As Anna sprinted around the crowd, most didn't recognize her. So many years behind the walls of the castle meant many had no idea who she was. All the same, she continued to bounce from place to place, taking in everything. The new smells of faraway lands and clothing from other cultures were exciting. It wasn't until she'd reached the docks that she suddenly fell backwards when a horse ran right into her.

"Oof!" she grunted as she fell backwards into a small boat.

"I'm so sorry, are you hurt?" the rider asked.

When Anna looked up, a furious blush crept into her cheeks. The rider was incredibly handsome.

"Oh, I'm fine!" she insisted, smoothing out her dress as the man lept down to help her up.

"I'm Prince Hans of the Southern Isles."

Smiling she replied, "Princess Anna of Aredelle."

"Princess?!" He gasped before ducking into a low bow. As he did the weight in the boat shifted and both went tumbling backwards. Just before they hit the water the horse lowered it's foot onto the front end and they flew the other direction. Anna wrapped her arms around the Prince's neck and held on. As they righted themselves she pulled away.

"This is awkward." She laughed.

"I'm so sorry!" he insisted.

"No! Not you're awkward, I mean me- you're gorgeous!" she insisted before shaking her head and scolding herself. "Wait what?"

"Anna!" Both glanced up as Kristoph sprinted down to the docks. His boots thundered on the wooden boards. "Are you okay?"

Hans stood, helping her out of the boat finally. When Kristoph reached them he looked back and forth.

"I'd like to formally apologise for hitting the princess with my horse!" Hans insisted.

"You what?" Kristoph hissed.

Anna shook her head, "It's fine! Had you hit my sister Elsa it would have been… yeesh!- but luckily it's just me."

Hans looked at her in surprise. "Just you?"

Anna smiled at him like no one else in the world existed. Grudgingly, Kristoph tugged on her arm.

"You need to get back for the coronation, Anna."

Han's looked over at him for a moment in annoyance.

"Oh right!" Anna remembered and turned back with them.

Kristoph looked at Hans with a smug grin. "Want me to put your horse up?"

As he began to lead the horse away it lifted its leg and the boat fell backwards into the water. Anna hardly noticed as she ran back inside. Kristoph laughed, stroking the horses mane and leaving the prince to flounder in the surf. Something about that guy bothers him.

Elsa took a deep breath as she lifted the scepter in front of the kingdom. She tried to keep her hands from shaking. Anna looked on to her right and beamed. As the speech came to a close, Elsa felt the delicate crystals begin to form on her metal of the candle stick. She prayed silently to keep calm. Anna's eyes flickered down and she quickly placed the items back on the pillow and pulled her gloves back on just as they announced, "Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

The crowd cheered, but Anna felt a slight twinge when she saw her sisters face. Something tugged at the back of her mind. Her chest felt cold and heavy…

The gloves slid back into place on Elsa's hands and she sighed.

The gloves will help…

Her father had told her, so many years ago, to conceal it, don't feel it.

"Don't let it show," she whispered to herself.

As the guards saluted Elsa quickly walked forward followed by Anna. Hans made eye contact with her and they nodded to each other as they exited and headed back towards the ballroom in the castle.