Finding Home

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This story starts the night that Ethan proposes to Gwen after learning she is pregnant. Alistair will be nice to Theresa in this fanfic. Haven't decided yet who to pair Theresa with yet. We soon learn long kept secrets aren't secret long in Harmony.


Theresa was devastated. The man she love who swore he love her just proposed to another woman. Not just any woman, one determined to destroy her at all cost. While is hurt to see this, Theresa understood. She had grown up without her father. If she and Ethan were meant to do he would come back to her. She only hope the Ethan was doing the right thing and following his heart.

Gwen was ecstatic. She won. Ethan was going to marry her. Best yet he proposed in front of that gold-digger Theresa. Better yet she was giving Ethan his first born. Something Theresa couldn't give him. Eve told everyone that Gwen needed to rest so Rebecca and Ivy both went with Gwen to her room to talk. Ethan went for a walk. Gwen was frighten for a moment that Theresa would follow Ethan. But before Gwen left the solarium she heard the maid say that Theresa's son needed her.

Sam went in search of Ethan and the rest of the people gathered left for their respective room or homes.

There would be fire crackers in a few weeks.