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"Johnny, please sit down"

"Johnny, stop kicking that ladies chair please"

"Johnny, you've been to the toilet 5 times in the past 2 hours!"

"Johnny, try to sleep now" So, taking a four year old on a 8 hour flight was the worst idea I ever had! Once I told him to sleep though, he did what he was told. Strange boy but I love him to pieces. His scruffy brown hair and bright green eyes with the blue flecks in them give him his standout look. With the band tees and chinos, my little man has already got the ladies swooning.

The plane was packed with Gothamites returning home from their holiday in the UK however we were the only two who were on the way to Gotham. The uncomfortable chairs with the minimal leg room was okay for the first 3 hours but began to get claustrophobic afterwards. The TV channels played the same films over and over again and I did not have to patients to do watch. With Johnny safely asleep with his blankie over the top of him I began to plug in my headphones. The soft buds rested in my ears and played a medley of my favourite tunes which had also made me fall asleep.

It was prom. The biggest night of a girls life. My flat brown hair had been volumised and showered in glitter. My once acne covered face had cleared and the glasses had magically turned into the contact lenses I had always wanted. Applying the last coat of lipstick my mother turned to me with tears in her eyes.

"Jane, you finally look pretty!" Of course being the moody teenager I was more annoyed at her sarcasm and didn't find it funny. I had my closest friend, Lizzy, come and pick me up in her dads posh sports car. We were late, her dad took the wrong route ... Men.

As the doors to the grand hall were opened all eyes fell upon us. Lizzy walked in first, her fluffy short hair staying in perfect position and catching all the lights beams. Her slender body was perfect for holding up her strapless emerald dress. The jewels the dress wore glistened quietly as she swiftly crossed the floor to her date.

"Why did I let her walk in first?" I thought to myself. But fuck it, it's prom. The boys that had once tripped me over were now staring at me with their jaws resting in the floor. The girls who had once bullied me for my weight gazed upon my ruby red dress. The tiara (small and subtle of course) made the meanest girl in school cry ... I mean she quite literally saw me walk in and ran off crying. I felt like a princess, I felt like ... Someone. My heart thudded beneath my chest but my posture and breathing told them all I was happy. I was me.

"Wow, Jane you look ... Wow" is all popular boy Dan Meaden could say. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor, the only thought going through my head was 'Fuck, I'm going to trip over or fart in front of him or step in his feet...' The night was a blur, I spoke to everyone ranging from the mean girls to the smarty pants people. Before long prom King and Queen were to be called out. No surprise that Prom King went to Dan. His eyes twinkled in the disco balls light and his suit made him look ten billion times more attractive. While in my dream like state thy read my name out as Prom Queen.

"What?" Is all I could say. I had somehow floated to the stage while still gazing at him. The crowns resting on our heads had somehow joined us together. We were the only two there. We kissed. He pulled away, his suit changing into his military uniform. I looked down upon my baby bump which was increasing rapidly in size. Dans last words were "I'll be back, I promise." And with a kiss to the bump and a long kiss on the cheek his plane left. I collapsed to the floor sobbing.

I awoke with a jump.

"Ladies and Gentlemen the plane is preparing to land in Gotham City. Please put your seat belts on and remain seated for our decent. The temperature in Gotham is a chilly 5 degrees Celsius and local time is 11.46pm."

The decent was swift as if the plane were a leaf in the autumnal breeze. I shoved my headphones into my polka dot handbag and began to wake up my boy. His heavy eyelids slowly parted open revealing his stunning eyes which seemed to make the plane come alive.

"Are we there yet Mumma?" He inquired.

"We're just landing now Sweety, sit tight and hold onto your blankie." He did as he was told grasping the blanket with all his might. I began to layer him up by placing his body warmer over his hoodie with a scarf and hat to keep him warm once we'd walked to our driver. As soon as we'd landed I threw my bag over one of my shoulders and picked up Johnny who was half asleep and carried him over the other whilst beginning to walk off the plane.

The icy wind howled as we approached the planes steps. One by one I waddled down them, clasping the handrail for dear life. Before I knew it we were picking up our cases and walking out of the baggage reclaim. What scared me the most about Gotham was its unruly criminals and the lengths they'd go to to keep their shipments safe. One mans case was duck taped with several padlocks overlapping each other ... He must have something to hide. Our bright cases stood out compared to the other Gothamites. Johnny's was bright blue with intricate fish colourfully playing around on it where as mine was a vibrant red with white polka dots, to match my handbag of course. As we held each other's hands we walked towards the chauffeurs waiting for their money ... I mean people.

"UNCLE BWUCE!" Johnny shouted in delight at the man in the hat, scarf, gloves and coat. How the boy could tell it was him was beyond me! Johnny was swooped up and spun around by the mysterious looking man making him giggle while the other chauffeurs awwed and adored him. He was set down lightly and Bruce made his way over to me, picking up our cases.

"I thought someone else was coming to pick us up? I can't believe the Prince of Gotham is driving us home tonight" I whispered jokingly to him. Bruce embraced me while taking off his disguise.

"Well I don't trust anyone apart from Alfred and that wouldn't work for the surprise ball would it?" He chucked. Throwing Johnny onto his shoulders and picking up his case, we began to walk towards his car. Luckily for us he'd bought a simple car to travel to the manor in and remembered the child seat too. After Johnny had drifted off to sleep he spoke, his voice shattering the silence.

"Did you have a good flight? I would've offered to fly you myself but my jet is kind of ... Broken"

"How do you break a jet Bruce?" I laughed, not noticing his hand tense on the clutch.

"It's painful." His mood had changed dramatically. Turning my head to the back of the car I saw Johnny in his own fantasies. I knew he was dreaming of his father, what he looked like or what he smelt like.

"So how is my dad?" I asked swiftly turning my head back to the front of the car. Bruce looked me in the eye and smiled, his pearly whites gleaming.

"Old, grumpy, Mr Always Right as per usual." "So fine then." "Yeah." Gothams Prince placed an arm round my shoulder. "He's going to be so happy you've come. He never gets out the house and when he does it's to accompany me somewhere. Maybe your little man can be the one he chases for a while!"

"It would be nice if you and I could catch up amongst your busy schedule"

"Alfred's still trying to hook us up, says I need to find a girl other than Her"

"I know the feeling."

My fiancé, Dan Meaden, went to fight in Afghanistan. Johnny and I waved him off at the airport. He promised he'd return. He couldn't fulfil that promise. Whilst on patrol, my knight in shining armour got ambushed and was left for dead. I never saw him again, Johnny has never seen him either. He will never see the crystal clear eyed guy I'd fallen head over heels for. He will never see the blonde spikey hair which was always perfectly styled even if he hadn't meant to do it. He will never hear the awkward dad jokes and inappropriate but funny things he'd say to me. He will never hear his laugh. He will never witness the charity work, the sportsman. His father was up above watching him, I'll never let him forget that.

"Anyway, how has the party planning been going?" I asked, breaking both our trains of thought.

"Pretty good, it's just getting Alfred to turn up! He's very stubborn but I'm sure we can crack him." It was when we drove through the bright orange tunnel that I could see Bruce for real. His once perky eyes had murked over whilst his once volumised and shining hair hung limply over his face. There were many cuts and scratches under his stubble and one by his dry lips which seemed infected. He looked tired. He looked ill.

"Hey Bruce, I'll carry on party planning if you want to take a rest for a while. You look like you need it." I said gesturing to the black bags that hung under his eyes.

"A man like me doesn't get time to sleep. I work all day and party all night."

"Yeah, this is one hell of a party!" I sarcastically remarked. We chuckled and after taking a double take realised we were at the manor.

Quickly and quietly I scooped up Johnny while Bruce carried our bags. He led us through the servants stairs and up towards the west wing. The walls were covered in pictures drawn by the Lost Boys of Gotham and the Servants children which, collectively, made the whole place smile. We snuck into our rooms and quietly shut the oak door.

"Will you be okay in here for the next couple of days? Call the servants for food, call me for party ideas and someone to talk to and explore the room ... Johnny will love it." Bruce quickly waved and sped off across the corridor. Johnny and I were alone. The whole room to ourselves. Several doors led to other rooms which could only be accessed through ours.

Our room was the door to Narnia.

The rooms were all regal, decorated with cherub ceilings, crystal chandeliers and golden wood to stand out against the white wooded furniture. The living room, in which Johnny currently slept, had three grand sofas which faced inwards towards a fire. There were tables and chairs for dinner too which would be useful for when I gathered the staff to discuss their roles for Dads party. Looking to my left I noticed two doors. The one closest to the fireplace had small rocket stickers on it. Assuming what was behind the door, I crept in. This was clearly Johnny's room while we stayed here. There was a grand king sized bed with rocket bedding which covered the entirety of the room. Searching in the wardrobes I found several toys, many of which my boy played with at home. The rug was as if a shaggy dog had been dyed blue, lay across the floor. Turning out the chandelier, glow in the dark stars smothered the ceiling. There was a built in wardrobe but it was locked, obviously Bruce was hiding a model girlfriend in there but this was perfect for him. He'd love it. Next door, close to the windows which lit the whole living room was a bathroom but there's nothing special about a bathroom. Skipping across the other side of the room I found my built in wardrobe, behind this a small scale kitchen. Did Bruce expect us to stay? Walking through the wardrobe I emerged in my room. Similar to Johnny's, the bed covered to room entirely however their were small pictures in it. Most of these pictures were of me and my Dad, some of me and Johnny and the one that stood alone on my bedside cabinet was a group picture of me, Johnny, mum, dad, Dan and I. Picking it up, I stared intently at the picture realising it was the last day I'd see Dan.

"No, not now. I have too much on my mind." I thought to myself. I sprinted around the room, unpacking as I went. Last but not least, I began sorting Johnny out. My sleepy boy dawdled as I bathed him and got him into bed. His narcotic state meant he'd fall asleep quickly. While he snuggled into the bed, blanky in arms he fell into the dream land. I followed, bathing and then dozing off to sleep in the room opposite. Though tired, many things plagued my mind.

Why Gotham? Bruce could live anywhere yet he chooses here.

Why my Dad? Yes, Dad loved working with Mr and Mrs Wayne but it wasn't his duty to serve under Bruce.

Why Johnny? Why was he so happy to see Bruce, was I not good enough for him?

Erasing these thoughts I slept with only one thing going through my mind.

Shit, the party's in two days.