Chapter 3 - Demolition

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Somewhere a few hundred miles out to sea…

The choppy waters lapped against the sharpened rocks that constituted towards the base of the guild's foundation. The guild itself was a large, vertical and almost crooked tower that stood almost as though proud to be able to withstand the force of one of nature's most powerful elements. It was the primary base of operations for the guild known as Imperios Droconos. The building situated to the east of Magnolia was simply a guise, used to distract the Magic Council from the guild's true location, lest the council members fire Etherion upon it, destroying it completely. Imperios Draconos was a name that rolled off the tongue of either one wanting to be employed by the guild, or hunting it down. . Its name terrorised most of Fiore; bar the stronger legal wizard guilds who had their fair share of trouble dealing with such enemies. Though it may have been primarily vertical, the guild did have a sizeable girth. It consisted of many different levels, each with their own different purposes. One such level was used as a meeting for the heads of the guild; it's strongest members; the elite few who contributed most to the destruction that occurred in their wake… Those that were feared yet respected within their own guild. Subordinates who walked past them bowed their heads in respect, though most of the elite were irritated with such behaviour, feeling it to be a useless gesture. Whenever one was questioned, he would break out in a cold sweat, fearing that the wrong answer would lead to his demise…though nothing of the sort had occurred…at least not for a long time.

Inside one of the highest levels of the guild, five members stood in a circle all observing a lacrima that showed them the current location of each member that was currently on a mission. Currently only two out of the seven were not present.

"It seems as though Umbra has engaged the enemy once again." commented the leader in a deep, commanding voice.

"Umbra enjoys his fights … I think Salamander may actually prove to be a half-decent opponent, given how he has a habit of persisting, the little shit!" another voice, a woman's, spat.

"Be that as it may it should not hinder Umbra's ability to destroy him. Salamander may underestimate him given how he is now aware that Umbra is a fire type mage" the deep voice replied.

"What about the new group…the so called devils?" another voice asked, this time a different male voice.

"Ah yes… Rias Gremory and her peerage. They should not be underestimated just like the rest of Fairy Tail. That was the mistake the Baram Alliance committed. Oracion Seis were overpowered by the sheer force of the Allied Forces and were weak willed, Grimoire Heart thought themselves arrogant and powerful simply because they had access to Lost Magic and Tartarus…Tartarus unsurprisingly held up well against Fairy Tail for a long time. However after the demise of their master and the sudden disappearance of Zeref, they lost their advantage and were subsequently defeated. However the Baram Alliance's biggest error was that they were not fighting Fairy Tail for themselves, they were fighting to revive Zeref. Imperios Droconos does not care for Zeref, our intentions and goals are different from the Baram Alliance. And we will succeed in our mission" the leader explained.

"But for now let us focus on the goals at hand…" the leader said turning back to watch the lacrima.

The other two members did not speak.

Back in the forest with Natsu and Issei…

"Sheesh this guy's tough!" Natsu shouted after recovering from an attack by back flipping away "You alright?" he asked Issei.

"Yeah I'm good." The latter replied.

The two had been engaging Umbra for the best part of ten minutes. Neither side was showing any signs of letting up however. The trees surrounding the fight had been levelled leaving nothing but a clear flat area for a few metres around. Several tress were still burning, others were smoking and had been blackened by the destruction. Such was the intensity of their battle.

"It looks like the two of you aren't much of a challenge…You're boring me" Umbra said almost lazily.

"Oh yeah…Fire Dragon's Roar!" shouted Natsu aiming and hitting Umbra dead centre. The fire engulfed the Devil Slayer as it expanded upon contact creating a large ball of flame that engulfed the Devil Slayer. "You got him!" Issei said. However it was not to be….

Natsu growled as Umbra walked out of the intense and blazing fireball seemingly unfazed. "Do you think you're the only one who's resistant to fire?" Umbra asked "Are you really that foolish Salamander? (No wait don't answer that). Did I not tell you that I am a Fire Devil Slayer? Fire Devil's Scream!" he shouted as he expelled white fire out of his mouth as a very high speed towards Natsu. The Dragon Slayer was not quick enough to dodge this time and was caught in the attack, which exploded on contact and created a fireball similar to the one that occurred mere seconds ago, however this time the white fire affected a far larger area than the Dragon Slayer's breath attack had. Natsu then began to inhale the white flames…Or at least tried to. "Why can't I suck these flames in?" he shouted all the while taking damage from the attack.

"You fool! You think you can inhale the flames of a Devil Slayer? You think your filthy body is worthy of inhaling purifying flames?! Dragons may be majestic creatures, however that does not mean they are pure!" he screamed. "With these flames I will make you cease from existence!" and with a flick of his hand Natsu was thrown backwards and collided into the trunk of a tree that was far behind him.

"Natsu!" Issei bellowed, worrying about the Dragon Slayer. "Boost!" shouted Issei's Scared Gear, the Sacred Gear that had the ability to double the occupant's power every ten seconds – the only limitation being the user's own strength - was powering up. "Dragon Shot!" Iseei shouted aiming a highly concentrated beam of red energy at Umbra, who narrowly dodged causing the attack to slice through the trees behind him. "Oh looks like the devil can play" Umbra said slyly.

"Fire Devil's Strike!" Umbra shouted as he rushed with a fire enhanced fist towards Issei aiming for his chest. Issei rolled to his left and narrowly dodged the attack which left Umbra wide open – "Dragon Shot!" Issei shouted again hitting the Devil Slayer at point blank range. The attack ripped through his left arm, causing a large hole to appear through his bicep muscle and part of the left side of his body and had propelled him back ten feet.

"Now that's gotta hurt!" Natsu said standing up after recovering from the attack.

Natsu ran past Issei and began aiming at the now stunned mage "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" he shouted as he punched Umbra in the gut throwing the latter back, resulting in him crashing through several thick trees before finally coming to a stop.

"You think we got him?" Issei asked tentatively. "I sure as hell hope so" Natsu replied.

With the rest of the group…

The 3 remaining Devils and the 4 mages stood a few metres apart from their combatants, preparing to strike

"Sword Birth!" Yuuto shouted, spawning multiple demonic swords that surrounded him and cleaved through the earth, stopping at the hilt, where he could pick them up. He chose two swords and faced his enemies, preparing for the first strike.

"Impressive" Gray said noticing the Devil's skill. He himself began moulding his ice weapon "Ice Make: Battle Axe!" A battle axe made entirely of hardened ice formed in the mage's hand.

Rias looked over at Wendy and Asia "You two stay back! This might get ugly."

"If I may intervene, Wendy is more than capable of looking after herself" Erza suggested smiling at the Sky Dragon Slayer.

"If that's the case then…" Rias said albeit still nervously.

"I'll try my best!" Wendy said.

"Good luck!" Happy and Carla shouted.

"Before we start I think I should help everyone. Arms X Vernier!" Wendy suggested.

"Why does my body feel so light all of a sudden?" Yuuto asked.

"It's because Wendy increased both our speed and offensive output" Gray explained.

"Nice!" Yuuto remarked.

"Time to show these guys why it's wrong to mess with us!" Erza said, equipping into her Heaven's Wheel Armour

Lucy pulled out a key and shouted "I open thee, Gate of the Gate, Capricorn!" and with that a large humanoid goat in a black suit appeared in a puff of smoke, his fists enveloped clenched. "Lucy-sama, how may I be of assistance?"

Lucy smiled, "I need you to help everyone dispatch of those guys over there she said pointing towards the grunts!"

"As you wish master" he said, bowing his head slightly before turning around to assist Yuuto, Wendy and Gray in the assault.

Yuuto and Gray advanced with their enhanced speed with their respective weapons held in hand.

Wendy reared up and shouted "Sky Dragon's Wing Attack!" generating two large whirlwinds in each hand before throwing them at the enemy.

"Blumenblatt!" Erza shouted, causing all her currently equipped swords to fly at her opponent.

"Oh shit!" one of the grunts started…

With Natsu and Issei…

Their thoughts were soon dashed as Umbra stood up and began laughing. "Hahahaha you two really think you can defeat me?! I am an S Class mage, someone who has years of experience more than the two of you with regards to honing my magical techniques. " he said. As he walked towards the two, his damaged body parts began emitting smoke and the skin resealed his wounds which now looked several days old. "Whilst Dragon Slayers can enhance their magical powers and God Slayers can heal injuries, Devil Slayers can regrow limbs if need be. We are nigh indestructible" he laughed.

"Boost!" shouted Issei's Scared Gear for the sixth time. "I'm reaching my limit, if I don't use my magic soon, I'll be unable to help you" He said to Natsu.

"Well then…let's take him down before that!" Natsu said with a grin.

The two mages and the devil stared each other off before – "I'm actually getting tired of this. You know Salamander, I thought you'd be much more of a challenge considering you've beaten the likes of Jellal Fernandes, Master Zero, Master Hades and the Flame God Slayer Zancrow, however you proved me wrong. It's time to end this fight!" Umbra shouted. "I have things to do and places to go, I can't afford to waste my time with you two!"

"DEVIL SLAYER'S SECRET ART: PUNISHING FLAME!" Umbra bellowed. He spread his arms out formed two large balls of white flame that steadily grew until the merged together. Suddenly the ball of flame grew exponentially larger and the immense amount of magical pressure threw the Natsu and Issei backwards. Umbra then released the fireball and directed it towards the two of them who were engulfed by its flames.

Nearby Erza, Gray Rias and the rest were hit with some of the after effects of the attack and were thrown off balance. "What was that?!" Lucy asked.

"Did you feel the amount of magical pressure in the air?" Erza asked anxiously.

They had just finished dealing with the grunts who had initially accompanied Umbra.

"Natsu and Issei must be in trouble!" Gray shouted. The group rushed through the forest towards their two fallen comrades who were knocked unconscious to see Umbra levitating in the air with what looked like a pair of white, glowing wings. He looked down at the group and sneered "You should bring stronger mages next time. These two were pretty easy. I hear Laxus Dreyar is strong, I'd like to spar with him sometime"

"If you're a man, you'll take me on!" Erza growled angrily.

"Titania…Whilst I would enjoy a fight with you, I feel like my job here is done. I've taught those two a lesson they won't soon forget. Although I see you've taken down my guild members too. Let's say we do this fairly; you allow me to take my members away and I'll let you tend to your fallen friends" Umbra said.

Erza did a double take. "What?" she asked.

"You heard me. I teleport my fellow guild members away and you tend to your fallen" he repeated.

Erza looked him in the eye and realised he was utterly serious. "Fine, but the next time I see you I will personally make sure that you feel my wrath" she warned him.

He laughed. "I look forward to it" and with that he moved over to his guild members and in a flash of bright light, they were gone.

"We need to see how much damage's been done to those two" Gray advised.

Wendy rushed forward and squeaked "I can heal Issei-san and Natsu-san"

"I'll help too" Asia said. The two began using their healing magic to help Natsu and Issei recover.

"Once they two are able to get up, we should return to the guild" Rias advised.

"Agreed" were the general consensus.

After a few minutes both Wendy and Asia had finished administering their healing spells and Natsu and Iseei soon sat up, albeit groggily.

"What happened?" Issei asked.

"You were knocked out by the Devil Slayer" Rias explained.

"Damn! I so wanted to kick his ass" Natsu shouted "Dammit!"

"Natsu calm down. Just…calm down. It's over, he left there's nothing we can do at this moment in time except go back to the guild and allow the two of you to heal" Lucy said worriedly.

Back the guild

The guild hall was as loud as usual, although noticeably quieter than normal seeing as Natsu and Gray were absent. The Devils sat together on a table and talked among themselves all except one male who stood apart from the rest of the Devils as well as the mages. He leant against a pillar away from everyone else, clearly not wanting to be disturbed or interested in anyone's conversations.

"How long have these guys been gone?" Elfman asked.

"It's been a few hours at the least, they should be back soon" his younger sister, Lisanna replied.

Just then a purple haired girl stood up from where the Devils were seated. She had a very slender figure, much like most of the other female Devils as well as the female mages in the guild. Her face was illuminated by a bright smile, one you couldn't help but like. She walked over to the two siblings and said "They're actually on their way home as we speak. I'm Akeno, Akeno Himejima. I'm Rias' right hand woman. She just contacted me saying everything's fine…for the most part- if you're wondering how I knew."

"What do you mean 'for the most part'?" Lisanna replied.

Just then the doors opened and the group made their way into the guild; Natsu and Issei both covered in bandages around their abdomen and chest.

There was a collective gasp around the guild; No one has EVER seen Natsu return from a mission covered in bandages. It was a fist for everybody in Fairy Tail.

"What're you all staring at?" Natsu asked smiling. Issei was a little more subdued.

"Natsu, Issei…what happened?" Makarov asked "Who did this to the two of you?"

"Hey Gramps! Don't worry about it. We just had a tussle with a dark mage, is all…Erm…what was his name again? It started with a J, I think"

"YOU'VE ALREADY FORGOTTEN?!" Lucy shouted, sweat dropping

"Yep he's forgotten already. That's Natsu for you" Happy smirked.

Erza began explaining to Makarov "We scouted the area surrounding the guild just like you ordered before Gary realised that they were transporting something out in trucks that were heading towards Magnolia, through the forest. After tailing them we were caught by an S Class mage of Imperios Draconos who went by the name of Umbra."

"I have heard of some of his misdeeds through the reports the Magic Council "Makarov commented.

Erza then continued "I led the rest of the group to safety and began an attack against the mage's subordinates whilst I left Umbra to Natsu and Issei. Sadly they were overwhelmed and Umbra then…"

"What?! What did he do?" Makarov inquired sharply

"He asked for us to allow him to tend to his comrades, so that we could help Natsu and Issei" Erza said almost as though she were afraid.

Everyone looked at Makarov who said nothing for a few seconds. "I am genuinely surprised that a dark mage would care for his comrades at all…Regardless the important thing is that all of you returned relatively unharmed. As for you two" he said nodding at Issei and Natsu "You did well to stand up to a mage of his calibre. The two of you take a well-earned rest." He said turning away and striding back to his office.

However before he could even take four steps, a mighty BOOM shook the guild hall, causing some plaster to fall. "What the hell was that?!" Gray shouted.

Everyone ran outside to see what the commotion was. They could see civilians screaming and running past the guild hall, away from something. In the distance they could see that a large column of black smoke had arisen.

"What happened over there?!" Erza said turning to her guild mates and the Devils in confusion. No-one had any idea.

"There's some crazy woman out there that just blew up the chemical plant!" one civilian shouted as he ran past, he stopped at the guild hall and seeing all its members out looked at them and pleaded "Please help! Who knows what could happen if this continues!"

"We need to go and take that person down!" Natsu shouted.

"No" Makarov said simply.

"But Master…!" the guild members began protesting.

"No, what needs to happen is that only a few members need to go, that way the rest of us can help evacuate the civilians and protect them should any other explosions occur. Natsu you're already heavily injured. Any more damage could be fatal" He explained "Gajeel go and see what happened whilst I prepare teams to help the civilians" Makarov inspected.

"Gihi…I'll do what you say old man!" Gajeel laughed "And Salamnder watch closely. I'll teach you how not to get your ass kicked!"

"Hey come and say that to my face!" Natsu shouted back.

Erza thumped his head "Not now you idiot, we need to help the civilians."

Rias turned to Makatov "Judging by what we've already seen and heard, the chances of it being another attack by Imperios Draconis could be high. If that's the case, then Gajeel'll need more help seeing as how strong their mages are."

"You're right" Makarov said "Anyone you'd like to nominate?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Seeing as Issei is out of commission, the rest of my peerage will be more help to civilians and the person I'd like to nominate enjoys fighting, he'd be the perfect person to deter the dark mages" she explained

"As you wish" Makarov replied, turning back to sorting out teams.

Rias turned to the man who had distanced himself from the group; the one who had stayed quite throughout the whole encounter and had yet to speak to any member of the guild. He was a tall and lean muscular man with silvery-almost white hair. On his arm lay a white Sacred Gear – a Longinus Sacred Gear. Rias looked at him and asked "You ready?"

The white haired male, looked her in the eye and said seriously "I was born ready".

He then ran off to catch up to Gajeel.

A few minutes later, he'd reached the Iron Dragon Slayer. Gajeel looked at him and smirked "You're one of those Devils, right? Come to see how a true mage of Earthland fight? Salamander was just outdone. Me? I'll whoop anyone's ass. Gihi…"

"I have come to assist you" the white haired man answered,

"What's your name?" Gajeel asked "and why do you smell…" he sniffed the air around the man. "Why do you smell similar to…to…a dragon?"

The white haired man looked at him as they continued running "Your sense of smell does not betray you. I am the strongest wielder of the Longinus Divine Dividing Sacred Gear within which the White Dragon, Albion resides. My name is Vali Lucifer"

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