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Chapter IV: Switched

'What am I doing here? I do not belong here, with these heroes.' These were the thoughts of one Rancess Umbrar as he sat cross-legged on the floor in his room.

'I am a Sith Lord, a threat. The human child, Robin, he isn't as unassuming as the others. I know that he only offered me sanctuary because he wanted to keep me in his sights.' The Vantari thought bitterly.

He continued in his dark thoughts, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. It was then that a thought occurred to him. 'Why is it that I am thinking this? I am Darth Revonair, I witnessed both the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire. I fought and defeated Kitt Fisto. I trained General Grievous in lightsaber combat, beyond that of what Dooku taught him. Surely I can outwit five children on a backwater planet. But how to do it?' He wondered.

While it was true Rancess did not strictly follow the Sith philosophy, there were still certain aspects that were held close to him, and he was defying all of these by his current course. 'They still do not know the entirety of what a Sith is capable of, but they do know that I was considered an enemy. Perhaps... if I gain their trust, play the repentant sinner, they can become willing puppets that I can bend to my will. I shall turn them into my personal guard, and we shall strike back at the New Republic with a vengeance akin to that of a black hole. Skywalker and I have unfinished business.'

A grin spread across his face as his mind began to form possible ways he could achieve his new goal. Rising from the floor, he made his way to his desk. "SP." He said. The silver assassin droid immediately floated to its master.

"I want you to keep an eye on the Titans. Download their data into your banks. Abilities, personalities, brainwaves, everything." He ordered.

The droid beeped and faded from view, its advanced camouflage activating. Revonair laced his fingers together and rested his elbows on the desk. 'Enjoy your time playing hero, my friends, for soon, you shall succumb to the enticements of the Dark Side.' He thought with a low chuckle.

He was brought out of his pondering by his name being called. Retrieving his cloak, he made his way to the living room of the tower, where the other Titans were gathered. When he got there, he spotted a large wooden box addressed to them, the others gathered around it.

Robin was crouched in front of it, inspecting it like the detective he was. "Actually, it doesn't say who it's from." He said.

"Well, one way to find out." Cyborg said, lifting the lid from the box and peering inside. "Woah!"

Robin peeked in as well and grinned. "Cool!" He said.

Starfire giggled when she saw what was inside.

Beast Boy looked inside the box and rose an eyebrow. "Honestly, I was kinda hoping for chocolate." He said as Cyborg reached inside.

He pulled out a marionette that looked like him and the puppet's eye lit up. "Aw, isn't that cute? Puppet Cy's got a light-up eye." He cooed.

"Yeah, they got all the details just right." Robin said in awe.

"Speak for yourself." Beast Boy said, holding up his own puppet. "I am way better looking than this!" He said. "And taller." He added as an afterthought.

"Someone certainly has a lot of time on their hands." Raven said, pulling the hood of her marionette back.

Rancess inspected his own puppet with a raised eyebrow. He held it in his hand and turned it over, looking at it from all angles. He would run tests on it later in his lab.

Starfire held hers up by the strings and giggled. "I have never seen such a whimsical device." She said, playing with it and having a small conversation with it.

Rancess turned around and headed back to his room, his cloak flaring out behind him.

Raven noticed him leave and was about to make her way after him when she was engaged in conversation with Starfire. The boys, on the other hand, were playing with their puppets and having a mock battle with them.

"Shall my tiny replica do battle with your tiny replica?" The Tameranean asked hopefully.

"Knock yourself out." The empath said emotionlessly, tossing her puppet to the alien and walking towards her original goal.

She paused in front of their new member's room. She stopped in front of the door and reached out with her powers. However, she could feel nothing. It was as if he was an empty void that she could just fall into and lose herself in. She closed her eyes and relished in the peace. The quiet.

It seemed as if she was only there for a few seconds, but she suddenly snapped back to reality and found that the sun was setting. More than that, she turned around and came face to face with none other than the pale alien himself, who was staring at her with a raised eyebrow.

She hurriedly ducked her head and retreated into her room, shutting the door and leaning against it. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving and heart racing. She took deep breaths and calmed herself down. "Remember what Robin said." She muttered to herself. "We can't trust him. Not yet."

That Night

The Tower was completely silent, most of its occupants asleep. Except for a certain Sith Lord, who was meditating in his room. 'It was curious.' He mused. 'That Raven would stand there for so long. Most likely she was attempting to read my emotions or my mind. However, the Force cloaks me, leaving her unable to penetrate my defenses.' He let out a small chuckle and let his eyes slip open.

He turned his attention to the puppet that was being examined by small drones. So far, the scans and tests he had run showed nothing odd about the thing, but he felt uneasy nevertheless. Dismissing it, he rose, clad in only a pair of light blue pants.

Crossing the room, he opened the drapes and allowed the moon to let its light in, the beams caressing his skin as he turned around and headed to his bed. He stopped suddenly and turned his attention to the door. Someone was in the Tower.

After donning his uniform in only a minimal amount of time, he exited his room, one hand on the hilt of one of his lightsabers. He drew it, but didn't activate it. He silently made his way down the hall, reaching out with the Force to alert him if anyone was nearby. He felt the other Titans in the corridor up ahead, along with a sixth presence. The Force urged him to move with all haste and he ran to where they were.

When he arrived, he was met with the sight of Cyborg holding a struggling Raven and Starfire hostage while Beast Boy and Robin stood to the side, holding up the puppet replicas of the girls. In front of them stood a small figure with a golden crown on his head. He wore a red tunic, black pants and boots, and a white sash went diagonally from his left shoulder to his right hip. He looked more like a marionette than a human.

Rancess felt a tremor in the Force and saw a light blue aura form around Raven, while a yellow aura formed around Starfire. The source of it was the device the stranger held. Using the Force, he yanked the girls away from Cyborg's grip and to his side before any harm came to them.

The stranger turned around and revealed a boyish face with dark eyes. He held an angry expression and held his device aloft. Cyborg lifted his arm cannon and fired. Rancess activated his lightsaber and blocked the shot that otherwise would've immobilized him. He felt a prod from the Force and ducked as Robin punched the area his head was just moments before.

Rancess blocked or dodged each and every strike, knowing that the boys had been rendered into mindless zombies. Something grabbed him from behind and he turned his head, surprised to see that it was Raven with the same blank stare as the others.

She held his wrists tightly and he sagged in defeat, or so it seemed. When the stranger came close to him, his own puppet held in front of him, the Sith smirked and surrounded himself in Force Lightning, creating an electric field that affected everything within ten feet of him, including the man's device.

He was surrounded by a violet aura and something in his visage left his body, the lifeless body sagging to the ground. The aura was intercepted by the lightning and flew wildly around until it impacted Starfire's body and settled within. Two more auras resembling Raven and Starfire flew out of the device and into Raven's and Rancess' bodies.

There was a blinding flash and the three had opened their eyes and ran away into a grate. Heavy footsteps passed over the grate, the three looking on in slight anxiety. Once they passed, they let out a sigh of relief. "The boys." Starfire whispered. "Raven, what are we going to do about-"

The lightbulb above them switched on and all three let out a gasp of shock. "" Raven asked... from Rancess' body.

"Raven?" Starfire asked from Raven's body.

"Well, this is a dilemma, isn't it?" Rancess muttered from Starfire's body.

"He is me! And I am you! And you are him!" Starfire yelled in panic. A tendril of black energy snaked out of Raven's head and shattered the lightbulb above them, leaving them in darkness once more.

[City Streets]

The city was mostly quiet, almost everyone in bed. A manhole lid was suddenly ejected violently from its place by a field of black energy and collided on the ground with a loud bang. It rolled around on its rim until a grey-skinned hand popped out of the manhole and grabbed it.

Raven, Starfire, and Rancess emerged from the opening and Starfire was bewailing their predicament. "Oh friends, this is awful! Terribly, horribly awful!" She moaned from Raven's body as the other two continued walking down the street.

"Tell me about it." Raven retorted, a nearby light post bending into a pretzel-shape like it had a mind of its own.

"Very well." Starfire said. "Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy have been trapped inside tiny wooden bodies while a nasty creature called the Puppet King has taken control of their real bodies which he is using to hunt us down and the three of us are in in the wrong bodies and-"

She was interrupted as Raven in Rancess' body placed her hand on her shoulder. "Starfire." She said, really annoyed. "You have to calm down. My powers are driven by emotion. The more you feel, the more energy you unleash."

"But what if they find us? What if our friends are doomed? What if I am stuck looking like this forever?!" Starfire wailed, cupping her face in her hands.

"We'll fix it." Raven said, gritting her teeth. Unbeknownst to her, the eyes of the body she was in turned a sickly yellow and the air around her trembled. "I don't know how, but we will rescue the boys and we will get our bodies back." She said, unconsciously using the Force to calm the other girl down. "What's wrong with the way I look?" She asked incredulously.

"Nothing." Starfire squeaked, her hands in the air as a traffic light shattered.

Rancess hummed to himself, staying silent the entire time as he was deep in thought.

"I will try to calm down." Starfire said, breathing deeply. "Peace. Quiet. Tranquil-" She gasped as a car next to her exploded. Raven jumped as well and startled herself as she jumped almost fifteen feet in the air.

She landed with a thud and a groan as the car came crashing down right next to them and the alarm started blaring.

"We're doomed." Rancess said monotonously. "There's no way they didn't hear that."

As if on cue, the screeching of a hawk was heard and the three of them looked up and saw Beast Boy circling above them. "Beast Boy!" Starfire cried, pointing at him.

He dived towards them, intent on skewering them with his beak. "You mean zombie Beast Boy. Run!" Raven said, grabbing Starfire's hand and running away, Rancess following closely.

They ran into an alley and various trashcans lifted into the air and throwing themselves backward towards their assailant.

'She's using the Force unconsciously.' Rancess thought to himself. 'Not that I am surprised. Our abilities are very similar, so she should have a good grasp on them. As long as she doesn't go for the lightsabers.'

They got away thanks to the trashcans and turned down another alley. "We cannot fight them again. I do not wish to, and in our present condition we would surely be defeated." Starfire said.

"Starfire." Rancess said. She turned her attention to him and he continued. "How do you use your abilities?" He asked.

"You must feel flight." The Tameranean replied.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Care to elaborate?"

"When you feel the unbridled joy of flight, you will fly." She said.

He nodded his head at her, a simple concept. Starfire stopped suddenly and pointed towards the mouth of the alley. "Look!" She said, a black flash hitting Raven in Rancess' body and launching her into the air slightly. She came down with a thud and glared slightly at her as she scratched her back uncomfortably.

Beast Boy in tiger form was at the mouth of the alley and bounded towards them, growling. Raven instinctively held her hand out and Force Pushed the beast away.

"How do I use starbolts?" Rancess asked, sinking into a fighting stance.

"Righteous fury." Starfire replied, pumping her fist.

"Your strength?"

"Boundless confidence!" She chirped.

Rancess nodded, but grabbed the both of them and ran in the opposite direction. "Until we learn how to master each other's abilities, I suggest a tactical retreat." He said, the others wholeheartedly agreeing.

Beast Boy, having recovered, ran after them. Rancess ran down another side alley and stopped as a dark shape dropped in front of them. Robin loomed before them and they backed up, only to find Beast Boy behind them.

"Rancess. What do we do now?" Starfire whimpered.

The Sith's mind whirled with different ideas. "Raven, undo my cloak and hand it to me, it's just going to get in your way." He said.

The girl nodded and slowly undid the cloak, handing it over to the Sith who folded it into a ball and tucked it under his arm. "Raven. I need you to feel anger and hatred." He said, as the two mindless Titans were getting ready to pounce.

Raven looked at him in surprise. "What? But, I don't-"

"Trust me." He said.

The girl gulped and closed her eyes. Feelings of hatred long buried within her began to bubble forth. She felt something strengthen her and urge her to continue. Despair, anger, wrath, and other negative feelings swelled within her and she opened her eyes again, the former neon green irises now a sickly yellow with a pupil so black it resembled the deepest pit. The gaze sent shivers down both Rancess' and Starfire's spines.

Raven saw the world more clearly and defined than what she did before. Beast Boy and Robin launched themselves at the three, but it was as if they were moving in slow-motion. She felt someone, something, guiding her, telling her to lift her arms and vent her wrath.

She did so and lightning shot out of the fingertips of both hands, hitting the boys straight on. They collapsed to the ground and twitched as remnants of lightning flickered on their forms. Rancess hummed and led the way down yet another alley.

He leant against a brick wall and glanced at Raven, who was looking around wildly, her eyes still a Sith yellow. She suddenly jumped across from them and moved her hand towards her, like she was pulling something. Cyborg's body came through the wall and came to a halt in front of her. She let out a yell and launched him towards the mouth of the alley, where he landed on Beast Boy and Robin.

"The power. It's so much. So good." Raven said, a maniacal grin on her face. "I... I can feel everything." She looked at them and saw the look of terror on Starfire's face. Her eyes widened and turned green once more. "I... did all that?" She asked, looking down at her hands.

Rancess nodded and placed a hand on her shoulder, which was surreal as it was his body she was inhabiting. "The Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural." He said, not specifying which side of the Force he was speaking of.

Raven shuddered and wrapped her arms around herself, though she soon returned to trying to scratch her back. "This is no time to dawdle, however." Rancess said, grabbing her hand and leading them down another alley. They saw that it was a dead-end and the other Titans were advancing on them.

Raven groaned as the itch became unbearable. She felt something come out of her back and Starfire screamed. She looked backwards and her eyes nearly bulged out of her sockets. Two large, leathery bat wings were protruding from her back. She instinctively flapped them and they carried her in the air.

"Starfire. Try to use Raven's levitation. Repeat the words she always says." He said.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Starfire cried out in a panic. Both of them were launched in the air and collided with Raven, who had just managed to get steady. They tumbled through the air into yet another alley behind bags of garbage.

They popped their heads out of the filth and groaned. "I smell like the breath of a Snurvian Vlort Worm." Starfire said.

"That was eaten by a Rancor." Rancess muttered, brushing a banana peel off of his head.

Raven, meanwhile, was stacking bags high enough so that they couldn't be seen. "Raven! What are you-" Starfire began, but was shushed by Raven's finger at her mouth.

They ducked and could see Cyborg and Robin looking for them through the cracks between the bags.

Black energy began to surround Starfire's hand and she whimpered. Raven sent her a look and Starfire put her hands together, trying to calm down. "Peace. Quiet. Tranquility." She whispered.

"It's alright." Raven said. "They're going."

Starfire peeked over Raven's shoulder to get a better view and saw Beast Boy in rat form on the pile of garbage they were hiding behind. Rancess held his hand over Starfire's mouth so she wouldn't scream and they waited until he left.

"Enough." They heard the Puppet King say. "We will catch the other three after the ceremony is complete." He said.

"Ceremony?" They heard Robin ask from his wooden prison.

"What ceremony?" Cyborg asked.

"Just a little spell, that will destroy you three, and make your bodies mine forever." The Puppet King said. "Come, my puppets."

The three heard him retreat and exited the pile of garbage they were in. Rancess had his eyes dangerously narrowed. He was incensed.

"Quickly Raven, Rancess. Our friends are in danger." Starfire said. "We must follow and-"

"And what? Save them with abilities that we don't even comprehend and have no idea how to use?" Rancess hissed, crossing his arms.

A fiery black aura formed around Starfire. "Well at least I am somewhat able to use them! You two are too busy being grumpy and rude to feel anything at all!" She retorted, more towards Raven than Rancess.

"Maybe you haven't noticed, but my emotions are dangerous. I can't afford to feel anything. You may have my body, but you know nothing about me." She said, crossing her arms and turning away from both of them.

"She is right." Rancess said. "Look at how she used the Force. It was instinctual, nothing more than primal actions. It terrified you Starfire. Like Raven, my powers are based on my anger, if I lose myself within it, I can become what you saw back there." He said, Raven shuddering at the reminder.

The aura faded from Starfire and she sighed. "Perhaps, you are right." She said. "And if we are to overcome this ordeal, we must know everything about each other. So, begin sharing." She said, her head turned in Rancess' direction.

He raised an eyebrow at the command, but saw no way out. He let out a breath and sat on the ground. "Very well. I was born on the planet Vantar, a world of endless night. My mother, after I was born, relocated our home to the capital planet of the then Galactic Republic, the planet Coruscant." He said.

They were paying rapt attention so he continued. "While on Coruscant, I was discovered by a group of Force-wielders known as the Jedi. I believe I mentioned them before." He said, to which they nodded. "As an infant, I was taken from my mother and raised to become a Jedi, much to her anger. She tried to have me raised at home, but the Jedi Council would have none of it. The years went by and I became an apprentice to a member of the Jedi Council known as Rik'sah, a Twi'lek Jedi." He said.

"I went on many missions with him and a bond between us began to form. Jedi undergo these tests called Trials to see whether or not they have what it takes to be a full-fledged Jedi Knight. The day of my last trial, I, along with Master Rik'sah, traveled to the home of my birth mother, though I did not know this at the time. It wasn't until I saw him mercilessly slay them did I realize who they were. He then attacked me and I barely fled with my life." He said.

Raven and Starfire had their eyes wide and expressions of shock on their faces.

"I escaped the planet and landed on the planet of Felucia, a jungle planet. There, I was found by a man I would have given my life for. My true master, Darth Aegis." With that, he concluded his tale.

Raven placed her hand on his shoulder and Starfire gave him a tight hug. "I am sorry about your family, friend Rancess, especially considering the fact that your closest friend was the one who committed the deed." She said.

"Thank you, Starfire, but if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be who I am now." He said with a small smile. His words had a double-meaning in them, of course, but they didn't know that. "Now Raven, why don't you share your tale with us?" He asked.

Raven, who had been reflecting on his story, snapped to attention and nodded. "I was born in a place called Azerath..."

[Abandoned Theatre]

The three huddled beside a fountain in front of the abandoned Bijou theatre, where they saw Beast Boy in dog form pacing by the entrance.

"Safe to say we're not walking in through the front door." Raven said. "We'll have to try the roof." She said, pointing at it.

"Agreed." Starfire replied and Revonair nodded.

Turning to the Sith, she grinned. "Now, do just as I instructed. Close your eyes and think of something joyful." She said.

Revonair did as she said and pondered what to think about. At first, he imagined the blade of his lightsaber slicing Jedi in pieces, but his thoughts slowly turned to the one who he had much in common with. He imagined the smile on Raven's face when she had purchased a new book, the contented sigh she made when drinking her tea, the peaceful presence when she meditated, the look of concentration when she was absorbed in a book, the ferocity when she fought, the looks she would send him, as if he was a puzzle that she couldn't piece together and didn't necessarily want to. As he thought of this, Starfire was talking.

"You might choose flowers or kittens or the laughter of children or-" She gasped in happiness as he rose in the air, his hand wrapped around hers.

Behind them, Raven was doing what Rancess had instructed her to do with not only the wings, but the Force abilities she now possessed. Feel, don't think. Use her instincts. She cleared her mind like when she meditated and felt for... something, anything. She felt a presence wrap around her and flow through her, whispering in her ear of what she needed to do. For a moment, she imagined that it was Rancess himself helping her, and a small smile spread across her face.

The wings twitched and she felt like they were just another part of her, another muscle to move like a finger or leg. Confident, she jumped ten feet into the air and flapped her wings, the appendages launching her further upwards and towards her friends.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Starfire clapped giddily. "Very, very good!" She said, elated. "What was your joyful thought?" She asked Rancess.

"Someone... who I've come to find as important." He said, eyes glazed over in thought.

Starfire giggled as Raven landed smoothly on the roof next to them and saw a padlock on the door leading into the theatre.

She got Starfire's attention. "Find your center. Focus your energy on the lock." She said, pointing to said lock.

Starfire took a deep breath and close her eyes, when she opened them again, they were completely white and burning with energy. Her hands were enshrouded by a black energy field and she raised them slowly, the lock rising as well and surrounded in the same energy. "Azerath. Metrion. Zinthos." She said, sweeping her hands and the lock breaking. She giggled and clapped.

Raven caught Revonair's look and she exhaled. She extended her hand towards the trapdoor and took a deep breath. She felt something grab onto the door, almost like she herself was grabbing it, and slowly raised her hand. The door followed her movements and slowly opened, falling back to the ground softly and opening the way for them.

He sent her a nod and went towards the stairs that led into the theatre.

Once inside, they hid on the catwalks and watched as the Puppet King was facing a cauldron burning with blue fire, the other Titans in front of it.

"Well, Titans, time for your grand finale." The Puppet King said.

"No." Raven said as Revonair balled his fists.

He unclipped his lightsabers and rose into the air.

"This is going to be a real show-stopper." The Puppet King said, holding the Titans over the fire.

Revonair sent Raven a look and she nodded, using the Force to wrench the Titans out of the villain's grip and to her. Meanwhile, Revonair activated his lightsabers and sliced the supports to the catwalk above the Puppet King, the metal crashing down with a bang.

The Puppet King escaped unharmed and held his control high. "Go my puppets! Capture them!" He said to the bodies of the Titans.

Revonair flew down, his eyes glowing green, and rammed into Cyborg. His lightsabers were tucked into his waistband, so he wouldn't hurt the others. He lifted up the robotic teen with ease and tossed him aside, his attention turned towards the girls who were battling the others. He saw the puppet prisons of his friends and ran over to them.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Ran...cess?" Robin asked.

"I'll explain later, right now we have to-URGH!" He was blasted with Cyborg's sonic cannon and launched into a pile of boxes. He removed himself from them and glared at Cyborg.

Meanwhile, Raven was having a hard time with Beast Boy in gorilla form. "Ok Raven, use your feelings. Concentrate. Feel the Force around you." She said. She let out a deep breath and thrust her hand out. Beast Boy was pushed backwards and collided with a wall. Raven extracted him from it and held him steady. Using the Force, she waved her hand over his face and he closed his eyes, slipping into unconsciousness.

Rancess flew past her, shoving Cyborg like a football player and face set in a snarl. He threw him into a wall and his hands lit up with green light. He tossed a barrage of starbolts at the cybernetic teen and the result was that Cyborg was embedded into the wall.

Raven looked down and saw that the Puppet King had scooped up their friends and was running towards the fire. Anger surged through her and the Force swirled around her. "NO!" She yelled, sending out a steady stream of Force Lightning.

The Puppet King screamed and tossed his control in the air, which Raven grasped with the Force and crushed it, tossing the remains into the fire.

"My control!" The smoking villain yelled. A serpentine form surged over the fire and the Puppet King trembled. A blue light escaped from his eyes and mouth and he yelled out.

Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy's souls escaped the puppets and returned to their bodies. Rancess, Raven, and Starfire souls left the bodies they were inhabiting and returned to their own bodies. They all formed around the cauldron and Starfire grinned.

"I am me! And you are you!" She said, twirling around.

"And we're us!" Cyborg said, happy to be in his own body. Rancess crossed his arms and smiled softly.

"Thanks to you three." Robin said.

"You go girls! And guy!" Beast Boy said, quickly adding the word when he saw Rancess glare at him slightly.

"Raven! Rancess! We have done it!" Starfire cried out, drawing them into a hug.

"You're hugging me." Raven said, a bit uncomfortable, though Rancess chuckled slightly.

"No!" They heard the Puppet King wail.

He was crawling to the cauldron, his eyes and mouth glowing with a blue light. Revonair glared at him and grasped him with the Force, pinning him down to the ground with the force of an AT-AT.

"The magic!" He wheezed. "Without it, I'm just a-" His eyes became dull and lifeless and he collapsed on the ground.

[Titan's Tower]

It was sunrise and Raven was meditating in front of the window. "Azerath. Metrion. Zinthos."

"Raven?" Starfire asked softly, not trying to disturb her too much. "Forgive my interruption, but-"

"I haven't seen Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, or Rancess." Raven interrupted, opening an eye.

"Truthfully, I am... wishing to join you in meditation." Starfire said, rubbing her arm.

Raven was silent for a few moments, before she replied. "Really?" She asked, surprised, and turned. "Alright."

The two girls floated next to each other, eyes closed. "Find your center." Raven said. "Focus your energies, and-"

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos." The girls chanted in unison.

"Starfire?" Raven prodded, an eye cracked open.

"Yes?" Starfire replied, cracking an eye open to look at the girl next to her.

"After this, would you like to go to the mall?" Raven asked.

Starfire grinned happily and nodded. "Mm-hmm." She said, before they both returned to chanting.

Meanwhile, Revonair was in his room, staring at the screens of his computer. "This is going to be a great endeavor." He said to himself. "It's going to take time and patience. Much patience,but I shall endure. The Titans will join me, and I will get my revenge. Skywalker, you shall not escape me again, and the next time we meet, I shall relish in the fear on your face as the Titans and I obliterate what you have strived and bled for, until I separate your head from your body by my lightsaber." He vowed.

SP floated in and plugged itself into the computer terminal. The screens showed the various Titans and the abilities they possessed, much of the data taken from when they were battling the Puppet King. A sinister grin spread across his face as he studied it. Yes, it would take time, but the benefits were immense.

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