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Sawatari sighed, and rubbed his face. It was late, far later than what he was used to staying up till, but he needed to get this done already. The list for students with the requirements for a scholarship was unusually long, and thus Goro had not set aside the amount of time needed to fill out all of the forums, causing him to scrabble for free time, and this was just one of several late-nights that had occurred over the month or so. Goro rubbed his face again, irritated.

Thirty more applicants, the raven thought determinedly, posing his pen for action. And almost immediately, the middle-aged asian deflated.

Who was he kidding? Sawatari shook his head, deciding to be done for the moment. Maybe he could get a drink, wake up a bit. And he was definitely getting this stupid make-up off his face, Goro thought determinedly. Who in their right mind would be in the school at this time?

Ignoring the zing coming from his chest, Goro pushed away from his desk, and headed towards the boy's bathroom, loosening his tie as he went. Really, who invented these things? They were good for nothing but choking on, the bespeckled asian thought wryly, removing his glasses and running a hand through his hair. Goro didn't actually need glasses; they were just there partly out of habit, and partly to prevent people from mobbing him.

Goro sighed, dejected, remembering the days in his youth when he used to have absolute hoards of fans chasing him positively everywhere, and Sawatari Goro wished those kinds of days upon no one. He shuddered, revisiting one of the more grotesque days, when one particularly adventurous fan had sneaked into his shower, and had discovered his disguise. She still lived with him to this day, poising as his wife, and threatening to tell his superiors that Sawatari was much better looking than most thought. And that was worse than any mile-long sprint from crazy fangirls, Goro had agreed. Just remembering some of his more perverted sensei and sempai gave Goro the chills.

But now Goro had come to the boy's bathroom, and in he went, anticipating the wash he could give his face and hair. Goro turned the facet on, and stuck his head under the steady stream, sighing in content as the gel that held his hair aloft gradually dispersed. Goro ran his hands through a few times, trying to get it back to its usual soft- and straight-ness.

When he was done, Sawatari turned off the water, before reached under counter and grabbed one of the staff towels, and starting to wash his face of the tan muck Sachiko insisted he paste onto his face. For all her pressure to tell people who he was, she was extremely protective of him. Goro sighed. He really didn't know what to make of Sachiko. When he had first met her, she had to threaten him with blackmail to get him to go out and to his work, and somehow over the years that you-hit-me-I-hate-you relationship had shifted into an easy friendship. Granted, Sachiko was still extremely pushy, but she vied less and less for the other to out himself, and even let him work on his dream job! Goro had never been happier when Sachiko agreed to let him work as a teacher. He had been so excited, he forgot his make-up!

Goro shuddered. He has resigned the next day, and still felt extremely resentful of teachers and students in general. But, this was what he did, so he did it. He was still a teacher, either way.

He resented Sachiko much more for deciding to surprise him with a wedding that he had neither agreed to nor wanted. Kami, he had been immortally embarrassed when his mother asked him if had a baby on the way. With that witch?!

Goro huffed at his "wife's" antics, and starting removing his fake teeth. It was an extremely painful process, having been glued on with a temporary glue, a ritual Goro went through every night. And then repeated in the morning.

In the silence that followed, Sawatari could hear a slight drip coming from behind him. He glanced around. Was something leaking? He hoped not. Bills were bad enough!

Leaving the towel on the countertop, Goro started going through all of the stalls, looking for the mysterious drip. He was getting worried now, a sinking feeling in his gut making his soft footfalls sound like landslides. Finally, in the last stall, Goro found the drip.

He couldn't help it. He gasped.

Before him was a scene he wouldn't have guessed at in a million years, one that, if it had been suggested, would've been laughed at. Now, however, it was the truth. And a bloody truth at that. Goro swallowed.

Sawada Shin was a wrist-cutter.

Sawada's wrists had been cut badly, and were still bleeding slightly, but what hit Sawatari most was the blood in the toilet.

There was enough there to knock out a grown man! Let alone a teenage boy! Goro swallowed again. And then he saw red. Not the body liquid kind of red, but the angry kind. No way was Sawada going to die on his watch!

Quickly, Goro retreated to the counter, grabbing the first aid kit above the sink, along with his phone. Returning to the now-open stall, Goro gently pulled Sawada from the toilet to the floor, and hurriedly began to stanch the bleeding. He may not know much, but he did know the boy before him couldn't lose that much more blood. Goro glanced at the toilet bowl. Or any at all, he decided.

When the bandages had been secured, tightened, and tied, Goro wiped his hands on his pants, and hastily started to called Sachiko. She would know what to do.

"Moshi moshi. How may I help you, Goro-chan?~" Sachiko drawled, and Goro answered sharply, not at all in the mood for games.

"Sachiko. Hi. I need you to come to the school." He glanced at the unconscious teen, "I have an injured student, and I've just stopped the bleeding, but I don't know what more to do." A pause, Sachiko must've been trying to take in this influx of information, and Goro couldn't help but feel a surge of irritation. He needed Sachiko's aid, not her brainless moments, goddamit! He glanced at Sawada, and felt a stab of worry. Sawada should've at least groaned at some point in the last few moments! What had he been thinking?!

"Alright. Be there in a few." The transition from pushy ditz to responsible strongwoman made Goro blink, but he welcomed it all the same. He needed Powerful Sachiko right now.

Goro didn't reply, everything that needed to be said had been said, and he hung up. Sachiko knew the way. Sawatari turned towards his patient.

"How did it get like this?" Goro sighed, exasperated beyond belief. He had no bad blood towards Sawada, if anything, he had a lot of respect for the young man, who had almost complete control over such a rambunctious class! But, Sachiko said he had to be mean. . .

Feeling the cold claws of depression on his heels, Goro drew his knees up, his back hitting the plastic wall, just like he used to sit when he was a child, and accidentally hit one of his fake teeth.

Wincing, Goro wondered if he had time to remove the pesky wedge, before Sachiko arrived and before Sawada awoke.

He glanced at the boy. He was dead to the world. Frowning slightly, but figuring he'd most likely stay that way for a while, Goro dashed to the counter, and good thing too, because if he hadn't been so close to the door, he probably would've missed Sachiko's shout of,


Sawatari wanted to bash his head on the wall. So he did.

Turning to the door, he shouted back, "WE'RE IN THE BOY'S BATHROOM, FIRST FLOOR! AND I RESENT THAT!" He was still fuming slightly when Sachiko came, smirking silently. She just liked how mad she made him.

But the smirk disappeared when the younger grabbed her arm, seemingly with great worry, and brought her before Sawada.

She hadn't seen so much blood since her nursing days! Which reminds me, Sachiko mused, I really need to talk to Kiyoshi-kun about Fumiko-chan. . .

Sensing Sachiko's thoughts going in another direction, Goro hit her. Hard.

Sachiko pouted, but didn't say anything. She probably deserved that. Taking off her glasses and her coat, the brunette quickly got to work.

Goro watched as Sachiko's hands flew, taking a blood sample from the toilet, checking for signs of life, and finally calling a man to bring over a spare blood hanger and two pints of O negative. He marveled at the change. When Sachiko had once forced him to take her to a movie, she had prattled on and on about wanting to be a doctor, a dream he had scoffed at. An hour later, and Goro had his foot in his mouth, shocked speechless when his (debatable) date saved a toddler first from drowning, and then from nearly having a panic attack afterwards. He promised then and there to always support her dream.

Sachiko ruined the moment by asking me if that meant I live with forever, Goro thought sourly, severely displeased. Sachiko raised her eyebrow at the purple hate waves, but didn't say anything.

Instead, she sat back on her heels, worried. Seeing her troubled look, Goro gave her a sparse glance, to which she huffed at, inwardly smiling. Goro may act indifferent, but he was a big softie on the inside, she thought, a smirk quirking at her lips. In fact, he was perfect for Sawada. Sachiko's eyes widened. That's it.

Chills were doing the tango on Goro's spine, and he had a feeling it had something to do with his supposedly (and terrifying) wife, whose face looked like it was about to split with the smile that was stretched across it. If there was a cat that got the canary, Goro thought warily, there he is.

His theory was proven when Sachiko turned that frightful smile towards him, and said, "I do believe I have a new house patient."

It took Goro a moment to get her hint. Everything went downhill from there.

Shin woke to the sound of yelling. He was groggy, and the world spun quite enough, thank you, so the pallid boy stayed down, trying to remember what had happened last, where he was, and who the bloody hell was clamoring over his head. Let's see, he had found the school's back door unlocked, and since he didn't want his landlord to find his blood, he had crept into the boy's bathroom. . .

Aha! He was in the boy's bathroom! Shin smiled internally, proud of himself. So, what happened after that? He wondered. He remembered cutting more deeply than before. . . things had been so hectic lately, what with the new teacher causing all sorts of problems and changes, the latest being a trip to the Sawada household, where, according to Natsume, Yankumi had actually cussed at Senator Sawada, in order to get him out of jail. Shin could feel the guilt and regret for being such a burden swirling in the pit of his stomach, and his fingers itched to scratch and make bleed.

But for now, it was all under control. Sawada Shin was still living. Sawada Shin was still functional. For now. Speaking of which, who saved him?

"I will not! I will not, Sachiko, under any circumstances, have him in our home!"

Shin's heart sank. Sawatari. The crazy git would have him kicked out in no time flat! And tell class 3-D how disgusting their leader was in the process, Yankumi included. Shin felt sick. Er, sicker.

"Is it because you're afraid of him?!" The voice cut through Shin's thoughts faster than a sled down an icy hill. Who was afraid of who? Sarutari? Afraid of Shin? Like that'd happen. Saru was constantly put him in his place, and seemed to be the only one who saw through to his odious self, despite the barriers, Shin thought glumly.

'Saru' had not replied. Was he scared? Hell yes! The one guy who hated his guts most in the entire school, in his house?! Nuh-uh, no-way hosei! But, Goro glanced down at the rather lackluster teen, what was a little risk? Sawada just had his biggest secret revealed. It would be unfair to leave him in the hands of the professionals; they would ask how the blood loss had happened, and that would just be plain cruel. On the other hand, Sawatari's secret. . .

Sensing a weakness, Sachiko pressed her advantage. "Goro, I know it's your secret you're worried about," Sarutari had a secret? Oh dear, Shin thought.

"But can you really push away someone who needs you right now?"

Silence reigned. Shin was waiting for the answer he just knew was on his foe's forked tongue, and nearly gave the game away when the answer was the opposite.

"Alright," Goro sighed. He could feel the headache coming on.

Sawada Shin was officially living in the Sawatari household.

Btw, the cover picture is the actor who plays Sawatari when he was young. In this story, Sachiko is 30, Goro is 26, and Yankumi is 23.

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