Chapter 2 - Umbra

I've had a few friends "spoil" the Fairy Tail manga for me but I don't know much about the actual story post Grand Magic Games arc (i.e where the anime stopped – Natsu & Gajeel vs Sting and Rouge) but I've decided to implement what little I DO know about post GMG Fairy Tail into this story since DxD's main characters ARE devils essentially. But before you go running off screaming "SPOILERS!" let me stress that I'll clearly indicate when a spoiler will occur with asterisks (again anything that's post anime ending) and I'm only including them because it fits with the DxD concept so well – saying that it'll probably only happen like twice throughout this whole chapter so you've nothing to worry about. (Don't worry for the people who read this chapter NOT reading the spoiler parts won't affect the plot in any major way-if that makes sense). Oh and I forgot to add a disclaimer in my previous chapter…so here it goes (for this chapter too - better to get the legal jargon out of the way I guess). None of the characters mentioned in this story are my own work - All credit goes to Hiro Mashima and Ichiei Ishibumi for their respective series' (although I DO make a few of my own up).

"Wait, what do you mean "devils"?" asked a confused Natsu, scratching his head.

"What I mean is that we are all literally devils – beings with demonic powers" Rias put simply. "Most of my servants" (she said as she gestured behind her) "were once humans like all of you here, but at the verge of their deaths I gave them a second chance at life. However the rule was that they had to serve me for eternity."

"When you say servants…" Natsu began cautiously

"No I don't mean servants as a harsh term. I don't hurt them or abuse them in any way whatsoever, I treat them like family and we work together as family…unless they disobey my orders, right Issei?" she said looking at him

"Errm…let's move on please?" Issei said sheepishly, remembering the time when he left on a mission without his master's permission and was punished for it…serverly.

Erza looked at Natsu, Gray and Lucy smirking "Maybe I was too soft on you guys", with the other three looking away remembering thesuccessful yet illegal mission they undertook when Lucy first joined the guild.

Rias laughed "Well that's all in the past. The important thing is that they've learnt their lesson".

After Rias had finishing introducing and explaining her peerage (and) system, the functioning of the Underworld, Sacred Gears (items that are as powerful as they are rare and when mastered have the ability to kill a god), the Longinus (the thirteen top tier Sacred Gears that are all unique – and after answering nearly everyone's questions) and most importantly HOW they'd reached this new dimension, most of the Fairy Tail members seemed in shock. * They had not expected to meet real devils so soon after their battle with Tartarus, the guild which had manipulated the use of Curses instead of Magic and had introduced them to a new breed of Slayer, joining the Dragon Slayers and God Slayers– the Devil Slayer. *

Makarov then decided to form a group to conduct reconnaissance on the dark guild's HQ since the there was a spike in their activity and he didn't like the sound of that. Though he didn't want them to engage in a fight with the dark guild, he held very little doubt that things would eventually end in fight between his children and the dark mages regardless.

Since there was a high chance of things getting out of hand, Makarov chose Team Natsu (plus Wendy who could offer her usual support as well as heal) to accompany Rias and only three members of her peerage (for the time being) along with herself – Yuuto Kiba, the wielder of the Sword Birth Sacred Gear, Asia Argento, the wielder of Twilight Healing and Issei Hyoudou, the wielder of one of the mid-tier (though still immensely powerful) Longinus Sacred Gears – Boosted Gear.

The five mages and four devils set off east, out of Magnolia towards the dark guild's HQ discussing tactics and strategies that they planned to use whilst performing said reconnaissance. Once the group had emerged from the other side of a forest, the guild came into sight they decided to take up the positions that Happy and Carla had scouted from the bird's eye view that the Exceed had.

"I'm surprised Natsu hasn't gone charging in like he always does, storming the front door down" Gray muttered to the rest of his team. "I heard that slanty eyes – and don't count me out as not being able to rush them anyway!" growled Natsu who was a few metres ahead.

"Maybe because he finally understands how serious these guys are?" Wendy suggested.

Lucy laughed nervously "Yeah like that'll EVER happen."

Erza said "He may be headstrong at times but when he start fighting his mindset changes drastically"

"Let's hope there's little of that for today at least" said Rias joining in the conversation. "I would hate for our cover to be blown so early on"

"Agreed" said Erza.

The two teams then split up and started their mission. Roughly twenty minutes in Gray sent a message to everyone via telepathy, thanks to Erza who had set up a connection prior to them splitting up. (She had learned the basics and the usefulness of being able to communicate through the use of said magic from Warren.) "I can see a group of them hauling what looks like crates or maybe container of some sort into some vehicles"

"What sort of crates?" Kiba asked

"Not too sure actually; From what I can see they're pretty sealed and each one of those guys handling the boxes have some sort of magic bubble surrounding their heads most likely to protect them from whatever's in those boxes" Gray replied

"Could it be some sort of gas?" Wendy asked.

As the final vehicles were loaded the y started up and steadily moved towards the group who had now reassembled to decide what action to take next. "Remember when we walked through the forest, we saw wide tracks? Maybe these shady guys use the cover of the forest to make their way across without being noticed into the main city, to dispatch their stuff wherever it's needed" Issei suggested. "That could be possible" Erza said. "Let's follow them and see where they lead us too" the group agreed.

Using the cover of the tress, the group (all enhanced with Wendy's Vernier spell) speedily pursued the trucks; however not long before they reached the other side of the forest going back towards the main city, the three trucks stopped abruptly. The group did too, watching from the cover of the trees, curious as to why the trucks had stopped.

"Wonder why they stopped…" Asia whispered

"I guess we're about to find out" Rias said.

A man in wearing a black cargo pants, gloves, sunglasses as well as a plain red tee shirt jumped out the middle truck and stood facing the general direction of the group. "Listen you bunch of self-proclaimed heroes, I know you guys are there so stop hiding and come out" the man's voice did not carry a hint of irritation rather he seemed almost amused by the prospect of being tailed. "I said come out, don't make me destroy every tree in this forest in order to find you" he said playfully.

Everyone was thinking the same thins "How did he know we were tailing him?"

Suddenly a blast of white…something blew the massive tree apart exactly where the group where hiding and suddenly they were exposed.

"So it's Fairy Tail's most infamous team as well as four…other people" the stranger smiled mischievously. "Who ARE you four anyway?" the stranger asked looking at the devils almost nonchalantly.

Rias stood firm in front of her servants and most of the group said proudly "My name is Rias Gremory and these are my devils"

"Who the hell are YOU?!" shouted Natsu jumping forward to join Rias.

The stranger began to laugh loudly. "Devils you say?" he asked "That's just perfect…You want to know why? It's because I am Umbra, an S Class mage of Imperios Droconos and a Fire Devil Slayer."

Natsu was surprised "A Fire Devil Slayer? That's new…" he said, his fist lighting up in flames.

"Oh I know of your antics and your power Salamander, I know that you are the son of Igneel the Flame Dragon King" the Devil Slayer said eyeing Natsu

"Well then you'll also know about Fairy Tail's knack of defeating dark guilds then" said Gray putting his fists together getting ready for what was about to kick off,

Issei on the other hand became nervous "The son of a dragon? A DEVIL Slayer? What sort of mages does this world have?" he thought - although he stopped thinking and he too sprang forward to help Natsu and Gray as it looked as though they were about to engage in a fight.

"I'll need to be careful though" Issei thought "He might be able to seriously harm me if he is what he says he is"

"Err…Umbra what do we do?" said a few of the grunts

"Take care of the rest of the group if you can…although Titania might be a serious problem" he muttered looking straight at Erza.

"I'm right here, come and get me if you dare" she challenged requiping into her Purgatory armour.

"We'll take care of these guys" Erza said to Natsu and Issei "You two work on taking that guy down…and quickly"

"Be careful Issei" Rias said leading the rest of her devils away from the chaos that was about to ensue.

Gray looked at Natsu "You'd better beat his ass down or Gajeel won't let this through."

Natsu grinned "I don't intend on losing this one". He looked at Issei "You ready?"

"Yeah - Let's go" Issei said to Natsu.

"Ah a fight? Let's see if I can make quick work of you two" Umbra said enveloping his fists in white flames…

Sorry if this chapter seems a little short, I just want to spend more time trying to build the story up and so I've left the fight until the next chapter. Thanks for reading.