2021 Edit: brah this was so bad how tf did people read this lmao xD anyway I got back into FT fanfiction again and the archive has been looking good but again it is not enough! WE NEED MOAR OP NATSU HAREM FICS AHHH especially with Irene in it like holy shit why is this pairing so hard to find? it doesnt help that I have fallen in love with it as well...ugh PAIN.

Anyway I'm redoing all chapters especially the early chapters. I might let the last few chapters stay as is since they werent too bad. Might change some dialogues etc though. Anyway lets go! ENJOYY~ (everyone who still stayed by hoping for this fic to be updated...I appreciate and applaud you. I also read most of ur pms even if I did not reply and that just further fueled me into getting back to writing x) so thanks for stayin by!)

In a dark and lonely place which was engulfed in pure black flames one figure could be spotted due to his distinct red eyes. He was sitting on a throne made out of black flames. The lone figure was wearing black flaming robes as if to complement the place along with a scythe made out of black flames that was laying on the side.

"Ugh, there isn't much to do in hell is there...I'm so tired of pranking the other gods here ahhh this place is boring as hell~ I wanna dieeeee" a dark and cold menacing voice of the figure whined while shaking his head as he slid down his throne lazily with shoulders slumped.

Suddenly a demon arised out of the black flames in the middle of the place "I know! why don't you go to Earthland, find the protagonist of this story and make him an absolute god!?" offered the demon grinning madly at his amazing idea that would surely impress his creator.

"What!? no...that's not how it works you fool...It has to an unexpected meeting and everything or its just some cliche crap like those Lucy stories where she leaves for seven years to train with a drag- wait why am I even explaining this too you!? get out of my sight!" shouted the grim figure annoyed.

"Ok...*sob*" cries the demon as he burst into black flames before disappearing. If one listened close then they would be able to hear distinct sounds of sobbing but nobody cared about that unfortunately.

"*sigh* fools...hmm speaking of Earthland, I remember Acnologia was still back there...maybe I'll fight him and make him my pet...muhahahaha!...wait...I would be doing people a favour though...oh well whatever~ lets go to Earthland for our adventure yay!" determined the figure nodding to himself before cheering.

The figure stood up and morphed a portal before passing through as serene grass and lush forests of Earthland met his crimson eyes. He breathed in and relaxed while focusing deeply on his surroundings to pick up any high level magic pressures trying to search for The Dragon of Apocalypse.

But of course as if on cue, the wind picked up as if a storm was near before it spiraled into the forest leading into the arrival of a mysterious portal which opened up in the middle of the forest pushing out a small sleeping figure which seemed to be a baby before disappearing in a loud *POP* sending shockwaves towards the forest and destroying some trees around it but the baby was somehow protected from that through a mysterious barrier.

Of course that woke up the small figure before he suddenly started doing what babies do...cry cause why not.

The figure clad in black flames saw this and heard the crying voice of the baby echoing through the forest. He made his way toward the source of the annoying sound and saw a small child with pink hair inside a pink basket hidden in the bushes "pink basket and pink hair?...well thats pretty unusual. But who abandoned a small child like this? weird" wondered the figure clad in black flames confused.

He picked up the child before remembering what his minion said "I know! why don't you go to Earthland, find the protagonist of this story and make him an absolute god!?"

"hmm...could this be the so called protagonist!? *gasp* this could prove to be quite interesting...kukukuku" he grinned evilly before deciding to experiment and gave the child some of his blood thinking if he would live or die but highest probabilty was him living as his magical power seemed to have no limit just like himself.

Cutting his palm, he fed the child his blood who drank it as if it was nourishing for him before da baby suddenly froze and passed out...LES GOO. Yes the author could not help da baby reference...sorry.

Nothing happened for a few minutes before the figure had his mouth hanging internally crying "yikes I just killed a kid cause of my dumbass...yeah I should probably yeet outta here" cringed the figure as he got up ready to haul ass.

But suddenly he stopped as he sensed something from the child. The child seemed have awakened as his red pupils glared at him which showed the figure that his experment was a success. Of course that was not the only thing that showed him that as the baby leaked out massive amounts of black aura that was intesfying by the second clearly going out of

As if that was not enough, he started radiating extreme amount of magical power with the dark aura getting thicker and stronger while creating shockwaves and a mini crater just below him caused from the sheer pressure.

"hmm good good...he survived and his aura is almost as powerful as mine...heh yes yes...this may be it" thought the figure clearly up to no good.

After thinking it was too much and the whole forest was going to be destroyed cause of his power he knocked the child out with a karate chop before picking him up.

"Seems like I get to train my very own protagonist...mwahahaha! take that all you other dumb gods! I am superiour!...kukuku they will be so mad when a death god's pupil makes this whole universe unbalanced after I'm done training him...mwahahaha!" said the now identified Death God while laughing clearly enjoying his potential moment of triumph over his fellow divine colleagues.

With that last thought he turned serious again before thinking he was forgetting something "anyway what did I come here to do in the first place again?...oh well whatever" with that he disappeared morphing into black flames along with the child.

And thats all people! chap one in the flash and dont worry next chapter will be longer :) Uchiha-sama out~