagall and Fillius Flitwilk. Alastor Moody had already disappeared as soon as possible. Even Pomona Sprout, Septima Vector and Bathsheda Babbling were getting fed up with a certain 113-years-old Headmaster.

It had only been a few hours since Harriet had sneakily left the castle. (Minerva had ensured no one would be in her path to escape via deducting house points. Fillius and Bathsheda were distracting the headmaster with talks of the press and handling the French and Bulgarian guests. Pomona was adamantly refusing anyone who asked after Harriet with a threat of some Venomous Tentacula. Severus had disappeared into his room and hadn't come out since Harriet lost her magic and none of them really had the nerve to disturb him after that sob they heard when they first tried to knock.) Albus had been unnecessarily uncooperative in leaving Harriet alone during her time in the infirmary. He had come up with a hundred and one excuses to try and persuade Harriet to continue staying at Hogwarts despite not having magic. It had taken several upper year Slytherins and Ravenclaws catching onto what was happening and provoking the Gryffindors and Huflepuffs about Quiddicth matches and Blood Purity for Albus to finally leave the girl alone to handle the fights that broke out in halls. (Which was a remarkable show of inter-house relationship, Madam Pomfrey thought. Even though she also thought that the Slytherins were taking the chance not getting punished by Minerva to rile up the Gryffindors.)

She, and the rest of the staff had been trying their very best to keep Albus from visiting Harriet's room after she had left wanting to buy her enough time to get out of the country. (Because Bathsheda had overheard Harriet and the Beauxbatons champion talking and she knew that at the very least, her favourite student was going to leave the country. Where exactly; was still a mystery.) And that had been an almost impossible task by itself until Bathsheda and Septima had finally gotten fed up of the old man and erected a Charmed Ward around the infirmary, redirecting Albus into thinking that he had something else to do elsewhere.

So here they were, exhausted and either leaning on or sitting on the various furniture in the infirmary, tiredly drinking tea and munching on biscuits. Bathsheda and Septima had conquered two beds, tired from creating a ward strong enough to fool Albus Dumbledore. Minerva and Fillius were reclining on stiff chairs, tea in hand. Pomona was helping Poppy make more tea and biscuits at the side of the room. This was one of the days they were ever so thankful it was Sunday and thus, there were no classes.

"I never thought I'd say this but, thank God for Albus's unnatural love for Muggle Sweets." Septima murmured into the pillow. Since when were infirmary beds this comfortable? Or was that just her exhaustion talking?

"I second that." Bathsheda groaned. "I am never going against Albus in terms of Warding and Charms ever again."

"Thank you again, the both of you." Minerva smiled tiredly at the two younger Professors.

"We're just lucky I have what Muggles would call a Minor Degree in Charms." Septima muttered. "Bloody hell, I never want to combine Charms and Warding ever again. I love Arithmancy but this is ridiculous."

"Someone please tell me little Harriet has made it out of the country." Bathsheda groaned into her pillow.

"None of us would know, laddies." Alastor voiced as he came into the infirmary.

"Welcome back, Alastor." Minerva greeted. "Where exactly did you go?"

Alastor smirked. "I went to 'ta Ministry and got Bones to look into Albus's come and goings. He's gonna have a hard time finding Potter if he's got Bones on his arse."

"Does anyone know where Miss. Potter is heading?" Septima asked. "I would like to know where the girl I've exhausted my Magic for is heading to."

"Egypt, probably." Alastor said. "The Potter family has property there and the government doesn't care much for Black's actions."

"Sirius Black?!" Pomona gasped in disbelief. "She's running away with a traitor?!"

"Oh hush down, Pomona!" Minerva snapped. "Sirius never betrayed the Potters. It has always been Pettigrew. And besides, if you remember correctly, there was never a trial for Sirius."

Bathsheda furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "Where did you get that from?"

"Albus." Minerva drawled tiredly. "I am apart of the Order and he told me what had happened last year. Apparently, Pettigrew was a rat Animagus masquerading as Ron Weasley's pet."

"Oh my goodness." Pomona sat down on the bed that Septima occupied, her legs shaking and her face horrified at the thought of a traitorous rat sleeping in the same room as an innocent child.

"I never liked that rat." Filius muttered as he sipped on his tea and Poppy nodded in agreement.

"Well wherever Harriet is, its best if we keep this from Albus." Minerva said firmly.

"Egypt, is it?"

Freezing, the occupants of the room turned to see Albus standing at the Infirmary's entrance, looking over them with an air of disappointment. Minerva quickly stood from her seat as Alastor hung at the back, his hand on his wand holster. The rest of them eyed the old Headmaster warily.

"I am disappointed that you would think I could cause harm to Harriet." Albus started. "I would never harm her, she's like a granddaughter to me. I just wanted her to be safe."

Pomona couldn't smother a snort and Albus glared at her. Bathsheda, Septima and Filius on the other hand just stared at Albus with a blank look that managed to convey how much they didn't believe him. Minerva and Poppy just bristled and glared fiercely at him.

"If you wanted to 'protect' her as you say, you would have noticed Quirrel being possessed by You-Know-Who in her first year, you would have derailed those rumours of her going Dark in her second year and you would havepetitioned for Black's trial in her third year so she could get out of those abusive Muggles hands!" Poppy ranted angrily, her hands waving accusingly at him. "You have done nothing but put her in danger year after year, Albus! Honestly, I'm rather thankful she no longer has Magic. At least she can no longer be in danger in the safest place in Magical Britain." She ended sarcastically.

Albus frowned disapprovingly at Poppy. "It was for the Greater Good."

This time, no one could hold back his or her snorts of disbelief.

Alastor shook his head. "So now you know Potter's gone to Egypt, what will you do? Drag her back kicking and screaming?" He sneered.

"It's for her own safety, she's still in danger! Voldemort will not rest until she is dead!" Albus argued. "She is safest here."

"Black will bring her to one of his estates then, no doubt. She's safer behind Black Wards than any ward Hogwarts has." Alastor huffed. "We all know how paranoid Blacks are."

"Those wards are dark. It could affect her!"

"And the wards put up on the Black townhouse you planned to use as headquarters isn't?" Minerva asked with an impressive sneer.

"It will be safer for her here, in Britain and that is final!" Albus exclaimed, his magic spreading and almost choking them. "I will bring her back and she will stay in Britain. It will be safer for everyone."

With that, he turned and walked away.

After a few moments, the room seemed to breath out a collective sigh of relief. Minerva plopped back down in her chair. "She's not really going to Egypt, is she?"

Alastor snorted. "Of course she isn't. Black's not stupid enough to go to any Potter property with Albus as Potter's guardian."

"At least we managed to buy the girl some time… though is Sirius Black really innocent?" Septima asked.

"He is." Alastor confirmed firmly.

"Then we can only hope they get to wherever they need to go safely and quickly."

Callidora Longbottom watched as the rain fell from her place on the window seat of the Longbottom Townhouse. Her steel grey eyes watched as drop after drop fell from the skies in a steady rhythm only known by the Gods of the Olde.

Just a few hours ago, she had sense a shift in Magic. Her father had told her that Magic had shifted and felt wrong since the summer of 1899. Nearly a century had passed and it seemed that Magic had shifted again, and this time even her old bones could feel how right this change will be.

Callidora turned away from her view when her long time House Elf, Minty, appeared in the room bearing her tea on a silver tray. The old woman smiled at the loyal House Elf that had been with her since childhood.

"Is Lady Calli requiring anything else?" Came the elf's croaky voice.

"None at the moment, Minty." Callidora replied as she took a cup of tea in her hand and smiled softly as she eyed the crest her House Elf wore proudly, even after her marriage.

A shield shaped crest with greyhounds on each side. 2 five-pointed stars on the top part of the shield, which was coloured red, a short sword at the bottom middle part of the shield, which was coloured white and a white chevron separating the two parts. Below the shield was a ribbon with her family's motto: Toujours Pur.

The Black Family Crest.

"Magical Germany is beautiful." Harriet breathed as she took in the old buildings that surrounded them. They had arrived in Munich's Magical district named Gerechtigkeit Straße, meaning Justice Road. It was where the court and judicial houses as well as the Ministry were located. Justice Road had buildings that had been well used and preserved from the late 1800s. She excitingly took in the beautifully crafted brightly coloured Romanesque architecture in awe. It was certainly different from the dark colours of Diagon Alley while still had its own charm, were admittedly not as well taken care of despite its everyday use.

"It's one of the best places for any witch or wizard to live." Sirius said, fondly taking in Harriet's excitement. "Germany's Magical government takes care of its populace really well. They don't really let blood purity go overboard here."

"I can see that…" Harriet murmured as she watched witches and wizards from different parts of the world interacting happily. There was still that line dividing Purebloods and Muggleborns, but they were at least polite to each other, if not slightly tolerant.

She had noticed the dark alleyways that housed several sick looking wizards as well. Pale, daunting with sunken eyes. She felt a twinge in her heart as she remembered how often she saw that sort of look on Remus's face close to the full moon. She pursed her lips in frustration. They were all Magicals. Beings capable of Magic or made from Magic itself. Why was there a line dividing Wizards and Witches and Magical Creatures? They should be helping them, not isolating them!

Then she stopped short as she remembered she was no longer Magical. She bit her lip, her mind wondering if she made the right decision. Perhaps she had been too rash…? At that thought she shook her head. She did the right thing. Her choice was a purely selfish one and no matter how much she would miss her magic, she would not regret it.

"You okay there, pup?"

Sirius's concerned voice brought Harriet's attention back to him. She gave him a hesitant smile and shook her head. "Just… thinking."

Sirius continued to hold her eyes for a few more moments before nodding in return, letting her off. Harriet's smile widened gratefully and her hand went to grip his tightly. "Where are we going first?" She asked, wanting to change the topic.

Sirius squeezed her hand back and tugged her forward towards an elegant off-white building at the end of Justice Road. "Germany's DMLE. They have their own building separate from the Ministry itself ever since the war ended."

Harriet admired the beautiful architecture, wishing she had her magic to feel the old enchantments on such a powerful building. She tensed slightly and forced herself to stop thinking about her loss of Magic.

The two walked steadily towards the building, Harriet's grip on her godfather's hand tightening as they got closer and closer. Doubt and fear began to cloud her mind. Were they making the right decision here? What if they didn't listen? What if they just arrested Sirius like Britain did? What were they going to do then?

"Ana, stop thinking." Sirius cajoled gently. "It's going to be okay." He gave a reassuring smile at her.

Hesitantly, Harriet pushed her thoughts down as they entered the large building through the huge ornate doors. Sirius made a beeline for one of the counters, tugging Harriet behind him. She observed the woman at the counter curiously. A flag of Britain sat at the front of her desk, as well as a nameplate: Gwenllian Greengrass.

She recognized the last name, her mind flashing to the pretty blonde Slytherin Greengrass in her year. She felt Sirius tighten his hold on her hand and looked up curiously at the sudden soft look in his eyes.

Stopping in front of the desk, Sirius cleared his throat and the woman looked up. She froze and the quill in her hand dropped on the table. Her eyes – blue, like the sky – widened in shock and disbelief.

"Sirius Black?" She whispered his name, not believing the sight before her.

Sirius smirked weakly, in Harriet's opinion. "It's been awhile, Gwen."

"W-What are you doing here?" Gwenllian sputtered, gaining the attention from nearby counters and visitors to the DMLE.

"I came to ask for a trial I never got in Britain."

At that, Gwenllian stood up, her hand banging on the table and her eyes wide in horror. Harriet could see the woman shake. Others in the large entrance hall turned to her curiously. A few Aurors – she recognized from the standard uniform and badges they wore started for them.

"You were in Azkaban… without a trial?" Gwenllian muttered, her voice filled with horror at the idea and Harriet could see the woman's brown eyes shine with tears.

Even though the woman had merely muttered those words, the insisting noise that had been present in the hall stopped. Harriet squeezed Sirius hand in comfort and he squeezed it back. Sirius stared straight into glassy brown eyes and smiled sadly.

"I didn't."

Immediately, whispers broke out and the Aurors rushed forward to stop the civilians from stepping out to ask their own questions.

"Please come with us, Mr. Black." One of the Aurors stated.

"My goddaughter comes with me." Sirius firmly said – his back straight and head held high. In that instant, Harriet could see a different man than the one she knew as her godfather.

Another Auror came up to Harriet. "Your name, Miss." He asked, his English slightly accented in heavy German.

Sirius gave her hand a squeeze and let go. For a moment, she panicked at the loss of comfort before a wave of calmness washed over her. The presence in her mind that had been dormant coming alive and suddenly, her back was straight and her eyes met the Auror's with steady confidence.

"Harriet Potter."

The whispers picked up and people around the hall started to step forward to get a better look at the Girl-Who-Lived. The Aurors reeled in their shock and quickly surrounded the two British and escorted them out the hall and into a large hallway.

Harriet wondered on where her sudden confidence came from as they walked the elegant halls of the DMLE. They passed portraits of people she didn't recognize but from the nameplates below them, she guessed they were portraits of war heroes and late Aurors. Like the building's exterior, the interior designs were Romanesque and a cool crème with pale grey wood that she didn't recognize.

She took the time to observe their tense escorts. There were five of them, 2 in front and 3 at their backs. She noticed their Auror uniforms were standardized in a deep green on the outside and fully black on the inside. Each wore uniforms that were reminiscing of an army man's uniform: simple and easy to move in. The Aurors themselves looked imposing, which in Harriet's opinion definitely beat out some of the pathetic looking Aurors she saw patrolling Diagon Alley sometimes.

Finally, the group stopped at a pair of double doors, runes of Algiz, Eihwaz and Tiwaz carved onto the doors alongside several smaller runes that looked Grecian in nature. Green eyes brightened at the unique use of Norse and Greek runes. The two cultures were known to have warred against each other, so it was rare for two different types of cultural runes to be used in the same script.

Harriet's attention was diverted when the doors opened and the two British were ushered inside. The first thing the former witch noticed was the man with bright blue eyes, tall and imposing as he leaned against the large oak desk with a gold plate with his name and title engraved on it: Adalbert Emmerich, Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He certainly was handsome; she thought absentmindedly. With short blonde hair and light stubble at his chin, he was one of the most attractive men she'd met.

"Welcome to Germany, Lord Black." He grinned roguishly, extending his arms out in a friendly welcome. His voice held the tiniest of Germanic accents.

Sirius smiled casually as Harriet watched the Aurors dismiss themselves from the room hastily. "Not a Lord until I'm cleared, I'm afraid. How have you been, Emmerich?"

"Definitely better than you have, Black." The German man slumped before turning his attention to the curious teen behind Sirius. "And who's this?"

Harriet straightened as she paid close attention to the man. Sirius knew this man, most probably from the last war. He seemed friendly enough, though she could see from the tenseness of his shoulders, the way his feet were parted evenly and the way his hand always seemed to be curled slightly as if ready for a wand to slip into it, that he was ready for combat if it was needed.

She hadn't survived the past three years on luck alone, after all.

"Harriet Potter." She introduced herself, bowing slightly though her eyes never left his. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Emmerich."

"Potter's daughter, then?" He hummed as he observed the slight of a girl. He noticed Sirius's foot move slightly back, as if ready to shield the girl if an attack came and smiled slightly. "What really happened that night, Black?"

"I wasn't James's secret keeper. Pettigrew was." Sirius said, his body tense for an attack.

"I figured that out as soon as the news came out. Couldn't do anything though; since they already threw you in Azkaban and I had no rights in Britain's politics." Emmerich spat out bitterly.

At that, Sirius relaxed slightly. "How'd you guess?"

Emmerich snorted. "Wasn't hard to guess. You were Potter's best friend so you would be too obvious to be a secret keeper. So it was up to Lupin or Pettigrew. I knew there were talks of a spy and Lily wrote to me that most of you idiots suspected Lupin, so the most logical explanation would be Pettigrew. Weak, unassuming Pettigrew, no one would suspect the rat." He ended sarcastically.

Sirius and Harriet winced. "Yeah, it does sounds stupid… So, you'll give me a trial?" Sirius asked.

Emmerich gave him a blank look that managed to convey how much of an idiot he thought Sirius was. "I've had it ready to be signed for approval since 1981 you bastard. I've been waiting for you to break your ass out of Azkaban and into Germany for a trial… or did your dog mind not think of it?" He eyed the sheepish looking smile on Sirius's face in disdain.

Sirius coughed as he scratched his nose, feeling extremely embarrassed. "Uh… Well, Ana's the one who thought up of coming here… I was more focused on catching Pettigrew, to be honest."

At this, both Emmerich and Harriet snorted. The German DMLE Head gave her an approving nod. "Good thinking there, kid. You definitely have Lily's brain, that's for sure. Potter was all brawns, no brain… unless it involved ambushes."

"Really?" Harriet asked, giving a small smile in appreciation on the small look into her parents' personalities.

Emmerich nodded at her and then reached behind him and retrieved a file. He held it out and Sirius took it, his hand trembling slightly in anticipation.

"I've sent that to Minister Gustav under top priority and is currently waiting for approval. I'll send you an owl of when the trial will be held. Expect it tonight or early tomorrow."

Sirius nodded as he pursued the file in his hands: proof, witnesses, statements and even Pensieve memories to support him. "Thank you, Adalbert."

Emmerich laid a hand on Sirius's shoulder. "There's no thanks needed, friend. Just focus on what will happen next." Then he turned to Harriet, who was quietly watching them. "I've set up a Portkey with Greengrass in the Entrance Hall. Just tell her where you need to go and she'll make one for you two."

Harriet smiled in thanks as Sirius straightened and closed the file. "Why don't you wait outside for me, pup?"

Green eyes narrowed at him but he gave her a small laugh. "I promise I'll tell you about it later."

She gave the two men a glare that portrayed her frustration but nodded and left the room with a slam of the door. Emmerich and Sirius flinched at the sound.

"She really takes after her mother, doesn't she?" Emmerich mused as he shook his head fondly at the door.

"You have no idea." Sirius snorted and the two fell into a tense silence.

Emmerich sighed as he leaned back on the desk. "What happened to her Magic?"

Sirius's eyes turned cold and hard. "Someone put her name into the Goblet of Fire for the Tri-wizard Tournament. It was either face death or loose her Magic… Combined with the hell she's been through in Hogwarts and Britain's Magical society, I'm not surprised she chose to lose her Magic."

Emmerich winced. "She's fourteen."

"Dumbledore definitely didn't care about her age when he stuck her with abusive relatives." Sirius snarled, still angry at Petunia.

"I knew he was a crackpot, even back in the war but that's…" Emmerich shook his head. "No matter how bloody the war was, Voldemort didn't leave children fully orphaned. I mean yeah, he killed their parents but usually they'd leave at least the mother alive."

"Ana's an exception… Neville too, I guess." Sirius said as his shoulders slumped in exhaustion. "I don't know what I'm doing, Adalbert. We've got a house ready in France and Harriet wants to enrol in a Muggle school and Remus's confused and Obliviated and she's lost her Magic and I'm not even sure what to do if Dumbledore finds us."

"Have faith in Her, old friend." Emmerich said, patting Sirius's shoulder. "Concentrate on the 'now'. You can think about 'later' once you've settled down a little. As for Dumbledore, he can't touch you once you're in France. I know you've got a citizenship there and I can pull a few strings to get one for the kid. Just focus on the trial first, then go from there."

Sirius swallowed thickly and nodded hesitantly. "She's interested in the Days."

Emmerich raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Didn't think she'd be interested in that."

"She… before she lost her Magic, I noticed that she was… unusually aware of her Magic and the Magic around her. She'd describe them in textures and feelings and… you should see her when she's casting spells, Adalbert! She cast a fully corporal Patronus that drove away hundreds of Dementors! At fourteen, Adalbert! A fully corporal Patronus at fourteen!" Sirius exclaimed.

Emmerich's eyes were wide and his jaw slacked in shock. "That's… oh… wow… That's… I don't even know what to say Sirius, but she's powerful. Or was powerful."

Sirius slumped forward, his eyes looked haunted and confused. "That's just the thing. I don't think she really lost her Magic."

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