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An Old Dress

I remember her eyes. Her eyes that is a lovely shade of red velvet.

A vast open flame that burned red.

Just like her favorite dress.

She wore a red velvet dress. It matched her eyes, her lips, her temper, her warm embrace...

Her tender sighs after warm kisses to my lips. The light tug of her fingers to my hair. Her soft skin against mines.

Her love. A stupid human emotion, a stupid human emotion that I, Sesshomaru held for the witch.

An old red velvet dress that reminded me too much of her, just like her eyes that sparked passion for me.

A red flame that burned bright light into my life and when she left... So did the glow...

Then her tender sighs and her warm embrace followed.

But the memory of red velvet remained.

A/N: a Drabble to ease my writers block

hehe in my own world, I'd like to think that Kagura and Sesshomaru had little encounters when they aren't fighting Inuyasha. Throughout time of course they've developed feelings and a very dynamic relationship. Sadly, in the series she dies. So here's Sesshomaru remembering Kagura.

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