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Narry- Love, Confessions, and Betryal (Hint of Ziam)

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up with a pounding headache. I didn't know how I got to Liam's flat. But, something rushed through my mind like I had a quick brain freeze. I instantly ran down the hall into the washroom and puked out all of my inner's. Then it hit me again, my heart was full of sadness but I don't remember what happened. A knock on the door brought me out of my thoughts.

'Nialler, are you okay in there?' Liam said half awake. Not to mention it was like 4 in the morning.

'Yeah I'm fine even though all of my organs are mostly gone' I replied with a soft chuckle

Hearing a soft chuckle back it kind of made me feel a little bit happy. I washed my face with cold water to ease out the pain everywhere. My head, shoulders, knees,stomach,toes and including my heart. After I wiped my face with a rag I kind of felt better.

'Liam why are you up, babe? Come back tobed it got cold!'. Hearing a bradford accent walikng towards the washroom door.

'Zayn, Niall was in the washroom feeling sick from all that drinking he did last night. I wanted to make sure he was alright'. The doe-eyed boy said.

I got out of the washroom fully awake and wanted to go back home leaving the two love birds to cuddle with each other. As, I was heading out the door Liam grabbed my arm.

' Where are you going?'

' I'm going home.'

' ARE YOU CRAZY ? It's cold outside, it's like 4 a.m in the morning, and you are not walking.' Liam said going into '' DADDY'' mode.

' O.k fine. Can you ive me a lift then?'

'Sure why not it beats walking.'

Liam walked up stairs to put on sweats, a random t-shrit, and a sweater. I was going to say 'bye' to Zaynbut, he was passed out on the couch. As, Liam and I walked to his car, he saw a lizard near his shoe and immedatly froze not wanting to interact with it.

'Liam what happened? Why did you freeze?'

He was speechless (for the first time) and only pointed to the creature. When I lookedto see what it was I laughed so, hard I just couldn't stop!

' Liam! It's just a lizard it's not going to do anything to you!' I said in between laughs

' Haha very funny!' Liam said sarcasticly, as we both stepped into the car.

The drive was like five minutes away. I just could've walked. But thanks to Liam, I would be freezing my arse off.

'Thanks Liam, for everything' I said stepping out of the car.

'No problem Nialler, I would always be there for you... okay?'

'Okay... and tell Zayn I said ''hi''.'

'Alright see you later'


'Bye mate' I said as liam drove away waving to him'

Reaching for the door knob going to unlock it, and realizing it was open. But, I didn't care I just walked up stairs into my room - My heart was hit with flames causing for me to rage and being completely shocked. What I saw was my boyfriend riding another guy. All I saw was thick brown curly locks bouncing up and down and hearing moans. It took Harry and his ''LOVER'' about 2 minutes to realize that I was seeing him cheat on me ...AGAIN!. They stopped. Seeing his emarld eyes grow in shock, and was about to say something.

'Niall I can explain.' Was all he had said

I could feel my eyes filling up with tears by the second like Nigera Falls. Harry got off the guy and started to walk towards me. Every time he took a step forward I took a step backwards. And finally I ran off like a speeding bullet. Not knowing where I was going but, far away from Harry as possible.