A/N: This story is just for fun, and I in no way wish to make fun of the real men who served in Easy Company.

This is story is for all of you Eugene Roe lovers out there. :)

Bill Guarnere was turning his footlocker inside out trying to find where he had placed his lighter or one of the seven packages of matches he obtained from the various men of Easy Company who didn't smoke. After ten minutes, he gave up.

"Hey Joe, pass me a light!" Guarnere called out to his friend who was lying on the bunk across from him.

"I ain't got no light," Joe Toye scoffed, annoyed that Guarnere had interrupted the article on baseball he was reading.

"What the hell do you mean you ain't got no light?" Guarnere cried out indignantly.

"The hell you think I mean!? I don't have a fucking light!" Toye yelled back, irritated.

"How the hell am I going to smoke this?" Guarnere could hear his Philly accent becoming more apparent as his irritation grew. "My old man sent me this Cuban cigar and I'd like to smoke it before any other moron figures out I have it, and wants in on it!"

"Hurray for you and your cigar. I don't have a light so shut up about it!" Toye yelled, waving his hand around.

Guarnere dismissed Toye with a wave of his hand and shouted as he exited the barrack, "Then I'll go find somebody who has a light and a brain!"

"Good, now I don't have to hear your dumb ruckus," Toye muttered to himself as Guarnere left.

Guarnere wandered around the various rows of barracks trying to find somebody from Easy Company who would lend him a light. He was unsuccessful until he rounded the corner that brought him to the front of the hospital, which was parallel to the front gate.

Luz, Liebgott, Malarky, Shifty, and Muck were all standing around in front of the hospital. Bill changed his pace from a casual stroll to a jog. He didn't know why the men would be congregated around the hospital unless somebody from Easy was hurt.

"Hiya fellas, is everything okay?" Bill asked as he reached the group.

"Hunky-dory," Malarky replied with a toothy grin.

"Life is just fabulous," Luz remarked with a grin as wide as the Mississippi River.

Bill knew from the cheer in their voices that they were telling the truth. "Then why the hell are you guys all the way over here by the hospital?"

"You, my friend, will find out in exactly thirty seconds," Luz said as he checked his watch.

"Yeah, Shifty here overheard a great little piece of news when he passed HQ this morning on his way to the showers," Muck informed Bill as he gave him a friendly clap on the shoulder.

All of a sudden, the rumble of jeep motors became apparent from behind a gate. The gates swung open and a convoy of five jeeps entered the compound. The men from Easy Company let out a chorus of whoops and hollers. Toccoa base was getting a shipment of brand spanking new nurses.

"Holy cow, look at them! Five, voluptuous, genuine American made women! I don't know which one to ask to the movies first!" Luz crudely announced.

"Pfft, like any one of them would have you," Liebgott replied, amazed by the men's giddiness. On the outside, Leigbott remained his usual cool self but on the inside, he was just as excited as the rest of the men. Just like everybody in the camp, they were sick of being surrounded by men all day every day and yearned for the soft touch of a strange woman's hand.

"BEA-UTI-FUL!" Luz catcalled to the group of nurses who by then had disembarked the jeeps and were congregated about ten feet away from the men.

The nurses stood in a circle while busily chattering away. Occasionally they glanced over their shoulders curiously at the hoard of clearly undersexed soldiers.

A man descended down the front steps on the hospital came out of the hospital and addressed the nurses. The men from Easy company couldn't hear the orders the nurses were being given, so they got hopeful when the ladies started to walk towards them.

"Here they come, boys!" Luz announced, rubbing his hands together excitedly as the nurses walked toward them.

Despite the men's various attempts to get their attention, the nurses passed the men without saying a single word. A few of them did, however, shoot a few seductive looks and smiles in Easy's direction.

The first four nurses made Guarnere smile ear to ear. They were beautiful. He couldn't wait until the weekend to try and get with one of them on leave. However, the last nurse in the lineup made his face fall and his heart sink. He could spot that determined posture and authoritative walk anywhere. Bill wanted to be wrong that it was her. No - it couldn't be her. It shouldn't be her. Yet, once he saw her face as she turned to look over her shoulder at his buddies... he knew it was her.

"Viola!" Guarnere automatically shouted upon his stark realization. He quickly ran to catch up with the black-haired Lieutenant.

Viola's plump lips were pursed, and her dark brown eyes opened in shock when she heard her name being called and saw Bill's face. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared wide-eyed in utter disbelief.

When Bill reached Viola, he put a hand on her shoulder and spun her around.

"Jesus Christ, it is you." Bill astonishedly exclaimed.

Viola gaped at him, "Brother?"