Kristoph's small, fat hands did their best to grip and lift the ice from the water. Sven, ever faithful, helped pull the block loose and onto the sled. He'd lived on the mountain his entire life. He knew the land inside and out even at his young age.

The men sang songs about the ice. So many feared it. He wondered why he didn't. His father had been claimed by it only a few years ago. He was so young he'd had a hard time understanding that he would never see his last remaining parent again.

A scratchy reindeer kiss slobbered on his face as his little mind filled with sad thoughts.

He laughed saying, "Hey you, what do you want?"

"Don't be sad!" He mimicked the reindeers thoughts, "You've still got me!"

"You're my best friend, Sven!"

Jumping on his back, Kristoph began to drive back to the village, listening to the others finish their song about the secrets of the ice.

"Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaan?"

Elsa's eyes just barely cracked opened as she smiled at her little sister. Moments later she and Anna were bounding down the halls of the castle and giggling. Pressing her fingers to her lips Elsa whispered, "Watch!"

Gently touching the stair railing, it covered over with Ice and both sisters went sliding down at a breakneck speed. Landing softly on their feet, they took off toward the ballroom and shut the doors.

"Careful!" Elsa called, "I'll lock it this time! Remember when the maid almost caught us?"

"It's okay!" Anna laughed, "Why would anyone not want to know? Its so beautiful!"

Chuckling, Elsa froze the doors shut.

"Do the magic! Do the magic!" Anna begged.

With a smile from ear to ear, Elsa sent a light straight to the ceiling and it burst with snow. Within moments they were skating, sliding, and building snowmen. Their laughter rang through the early morning quiet of the castle. For a few moments, Elsa forgot all her worries and let her powers soar through the air. As Anna jumped from a tall pile of snow, Elsa shot her hands out and caught her safely before she hit the ground in another large clump, soft as a down pillow. Bounding from hill to hill Anna squealed "Catch me!"

Worry began to seep into Elsas chest as she rushed to keep up with her.

"Wait!" she called, turning as quickly as possible, "slow down!"

In a rush she threw her hand out just as Anna began to jump. Grunting, she fell backwards as the full force of the power hit her square in the chest.

"Anna!" Elsa shouted, looking at her hands in horror. As she scooped her little sister into her lap, panic built up until she shouted, "Mamma, Papa!"

A pounding on the door began until the king had shouldered it open.

"It was an accident!" Elsa called, trying to reassure herself as much as her parents.

"Anna!" the queen exclaimed, "she's ice cold!"

"I know where we have to go!" The king insisted as they called for their horses.

Kristoph and Sven explored the mountain in the bright sun. This side of the forest was rumored to hold strange magic. He hadn't believed it until they'd felt the warmth so high up. At the sound of hooves they ducked down and watched two horses fly by with a silver glow in their wake.

Curiously he creeped forward and touched the delicate crystals.

"Ice?" he asked out loud.

Why wasn't it melting in the heat? Sven sniffed it curiously before snaking out a tongue and licking the frozen path.

"Come on!" Kristoph insisted. "Lets go!"

As they charged after them, careful not to be seen, they finally reached a large clearing and ducked down.

A well dressed man and woman stood in the center with two children. Clearly upset he called "Please! It's my daughter!"

The earth began to shake as rocks rolled down the hill from all directions. The family below huddled close as the shapes popped open and little creatures blinked up at them.

"The King!" different voices called.

"What's the King doing out here?" Kristoph asked.

"how should I know?" he mimicked for Sven.

Both jumped when a rock next to them suddenly jumped up and hissed, "Shhh! I'm trying to listen!"

"A troll?" Kristoph asked, able to guess what she was upon closer inspection. Sven licked the trolls face and right away she seemed to like them. Again she shushed them and strained to hear. The eldest troll came forward and spoke.

"Born with the powers or cursed?"

"Born!" The king insisted.

"Ah," he nodded, taking Elsa's hand, "It's harder for them to learn to control it. They know nothing else after all."

When Anna made a small noise the old troll winced and looked her over.

"Can you help her?" The queen asked.

He shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't. If it was her head that would be easy, but only an act of true love and thaw a frozen heart."

"True love!" The queen insisted, "She's just a child! She doesn't know anything about love!"

"Please! You must be able to do something?" The king insisted.

Elsa gripped her fathers leg, choking back tears. Even Kristoph found himself leaning in, knuckles white in a fist.

With a sigh, the old troll nodded, "I will try. If we erase all memories of magic, Anna will not know she is in danger. It may slow down the process."

"But she won't remember I have powers?" Elsa asked.

Smiling, the troll insisted, "Don't worry. I leave the fun."

Waving his hand, part of the old troll relaxed when he felt the cold that had spread to Anna's head subside.

"For now, she will be okay."

"How long?" The King insisted.

"I can keep the memories away until she is 18. After that she will begin to remember. But be warned, only an act of true love will save her."

The king nodded. "We'll keep her away from others until she's old enough."

"Be sure it's someone with true intentions, your highness. The heart is not so easily changed."

Kristoph felt himself relax slightly. His young hands unclenched and he hugged Sven.

"Elsa," the troll addressed her again. "Your power is getting stronger. You must learn to control it. There is beauty in it, but many fear the ice of the mountains. Fear will be your enemy."

Kristoph remembered the man that had come to tell him his father had fallen through thin ice. He'd slipped down the stream to a thicker patch and no one could reach him in time to pull him out. Many had tried, pounding desperately to break him free.

"No!" the king cried, jerking Kristoph from his memories, "We'll keep her safe. We'll keep them both safe. Reduce the staff. Limit contact with the outside world. It will be okay."

As the king rode off with his family, Kristoph turned back to the female troll next to them.

"Will they really be okay?"

She sighed, "Lets hope so."