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Chapter 25! In between my wives!

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"Natsuuuu-samaa!" squealed Wendy as she jumped at Natsu who embraced the tearful girl back. "Geez Wendy you have gotten a bit tall now havent you..~" said Natsu a she let go of her and petted her head.

"Err no...I havent changed that much Natsu-sama." Said Wendy as she sweatdropped while Natsu just grinned before Wendy looked at Lucy and embraced her and greeted Happy as well.

"how did you guys get here? And why are you here?" asked Wendy curiously towards Natsu and Lucy who looked at each other before nodding.

"well Wendy we are *yawn*...going to bring Fairy Tail back." said Natsu casually while gazing at the shocked Wendy.

"Jeez Natsu at least say it with more enthusiasim." said Lucy sweatdropping while Wendy was still shocked.

"well basically what happened was." started Lucy before entering in to the world of flashback sama.


At Lucy's house.

"alright here's the plan, turn your ninja mode if you have one because Hisui has some super senses...not lying, I'm serious, she's like some witcher or something" whispered Natsu towards Lucy and Happy who were like wtf.

"Witcher? what who?".

"Nevermind...look the point is be super quiet okay?" said Natsu as Lucy nodded fiercly before they began thier mission to sneaky sneak.

"okay..we are almost out of the room be careful.." whispered Natsu before he saw the sleeping face of Hisui and well just couldnt resist "damn shes cute! okay maybe one kiss wont harm anyone" said Natsu before kissing the sleeping beauty's lips which she of course suddenly returned shocking Natsu as he tried to play it cool.

"psst Natsu! wtf man!?" whispered Lucy loudly annoyed at his antics while Happy cried comically at thier failure to escape.

However luck seemed to be on thier side since Hisui seemed to be still asleep indicating her body just reacted on instinct...either that or she was having a really naughty dream and the kiss just complemented that. "Okay..slowly now.." whispered Natsu as he escaped from her lip lock and her clutches before making his way back to Lucy and Happy who were still waiting.

"finally jeez we almost got caught!" whispered Lucy loudly as Natsu and Happy shushed her "Lucy your being too loud! shush" whispered Natsu loudly as well while Happy followed it with "Aye sir!" as loud as he could which both caused all of them to freeze.

"Natsuuu-kun, everyone? where are you guys going..?" asked Hisui groggingly as she woke to see both Lucy and Natsu sneaking away and Happy flying while they just froze still.

"Happy.." said Lucy slowly glaring at him while he just smiled sheepishly "hehe oops?" said Happy rubbing the back of his head while Natsu sighed.

"Well Hisui we were going to continue our journey to assemble our squad!" said Natsu proudly while Lucy just deadpanned at him.

"what? are you talking about Fairy Tail? but I was coming with you guys toooo..." moaned Hisui while Natsu prepared himself "Hisui, my child...it is quite a shame that you cant make it along however you must uphold your duty as a princess, plus its also very dangerous which is more the reason I cant let you come with me." explained Natsu in all his wisdom.

"but...! I dont care about that! an year ago dragons invaded the kingdom you know and I was in the middle of it as well! so clearly I'd say I can handle danger" replied Hisui with an annoyed face.

"see this is why we should have just Kamui'd out of here.." deadpanned Happy "Shut up cat! its because of you we were caught!" yelled Lucy at while Happy just laughed nervosuly "I cant help itttt wahhh~" said Happy as he was comically strangled by Lucy while his soul seemed to struggle to stay in his body.

"Look Hisui Im trying to follow canon rules here okay? you cant come sorry~~" said Natsu in a jokingly serious manner.

"Canon? this is not a manga! stop joking around.." cried Hisui as tears threatened to fall out while Natsu hearing her statement could not help but feel sorry for her as she did not realise the sad truth.

"dont cryyyy! jeez okay how about this, once I bring all of Fairy Tail back ill come back for you as well huh?" said Natsu while Hisui contemplated on her decision. "promise?"

"promise~" replied Natsu before tasting her lips which lasted for a long time however as Lucy was busy with strangling Happy it didnt matter much.

*Flashback end*

"aaaaaand that is what basically happened." finished Lucy glaring at Happy just laughed sheepishly before saying "Ayeeeeee sir!" to annoy Lucy.

"I see...but Natsu-sama I am with Lamia Scale now.." said Wendy looking down with a sad smile while Nastu yawned again boringly.

"Too bad~ oh well bye Lamia Scale~ lets go Wendy! mwajajaja" said Natsu as he grabbed Wendy and proceeded to make his way out of the place while everyone just sweatdropped.

"Natsuuuuu we can't just force her" protested Lucy as she sighed at his antics before he rolled his eyes and put Wendy down.

"I'm sorry Natsu-sama but Lamia Scale is my home now...maybe you could ask the other members they would be willing to go back ne?" proposed Wendy sadly while the members of Lamia Scale just looked at her sighing before Lyon said "Wendy we are not forcing you to stay here, we already knew this day would come for you to join Fairy Tail again"

But before any of them could continue talking an explosion soured outside which alerted everyone. "What the hell was that!?" yelled Toby in surprise as they all went outside.

"Evacuate the townsfolk! take shelter!" ordered Lyon as all the civillians went to safety before a monster descended upon Lyon however Lyon managed to stop it in its place by freezing it.

"Monsters?...no doubt about it, its Orochi's Fin!" said Lyon as he gritted his teeth before Natsu looked at him wondering "Orochimaru?"

"Orochi's Fin? why?" asked Lucy as she saw an army of monsters in the outskirts of the town.

"they have been in a long fued with us for years and they just wont stop." explained Chelia as she walked towards them "so..your rivals then?" said Lucy as Chelia nodded.

"Yosh! time for me to kick somee ashhh mwajajajaja!" said Natsu pumped up "Natsu-sama, will you help us?" asked Lyon calmly "of course~ you guys just sit back and relax and let me deal with these guys its been a while since I had a fight with this many~" said Natsu playfully before he saw about a few hundred monsters had already gotten near them before he grinned devilishly scaring the monsters themselves.

"Limbo: Border Jail..." whispered Natsu and with that he disappeared before all of the monsters were suddenly pushed back with great force before Natsu appeared holding a monster with his face before slammng him to the ground.

"Ah its nice to use Rinnegan after a while" smirked Natsu as he glared at the incoming monsters with his Rinnegan eyes before all of them were slammed and crushed hundred feet under.

"Were they always this powerful?" said/asked Lucy shocked at she saw the display of power that radiated from Natsu.

"Aye sir! that's Natsu alright! hes the strongest!" claimed Happy happily while the surrounding group watched shocked at the one man army.

"No wonder Fairy Tail was the best guild in Fiore..." claimed Lyon in awe as he saw Natsu pummel about a hundred monsters in no more then a second.

However before anymore ownage could continue, a certain gravitational mofo suddenly joined the battle before everyone was crushed by the sudden change of gravity...even Natsu..

Jk hes a badass do you really think hes gonna be crushed by that? Pfft anyway Natsu stood confused as he looked around the battlefield seeing everyone on the ground.

"eh..what the hell are you guys doing? This is no time to take a nap you know?" said Natsu confusingly not noticing everyones struggle to speak and move.

"N...aa...ugh..tsu!" yelled Lucy pointing towards Bluenote before Natsu looked at him and "ohhh thats why" replied Natsu in as everything made sense.

"as expected...only you would be still standing under this pressure you overpowered abomination." commented Bluenote resentfully while Natsu just looked at him with an eyebrow raised,

"oh? Bluenote~ its been a while haha~" said Natsu cheerfully towards Bluenote who simply scowled at Natsu's carefree demeanor.

"same as ever I see.." commented Bluenote before he smirked "this time I shall come out as the victor...my training has been solely to defeat you Uchiha...!" claimed Bluenote before rushing off towards Natsu who raised his eyebrow yet again before smiling sheepishly.

"too bad I trained as well mwajajaja~" laughed Natsu as he stared at Bluenote with his rinnegan eyes before Bluenote was halted in his tracks by Natsu's shadow in limbo who then proceeded to prepare his ultimate FALCON PUNCH! Sorry I had to.

Anyway with that the shocked and confused Bluenote's face was met with an Haki and Amaterasu infused fist.

And with that Bluenote disappeared out of existance and all that stood in his place was the dust he left behind with his quick departure.

"what the hell was that..!?" yelled Toby comically as everyone else got up from their little gravitational nap party.

"well now that thats done with~ its your turn my friends~" said Natsu as he clapped his hands looking at the remaining members of the guild who looked...well...scared shitless...yeah thats it.

"we surrender...!" cried the members in comical tears while Natsu sighed feeling bumped about not beating any more people...so mean he felt but he did not give a fuck at this time...why?...cause yolo.

*Some time later*

"man all these battles get to easy~ I might as well just retire as an old man and wait in hopes of facing Saitama or something to keep me entertained..tch." said Natsu while everyone looked confused before ignoring his comment knowing he says alot of wierd stuff.

"Natsu-sama, I thank you for helping us." thanked Lyon humbly while Natsu just brushed it of saying it was nothing. "Hai if it wasn't for you who knows what would have happened." said Yuka as he bowed while Natsu again brushed it off and said it was nothing.

"its alright it was not big deal." said Lucy smiling while Natsu just looked at he eyebrow raised. "what are you on about Luthy~¿ You didnt even do anything!" mocked Happy as he happily chewed on his fish while Lucy gained a tickmark on her head planning several ways to kill a certain cat while everyone just laughed at them.


"Even if we're in different guilds we can still be friends.." said Chelia as she sat with Wendy by a tree watching over the horizon.


We'll always be friends!" followed Chelia as she hugged Wendy who hugged back happily while Carla sneakily listened like the dirty eavesdropper she is.

After that Wendy made her decision to go with Natsu even though it was difficult for her to do that. Anyway once they said their goodbyes to Lamia Scale they then began thier journey towards the mysterious island! Jk sorry ill stop breaking the flow of the story yolo but le author cant help such things! Mwajajaja!

Anyways they then made their way towards the rain village where Juvia was, however once they met her they then discovered her predicament and how Gray was being unreasonable which of course ticked off Natsu.

"So he left whenever he wanted? man what a hoe" said Natsu shaking his head at Gray's behaviour while Lucy sweatdropped "hey you did the same thing you know?" included Lucy deadpanning "yeah well..I left a will okay." replied Natsu folding his arms.

"you mean a note." corrected Happy while Wendy and Juvia just pokerfaced at thier conversation.

"So wait...we have no chance of finding Gray then?" said Wendy sighing while everyone just looked down until Lucy came up with an idea.

"wait Sabertooth's guild is near here right? Why don't we just go there and ask them if they saw him?" proposed Lucy as everyone thought it was a good idea and nodded.

"Sabertooth?...wait a minute.." Natsu suddenly then remembered a certain something future Rogue said.

"pr...otect...frosh in..one year's...or frosh will..be..k-" remembered Natsu "killed..? Is that what he was trying to say..?" thought Natsu in deep thought.

"if so..it has been a year and Sabertooth is right near...hmm..it wont hurt to check with Rogue I guess." thought Natsu before nodding towards them.

With that they made their way towards Sabertooth or well Kamui in Natsu's case, however Natsu being the evil mofo he is he left with Happy alone leaving the others in their place as they pokerfaced.

"Well...I guess we can just leave this one to Natsu" said Lucy going back to where Juvia was while Wendy sighed and Carla just shrugged.


"Natsu-sama..!?" yelled Yukino surprised as she saw Natsu and Happy warp in the middle of the guild hall while everyone looked shocked.

"Yukino! No time to explain, where is Rogue?" asked Natsu hastily while Yukino still shocked from his sudden arrival couldn't speak before Natsu shaked her a bit.

"wahhhh~ he just left the guild with Minerva-sama because they are doing a job!" replied Yukino quickly still being shaked by Natsu before he let her go.

"eh Natsu-san? Why are you here? Oh you wanna fight? Lets fight Natsu-san!" said a fat Sting as he came into the hall while eating.

"Happy too~!" said Lector happily as he heard a "Aye sir!"

"err who are you...?" asked Natsu confused as Lector told him he was Sting "Ehh!?" shocked Natsu couldnt say anything.

"Sting huh? Well then lets do it! It will be nice to see how much strong you are now." smirked Natsu as he faced Sting who also grinned getting ready to fight.

"Natsuuu we were supposed to find Roguee~!" said Happy cheerfully as he interrupted.

"oh crap yeah!" said Natsu before sighing "we will have to fight later Sting! For now I gotta find Rogue!" finished Natsu before he forgot where Rogue was.

"where was he again?" he asked Yukino who sweatdropped and told him again while Natsu nodded. "Aye sir!" said Happy.

"what's this about?" asked Sting curiously as he turned back into his normal form of not being fat.

"Ill tell you later! Anyway I gotta go see ya!" said Natsu quickly before kamui'ing out of the guild hall with Happy as he tried to locate Rogue before he sensed his magical presence and with that he kamui'd there as well.

Before of course arriving at the nearest rooftop where he saw Rogue and Minerva and then appeared in front of them.


"Natsu-sama/Natsu-kun...?" said Rogue, Frosh and Minerva with surprise.

"Show me the job request you were going on." asked Natsu confusing both of them before Rogue gave the request to him.

"hmm..this must be where Rogue dies...I mean Frosh. Yeah." thought Natsu as he remembered today was the day he beat future Rogue last year.

"Natsu-kun what is this about?" asked Minerva wanting nothing more to kiss the crap out of him however she couldn't as she seemed to know it was a serious matter.

"Well...Rogue come with me." said Natsu as he grabbed Rogue before warping away not listening to his cries of struggle.

"what was that about...?" wondered Minerva curiously before smirking sexilly "hmm so Natsu-kun is back...everything is about to get a lot more interesting." thought Minerva smirking.

"Ahhh he stole Rogue! Rogue thief!" said Frosh crying anime tears while Minerva sweatdropped.

"there there Frosh~ you need some fish?" comforted Happy as he chewed on his fish while Frosh continued crying comically.

With Natsu and Rogue.

"Ugh kamui makes me sick" said Rogue on the ground trying not to barf while Natsu just pokerfaced at him "your a shadow dude you can warp as well..."

"yeah but...whatever! What did you want?" asked Rogue recovering before Natsu explained him about the events he remembered.

"Wha...? So he will be killed?!" said Rogue shocked and surprised as he too began remembering the words future Rogue said to him.

"yeah which is why you should let me go on that job~ plus I have a feeling I might find out something about a certain member of my guild." said Natsu as he wondered if he would.

"sigh...very well. I will protect Frosh with my life until then." said Rogue as Natsu nodded before Rogue warped away while Natsu just pokerfaced at him for hating on his Kamui while he just warped away himself.

"oh well time to visit this Avatar guild or whatever" thought Natsu as he began to follow the directions that were in the job.

With Rogue, Minerva and Frosh.

"Rogue! What happened? Where's Natsu-kun?" asked Minerva curiously as Rogue just looked down in serious thought before looking at Frosh worriedly surprising Frosh "Rogue...?" asked Frosh in surprise while Rogue just sighed.

"he took the job we were going on..." said Rogue calmly as Minerva looked surprise. "destroying a dark guild?...since when did Natsu-kun become interested in that...hmm maybe he has an ulterior motive?" thought Minerva in deep thought.

"Naniii so where is Frosh and everyone gonna go noww¿" asked Frosh comically crying while Rogue smiled. "dont worry we will get another job but for now I was thinking lets relax okay?" said Rogue towards Frosh shocking them both because Rogue always seemed eager to go on jobs instead of just relaxing.

"okay something is definitely up." thought Minerva before she looked at the job request's copy herself wondering why Natsu went there.

"you coming?" asked Rogue as he looked back at Minerva who seemed to be still inspecting the job.

"nope...Im gonna go do something." said Minerva as she finished reading the copy while Rogue shrugged and went with Frosh to the guild.

"lets see if I can get to him before he turns that guild to ash." said Minerva smirking as she warped away as well.


"Gray! You bastard come out!" roared Natsu as he wreaked havoc in the guild like a boss before crushing a black like creature with an all too familiar cursed doll.

"Natshuu seems Gray is chilling somewhere and not coming to us!" said Happy nodding to himself. "was that a pun because he's an ice mage?" asked Natsu pokerfacing as Happy nodded seriously before he laughed while Natsu sighed at Happy "so bad"

Before anything else could happen a bald guy came into the play as he said "you! How dare you do that to Abel! You will pa-" he was cut off as he went flying into the side courtesy of Natsu's back hand slap rendering him unconscious.

"what the!? Who is he!?" said the giant armoured guy who's name I forgot before he lunged at Natsu only to have punched air as Natsu had disappeared leaving an after image.

"wha..?" surprised the armoured guy couldnt do anything before he was crushed under Natsu's kick.

"that was surprisingly easy for a bunch of Zeref worshippers..." said Natsu calmly as he looked at his handiwork of most of the members who had proved incapable of even moving. "Aye sir!" followed Happy inspecting the unconscious members wondering if they were dead.

"Natsu...?" said Gray shocked as he came in the hall filled with unconscious guild members.

"Yo Gray good you are here~ well then lets go Im getting tired of gathering members back and shit like seriously if only it was easy as assembling the avengers tsk tsk" said Natsu shaking his head at all the crap he has to go through while Gray just sweatdropped at the author's references.

"Im afraid I cant do that Natsu..." said Gray grimly annoying Natsu who looked at him with a pokerface.

"are you really gonna fight me over this?" said Natsu still keeping his pokerface while Gray looked at him unfazed however inside he was worried "crap it just had to be Natsu...sigh I cant hope to defeat him..but what should I do to explain to him about the situation...?" thought Gray wondering how he could avoid this battle.

"well...Im all fired up...!" said Natsu smirking as his eyes morphed into Rinnegan while Gray stood there still wondering what to do before he suddenly lit up with an idea.

"hmph very well...we shall fight but not here, I dont want these guys to get caught in the crossfire...after all they are still useful to me." said Gray darkly while Natsu shrugged before he disappeared and reappeared in front of Gray who widened his eyes at the sheer force and speed that Natsu had.

And with that Natsu grabbed his face and continued to drag him going through walls and breaking them before they finally ended up outside the guild where Natsu let Gray go but not before throwing him at the tree.

"fucking hell...! So much training and I'm still nowhere near him!" thought Gray as he got up wincing in pain at his injuries while staring at the emotionless Natsu.

"Natsuuuu~ you left me all alone with those dead people!" cried Happy as he came outside flying "they aren't deaddd...maybe." replied Natsu wondering if they were dead but then shrugged.

"Ugh...you idiots you ruined a really long investigation!" said Gray as he held his ribs while Natsu and Happy tilted their head curiously wondering what the hell he was on about before he explained why he was in the guild and everything.

"ohhhhhhh~ well oops. Sorry for hurting you buddy! Haha~" apologized Natsu sheepishly while Gray sighed saying it dont worry about it.

"anyways for this to go along however you I will need to capture you so the members can rest easy and continue with their plan...or else the purification plan wont go as planned and we wont be able to get all the worshippers in one place." explained Gray as Natsu nodded since it made before they started their plan.

"very well...Happy?"

"aye sirr!" answered Happy saluting

"tell Lucy and the others about what happened and to meet us at Malva City's gates. " ordered Natsu as Happy nodded and flew away

"now then...lets go." Said Natsu as Gray nodded before cuffing Natsu taking him to the cell.

*some time later*

"and to think he defeated most of us..." said Briar as she looked at Natsu in his cell who shrugged "you guys are weak." stated Natsu annoying the girl who looked ready to tear Natsu apart.

"Ill show you weak!" said Briar before she opened the cell while Natsu smirked. "you know your not to bad looking, pretty hot actually, maybe your different from all of them." said Natsu with his charming smile which of course caused Briar to blush before she smirked.

"flirting with the enemy? You got some balls Natsu Uchiha."

"well they do call me the man of steel." said Natsu proudly as he felt epic at his own comment while Briar just laughed.

"maybe I ought to see for myself huh?" said Briar smirking as her hand went toward his crotch while Natsu stayed there 'helpless'

"you know this whole thing is a pretty crazy turn on" added Briar while Natsu tilted his head curiously "well you are the enemy who basically destroyed most of my members and now im here with you while your a prisoner...in cuffs." finished Briar as Natsu just laughed nervously at her.

"what are you trying to get at...?" asked Natsu nervously thinking she was into some next level bondage shit.

"you will find out for yourself.." smirked Briar sexilly as she summoned four clones of herself, however before she could continue seducing Natsu more she suddenly disappeared into thin air.

"eh?" confused Natsu could only look around wondering what the hell happened before he spotted a familiar magical presence in the room.

"Minerva? What are you doing here?" asked Natsu before Minerva revealed herself appearing on Natsu's lap of course.

"well firstly what the hell were you doing with that girl? and secondly I'm here cause I missed you of course! Geez what kinda question is that" replied Minerva still annoyed at the girl that was about to rape Natsu and he didn't so anything about it.

"okay seems reasonable enough~" replied Natsu nodding to himself before Minerva sighed "where the hell were you...?" asked Minerva in a sad manner as Natsu panicked at making her sad before he started telling her what happened.

"went to visit hell to see Shinigami-sama? Well damn...your full of surprises aren't you." said Minerva as she smirked sexilly which Natsu came to adore and love.

"you know your smile is really sexy." said Natsu while Minerva smirked even more before their lips met in a battle of tongue wars as they relentlessly fought before it ended in a draw after a long time.

"uff...uff...that was so amazing after such a long time." said Minerva in ecstacy as Natsu agreed with her before they started making out again.

Of course this was interrupted by none other then Gray as "Ahem!"

"Oops for a second I forgot we were still here." said Natsu sheepishly while Gray could only shake his head at Natsu getting all the chicks.

"same here" added Minerva as she got up from Natsu's lap before they made thier way outside the cell.

"come on lets go its time." said Gray before he handed a communicating lacrima to Natsu...basically a phone.

"eh whats this?" thought Natsu as he took the 'lacrima' before Gray told him to put it to his ear which he did.

"hello Natsu-kun...its been a while." said a certain someone surprising Natsu "Erza?"

"Erza?" wondered Minerva looking at Natsu curiously.

"one and only." replied Erza smiling.

"ooo this lacrima thing is pretty cool." claimed Natsu with stars in his eyes while Minerva agreed and Gray shrugged indifferent towards it.

"yes I know however before I begin to tell you how much angry I am that you left us without saying anything and how much I want to beat you and how much i want.." Erza continued ranting about how much she wanted to kill Natsu for what he did while Natsu sweatdropped and laughed nervously.

"anyway the point is before I do any of that we must take care of the the situation at hand" said Erza as Natsu sighed in relief still listening to her.

"half a year ago I was looking into Avatar, a group connected to Zeref as per request from Jellal and his group. Just as I was running out of leads I happened to come across Gray and asked him to help me and that is where we came up with the plan to infiltrate the group." explained Erza as Natsu asked Gray "why didnt you tell any of this to Juvia? She is worried sick you know..." while Gray just looked down solemnly.

"I told him not to." answered Erza for him while Natsu asked why.

"because that would increase the chances of infiltration. If the people that are in on the plan are kept to the minimum then it would be in our own benefit...however I did not expect for it to take so long and I am sad for what happened to Juvia but it was necessary for now." finished Erza while Natsu sighed shaking his head.

"well whatever you say~ but Gray you better explain yourself to Juvia later." added Natsu while Gray nodded.

"So im guessing we will be stopping their plan from taking place and defeating them in one place?" asked Minerva as they nodded "Minerva?" asked Erza surprised.

"Oh hey Erza. Just tagging along for a bit~" said Minerva hugging Natsu from the back with an evil glint in her eyes.

"hmmm you sound awfully close to the lacrima..which means...close to...Natsu!" figured Erza envious and jealous of Minerva for being with Natsu right now.

"awh~ jealous are we too bad I get to have him before you do~ fufufufu!" laughed Minerva evilly as the lacrima phone was destroyed and the call ended.

"well shit~" said Gray knowing Erza was now pissed "lets go to where the worshippers are gathering, Erza might be there already." said Gray before they nodded following him.


"stupid Minerva! how dare she mock me! stupid Natsu how dare he just let her do what she wants! ugh!" frustrated Erza ranted while she made her way towards where the purification place was taking place.

"sigh no use freting about it, for now ill deal with that later..." said Erza as she stared at the endless amount of Zeref worshippers who were making there way towards a nearby town.

"damn there are a hell lot more then I expected..." said Erza in worry as she saw atleast ten thousand men to estimate.

"there you are~ I got worried that you ended the call suddenly." said a certain someone from behind her while her eyes widened.

"Natsu...?" sensing the familiar soothing presence she knew who it was right away and seeing him for the first time in forever caused something inside her to burst as she cried tears of joy.

"w-wow Erza? you okay?" asked Natsu panicking before he was almost crushed to death by Erza's bone crushing hug crying on his chest while Natsu just embraced her back saying nothing.

"you bastard! how could you just leave without saying anything!?" asked Erza sadly while Natsu could only wince as Erza beat his chest continiously. Of course after that Natsu started explaining to her why he left without telling him.

"To hell? what why?" asked Erza surprised as Natsu told her will explain later before looking at the incoming army. "very well but you better" said Erza as she went back to normal Erza and got into her hearts cruez amour or whatever it was called.

"where is Gray and everyone else?" asked Erza curiously "they are on their way, I just used kamui to come and see you." said Natsu making Erza blush that he left them for her...even though they were all going to the same place, but that's not the point.

"well guess we will have to start the party without them though" finisihed Natsu as he pointed to the worshippers who seemed to be getting lot closer to their goal aka Malva city.

"agreed." added Erza while Natsu nodded before warping away while Erza sighed at his sudden disappearance before making her way towards the army.

with the army...

"What happened to Gray and Briar, Goumon?" asked a certain group member of the group who looked like a proper knight in shining armour...only he wasnt on the good side.

"looking after our troublesome prisoner I assume" replied Goumon the bald guy who looked like a disgraced monk that had killed Kung Lao...I think ive used that reference before haven't I? oh well yolo.

"hmmm Gray as well? seems a bit odd"

"there is no use freting about it now Jerome, look at the sheer number of worshippers that have gathered, even if that stripper guy or the councilmen themselves show up, there is nothing they would be able to do against the sheer number of our creed." replied Goumon while Jerome simply hmm'd before nodding in agreement.

"any minute now, operation purification will commence.." said the armoured guy whos name I cant seem to remember.

"soon we will get to see Zeref..*sniffle*" added Mary another member of the group.

"today we implement operation purification." announded the Priest as he faced his army of woshippers "in this town, thirty thousand sinless-souls reside not knowing of thier ultimate fate, these unsullied souls shall surely lead Zeref the black wizard onto this land!" finished the Priest as everyone cheered all pumped up to give Zeref some heads...in more ways then one.

"Advance!" ordered the Priest and with that the army began rushing towards the towns gates, "there is someone by the gates!" said a random worshipper spotting a long figure standing in front of the gates. "it matters not! he shall be the first to be purified!" "in the name of Zeref!" yelled the worsippers as they didnt stop.

"no...its him...!" yelled Goumon recognizing the figure with fear however it was all too late as suddenly a shockwave burst out of the lone individual that blocked their path before all the worshippers that were advancing fell to the ground unconscious.

"what the!?" surprised Jerome and the rest of the group couldnt say anything as they were left speechless by the suddent event.

"Haki...its a really useful thing to have in these situations...especally when your facing more then a thousand men and overpowering thier will is the most satisfying feeling you get~ fufufufu" said Natsu as he came into the view standing over the unconscious bodies of the worshippers.

"Haki..? overpowering the will? is that how he took everyone down!?" said Jerome in surprise.

"m-monster! to take down more then a thousand men with just a glance is unheard of!" said Mary with fear.

"however it seems I did not get all of them...meh shame" added Natsu as he looked at the remaining group "so you guys survivied huh? seems your stronger then I thought." said Natsu as he smirked waiting for them to attack him.

"it seems we are the only ones capable of fighting him" said Jerome sweating nervously.

"Natsu/Natsu-kun!" called Erza, Gray and Minerva as they came into the view. "what the!? you already defeated them? what the hell!?" yelled Gray crying comically as Natsu had taken all the fun "sigh...oh well I wanted to be done with this quickly anyway, good job Natsu." added Erza smiling.

"its not over yet though~" said Minerva as she pointed over to the group that were getting ready to fight.

"oh it is dont worry" said Natsu paying them no mind annoying the group of mages before they rushed at them.

"Ice-Make: Hammer!" yelled Gray as he send out a hammer made of ice towards the armoured guy whos name I cant seem to remember and cba to look up while Erza faced Jerome the knight with the black demon sword and Minerva faced Mary who was annoying Minerva with her virus magic.

And of course in front of Natsu stood Goumon and the Priest who was also thier master. "so your the strongest here huh?" said Natsu looking at the priest with narrowed eyes as he smirked in anticipation.

"Master Arlock at your service~" introduced the priest giving a court bow "Natsu Uchiha i presume?"

"oh? atleast someone knows me hmph" said Natsu proudly "only a fool would be ignorant to the outside world, especially if your going down a path where most people will be against you." said Arlock wisely

"damn your quite reasonable...almost makes me wanna spare you." said Natsu looking at Arlock who simply grinned.

"too bad I cant" finished Natsu before he rushed at Arlock at high speeds before he was blocked by Goumon "dont forget about m-" Goumon could not finish as he was sent high into the sky by Natsu's kick who then continued to head towards Arlock.

"strong and fast as expected." said Arlock grinning nervously before he set up barriers of magic in front of Natsu to stop him. "about 10 would oughta do for someone of his calib-" he was cut off as all the barriers were crushed.

"i-impossible! Even one barrier can't be broken by an S class mage! And he broke all of them!" exclaimed Arlock in surprise before "FALCON PUNCH!" yelled Natsu before smashing his fist in Arlock's face who could only stare in shock as time stopped for him.

And with that the whole world was destroye- jk, and with that a huge shockwave erupted as the ground seemed to break from the force of Natsu's punch and all the debris went flying. After the dust cleared it only left a clean plain crater that held two individuals in sight.

"Holy crap..." said Gray in amazement as he saw the destruction that took place.

"H-he...no way he is a human!" yelled Mary while Minerva smirked proudly at 'her' Natsu along with Erza.

"i-is this what we are up against..?" thought Jerome in shock as he contemplated defeat.

"well well...seems your not the Master for nothing after all" said Natsu with his signature grin as he looked at Arlock who had summoned magic barriers to protect himself from the punch however even then it had managed to break his mask in half which scared him greatly.

"for someone like this to exist...could he be even more powerful then lord Zeref!?" thought Arlock sweating nervously before he shaked his head "no...no one is stronger then Zeref-sama, once he is revived no one shall stand in his way...I'll make sure Uchiha doesnt either!" finished Arlock before he started chuckling.

"eh? Whats so funny? Did I miss a joke or something?" asked Natsu curiously tilting his head.

"Oh what a mistake you have made Uchiha..." replied Arlock as he prepared to do some crap that confused Natsu.

Raising his arms to the sky he suddenly shouted "now, its time! Oh mighty god of war, time for you to seal your part of the deal! grant me your powers!" chanted Arlock before suddenly the clouds startied spiralling into one directions as a hell lot of magic was gathered in the centre of the spiral.

"war god? Well shit this should be interesting." said Natsu smirking.

"Whats all this?" said Erza as she looked at the sky in worry.

"I'm feeling all tingly" added Happy sweating as he came to the site along with Lucy, Wendy, Juvia and Carla. "everyone!" said Erza as she saw the group. "you guys are lateeeee~ Happy I told you to tell them to be here like three thousand words ago or something" said Natsu pouting "Aye sir! but I saw some good fish on my way and got distracted!" replied Happy while Natsu sighed.

"you guys we are in the middle of a battle geez." said Wendy pokerfacing before Mary the person laying on the ground near Wendy spoke surprising her.

"its gramps summoning magic...fufufu die all of you die!" said Mary smiling sinisterly while laying on the ground with injuries.

"Master Arlock's summoning magic..this will be interesting." thought Jerome narrowing his eyes at the sky before a large foot came out of the size almost reaching the size of the whole landscape.

"a foot!?" yelled Happy in surprise

"get out of the way or it will crush you!" yelled Gray towards them before seeing all the unconscious worshippers on the floor who would die because of the foot.

"crap at this rate they will be crushed as well!" thought Gray in worry.

"ma~ ma~ this is a surprise...but seriously though keep your filthy feet away from here baka Kami!" yelled Natsu in annoyance as his Susano sprouted from all his glory before stopping the war god's foot in one place with Susano's hand.

"W-what...?" that was the only thing Adlock could muster up in shock as before he saw the Susano's hand was covered in a large black flame which also held the war god's foot.

"Hollow Release: Susano Cero!" said Natsu calmly before a large beam of black flames went straight through the war god's feet and into the spiralling sky before exploding in a massive explosion.

"w-what the hell!?" yelled Jerome in shock at seeing the destruction and quick defeat of the war god.

"Aye sir! Thats Natsu alright! He defeated a war god all by himself!" said Happy happily as he cheered while everyone else just smiled warmly at Natsu feeling proud of thier member.

"you almost killed your own comrades you know?" said Natsu scowling while he looked at the scared Arlock who seemed to be frozen in shock.

"this guy...fufufu what an interesting person you are Natsu Uchiha~" thought Mary in shock and surprise still laying down as she saw the destruction that had ensued.

"Destructive as ever I see." said Erza smiling warmly at Natsu who seemed to be trying to get Arlock to talk however he was still in shock at his defeat while some of the worshippers who had woken up started fearing the god of a human that was Natsu.

"He's not humannnnnn! Run!" yelled a worshipper as he fled along with a hell lot more.

However his retreat was halted as a certain council member kicked him where he was sent flying back.

"place em all under arrest! Dont let a single one get away ya hear!?" said an all to familiar voice...okay we know its Gajeel lets be real here you all read the manga.

"Gajeel!?" surprised Gray as he saw Gajeel and Pantherlily along with an army of soldiers behind him.

"Pantherlily and Levy too." added Wendy in surprise at seeing them.

"yo Levy and Lily! Long time~" said Natsu as he came towards them. "Natsu-san\sama its been a while!" said Lily and Levy.

Gajeel simply looked at Natsu and smirked while Natsu titled his head confused "you must be Gajeel's twin brother?" figured out Natsu as he Gajeel gained a tick mark "keep it up and ill smack your head!" yelled Gajeel with another tick mark "but there is no way Gajeel would ever become a council-man" replied Natsu with a pokerface.

"I was out lookin' for a job to pay for my next meal when that tree guy hit me up." explained Gajeel folding his arms.

"that would be Warrod-san..." added Happy while wondering how many jokes the tree guy made before he actually offered Gajeel the job.

"and thats how I got where I am!" finished Gajeel while Natsu still had his pokerface "oh yeah by the way, I hereby place you under arrest too Uchiha. For the crime of being too overpowered!" said Gajeel while everyone sweatdropped.

"you too!" pointing at Lucy who was basically naked "for the crime of showing too much skin!" said Gajeel "wha-"

"Juvia's under arrest for being too moist!"

"Happy! Your crime is eating too much fish!" said Gajeel pointing at him as well "so thier deliciousness is illegal huh, should've figured." replied Happy while chewing on fish.

"and you!...uh...something about your existance is illegal...or something." pointing at Wendy "wha!? how does that even make sense!?" answered Wendy crying comical tears.

After that he pointed at Gray and told him how he wont be able to have it easy which Gray nodded to sighing but Erza suddenly smacked Gajeel's head telling him how "absurd" he was being and how he is definitely the twin bother of Gajeel since he would never join the council which caused him to of course reject comically but luckyily Lily gotchu as he confirmed that it indeed was the real Gajeel which came as shock to all of them.

*Scene change*

"back in Magnolia yay~ only thing left now is to build the guild back! Lets do dishhhhh!" said Natsu cheerfully as he entered Magnolia with others.

"Yeah but all the members went to thier seperate ways.." said Lucy sadly as she looked down

"mwajajajaja I dont think so" replied Natsu as he smirked sensing the magical presence of all the guild members in the town while Lucy just looked at him confused before she spotted a familiar figure coming into view.

"Cana!?" exclaimed Lucy surprised "yo Lucy! everyone is waiting for you yano~?" said Cana smirking as she drank her beer barrel like a crazy chick.


"yeah! Follow me~" replied Cana grinning cheerfully as she dragged Lucy with her while motioning everyone else to follow her which they all did. "They are back!" "Wendy! Charle! Hows it going?" "Happy!" "Longer hair suits you Lucy!"

"everyone..." Said Lucy looking at most of Fairy Tail members all together smiling at them as they all starting talking.

"Natsu! Lucy! Happy! Whats up!" Said Lisanna as she also came in along with Elfman and Mira who jumped on Natsu-sama.

"Lithanaa~~" said Happy before jumping towards her crying tears of le joy.

"mwajajajaja! Mission complete!" exclaimed Natsu feeling proud as he nodded to himself for bringing back Fairy Tail together.


"Mira~~!" And with that began the hug of le century which was basically Natsu on le ground and Mira on top of him hugging like her laifu depended on it.

"Everyone is here..something so trivial yet my chest feels like its about to explode!" thought Lucy crying tears of joy as she looked at the reunion happily before trying to wipe them away however failing miserably.

"Mwajajaja! With this Fairy Tail is back!" Yelled Natsu while holding Mira as everyone cheered.

*scene change*

"That's it good job everyone keep it up! Gray! Stop slacking off kisama!" Ordered Natsu as he overlooked the construciton of le Fairy Tail guild. "Urusai! Why are you ordering us huh!? Help us!" relented Gray pointing at him frantically.

"Tsk tsk tsk...you know my laziness is off the roof and yet you ask me of such baka things hmm.." replied Natsu giving his most legit reason ever.

"w-wha...I have no words." pokerfaced Gray just sighed and figured it was useless to complain to an idiot who could get away with anything. Thinking that last thought the picked up another piece of wood log and carrying it towards the builders.

"Mwajajaja thats what I thought." replied Natsu smugly as he looked over his minions aka his guild members.

"Natsuuuuu!" yelled Elfman as he went towards Natsu intending to punch him into oblivion "Elfman?" acknowledged Natsu before he was caught off guard and was sent flying by the punch.

However he recovered like a boss as he did a backflip and halted his momentum with his hand on le ground.

"hmph not bad Elfman...shikashi! You still have long ways to go kisama!" and with those claims Natsu disappeared out of Elfman's sight before appearing in front of the shocked Elfman "FALCON FLICK!" and with that Natsu flicked Elfman on le forehead before a huge shockwave erupted making everyone cover thier eyes from the dust.

and with that Elfman-sama disappeared leaving only dust in his wake...before inevitably crashing in the ongoing contruction of the guild which had now been broken down into broken pieces of wood while everyone looked in shock.

"well shiz..." said Natsu with a straight face. "Hey guys its alright I mean we can always build it again right ne..?" the guild only stared at him blankly as he sweated nervously.

"Um...tomatoes potatoes?" reasoned Natsu while sweating before everyone glared at Natsu with a mudererous glint.

"...NATSU!" And with that began the hunt for Natsu as everyone chased him wanting revenge for the incomplete Fairy Tail version 2.69

"So...Gramps hasn't come back from that whatchacallit country?" asked Natsu as he hm'd in thought as Mest nodded. "Alvarez"

"he disbanded the guild to protect us..." said Erza surprised.

"You haven't heard from him for a year?" asked Gray curiously "no.." replied Mest solemnly.

"alright then! Lets go!" said Natsu as he prepared to leave before Erza stopped him "not so fast Natsu, if what Master said is true then this empire must have alot of strong mages...even stronger then you.."



"...pffthahahahaha sure! Natsu lead the way." said Gray as he laughed at Erza's statement which ticked her off. "This is no joke! We need to expect the worst even if it sounds outrageous!"

"Well I cant deny that, I mean Master knew we had alot of strong mages in the guild like Gildarts, Erza, Mira, Gray, Laxus but he still decided to disband the guild knowing that.." added Lucy thoughtfully.

"Oii! Where's my name!?" asked Natsu with a pokerface "you dont count your too overpowered to be in the list." replied Lucy pokerfacing back as Natsu's eye twitched "I feel insulted but I guess that was actually a compliment.."

"Aye sir! That's Natsu alright! too powerful for the world mwajajaja!" Added Happy as he copied Natsu's evil laugh which made him feel proud.

Sweatdropping "guys this is serious." added Mest.

"Ahem, I believe we should rescue le Master." Said Natsu as calmly as he could while everyone nodded.

"exactly my thoughts my beloved, however we need a plan." replied Erza sweetly.

"haii haiii~" replied Natsu pouting as he folded his arms.

"Very well, we must rescue the master at all costs! And thats why only those that are here will go, we are better of in smaller numbers, infiltrate Alvarez empire and rescue the Master...and then we'll talk" said Erza calmly.

"ooo so like a ninja mission~" added Happy sitting on Natsu's head. "Well...yeah just sneak in and out okay? So no unnecessary fights and dont make a fuss." Finished Erza as everyone nodded.

"especially you Natsu, no unnecessary fights okay?" Said Erza as she looked at Natsu warmly while Natsu sighed nodding "haii haii no fights."

"Good~" and with that Erza pecked Natsu's cheek before they started getting ready to embark on thier journey to le rescue Hime-sama aka Master-kun.

*Scene change*

"I-I didnt know w-we were going in a ship..." said Wendy as she held onto the railing looking she was gonna puke any second.

"Ma~ ma~ we are almost there Wendy hold on~" said Natsu comforting Wendy "How far are we again...?" whispered Natsu.

"not even halfway." Replied Mest crushing Wendy's hope as she cried comically.

"We need to make a quick stop at Caracolle Island first so we can prepare and also...there is a spy who can give us information there." Said Mest as he pointed at the small island that was in sight.

"Look!" pointed Erza at the big ships near the harbor of the island. "T-thats a fleet of the Alvarez Imperial Navy!" replied Mest shocked with fear.

"Why're they here?" asked Happy sweating "Caracolle isnt a territory of Alvarez..." added Charle as she narrowed her eyes.

"it appears as they they are doing some sort of inspection in the harbor." said Mest as he looked at the harbor with a scope.

"so we can't approach the harbor then.." added Gray worriedly.

"they're looking for the friend of the spy.." Said Wendy as she Natsu comforted her pitiful state of motion sickness.

"You can hear thier voices?" asked Natsu curiously as Wendy nodded "Just barely."

"We need to get in contact with the spy before they get thier hands on him." said Erza seriously.

*At the harbor*

"We'll be setting up a temporarily blockade of the harbor." said a soldier from the Imperial Navy fleet. "Everyone coming or going will have thier person and belongings searched. Form a line!" ordered another soldier.

"what in the world is going on?"

"word is that is a spy that infiltrated the empire has escaped to this island"

"Restrain yourself, got it Natsu?" said Erza as she stood in the line in a disguise of Hawaiian sweg along with others.

"I know." pokerfaced Natsu as he observed the kamen rider looking soldiers "from thier movements they look like amateurs...hmm where is the leader of this fleet hiding exactly...?" thought Natsu narrowing his eyes as he could not detect the magical pressures properly because of so many mages near him.

"Next!" said the soldier insoecting everyone before Erza and Lucy used thier charms to get past them before they were clear and everyone was allowed to pass.

"Damn." said Natsu eyebrow raised.

"geez its almost scary.." added Gray sweatdropping at thier methods.

"Guess Luthy's big jugs are useful after all hmm" added Happy as Lucy started strangling him comically.

"human males are pushovers I see." Said Charle in her human form proudly while Wendy sweatdropped "Charle I dont think we helped much back there.." smiling pitifully at her thier loli bodies.

"Charle's cuter as a cat anyway~" added Happy happily.

"with all these squads roaming the city we need to be more cautious with our approach." said Erza worriedly as she saw another squad of soldiers go past them.

"Natsu...dont do anything unnecessary.." said Lucy looking at Natsu as he sighed "why does everyone keep saying that!?" cried Natsu comically as Lucy pokerfaced.

"because trouble chases you and you chase trouble." added Gray nodding to himself while everyone agreed. "hey! I can be a ninja you know! Watch me go ninja mode!" and with that Natsu entered ninja mode as Naruto's ost played in the background.

"aye sir! Ninja mode on!" yelled Happy as he too went ninja mode joining Natsu's epicness.

However the ninja mode could not last too long as they observed a kid that was being ridiculed by a soldier. "Where's my dad!? Tell me!" cried the kid as he annoyed the soldier who had about enough of him "shut up or ill make you!" and with that he was about to lash out at the kid.

"no way hes just a kid..."

"will he really?" the residents of the island were scared for the kid who was about to be beaten badly however as fate would have it..


With those epic sound effects the smoke cleared as the scene came in view which showed Natsu standing over the soldier with his foot crushing his skull into the ground while the kid only looked in shock along with everyone else.

"well cant blame him for this one.." said Erza sighing as she massaged her temples while Gray nodded smiling along with Lucy.

"EHHHHHH!?" surpried the residents could only scream in shock at the sudden scene that transpired before them.

"...we are so screwed..." pokerfaced Mest.

"Ninja-art: kickass no jutsu." said Natsu cooly as Happy followed it with "AYE SIR!"

"Ill take care of her" said Wendy as she helped the kid that was looking for her dad. "Wendy's got a good nose so Im sure we will find your dad in no time!" added Happy comforting the little girl.

"Mest you go as well" said Gray "but..." Mest could not say much before he stared at Wendy, Charle and Happy in amazement and awe.

"Are they angels..?" thought Mest before preparing to follow them, however he was interrupted as Lucy yelled at him "not them! The spy for crying out loud!"

"Oh..." replied Mest in realization before figuring out what they were trying to do. "I see , so while you guys keep them distracted here..."

"Its a brilliant idea." said Erza smiling "Ninja-arts: Divide and Conquer!" added Natsu still in ninja mode.

"very well, watch your backs guys.." warned Mest before teleporting out of sight as more soldiers arrived at the scene.

"Alright!" yelled Natsu before "FALCON PUNCH, FALCON KICK, FALCON FLICK!" said Natsu as he punched a soldier in the stomach before a shockwave erupted leading to debris and dust flying everywhere before the soldier was sent flying as he crashed into the upcoming squadron of soldiers that were knocked unconcious by the impact of the soldier, before Natsu disappeared out of sight and reappeared behind another soldier and kicked him at the side of his head sending him flying towards another soldier which ended up in them both being knocked unconscious and flying out of the harbour however that wasnt all as suddenly two soldiers attempted to hit Natsu behind him only to fail miserably as they phased through him before Natsu flicked them behind thier heads which erupted in a huge shockwave that destroyed thier helmets and they were crushed into the ground from the force.

As this was going Erza, Lucy and Gray took care of thier share of enemies as well and with that most of the soldiers that were there were annihilated easily.

"that was anticilmatic..is this what master was so scared about..?" wondered Gray in disappointment.

"lets just torture one these guys up and ask where Gramps is" propesed Natsu as he prepared to torture le enemy before Lucy stopped him. "that wouldnt be a good idea, we dont know if they know anything yet so if we just ask that straight away they will know our true objective." said Lucy intelligently.

"ehh your no fun." pouted Natsu before he joined Erza in the food stand that was still up and running after all the ruckus.

"anyway, I'd say we should still be on high alert." said Erza as she munched on a mango gelato that the stand offered. "Aye sir!" replied Natsu eating with her.

"thier idea of high alert doesnt exactly match mine.." said Lucy sweatdropping at them.

"If you dont mind me being frank, its probably best if you turned it down a couple notches." said the person behind the counter of the stand.

"your probably right." replied Erza still munching on that good shiz "still up and running your business after all that ruckus..? You've got a pair on ya." added Gray smirking at the person.

"not many fights happen around here freuqently...however business is business! I need to get to Ishgar to spread the mango gelato love!" declared the old man proudly "now thats a dream I can support!" added Natsu giving him a thumbs up as he munched on le mango gellato.

"right now all I have is this stand but...I say dream big or go home!" right as he said the stand suddenly exploded destroying all the contents with it.


"Ahhhh!" cried the owner of the stand. "what!? The stand!" yelled Lucy in surprise at seeing the stand being destroyed.

"ummm..." Erza simply looked darkly at the destroyed spot while Natsu glared at the magical pressre he sensed that was approaching them.

"Passed, with flying colours~ ❤" said the individual as he clapped for the guild members.

"who the hell are you!? You've got some nerve!" yelled Erza pissed at the enemy figure for destroying someone's dream.

"you can call me Marin Hollow, I'm a member of the Brandish squad from the Alvarez imperial army." introduced the individual as he bowed in a half assed fashion.

"this guy just laid waste to my dream..." cried the old man as he kneeled in despair while the members of Fairy Tail looked at Marin Hollow with hate and anger.

"take this...it might not be enough but itll help you get back to your feet." said Natsu as he threw a pouch that contained uncertain amount of money which the old man thanked him for before running out of the scene.

"that was not a kind thing to do Maria." said Natsu shaking his head in disappointment toward Marin Hollow who's eye twitched at his new given name. "M-Maria..?...hahahahaha you got some nerve dont you."

"well you pass with flying colours too my friend~" finished Marin Hollow as he clapped at Natsu who just shrugged

"enough of this nonsense! Ex-quip!"


"whats the matter?" asked Gray looking at the shocked Erza "it wont work..?"

"that wont be happening Im afraid, this space belongs to me" explained Madin Hollow smugly. "space?" questioned Gray

"the 'knight' magic which allows you to summon armours and swords from another dimension in an instant, but your wasting your time, all space magic is ineffective against me." finished the squad member of Brandish squad.

"in that case..Gate of the Archer! I open thee!" tried Lucy as she prepared her key however it didnt work either just like Erza's magic.

"Celestial Magic, sorry to say this but that's all space-like magic~" said Marin Hollow smiling creepily at them.

"If what he says is true then my Space/Time magic wont work either...tabun." thought Natsu narrowing his eyes at the individual.

"oh I forgot to add one last thing! Those that have been defeated by my Edicts of Space get a one way ticket to my relaxation dimension!" right as he said that Erza and Lucy were suddenly covered by strange clouds of smoke that was attempting to cover thier whole body starting from the bottom.

"Erza! Lucy!" yelled Gray as he attempted to save them however they disappeared as the smoke clouds covered them.

"hey where did Erza and Lucy go!?" yelled Gray as he glared at the enemy who smirked "slow are we? What part of one way to ticket to my relaxation dimension did you not understand?"

"those two passed so they belong to me now...you two however...FAILED DOUCHEBAGS!" yelled Marin Hollow at the end as his mood took a complete 369° change.

"Jeez he could be a little nicer." said Natsu sweatdropping at his sudden change in tone and attitude.

"Natsu...he just made Erza and Lucy disappear! Arent you atleast a bit worried!?" asked Gray annoyed "of course I am! But they are strong...plus asking him wont get us anywhere because as you should have learned, asking the enemy where something is never works out unless you beat the crap out of them." reasoned Natsu clamly as he nodded to himself.

"naruhodo...hmmm yosh that makes sense." replied Gray in understandment.

"this guy...he isnt a least bit worried about whats going on...is he just cracked in the head..?" wondered Hollow san as he narrowed his eyes towards the uncaring Natsu "so you think you can beat me huh?" asked Hollow san as he smirked arrogantly towards Natsu.

"I dont think I can...I know I can." replied Natsu before he yawned "man it has been a long day. Yo Gray do you think Mest found this spy yet?" asked Natsu while Gray shrugged "hope so"

"..." Marin Hollow couldnt say anything as his eye twitched at the disrespect he was receiving by these lowly beings before he remembered something "Mest?...oh perhaps you mean this guy?" after saying that suddenly Mest appeared all brusied up and unconscious on the ground.

"this oughta strike some spark in that ignorant fool." thought Marin as he smirked before beocming shcoked at Natsu's uncaring face. "oh? Good hes alive, I was kinda worried cause I couldnt sense him anymore."

"N-Nani!? What is wrong with this fool!?" thought Marin frustrated at this ignorant fool he had never seen before.

"Natsu? Shall we?" asked Gray as Natsu smirked "we shall" smirked Natsu before disappearing which distracted Marin who couldn't do anything before he was ice punched by Gray in the face sending him flying before Natsu appeared on the other end with his Gunbai and smashed it in incoming Marin Hollow's face before a huge shockwave erupted from the impact clearing away all the debris that was caused from the previous fights and with that Marin was sent flying back with full force as his body was unable to move from the sudden attacks.

"t-this is...how!? That wasn't space magic?...dont tell me...that was his normal speed..!?" and with that last thought Marin crashed in a coconut tree before it broke and took him in the sea.

"well that was fairly easy." said Natsu his Gunbai on his shoulder. "oi Natsu...we were supposed to ask him to bring Erza and Lucy back weren't we.." said Gray while Natsu looked at him with a straight face before facepalming.

"shimata!" cursed Natsu as he was about to go where Marin had crashed however as fate would have it his life had been made easier by one hot chick that we all love...well most of us...most of the horny us.

"Hmph...to defeat this idiot so easily...it seems there are still some mages worth fighting with." said a girl that looked like semi Lisanna mix Sorano mix Yukino as she emerged from behind Natsu and Gray before throwing Marin behind her violently causing him more pain. "useless." added the girl.

"this obsence level of power...!" shocked Gray could only stay still at the tremendous amount of magical power this one girl had.

"now this is what I'm talking about.." smirked Natsu as he sensed her magical power which was beyond crazy...but he had taken far worse and by that Im talking about Shinigami-tan~ so this was nothing for him, however it did not help as he was still excited at the opportunity to fight a really strong enemy.

"you, what is your name...?" asked the girl firmly as she looked at Natsu with interest. "isnt it more polite to introduce yourself first beautiful~¿" answered Natsu with his signature smile which of course caused her to blush because this is a mudafkn harem.

"hmph...very well, I am Brandish, leader of the Brandish squad in the Alvarez Imperial Army! and one of the members of the Spriggan 12!" declared Brandish proudly as Natsu raised his eyebrow

"Spriggan 12?" questioned Natsu curiously before Brandish smirked "Do you really think I would tell you anything, you a lowly being with no magical power?"

"damn talk about rude.." muttered Natsu pouting before he let out a bit of his magical pressure which shocked Brandish.

"N-Nani..!?" shocked Brandish couldn't say anymore as it was becoming relatively harder for her to stand as she went on her knees in shock. "no one...n-no one before has made me succumb to my knees with thier magical pressure! Not even August-sama can do this! Who is this guy?!" wondered Brandish in shock as she had now been reduced to being on all fours.

"N-N-Na-tsu..!" yelled Gray lying on the ground unable to handle Natsu's pressure who went "oops sorry forgot about you haha..." and with that he let his pressure disappear before becoming undetectable again.

"uff uff uff...think about others as well you idiot!" yelled Gray as he got up while sweating profusely. "but still...I forgot we had Natsu with us as well..hmph compared to him this magical pressure she has is nothing.." thought Gray while smirking proudly at his guild member.

"you...you...who are you!?" questioned Brandish loudly in shock at this being that reduced her into submission.

"Im your average every badass of course, Natsu Uchiha at your service~" finished Natsu as he posed like a badass as fireworks of awesomeness erupted behind him making it even more epic.

"N-Natsu Uchiha..? Ive never heard of someone like that! How is someone like you in Ishgar!?" yelled Brandish frustrated as nothing made sense anymore. "well...there are plenty of strong people out here, maybe if you guys stopped being so arrogant with that high and mighty attitude then you could see the world for what it really is." replied Natsu smiling like a wise guy.

"hmph. You are strong...however there are 12 others like me as well...and they are even stronger. You cant hope to defeat all of us Uchiha Natsu." replied Brandish as she stared at Natsu with a straight face.

"eh? Why ever would you think I wanna fight all of them hmm~¿" asked Natsu playfully as he grinned at her "because I know you are after Makarov. But I would advise you against it, waging a war is useless against all of us, no matter how strong you or your guild is, you cannot hope to defeat us." finished Brandish with a cautious tone.

"well~ we will cross that bridge when we come to it~ but since you know what we are after would you be kind enough to help hmm?" asked Natsu giving his signature grin towards Brandish who could only blush "w-why would I help you huh?" asked Brandish composing herself.

"Why not? Its not like you have anything to lose~how about this you only take me to where Master is, my friends can stay here. Its like you said I cannot hope to beat all 12 members so I'll just be put down immediately if I do something~" offered Natsu smiling warmly as Brandish narrowed her eyes.

"what do you hope to gain..?" questioned Brandish with narrowed eyes. "I just want to see how Master is doing~ if you dont trust me that much you can handcuff me yourself." offered Natsu smiling as Brandish was left in thought.

"N-Natsu! Are you cra-"

"very well." Gray was interrupted by Brandish who agreed shocking Gray while Natsu clapped in victory before walking towards her as she cuffed his hands "your my prisoner now Natsu Uchiha." declared Brandish as she smirked sexilly

"oh yeah can we have our other friends back as well please~" requested Natsu smiling warmly as Brandish's eye twitched "who does he think he is demanding things from me...?"

"come on Brandish-chan~ pleashhh" requested Natsu with his magical grin which was super effective against Brandish who succumbed quite easily. '*cough* very well." with that she brought Marin Hollow who was still unconscious and suddenly kicked him on the stomach waking up.


"Marin, bring back those two girls you took." ordered Brandish as calmly as he could while Marin could only wake up stupidly at everything that was happening.

"wh-wha!? But Brandish-sama these guys just defeated our soldiers and me!" yelled Marin annoying Brandish even more before the whole place shook as the whole Island suddenly went...upwards? Yes it rose in height.

"what the?" said Gray as looked towards the edge and indeed saw that the island had grew in height.

"I will not ask again." said Brandish glaring at Marin who went suddenly "haii" in fear before bringing back both Erza and Lucy.

"Erza! Lucy!" yelled Gray as he went towards their unconscious forms.

"well then I believe it is time for us to depart." said Brandish as she held Natsu by the cuffs before dragging him with her "Emperor-sama would definitely be pleased about this...a potentially strong enemy who could have been a thorn to our goal...and he willingly just became a prisoner." finished Brandish as she smirked at this 'fool'.

"NATSUUUU!" yelled Gray before their ship started to depart and sail.

"Tsk! What is that idiot thinking!?...wait if he can rile things form the inside it might be easier for us to rescue master...but...can he really do it...?" thought Gray worriedly as he then started carrying the unconscious bodies of Mest, Lucy and Erza towards thier ship to rescue Master and now...Natsu. "tsk atleast he could've help with these guys!" cursed Gray as he struggled to carry all of them.

Back with Natsu and Brandish..

"by the way...what happened to the Manga Gelato stand that was there..?" asked Brandish as she looked at Natsu who pointed at Marin who only sweated profusely.


"die!" with that Marin disappeared out of existence...literally he was just gone.

"what just happened!?" yelled Natsu surprised and wondering if she actually killed him. "My mango gelatos..." cried Brandish in despair at her loss while Natsu sweatdropped before explaining what happened exactly.

"this is unacceptable! Do you know where he will open shop again!?" asked Brandish as Natsu answered that he gave him enough money to do just that somewhere in Ishgar.

"whew...so all hope isnt lost, I thank you Uchiha Natsu you have saved many lives today." said Brandish with a straight face sounding relaly genuine.

"I admit they were delicious but she really likes them huh?.." thought Natsu as he smiled at her finding the predicament quite interesting.

"what?" asked Brandish catching his stare while Natsu shook his head while smiling warmly "nothing."




"nothing at all~" replied Natsu ending the convo as Brandish pokerfaced, her eye twitching before sighing as she composed herself.

"hmph! Ill let it go since you did save the Mango Gelatos." replied Brandish smugly.

"tsundere." replied Natsu with a pokerface gaining a tick mark "say what!?" and with that began the comical warfare of anime fanservice.

*le underwater*

"NATSU DID WHAT!?" yelled Erza loudly as she recently just heard about the events that unfolded during her absence from Gray.

"AND YOU DIDNT STOP HIM!?" with that she yelled at Gray shaking him violently as he cried comical tears at his upcoming death.

"calm down Erza, there is no use freting over it now we nee-" Mest stopped in his tracks at Erza's cold hard glare as he sweated profusely however luckily Wendy was there to save him "Dont worry Erza-san, its Natsu-sama we are talking about after all! Im sure there must be a reason for it." said Wendy however even she on the inside was worried "what are you thinking Natsu-sama?"

"sigh...your right, Natsu wont let himself be captured just like that..." replied Erza sighing worriedly.

"So Natsu was captured hm...this is most troubling then." said Sorano in her bikini clad state which was hella sexi.

"where is this...'ship' going anyways?" asked Lucy as she had no other words to describe the underwater submarine building that they were in...nevermind that is exactly what it is.

"where Makarov is and also the place where Natsu is being taken." replied Sorano shocking them.

"you know where they are!?" asked Erza in shock.

"of course baby!" replied Angel as she grinned while everyone were left surprised.

*scene change*

In a familiar territory which could only be described as Lothric Castle from Dark Souls 3, we zoom in towards where two figures were sitting down playing cards.

"Makarov dono, surely you have heard the rumours surrounding Fairy Tail now?" asked a guy who looked like a flipping tree that was very bent...alas he wasnt a tree however as he had flesh and everything...just his body that was curved and his neck which would remind you of a giraffe that once ruled the galaxies.

"to be honest...Im kind of surprised." replied Makarov as he played his hand.

"you should have expected as much no?" replied the unknown person a she played his hand too.

"ah...well..yes I wasnt talking about the guild...just that his Majesty was really...hmm how to put it...understanding?" said Makarov as he played his turn. "well that is to be expected as well, his Majesty is most kind."

"still, an year ago I would never have expected him to house me comofrtably as a guest..let alone agree to our negotiations..well even though your the one Im negotiating with.." replied Makarov playing his hand.

"His Majest has a bit of...wanderlust, he rarely is here" replied the individual as he smirked at his good hand before laying it out and ultimately defeating Makarov.

"my my Yajeel-dono, your are too skilled at Rajenca I lost again sheesh." said Makarov as he sighed in loss.

"the key to winning is not to let your goddess fall in the enemy hands my friend." said the now known Yajeel as he pointed at a card which had a goddess displayed on it.

However before they could continue anymore they suddenly heard sirens that soared through the area thwy were in before they walked towards the castle gates where all the citizens were lined up outside hugging the wall and creating a path in the middle for someone before a lone figure arrived there.




"oh my, speak of the devil." said Yajeel as he saw the figure emerging. "oh just in time too" replied Makarov relief.

"do not worry, his Majesty is well aware of the peace that needs to be maintained with Ishgar." said Yajeel as he held onto his staff to support himself.

"all we need is his Majesty's seal and with that all 12 should fall in line soon enough. After everything has been settled please return to your guild Makarov-dono" finished Yajeel calmly as Makarov nodded solemenly.

"yes...my family...they're waiting for me..." said Makarov as he looked down before he faced the emerging figure of the Emperor before widening his eyes..

"i-it cant be...!" thougut Makarov in shock as the figure came clear.



"ZEREF...!?" shock was an understatement for Makarov as he sweated from head to toe in fear.

*Scene change*

"I hope that his Majesty is aware of the servant of Ishgar that stays in His Majesty's palace during his absence?" askes Yajeel as he motioned over Makarov who faced Zeref as well.

"I am aware." replied Zeref smiling kindly.

"he absolutely insists we have an audience with you immediately so..I thought he could atleast briefly glimpse thee." finished Yajeel calmly.

"Yajeel, when you invite people from other countries then you must first prepare a-" Invel was interrupted by Zeref who said "its fine."

"i-it is a great honor to meet you, Your Majesty!" acknowledged Makarov as he bowed to him while Zeref only smiled.

"leave us." ordered Zeref as Invel, August, Dimaria, Ajeel and Yajeel left the room.


"are you the Emperor Spriggan...or Zeref?" asked Makarov after they had left the room.

"to you I am Zeref...to the people here I am the Emperor...so I would say I'm both." replied Zeref as he walked out towards the balcony while Makarov followed.

However before they could continue any further.."Your Majesty!" called a certain spriggan 12 memeber as she came in view with another familiar individual that was cuffed. "Yo gramps!"

"Natsu..?/N-Natsu!?" recognized both Zeref and Makarov, the former in curiousity and a hint of surprise while the latter in pure shock.

"as I figured...you know of him Your Majesty?" asked Brandish respectfully.

"haii...free him and leave us Brandish" ordered Zeref shocking Brandish at his request "b-but Your Majesty! Hes a very strong individual..!" said Brandish trying not to sound rude as hard as possible.

"I know." replied Zeref firmly before narrowing his eyes at her as Brandish then freed Natsu and bowed bedore she left.

"Natsu...dont do anything reckless.." thought the spriggan 12 member as she walked out, seems our hero's charms have worked its magic yet again mwajajajajaa!

"N-Natsu what are you doing here!?" yelled Makarov in surprise as Natsu just grinned sheepishly "rescuing you of course~" replied Natsu in a carefree manner.

"this...idiot! Zeref is right here what is he planning!?" thought Makarov as he sweated in fear for Natsu's safety.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Zeref loudly as he held his stomach.

"ahh Natsu you never cease to amaze me." said Zeref wiping a tear from his eye from laughing so much.

"eh did I say something funny..?" asked Natsu tilting his head in a curious manner.

"no no...not at all Natsu..." replied Zeref before he smirked "rescue Makarov eh? Lets see you try my friend." with that he suddenly motioned his palm towards Makarov who suddenly floated and was engulfed in a bright light.

"Gramps!" yelled Natsu however as he was about to rush he stopped, sensing familiar magical traces in the forest and one which disappeared and reappeared right beside Makarov "Mest..? So they made it huh." with that Makarov disappeared along with the shocked Mest who only escaped with an inch of his life while looking towards the smiling Natsu.


"Well no one said I would be rescuing him alone...heh~" said Natsu smirking as he looked at the surprised Zeref who composed himself before smiling calmly

"it matters not...since you will all perish soon enough anyway." replied Zeref closing his eyes "all this preparation that I have been doing has been solely to defeat Aconologia...and start the Dragon King Festival." finished Zeref as he opened his eyes while Natsu narrowed his eyes curiously.

"Dragon King Festival...?"

"The black mage... The Dragon King and you humans. War will wage and only one will come out as the victor...it will be a complete annihilation." explained Zeref as Natsu smiled "Not if I have anything to say about that." replied Natsu as his sharing an flared dangerously.

"how long can you keep up this facade Natsu... Sooner or later someone will die and you will regret not finishing me." warned Zeref before Natsu just shakes his while grinning his signature grin.

"I will solve this crap...without killing my one and only brother." replied Natsu shocking Zeref "h-how do you know...?"

"it's a funny story really~ once upon a time not long ago I was rolling in Hell right and-"

"Hell...?" questioned Zeref curiously

"yep...look its a long story basically it was Shini-tan who told me! And we saw Ankhseram as well but that's a story for another time." said Natsu casually "oh yeah your dear cursing God gave me this too~" Natsu then lifted his shirt up to reveal a long black glowing scar on his abdomen ending right below his chest.

"that bastard sure is tough huh" finished Natsu as Zeref couldn't contain his jaw any longer before it dropped.

"y-you...fought Ankhseram!?" yelled Zeref in surprised as Natsu nodded casually.

"you...I have no words. I cant believe your still alive..my little brother is truly a monster." said Zeref sighing as he massaged his temple.

"you know it!" replied Natsu grinning sheepishly.

"Sigh...either way Natsu someone will die sooner or later in this war, hope your prepared for what is to come, Spriggan 12 will be your most toughest challenge yet. "said Zeref as he looked down on le peasants from his balcony.

"Hmph we will see about that." and with that Natsu warped away while Zeref sighed at his disappearance. "indeed we shall otouto..." with that final thought he walked back inside the room.

"MASTER!" yelled Lucy, Erza Gray and everyone in the rescue Master mission except Natsu.

"y-you guys.." said Makarov as he looked at them. "Z-Zeref was there..!" said Meet suddenly as he panted in exhaustion.


"not only that...Natsu was there too.." added Master solemnly as Meat nodded while the members of the rescue Master mission squad were shocked. "NANII!? MEST GET ME BACK THERE!" yelled Erza as she shaked him violently before Mest passed out.

"Mest! Wake up! Kisama!" yelled Gray as he shakes him as well.

"yamero!..there is no point in torturing him now he pushed himself too much already." said Makarov as he looked at the unconscious Mest. "b-but Master...Natsu is.."

"I know...and if I know that boy well then I know he will come back to us safely." finished Makarov with hella faith as the members nodded.

"Master...why was Zeref there...?" asked Erza worriedly "I don't know...I have no idea how this happened..and now he is the emperor of the country..this is really out of hand now." replied Makarov shocking everyone.

"I'm sorry everyone...I disbanded the guild for nothing...he never intended to negotiate in the first place..!" yelled Makarov in frustration as tears fell out of his eyes.

"not all of it was pointless...all of us have grown slot in a span of a year." said Gray smiling as Erza and Lucy nodded.

"and we are all back together again.." added Lucy smiling as well.

"if the drive behind one's action is for the thought of others then it is never pointless Master...that is something you taught us." finished Erza smiling warmly as well.

"we are going home Master...back to Fairy Tail!" said Gray as he offered his hand to leave crying Master who accepted the hand while smiling proudly at his guild members.

"I hate to break up the reunion but we gotta leave." said Carla in her human form as Makarov was like who's this before he got ignored as Lucy went on rambling about how they have to return to Sorano's ship and escape.

"we can't just leave Natsu behind!" yelled Erza as Gray and Happy nodded in agreement while Makarov sighed at this wondering what to do.

However before anyone could suggest anything a certain sandman appeared "aww what a touching reunion, you going home already Makarov?"


"Ajeel!" identified Makarov surprised as everyone looked at Ajeel who was smirking arrogantly.

"no way...how did he get here...!?" shocked Gray as he prepared to fight before Makarov stopped him "no stay back! He isn't someone you could hope to beat! We've gotta move! "

"this guy...he is on the same level as that girl from the island..." thought Gray as he remembered Brandish while gritting his teeth.

"these are the orders from the master! We gotta go! " yelled Erza gritting her teeth as she couldn't do anything.

"I've got a magical vehicle prepared let's go!" followed Carla as suddenly Erza sent a series of swords towards Ajeel before exploding creating slot of smoke which allowed Erza and lot to escape.

"Natsu...come back safely...!" thought Erza in regret as she smashed her fist in the seat of the magical vehicle in frustration while others told her to calm down or else she would destroy it.

As the smoke cleared you could see Ajeel having been stabbed by many swords...and if he was normal human he would have been dead not long ago however, he wasn't. As he smirked before all the swords suddenly slide out before sand spilled from the holes that the swords made in his body before they started closing fully leaving Ajeel with little to no injuries.

"so that's Makarov's army huh...I'm impressed." Smirked Ajeel as he licked his lips before smashing his palms in the ground...and with that suddenly a giant sand monster erupted from the ground pursuing the magical vehicle while Ajeel sinked in the sand smirking before disappearing.

With the escapees~

"Erza go faster!" said Lucy as she cried comically at seeing the sand around them get strangely suspicious.

"I'm trying!"

"ahhhh! Whats that!" yelled Happy as he pointed at the sand monster that erupted from behind them "a sand monster!?"

"kyaaaaa go faster!" panicked Lucy as they cried comically at their incoming doom.

"this is Ajeel's Sand Magic...this is bad..." said Makarov as he sweated in worry.

"you wont escape FAIRIES!" yelled a certain someone as he appeared on top of the sand monster.

"shit! He's here!" yelled Gray as he recognized Ajeel. "no choice then...Gray and Lucy I leave this to you!" said Happy as he pointed at the sand monster acting like some commander.

"don't have to tell me twice!" replied Gray as he went on top of the vehicle along with Lucy who went in her Stardress: Sagittarius Form before Gray was covered in black markings starting from his right arms all the way to the right side of his jaw while his hair went all semi super sayain.

"oho?" amused Ajeel could only look at these two 'lowly fairies' as they tried to retaliate before he was suddenly surprised as he heard "Silver" with that suddenly Ajeel along with the sand monster and the entire area froze unable to move.

"nice work Gray!" Erza yelled smiling while Makarov looked in shock "they changed so much from last year!" thought Makarov surprised.

"no...it didn't work.." replied Gray as he narrowed his eyes at the frozen area before it suddenly disappeared and converted into sand in mere seconds as Ajeel sprung out.

"interesting! Very interesting Fairy Tail!" yelled Ajeel as stood on top the sand monster again who prepared to slam its fist into the magical vehicle.

However Lucy-sama would have none of that as she suddenly put her bow up before firing an epic looking arrow at the monster "Starshot! "

With that the giant monster exploded into smithereens, however Ajeel simply smirked before the magical vehicle started shaking uncontrollably.

"w-whats happening!?" yelled Gray surprised as the sand around him turned into quick sand while Ajeel merely disappeared.

"below! He's below us!" yelled Makarov in panic as they started sinking in the quick sand.

"D-damn it!" cursed Erza as she couldn't move along with the others.

"noooo I cant die likee this! I need one more fish! Natsuuuuuuuuu" cried Happy as he was comically trying to escape but it was futile.

However before they could sink any further they were suddenly pulled into a vortex before coming out of the quicksand.

"t-this technique..." thought Erza in shock before suddenly "did someone say my name~"

"Natsu!" called everyone in surprise and relief as they saw him grinning sheepishly behind them before he was engulfed in a intense hug warfare, courtesy of Erza-sama.

"you idiot! What were you thinking!" scolded Erza as she hugged him tighter while Natsu just grinned before letting go her and ruffled her hair "ma~ ma~ I'll explain later okay~? We got more pressing matters at hand..." finished Natsu as they all faced Ajeel with narrowed eyes who was only looking at them amused.

"Natsu eh..? I assume this would be your trump card hmm Fairy Tail?" asked Ajeel still amused as he folded his arms.

"not really...haha~" laughed Natsu as he rubbed the back of his head modestly while everyone just looked at him with a poker face.

"no no he totally is, you should just give up trust me, you can't beat this guy." said Happy in a matter of fact tone towards Ajeel who's eye twitched at the insult he was receiving from this...this...awesome flying cat!

"oh really now..? Hahahhahaaha! Amusing!" laughed Ajeel loudly at the arrogance of Fairy Tail.

"err...I'm actually serious but whatever, it's your doom.. " said Happy shrugging as Ajeel stopped laughing before having enough of these lowlifes.

"enough!" yelled Ajeel before suddenly "Sand of Death!" yelled Ajeel as a really big wave of sand suddenly appeared before it headed towards the Fairy Tail mages who seemed to be shocked at the display with the exception of Natsu.

"Die you lowly fairies! No one ever has been able to escape this spell! The sand in this spell will dry out everyone and mummify them!" declared Ajeel as he laughed evilly at their doom.

"well shit." said Natsu looking at the wave with an eyebrow raised.

"Natsu can't you do something!?"

"geez what do I look like? A God?"

"well...yeah..." replied Lucy in a matter of fact tone as Natsu sighed calmly while everyone were just expecting him to do some next level spell to stop the wave...but Natsu did nothing as if waiting for something.

As if on cue, just as they were about to be engulfed by the wave of sand, suddenly it was halted by a large bolt of lightning that destroyed the wave.

"there we go~" said Natsu clapping as he saw Laxus In the sky along with a large goat like flying...thing.

"Nani sore!?" yelled Happy at seeing the flying 'Going Merry'?

"tch, this is starting to get annoying." said Ajeel as he scowled at the flying ship.

"Laxus!" recognized Master in surprise along with everyone.

"I see some more wrinkles on your forehead gramps." said Lexus smirking while floating in the sky as everyone was in awe.

"we are gonna fall back!" "everyone get on our boat!" said two individuals loudly from the boat which they recognized as Gajeel and Levy.

"Gray-sama~ Juvia is here tooo~!" yelled you know who as well while Gray sweat dropped.

"Mest! Your there aren't you! Teleport up here quick!" yelled another individual which they recognized as Cana "you got it!" said Mest as he suddenly grabbed everyone.

"Like I would let you run!" yelled Ajeel having enough of this as vines of solid sand erupted from the ground heading towards Mest before it went through Erza's arm as she cried in pain which pissed off Natsu before he let go of Mest and held both vines in his hand while Mest wide eyed disappeared with everyone else before reappearing in the ship.

"Erza! /Erza-san!" yelled the individuals in the ship as they her arm bleeding before they attempted to help her.

"I-Im fine...N-Natsu...help him!" said Erza wincing as she held her arm in pain while Lisanna helped bandage it.

"Natsu!" yelled Laxus in worry as he saw he was alone in the battlefield while everyone was in the ship.

"Natsu get up here!" yelled Gajeel from the ship along with Lucy while Mest sighed in frustration as this was the second time this happened.

Natsu said nothing as his hair shadowed his eyes while his hands were tied before the bloody vines had swirled around his hands and tied them before he was dragged by them and slammed in the ground.

"EH? this is your trump card!?" yelled Ajeel in surprise at how weak he was.

However of course Natsu having enough of this bullshit suddenly erupted in black and white flames which raised the temperature to extreme measures burning the sand around them as it became a battlefield of black and white fire.

"w-what...is this!?" yelled Ajeel surprised as he could not bring up any more sand due to it turning instantly.

"That's enough!" yelled Natsu as he came out of the sand before glaring at Ajeel, furious.

"You guys go, I'll catch up once I teach this spriggan bitch a lesson. Take care of Erza! " yelled Natsu towards Laxus and the members in the ship who were sweating profusely from the heat that was being radiated.

"shit...Natsu looks pissed!" said Laxus as he flickered away in lightning before appearing in the ship.

"let's go...Natsu said he will catch up.." said Laxus appearing in the ship.

"no! We cant leave him behind! Argh!" yelled Erza before she grunted in pain. "Erza stop moving so much or else it will hurt more!" said Lisanna solemnly as Erza cursed at her herself.

"we are talking about Natsu here...if someone really defeats him then we might as well kill ourselves cause then there is no chance in beating them." said Gray as everyone looked down.

"nice choice of words Gray..." said Gajeel scowling as Gray bit his tongue for saying that.

"but there is no way anyone can! I mean come on! its Natsu!" followed Gray as everyone nodded.

"plus he looked very pissed so if you want to worry about someone...then worry about that sand guy cause I would definitely not wanna be him right now...*shudder*" said Laxus as he shuddered at the memory of Natsu's face when he was furious. Of course this caused everyone else to shudder as well as they could only look down in fear at the battlefield of black fire.

"man do I feel sorry for that guy." said Gajeel "Aye sir!" said you know who.

Erza of course stayed silent before sighing "stay safe Natsu..." and with that everyone reluctantly prepared to fly away from the area.

Back with Natsu and Ajeel..

"you...how dare you hurt Erza...!" yelled Natsu as he glared at the sweating Ajeel who couldn't do anything due to the tremendous heat.

"h-heh...what you gonna do about it huh!? Your just a lowly fairy!" yelled Ajeel as his pride knew no bounds while the heat suddenly went even hotter as Ajeel started to suddenly burn before he jumped back, however that didn't help as he couldn't do anything about it since the whole area had been turned into a black and white fire field.

"s-so much power...I cant even do anything! My sand keeps burning away!"" thought Ajeel in frustration as he tried to use as much as sand as he could however it suddenly turned into fire instantly and burned out leaving no trace.

"this is...if the heat is this strong...then why am I still alive right now..?...dont tell me this bastard can control the level of heat and where it affects!" thought Ajeel in shock as he stared at the furious Natsu in fear before he disappeared shocking him.

"w-where did he g-" he didn't even get any time to think as his face was smashed by a fist covered in purple like aura that was set on black and white flames.

And of course with that he was sent flying away towards the forest which was also being affected by the heat, however Natsu was controlling the level of heat in the area so he didn't burn the whole forest down.

"Argh!" cried Ajeel in pain as he crashed into several trees and smashing though them before his flight finally halted due to having been slowed from impacting several trees on the way.

"t-this...*cough* i-is... *cough* i-impossible! *cough* *cough*" said Ajeel in between coughs of blood as he tried to get up but failed miserably since he was now in a semi conscious state.

"I-Im...the strongest...! This can't be happening... " thought Ajeel before his consciousness was about to give in as he prepared to give in.

However Natsu would have none of that has suddenly appeared in front Ajeel before grabbing his head and smashing it in the ground causing him to spit more blood as he laid there lifelessly unable to move from the amount of pain he was feeling.

"now~ now~ can't have you sleeping already now can we~" said Natsu as he smiled creepily before holding the half conscious Ajeel by his hair who looked like he just wanted to die already.

"Tsukiyomi." with that Ajeel suddenly appeared In a dark place that lead to no where before he looked around wondering wtf just happened.

"where the hell am I..?" thought Ajeel confused as he looked around before Natsu appeared before him which caused Ajeel to suddenly fall down in shock.


"this is the world of Tsukiyomi...here I control everything and also where I punish sinners...and your sin...was hurting someone very precious to me...!" yelled Natsu before suddenly Ajeel was set on fire before he screamed in pain...however he wasnt melting nor dying...no... Natsu needed him to experience hell...pure hell.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Ajeel as his eye were bulging from the excruciating pain from the flames.

"PLEASE STOPPPPP AHHHHHHH!" begged Ajeel as he started breaking down from the pain before suddenly the flames died down while he dropped to the ground in relief.

However Natsu suddenly smirked before suddenly Ajeel clutched his chest tightly as it felt like to was gonna explode any second...and explode it did as suddenly his chest exploded letting him see his organs and intestines in shock before they were set in black flames right in front of his eyes before he started screaming in shock, fear, and pain.

And with that his body except his head exploded burning everything away right in front of his eyes as he stared at it in shock still alive.

And this continued for about 10 years...However in the real world it was only a mere second.

In the real world...

With that Natsu let go of the unmoving lifeless Ajeel who only had his eyes open in pure shock and didn't even blink once before he dropped to the ground unable to move.

"That oughta teach you...not to hurt my friends." said Natsu coldly as he stared at the lifeless body of Ajeel who couldn't even reply after what just happened.

"What did you do Ajeel!?" yelled a certain someone as he appeared behind Natsu.

"just taught him a lesson." replied Natsu without even acknowledging the individual who narrowed his eyes.

"is he dead...?" asked the individual "no...death is too light for a punishment." replied Natsu smirking as he turned around facing an old man who looked like low-key Rayleigh.

"you will not get away with this...!" yelled the old man as he smashed his staff in the ground creating a shock wave.

"I don't need to." replied Natsu as his Rinnegan flared while August backed away slightly in defense.

"I'm the Magic King August...! yet...every fiber of my being is telling me to run from this individual!" thought August as a sweat rolled down his forehead from the immense tension that took place between the two.

"w-who are you...?" asked August at last as he became curious since he had never heard of such a mage like him anywhere.

"Natsu Uchiha~ at your service!" replied Natsu as he got back into his carefree mode while bowing which caused August to narrow his eyes.

"from Fairy Tail I presume...? I always knew Makarov was trouble when he came to our kingdom..." replied August with narrowed eyes.

"righto!" said Natsu which confirmed that he was from Fairy Tail.

"he defeated Ajeel...and from the looks of it he didn't even break a sweat! Which can only mean this person...is very strong. But if he is...then why cant I sense his magic?...does he not have any? No...how else would he defeat Ajeel...?" August just observed trying to find a logical answer that was in his eyes but he was failing miserably as nothing made sense.

"y-you...why don't you have any magic...?" finally asked August narrowing his eyes as Natsu just grinned shrugging as if saying he didn't know which irked August to no end.

"well its been fun and all Mr..?"


"August-san~ but I gotta catch up with my friends now hehe~" finished Natsu as he waved his hand towards August in a waving motion as if saying bye. "and why would I let you esc-" August was interrupted as Natsu suddenly warped away shocking him greatly.

"w-what...?" stared August dumbly at wtf just happened.

"what was that!?... So he does have magic...but why couldn't I detect it!?" thought August in frustration before sighing as he calmed down. "for now I need to take Ajeel and heal him... From the looks of it he seems to be in a very bad condition..." finished August as he grabbed Ajeel before flinging him on his shoulder "Uchiha Natsu huh...see you in the battlefield young warrior..." said August as he stared at the sky before disappearing.

"What happened to Ajeel!?" asked Dimaria as she looked at the unconscious Ajeel with so many injuries that it was a wonder he was still alive.

August who was carrying him inside "we can ask him later...for now let's focus on keeping him alive...and sane..." said August as he stared at Ajeel with a solemn look before the mages started healing him.

"who did this...?" asked Brandish as she winced at seeing Ajeel's injuries which were truly terrifying.

"Uchiha...Natsu." replied August shocking Brandish to the core while Dimaria looked at Brandish in surprise.

"isn't that the one you brought with you as a prisoner Brandish..!?" asked Dimaria shocking August who looked Brandish demanding an explanation.

"Natsu...what the hell have you done..." thought Brandish solemnly as she explained the events that unfolded in the island that she picked him up in.

"and you just let him get away!?" yelled Dimaria towards Brandish as she shook her head "no...he was with His Majesty last I saw him...after that I don't know what happened."

"His...Majesty...?" whispered August in thought as he knew something was happening...something he did not know which scared him greatly.

"hmph Ajeel is a fool anyway, I always knew he was too weak." said Wahl Icht as he stood on the doorway with his arms folded as everyone looked at him.

"maybe...but I would be lying if I said that I was confident enough to beat him by myself..." said August shocking everyone in the room who thought he might finally be going insane.

"oi oi old man, did you finally go senile?" said Wahl Icht in surprise before he recovered "well I guess I'll prove you wrong by killing this guy by myself! Kihihihi!" laughed Wahl Icht as he left the room while everyone that were in the room sighed.

"what should I do...?" thought Brandish in confusion as her feelings were getting in her way of getting revenge for her comrade while Dimaria observed her before narrowing her eyes at her suspicious behaviour.

"let's go to the meeting for now...we need to inform His Majesty of this as well." said August as he prepared to leave before Brandish and Dimaria followed suit.

*scene change*

With Fairy Tail...

In the Fairy Tail guild building...all the members seem to be present...well almost. However the mood you would except from Fairy Tail was quite surprising as everyone were solemnly looking at the ground as if sulking.

"he still hasn't arrived...Master do you think he...?-" Cana was suddenly interrupted by Mira "no! Natsu will come back!" said Mira fiercely as Cana stood down.

"this is most troubling...if Natsu really did lose then there we truly are in trouble..." said Laxus as a sweat rolled down from his forehead.

"We can't think like that!" yelled Gray trying to raise the morale of the guild members.

"Gray is right, for now we can only believe in Natsu coming back! However until he does we must prepare for the upcoming war!" said Makarov as everyone suddenly went "YEAH!"

"Master if what you say is true about the Spriggan 12 then we need to prepare fast." said Erza while holding her bandaged arm.

"why did the first Wizard Saint even abandon us...!?" asked Wendy crying comically as Carla comforted her.

"we will just have to ask him to his face ne~" said Cana as she chugged down on her beer barrel while Elfman nodded next to her.

"GUYS THEY ARE HERE!" yelled Warren suddenly as he looked at his radar. "h-how did they arrive so fast without the radar detecting them!?"

"this is it..." said Mavis before they all went outside the guild seeing an army of airships that floated above them.

"s-so many!" surprised Macao as he inspected the army along with everyone.

"OHH YEAHHH! TIME FOR YOU TO RETURN TO ASHES FAIRY TAIL! ITS PARTY TIME! " yelled a certain certain individual that was standing at the tip of the main ship with folded arms.

"FAIRY TAIL PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" yelled Makarov before the airship shot a few energy beams towards the guild however they were blocked due to Freed erecting a barrier around it protecting them.


"what the hell are you doing here?" asked Natsu as he looked at a familiar figure who had stopped him from leaving Alvarez and cancelled out his Kamui mid way.

"Brandish-sama wanted me to find you~ and what do you know! She was right. You do use space-magic too! Made it quite easy for me!" replied the figure smirking maniacally.

"Brandish...? What does she want?" asked Natsu sighing.

"I'm afraid for that you will have to come with me cause I do not know either Natsu-san~" replied the figure before armies of airships went over them in high speed.

"what the!?" yelled Natsu wondering wtf was happening as he saw the airships going towards Ishgar really fast.

"it seems it has began...Ishgar will be long gone now... Kukukuku" said the figure as he laughed evilly while Natsu's eye twitched before he closed the distanced in an instant and grabbed him by the collar.

"Hollow, you have a minute to tell me what's happening or I will do to you what I did to sandman." threatened Natsu as his EMS flared dangerously glaring Marin Hollow in the eye as he gulped before laughing nervously as he told him everything.

"war already huh...very well bring it Alvarez." said Natsu smirking as he let Marin Hollow go.

"but first I insist you see Brandish-sama!" insisted Marin Hollow hastily as Natsu raised his eyebrow.

"Sigh...what should I do...? Go to Ishgar and help Fairy Tail right now or go to Brandish who is hella sexi and wants something from me? Hmmmm..." thinking that last thought Natsu just hit himself in the head for being so stupid for taking so much time for such an obvious decision.

"take me to Brandish." said Natsu suddenly as Marin Hollow sighed in relief before he held his shoulder and disappeared, reappearing right in front of Brandish.

"N-Natsu?" called Brandish surprised.

"as you requested Brandish-sama~" replied Marin Hollow before Brandish smirked sexily "leave us." and with that Marin Hollow disappeared.

"Make it quick Brandish, there is a war going on." said Natsu in a monotone voice as Brandish still smirking merely walked close to him as their faces were inches away.

"oh? What's the hurry hmm?" replied Brandish as she purred while Natsu could only wonder where this was about to go before he looked around and noticed he was in a bedroom...

"err...Brandish?" called Natsu out uncomfortably as Brandish pushed him to the bed as he fell on it before Brandish got on top of him.

"yes dear~?❤" replied Brandish as she straddled him making Natsu's snake rise to cloud nine.

"w-why are you doing this..?" asked Natsu as he looked into her eyes as she stared back.

"isn't it obvious?"

"not really...?"

"take a hint idiot."

"hmm well I could say that you like me but that seems like bullshit." replied Natsu before Brandish surprised him by smashing her lips on his in a fierce battle of death.

"mmmphh!" muffled Natsu couldn't say anything before he succumbed to the charms of a woman as he put his hands behind her head and kissed her back while grabbing her hair earning a moan.

Separating "mmm~ as I expected, you really are amazing at this." said Brandish looking like she was the horniest chick ever.

"how would you know hmm?" asked Natsu smirking as Brandish replied "I wouldn't fall for a man who can't even kiss me properly." shocking Natsu.


"you heard me Natsu, I love you." replied Brandish straightforwardly. "uh well I don't know I mean like...this is so sudden I mean why? When, how-"

"shhhhh" said Brandish as she put her finger on his lips silencing him "it doesn't matter, for now let us enjoy this night my beloved." with that she planted her lips on him again silencing him once more before starting a galactic warfare of tongues.

Natsu of course taking this opportunity, grabbed Brandish's ass and started caressing it as Brandish moaned in between the kiss before separating and kissing Natsu's neck and slowly going down before finally reaching to where his large bulge was.

"hmm as expected my beloved, as expected." praised Brandish smirking sexually as she caressed his member through his pants making him grunt in pleasure.

"war sex will forever be my favourite memory..." thought Natsu in pleasure as he felt how epic this situation was.

"time to see the monster of a monster..." said Brandish smirking before she took his pants out before his large member sprung out hitting her in her cheek as her eyes widened before calming down as she gave it a few licks before engulfing half of it in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down.

"B-Brandish...!" moaned Natsu as Brandish felt proud in her bj skills before trying even harder making Natsu go crazy at her skills.

"mmmmm~ ❤" moaned Brandish liking the taste of Natsu's dick before she finally let go of it as she said "I think its about time we have even more fun, don't you think Natsu~ ❤" with that she took her bottom off before positioning herself on top of Natsu before sliding his dick inside her making her moan loudly.

"Yes! Ahh! Ah! Ah! Yes Natsu! Harder!❤❤" moaned Brandish as she bounced on Natsu's dick while Natsu grabbing her butt cheeks slammed it in even more earning a loud scream of pain and pleasure from her.


"WE DID IT!" cheered Macao along with everyone else.





"it seems like we managed to survive the enemy's first assault...whew.." said Makarov as he sighed in relief while smiling proudly at his guild.

"indeed! We performed magnificently!" added Mavis also proud as she smiled before suddenly "w-what is this?! There is something in the radar ccoming in fast!" yelled Warren suddenly alerting them.

"Nani!?" right as Makarov said that suddenly an explosion occurred before they went outside seeing Christina aka Ichiya's ship being destroyed by a magical beam.

"he used Chritinsa as a shield!" said Happy in awe.

"MEEEEEENNN! THIS IS OUR FIGHT! MENN!" yelled Ichiya with tears in his eyes as he flew along with the destroyed Christina.

"there is trouble! More enemy forces are approaching from east and west!" yelled Warren as he saw the radar.

"t-this is bad..." said Makarov sweating.

"w-wait..! Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel are helping!...huh Sabertooth and Quaro Cereberus too!?" yelled Warren as he seems to be in a telepathic link with someone.

"whew...seems we are not alone..." sighed Makarov in relief as he heard Warren tell them about which enemies the guilds were intercepting.

Back with Natsu and Brandish...

"Natsu..." called Brandish as she put her panties back on while Natsu laid in bed thinking wtf had just happened.


"will you join me?" asked Brandish before starting at Natsu's sharingan eyes. "join you...?"

"join me in the war, I will take you in as my soon to be husband, I'm sure His Majesty will understand." offered Brandish as she looked uncharastically desperate in getting Natsu at her side.

"so...you want me to betray my guild and join you?" asked Natsu emotionlessly surprising Brandish at his tone and expression before she composed herself and nodded.

"I have a better proposal." replied Natsu suddenly grinning as Brandish tilted her head curiously.

"and what's that?" asked Brandish curiously "instead of me joining you...why don't you join me?" countered Natsu surprising Brandish before she suddenly giggled.

"Natsu...I admit you are truly powerful...I might not have seen you in action but I know a powerful individual when I see one...however that might not be enough to beat all the members of Spriggan 12...and there is also His Majesty."

"we'll cross that bridge when we come to it~" grinned Natsu with his signature grin making Brandish blush "you really like saying that huh"

"only to you~"

"sigh...there is nothing for me in this war anyway..."

"well?" asked Natsu before Brandish looked up to him before smiling.

"very well, you win Natsu." replied Brandish as Natsu sighed in relief.

"I'm all yours my beloved." said Brandish offering herself towards Natsu completely who just smiled warmly before planting his lips towards the unsuspecting Brandish surprising her before she kissed him back with equal passion~

"s-so...this is what you were doing Randi..." said a certain figure who seemed to be looking away while blushing at the scene.

Pulling away Brandish looked in shock "Mari? What are you doing here?"

"I came to check on since you were acting strange...but I see you have fallen for the enemy haven't you...I knew it! You were acting suspicious ever since you came back from that island!" Said Mari as Brandish sighed while Natsu just looked in between the two awkwardly.

"it is none of your business." replied Brandish coldly hurting Mari "I'm your friend! It is my business!"

"ladies~ relax!" said Natsu coming in between the two making Brandish wet with his authority while Mari only "hmph'd" in response.

"you must be Natsu huh? What's so special about you anyway? You look normal to me." said Dimaria as she scoffed before looking at Natsu's eyes which looked anything but normal...along with his pink hair...his clothes...his- "okay nevermind you don't seem normal, but...dude why can't I sense your magic..?" asked Mari curiously.

"yeah I've been meaning to ask you that as well, my beloved." said Brandish lovingly while Mari's eye twitched at the love struck Brandish.

"sigh fine fine..." said Natsu as he sighed feeling both the girl's eyes on him.

"you can't sense it because...I exist on a higher plane of existence then you guys, with so much power comes this~ but oh well its quite nice because everyone keeps underestimating me and getting their asses kicked, mwajajajaja!" laughed Natsu evilly shocking them.

"higher plane of existence?...dont bullshit me! Only Gods exist in thos-" Mari suddenly remembered not being able to sense Chronos's Magic power either due to him existing in another plane..."t-thats...impossible..." muttered Mari shocked as she stared at the 'godly' figure in front of her.

"Mari..?" called Brandish surprised as Dimaria's eyes were shadowed by her hair.

"Natsu-sama!" yelled Mari suddenly as she kneeled before him shocking both Brandish and Natsu as they were like wtf just happened.

"err...hey?" replied Natsu awkwardly before looking at Brandish who shrugged as if saying she didn't know either.

"I apologise for my rudeness before! I am the vessel of the God Chronos! Dimaria." introduced Dimaria with the utmost respects she was still kneeling.

"hmm hey, uhh you don't have to kneel yano?" said Natsu as Dimaria suddenly got up nodding in respect.

"I've never seen Mari like this...what the hell is happening? Is it because of what he said?" thought Brandish silently as she the exchange between the two.

"Chronos huh? Haven't really met him but I'm sure Shinigami knows some stories." said Natsu as he put his hand on his chin.

"Shinigami?" questioned Brandish curiously.

"oh yeah~ that's my master. He's the one who taught me magic~" replied Natsu carefreely as if it was the most obvious thing in the world while they were both shocked to the core.

"So he really is ike me as I suspected? " thought Dimaria surprised as she looked at him.

"so your a God Slayer? Like Mari?" asked Brandish as Natsu nodded "I see...must be a God slayer thing then." replied Brandish looking at the shocked Dimaria.

"Natsu-sama...please allow me to serve you..! I need to get stronger! And what better then with the God Slayer of life and death!" declared Dimaria as Natsu who had gotten over all the shocks that came to him recently and was now immune to em "very well, however! It will not be easy! From what I see you are still weak! can you really keep up with me!?" asked Natsu acting like some badass trainer as he felt epic in his mind.

"HAI!" yelled Dimaria with determination.

"very well! I look forward to your growth young one." said Natsu nodding to himself as Dimaria looked at him with stars in her eyes at how cool he was.

"WTF...is happening." said Brandish suddenly with a pokerface as she saw Natsu and Dimaria act like some long lost master and students duo.

"Randi! I see why you fell for Natsu-sama now! He is on par with a God after all!" said Dimaria nodding to herself proudly as Brandish's eye twitched at wtf was happening.

"Dimaria!" called Natsu as Dimaria suddenly faced him before going on one knee.

"yes master!"

"were you perhaps hmm...a famous footballer once?" asked Natsu confusing them both.

"footballer? I'm sorry master, I do not understand...?"

"ah nevermind just me being stupid, anyway it is time we joined the war..oh yeah but first, Dimaria...who will you be siding with?" asked Natsu with narrowed eyes.

"isn't it obvious Natsu?" asked Brandish as she folded her arms and closed her eyes not really liking the fact that 'her' Natsu was attracting Dimaria as well.

"Master...of course I'm siding with you! God Slayers must stick together!" said Dimaria as she grinned before taking Natsu's arm and hugging it tightly annoying Brandish even more.

"get off of him! What kind of Master student relationship is this huh?!" said Brandish as Dimaria simply ignored her while enjoying Natsu's arm in between her boobs.

"Natsu!" yelled Brandish annoyed while Natsu sweat dropped and laughed nervously "ma~ ma~ she isn't doing anything bad is she~ haha~" replied Natsu as Brandish's eye twitched.

However before they could have the most epic threesome ever! Marin Hollow suddenly appeared on the door before being shocked at the scene that was happening.

"what?" asked Brandish coldly snapping Marin Hollow out of his stupper as he suddenly said that they had to prepare to go to war as Wahl Icht's fleet had been defeated and His Majesty himself lead an arm heading there along with Invel while Natsu narrowed his eyes which Dimaria noticed.

"so it has truly begun now huh...Natsu, what do you want me to do?" asked Brandish surprising Marin Hollow wondering why she was asking him.

"for now...go there, however Fairy Tail should not be harmed." ordered Natsu which made Brandish rather wet however she decided to keep it to herself, but wearing bikini already didn't help much.

"as you command, my beloved." replied Brandish "let's go Marin." and with that Brandish left while Marin followed still wondering wtf was happening.

"what about me Master?" asked Dimaria with puppy dog eyes as she still seemed to be hugging Natsu's arm.

"you will come with me to confront 'His Majesty' and this...Invel." said Natsu as Dimaria nodded before letting go of him as she prepared to leave before opening the door for Natsu as she waited for him.

"that wont be necessary~" said Natsu grinning as he motioned her to come towards him which she did...albeit a bit closer then he had expected her to as she blushed thinking of several things that could happen to her in this bedroom.

"M-Master...?" asked Dimaria surprised and blushing as Natsu smirked deciding to amuse the girl as he lifted her chin up with his hand making her stare into his sharingan eyes while she blushed uncontrollably preparing for the night of her life... However it never came as they were suddenly sucked into a vortex, courtesy of Natsu.

Before appearing again a few yards away from Zeref's army as they could be seen over the horizon, "M-Master... What was that?" asked Dimaria in shock as they had seemingly teleported out of Brandish's room from Alvarez right next to Zeref's army who were near Magnolia.

"that my kawaii little kohai is Kamui, a very useful technique for transportation." answered Natsu as Dimaria blushed at his way of calling her before she looked at him with stars in her eyes at how cool that was.

"however right now we have more...pressing matters at hand~" said Natsu as he saw Zeref's army stop after they saw Natsu and Dimaria.

"Dimaria...good work, it seems you have captured the foe." said Invel coming into view having no idea that they were working together.

"no...Dimaria has left us." said Zeref suddenly surprising Invel thinking what he meant by this while the army of a million soldiers behind them were wondering what the hell was going on.

"that's right, I belong with my Master now." said Dimaria as she stood next to Natsu proudly while Invel could only look in shock before he managed to say "D-Dimaria? What are you saying? Is he controlling you somehow!?" asked Invel almost losing his cool at the betrayal of his comrade.

"stand down Invel, it is clear she is not under any influence...she has betrayed us and will now be dealt with." said Zeref narrowing his eyes at Dimaria and Natsu while Invel gritted his teeth glaring at Natsu.

"my~ my~ such a huge army! Whew I arrived right on time!" said Natsu as he whistled at the amount of soldiers that were behind Zeref and Invel.

"Master...not that I doubt you but...shouldn't we be retreating...?" asked Dimaria as a sweat rolled down her forehead at being in the presence of Zeref, Invel and a million soldiers.

"retreat? Mari-chan~ I'm rather disappointed! They are the ones who should think about retreating!" finished Natsu as suddenly his eye morphed into Rinnegan surprising Dimaria and Invel wondering what power he had at his disposal.

"w-what are those eyes...?" thought both Invel and Dimaria in wonder.

"so Natsu...the time has come, only one of us will survive now!" declared Zeref as he motioned his army to go forward which they did while he stood with the surprised Invel who was wondering why Zeref was wasting time with such an individual.

"Dimaria...let me show you...the true power of a God Slayer...!" declared Natsu as he grinned a bloodthirsty grin scaring almost everyone near him while Dimaria looked at him in shock before she stepped backwards as a complete Susano sprung around Natsu engulfing him before the Susano was covered in black and white fire which halted the advances of the whole army as they saw the size of this...this monster!

"W-WHAT IS THAT!?" Yelled Dimaria in her head in shock as the sheer power of the figure made her knees tremble with fear and...excitement.

"Y-Your Majesty...!?" called Invel as if asking what was happening while Zeref stayed quiet as he narrowed his eyes at Natsu while a sweat rolled down his forehead.


IN THE NAME OF HIS MAJESTY!" yelled the soldiers as they rushed towards the large samurai figure which looked like a true monster...and that was the biggest mistake they could make as suddenly a katana made of black flames appeared in Susano's hand before it slammed it down towards the soldiers who were engulfed.

And with that an explosion occurred as suddenly the whole area exploded in black flames while the direction which the katana slammed in created a long wave of slash that went several miles burning everything in sight.


"HES A MONSTER!" yelled a soldier fearfully before he too was burned away instantly infront of Invel's eyes.

"t-this is... How is this possible!?" yelled Invel in frustration as he saw the destruction which was killing his comrades...the million turned into half a million in mere seconds!

"M-Master..." said Dimaria in awe as she inspected the destruction he caused which was truly a nightmare as the whole field where the army and Zeref were was set in black flames burning the soldiers mercilessly while Invel and Zeref had got out of the scene standing on top of a cliff far away as they looked down towards the destruction.

"this is the end...Zeref's army is finished." declared Natsu as suddenly the fire in the area disappeared leaving half a million soldiers alive which they wondered why... before suddenly they saw him as he went through a series of handsigns before stopping "TENGAI SHINSEI!" and with that silence ensued as they waited wondering what the hell was gonna happen.

"n-nothing's happening...?" said a soldier in confusion along with others.


"LOOK!" yelled another soldier in shock as he pointed to the sky before everyone looked at where he was pointing as suddenly...their eyes almost came out of their sockets...

"t-this..." shocked soldier

"W-what is this!?" yelled a soldier in fear

"Y-Your Majesty! Help us!" yelled another random soldier as he cried in fear while Zeref who was looking up in the sky did nothing as he sweated at the scene before him.

"Y-Your Majesty? T-thats!" Invel had no words to describe the object that was coming below from the sky towards them.

"a-a meteor..." said Dimaria in pure shock and awe left speechless at the scene before her from her Master. "h-he truly is a God...!"



"EVERYONE! LOOK!" yelled Gray as he pointed towards the sky which showed a meteor coming down somewhere outside Magnolia which shocked them greatly.

"a-a meteor...!?" said Nienhart shocked as they all had stopped fighting because of the godly event.

"is this the work of his Majesty!?" yelled a random soldier at seeing this.

"that's...!" said Kagura recognizing the spell as she was wide eyex.

"it's Natsu-kun!" yelled Minerva while smirking sexilly and proudly.

"so it was him in the radar!" said Warren in surprise as he looked at the radar "Nani!? Is he fighting all the million soldiers by himself!?" yelled Mavis in surprise.

"not a million...there is only half of them left now...!" yelled Warren in shock before Mavis fainted in shock while Makaroc panicked as he tried to help her.

"EVERYONE! NATSU IS FIGHTING ALL BY HIMSELF FOR THE GUILD! WE CANT LET THAT GO IN VAIN!" yelled Lexus furiously raising everyone's morale.

"KICK THIER ASSES!" yelled Erza as she slashed another soldier.

"MAKE THEM REGRET MESSING WITH FAIRY TAIL!" finished Gray before everyone went "YEAH!" and with that the comeback began as the armies of Alvarez was getting pushed back.

At the same time in another area..

We see a lone figure that had hair that would remind you of ssj3 and clothes that made him look homeless before he spoke "t-this feeling!" said the figure suddenly in shock before looking towards the distance seeing a giant meteor coming down on the ground.

"it's him!" growled the figure before it rushed towards the area leaving a sonic boom behind at his speed.

"my~ my~ why is he in such a hurry?" said another figure that came out of hiding as she saw the retreating figure disappear.

"I-Irene-sama look!" yelled another figure that stood behind the now identified Irene who looked at the meteor in the distance in surprise.

"I see...for Acnologia to be so hasty..hmm I wonder who caused that..." said Irene as she licked her lips unconsciously at the meteor.

"Heine! Juliet! We are going towards the meteor." said Irene surprising the two figures behind her.

"e-eh!?" screamed Heine in surprise wondering why she wanted to go to such a war zone where Acnologia was about to be involved in.

"His Majesty and Invel is there as well...with Dimaria and... why can't I sense this indivudal's magic...? I know someone else is there but...at the same time I can't detect it!" said/thought Irene in shock as the other two figures looked at her confused.

"and who Irene-sama...?" asked Juliet before Irene shook her head "nothing...lets go! " with that Irene disappeared while the two figures followed suit as they headed towards the meteor.

Back with Natsu and everyone...

"T-THIS IS THE END!" yelled the soldier crying as he faced his doom before the meteor finally crashed on all the soldiers making a huge impact which literally shook the earth.

"Y-Your Majesty...! At this rate they will all die!" yelled Invel in worry as he saw the destruction the meteor had caused and they had to move yet again to be in a secure place from the meteor.

"it is...to late for them..." said Zeref solemnly as he sighed shocking Invel.

"w-who is he...?" asked Invel as he calmed himself down however not for long "that Invel...is my little brother."


"MWAJAJAJAJA! SEE THIS DIMARIA? THIS IS THE POWER OF A TRUE GOD SLAYER!" yelled Natsu as he laughed evilly while floating inside the head of Susano as Dimaria only watched from behind with wide eyes at his power.

"the power...of a true God slayer! Its terrifying!" thought Dimaria feeling very inferior and ashamed as she felt like she didn't even held a candle towards Natsu's power. "h-he is way too strong...Am I really...even worthy to be his student...!?" thought Dimaria solemnly as she saw the destruction from the sidelines in shock.

"oho? Still alive I see?" said Natsu impressed as he saw that the soldiers were holding the meteor simultaneously combing everyone's strength and stopping it. "my~ my~ that is some outstanding coordination from an army of that number...however!" stopped Natsu as he prepared more handsigns before "can they handle another one!?" with that another meteor came out from the sky shocking everyone.

"ANOTHER ONE!?" shouted DJ kha- a random soldier in shock.

"THERE'S ANOTHER METEOR! GET OUT OF THERE!" yelled the soldiers who were not helping with the meteor as they attempted to run however the area around them suddenly erupted in fire trapping them before they were forced to move towards where the meteor was falling.

However some were stupid enough to screw it and go through the fire burning instantly. "this is truly the end..." said another soldier as he gritted his teeth.

"TASTE HELL!" yelled Natsu from inside Susano before the second meteor impacted the first meteor as a shockwave erupted from between them before suddenly it smashed the first meteor crushing all the soldiers as it exploded in a huge explosion killing all the soldiers that were there while creating a 10 mile radius crater causing Zeref, Invel and Dimaria to retreat even further so they weren't affected.

"h-he...defeated them all...!" said Dimaria in pure shock as her whole body was now numb from the sheer epicness she was exposed to.

"t-this is...IMPOSSIBLE!" yelled Invel losing his cool as he grabbed his hair in frustration while Zeref solemnly looked at the ground at the defeat of his army.

"Natsu...you truly have become the strongest being..." thought Zeref in small surprise before he was suddenly shocked at sensing a certain presence.

"t-this presence...!" said Zeref shocked while Invel looked at him shocked before looking behind him as his eyes widened.

"Acnologia...!" recognized Zeref glaring at the man who seems to be ignoring him while looking towards Natsu with murderous eyes.

"UCHIHAAAA!" yelled Acnologia as Natsu's Susano turned towards the shocked Zeref and Invel and a raging Acnologia who was glaring at him furiously.

"Acnologia...?" recognized Natsu surrpsied while Dimaria widened her eyes in surprise. "The Dragon of Apocalypse!?"

"what are you doing here..!?" yelled Zeref at Acnologia who merely glanced at Zeref uncaringly "move dark mage...my business is with that accursed Uchiha!" demanded Acnologia showing his anger towards Natsu very clearly.

"h-he pissed off Acnologia too!? Who is this guy really!?" thought Invel as today seemed to be his most out of character day since all the shocks were getting to him.

"I will not tell you again, dark mage." demanded Acnologia his patience running thin while Zeref stood his ground along with Invel.

"M-Master...what are we gonna do?" asked Dimaria as a sweat rolled down her forehead at the tension.

"seems like the battle that might decide this war is about to happen Mari-chan..." replied Natsu grinning with his signature grin towards her while she blushed wondering how he could be so calm before being shocked at what he said. "b-battle that will decide this war...?"

at the same time with Fairy Tail...


"What happened!?" yelled Makarov towards Warren.

"Ac-Acnologia has appeared where Natsu is...!" yelled Warren shocking Makarov and Mavis.

"NANI!?" yelled almost everyone shocking Warren as he had forgotten that he was still in a telepathic link with everyone from Fairy Tail, Sabertooth, Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale and Quarto Cerberus.

"not only that! But...ZEREF IS THERE TOO!"

"NANIIIIII!?" and with that Makarov fainted the shock being too much for him.

"the good news is though that Natsu defeated the army...whew." followed up Warren as everyone started yelling how even bigger problems had just arised while he covered his ear in pain.

"t-this is bad...Natsu-kun is facing the two strongest beings on the planet...at the same time!" worried Kagura as she slashed another enemy wanting to end this badly as quickly as she could so she could help Natsu while Erza, Minerva, Mira and everyone else thought the same thing now even more fueled for the need to win.

Back with Natsu and the warzone...

"you will have to get through me first, monster." said Invel as he stepped in front of Zeref defensively.

However just as he could do anything he was suddenly impaled by Acnologia's fist before coughing blood in shock "your in the way peasant." and with that Acnologia pulled his fist before smashing his fist on the side of Invel's face as he went flying at the side like a rag doll before disappearing out of view.

"I-Invel!" yelled Zeref gritting his teeth as he looked straight in Acnologia's uncaring cold eyes.

"you have provided me with a lot of fun previously dark mage...So in respect of that I will give you one more chance to move." offered Acnologia as Zeref gritted his teeth before stepping aside while Acnologia then smirked before setting his eyes back on Natsu going back into fury fied mode.

"Uchiha! You will pay for what you did to me a year ago!" declared Acnologia angrily pointing at his right arm which wasn't present indicating it had been destroyed in their fight previously.

"my~ my~ what do we have here~? His Majesty backing down? The Dragon of Apocalypse wanting revenge from some weakling who doesn't even have magic? Oh how the mighty have fallen~" said a figure that came from behind Acnologia along with two other figures.

"Irene...!" recocnized Zeref surprised.

"it's Irene!" called Dimaria surprised while Natsu raised his eyebrow confused before Dimaria explained how she was the strongest woman in the Spriggan 12 and was a fearsome individual.

"well shit~ not like we needed anymore powerful people in here..." sighed Natsu.

"I feel so out of place here...heh, I'm glad I went with master...or else I could never have witnessed such a...such a historic event!" thought Dimaria with excitement and anticipation but also a little bit of fear.

"I have had it with these interruptions!" roared Acnologia annoyed as he disappeared before trying to punch Irene who was in shock but still managed to block his attack however she was sent flying back with full force before recovering.

"as expected of the Dragon of Apocalypse..." praised Irene wiping blood from her mouth as she smirked while Acnologia snorted at her praise not caring as he charged a roar in his mouth.

"s-such magic power...!" thought Irene as sweat dripped down her head while she prepared to guard and survive the spell.

"Irene-sama!" shouted both Juliet and Heine in worry before the gravity defying roar was released towards Irene who smashed her staff preparing to erect a barrier... However there was no need as suddenly the lone form of Natsu appeared in front of her surprising her before shocking her even more as Natsu merely swatted Acnologia's terrifying roar with a swat of Susano's skeletal hand that appeared along with its ribs.

"GRR UCHIHA!" yelled Acnologia pissed off as he glared at Natsu while Irene looked at him surprised "h-how...he has no magic..no...why did he help me...arent I his enemy?"

"it's time to put an end to this meaningless war." declared Natsu before his eyes suddenly changed even more as tomoes appeared around the circles of Rinnegan "Rinne-Sharingan." said Natsu declaring the name of his new eyes while even Zeref looked at him shocked not having seen these eyes before.

"it is indeed...let us finally settle this..Uchiha." replied Acnologia glaring daggers into Natsu's new eyes which he did back while everyone sweated at the extreme tension that was taking place.

"the true Dragon Festival finally begins...!" said Zeref as he joined the two way as they all glared at each other before Irene and her squad stood next to Zeref.

"This will truly be a battle to remember...!" thought Dimaria before appearing beside Natsu as they all faced off against each other in a weird combination of an unequal three-way.

"so Dimaria has betrayed us...this is really troubling...the tension is unreal! Will I have to use..THAT?" thought Irene as a sweat rolled down her forehead.

With that Acnologia didn't even acknowledge Zeref or Irene as his whole intent was to take revenge on Natsu as he rushed towards him in a speed so fast that no one could keep up with before a shockwave erupted creating a large crater in the ground from the force and disturbing the atmosphere around them.

Looking what caused it Irene widened her eyes at seeing Natsu grabbed Acnologia's fist as if it was nothing as they stared at each other in a struggle to overpower one and another.

"w-who is this guy...?" thought Irene with narrowed eyes as she felt a bit annoyed that she couldn't sense his magical power and also how he just appeared out of nowhere and was taking Acnologia head to head like it was nothing.

"my~ my~ you certainly pack a punch don't you dragon-san?" commented Natsu grinning as his fists was suddenly set in black flames making Acnologia pull back as he glared at Natsu.

"let me show you how we really do it~" added Natsu before he disappeared in a blink of an eye and reappeared before falcon punching Acnologia which created a huge shockwave but Acnologia wasn't a king of dragons for nothing as he blocked it too however was still pushed back before Natsu disappeared again and appeared behind him setting on kicking him but Acnologia blocked that as well while smirking before being confused at Natsu's grin "Rinbo: Hengoku!" and with that Acnokogia was hit by an invisible force from all directions making him cough blood with wide eyes before he was kicked at the side of his head by Natsu before being sent flying at tremendous speed towards the forest and crashing there.

"whew~" sighed Natsu in relief before feeling all the shocked eyes on him as he sweat dropped.

"t-this is outrageous! He beat Acnologia just like that!?" thought Irene jaw dropped before she saw Dimaria jump on Natsu confusing her.

"You did it master!" congratulated Dimaria putting Natsu's head on her boobs proudly while Natsu just laughed nervously nodding.

"we aren't done though~ they are still here." said Natsu before looking towards Zeref, Irene and her squad who seemed to be now sweating a bit.

The speechless due aka Irene's squad finally spoke "I-Irene-sama...perhaps it is more beneficial for us to retreat ne?" suggested Heine nervously as Juliet nodded.

"nonsense. This fool with no magic will finally learn what it means to challenge us." said Irene coldly and arrogantly.

"Irene..." called Zeref out calmly making her turn towards him. "it's not as if he does not have magic...its just that you beings who are still on a lower dimension then us can't see our presence." finished Zeref shocking Irene and her squad while Dimaria smirked proudly.

"b-but...your Majesty I can sense yours...!"

"Natsu has far surpassed me...he has ascended to the realm of Gods where only they can equal him in battle." replied Zeref again closing his eyes while Irene and her squad looked like they were about to faint.

Smiling nervously Irene "if what he says is true then...we are in big trouble...will I have to use that? I had it planned for Acnologia but...It seems we have a bigger threat now.." thought Irene nervously.

"ma~ ma~ Zeref-chan~ you flatter me~" said Natsu rubbing the back of his head while grinning sheepishly like Natsu usually would making Irene's eye twitch at his carefree demeanor.

"hai! That's my master alright!" added Dimaria folding her arms proudly...looks like Happy won't be happy with someone stealing his line.

"Dimaria...I'm disappointed you decided to join the enemy.."

"Irene-sama, my loyalty was never with the empire in the first place. I only stayed there to get stronger..but now...I have found a better opportunity." replied Dimaria as she looked at Natsu who just grinned as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I see..." replied Irene solemnly, obviously saddened with this scenario.

"well then Zeref~ the fated battle is finally here hmm?"

"right you are...otouto.." replied Zeref shocking Irene and her squad "OTOUTO!?"

With that Zeref's face darkened as his eyes turned into a deadly shade of red before the air around him started to thicken before the forest that was several miles away from them started to die down displaying just how powerful Zeref was.

And with that "Death Orb" said Zeref before a dark orb appeared in his palm before he fired it towards Natsu however suddenly time stopped in the area as Dimaria seemed to be the only one moving while everyone could see her but could not move.

"don't worry master...this time I shall take care of things!" declared Dimaria before "Take over God Soul: Chronos!" and with that she transformed as Dimaria's body was now cloaked in shadow, with only her jaw being visible and In the darkness of the upper part of her face, two small, bright discs were all that denoted her eyes. Her hair also lengthened significantly making her look like a badass evil dbz warrior.

"wow...that looks badass!" thought Natsu in awe before he went into realization "Wait wtf am I doing? I can use space/time magic too!" and with that Natsu suddenly used Kamui around him before he started being able to move again surprising Dimaria.

"a-as expected of master..!" said Dimaria surprised however she tried to hide it as she pretended like she expected this.

Meanwhile the orb that Zeref had sent was still in mid air stuck in one place before it was warped Inna vortex and disappeared.


Suddenly a crack appeared as if the air around them was breaking apart surprising Dimaria before it fully shattered making time go in a normal pace again.

"h-how?" asked the shocked Dimaria before she looked at the cold eyed of Irene "Dimaria...you greatly underestimate us, and that is your biggest weakness." said Irene as she disappeared in tremendous speed before the transformed Dimaria went flying into the dead forest.

"Dimaria!" worried Natsu before he glared at Irene who blushed and smirked "so he doesn't like it when someone hurts his friends huh...interesting." thought Irene however she did not acknowledge the fact that it made her blush when Natsu glared at her so fiercely because that would be totally out of her character.

However before they could continue any further Dimaria suddenly sprung back as she headed towards Irene in incredible speeds amusing Irene before she blocked Irene's punch with her staff "Age Scratch!" and with that Irene was hit by several clock like hands...or so Dimaria thought before Irene disappeared and reappeared next to Zeref unscathed.

"she isn't the strongest woman for nothing..." thought Dimaria gritting her teeth as she stood next to Natsu.

"you okay?" asked Natsu with concern surprising Dimaria who blushed before she nodded looking away, a bit ashamed for making her master worry.

"well then...Irene...lets see what your truly made of." said Natsu smirking as Irene blushed a bit before she too smiled stepping forward.

"you too, nemises of Acnologia." replied Irene smirking "Natsu Uchiha~" added Natsu suddenly bowing mockingly while Irene closed her eyes remembering his name before suddenly the ground below Natsu looked like it was about to explode...which it did as Natsu surprised couldn't do anything before the ground exploded in a big explosion.

"Master!" worried Dimaria with wide eyes while Irene smirked.

As the smoke cleared away Irene looked a bit surprised but hid it as Natsu emerged out and was clad in his skeletal Susano form "my~ my~ truly a fearsome woman." praised Natsu grinning while Irene tch'd before she pointed his staff at him as a sudden explosion occured in the ground beneath before it started following Natsu who could look surprised before smirking as he started dodging them before he disappeared and reappeared right near Irene surprising her before the explosive spell beneath the ground followed Natsu till there as it exploded right near Irene and Natsu.

"he's really fast...I cant even keep up!" thought Irene surprised as she had shielded herself with a barrier from her own explosion while Natsu stood behind her with his elbow on her shoulder in a playful manner ticking Irene off before she spun around and attempted to kick him which Natsu dodged however a crescent type of explosion occurred where Irene had kicked sending Natsu flying before he recovered.

Smirking with anticipation he wiped the blood of his mouth before saying "so your an enchantress huh? I haven't seen such magic but...as expected of Alvarez's finest~"

"of course~ this is the magic of the new age. not many people who know about old magic know of this, not even Acnologia himself." replied Irene smugly as she smiled sexilly.

"interesting...to be able to create your own magic, that is quite a feat!" praised Natsu grinning his sheepishly grin making Irene blush slightly as she coughed "hold yourself together woman! Your way older then this guy!" thought Irene as she coughed in embarrassment confusing everyone near her before she went back into her cold mode.

Suddenly Natsu diverted his attention towards Dimaria surprising her and annoying Irene at being treated as some side character as her eye twitched.

"but damn Mari~ you have some cool spells! That time stopping thing was sugoi!~" suddenly said Natsu with stars in his eyes as everyone sweat dropped while Dimaria blushed yet again with wide eyes.

"i-it was nothing..." replied Dimaria fidgeting obviously liking Natsu complimenting her but trying not to show it.

"nah nah~ that was definitely something! I wish I could do that... Ah~" said Natsu nodding to himself as he dreamed about stopping time and doing some freaky stuff which we all would do if we could stop time while Dimaria still blushing started poking her fingers at one and other like Hinata does in embarrassment.

"y-your also quite amazing master...!" added Dimaria trying to praise him shyly while Natsu just grinned "why thank you~ but it is nothing compared to you and your badass take over my little kohai~" and with that began the battle of the century which was basically them both trying to outcompliment each other.

Ticked off Irene could only look at the scene before her with a twitching eye and a tick mark clearly annoyed at this while Zeref merely sighed at the scene. "will you guys please shut up!?" said Irene suddenly making them stop as Natsu rubbed the back of his head while Dimaria hmphd towards Irene her attitude taking a 369° turn and Irene's squad were left shocked due to never having seen Irene lose her cool before.

However before they could go any further they heard a loud roar before "UCHIHAAAAA!" roared a certain dragon as he came out of the rubble before flying sky high in his dragon form as he floated glaring at Natsu.

"well shit." said Natsu as he saw Acnologia prepare his most powerful dragon roar yet while Irene, Zeref and Dimaria could only sweat at the sheer power behind the roar.

"if that hits us... There was no way we can survive!" thought Zeref gritting his teeth as he prepared to defend himself.

"there is no escape...! Such overwhelming power...is he planning to wipe out the whole country!?" thought Irene in shock while she contemplated on what to do at seeing Acnologia's roar getting bigger and bigger each second.

"this is bad...I can literally feel the power behind it, if it hits then...not just us but everyone in this country will die!" said Dimaria as a sweat rolled down her forehead.

"Irene!" called Zeref as if motioning her to do something making her widen her eyes before she gritted her teeth and looked at Natsu briefly confusing him before looking back at Acnologia as suddenly charged her magic.

"there is no other choice..! Side effects be damned!" thought Irene nervously before gathering slot of magical power surprising both Natsu and Dimaria.

"what is she planning to do...?" thought Natsu with narrowed eyes while Dimaria thought the same thing along the lines.

"if this succeeds...then there is nothing that can stop us!" thought Irene before suddenly she clasped her hands together before a blinding light flashed everywhere blinding everyone around her.

At the same time Acnologia's roar fully charged was now about to be released however he suddenly heard Irene shout "World Reconstruction Magic, Universe One!" and with that everyone disappeared while the geography of the land started changing.


"what's that light?" said Gray as he covered his eyes while carrying the injured Julia in surprise.

"I can't open my eyes!" yelled Sting as he had his eyes closed from the sheer light.

"too bright..." said Mavis as she lasted on Cana's lap looking all injured and shiz.

And with that the blinding light flashes even more greatly making them cover their eyes as the whole Fiore flashed in a blinding light.

As the blinding light finally died down you could see that the whole geography of Fire had changed as rocks and mountains seemed to exist in strange places while forests appeared in the middle of deserts etc...these abnormal changes confirmed that Irene had used a spell that had reconstructed all of Fiore.

"w-where are we...?" asked Gray as he looked around surprised since he was in the middle of a random place which they did not know along with most of the guild with him.

"what happened to the army!?" said Mira shocked as she looked around as well confused along with everyone who was there with them.

"what...happened?" thought Erza in shock as well as everyone had seemingly left Magnolia and had been teleported somewhere far.

"look! It's Kardia cathedral!...And...Mercurius...?" said Lucy as she point at the two castle like building that were randomly there.

"but how...!? They are in completely different cities!" said Gray obviously also confused..

"Look!" said Warren with shocked eyes as everyone came to him "The geography of Fiore...has completely changed!" declared Warren as he looked at his radar map shocking everyone.


"hmph it seems the results were quite favourable..." said a certain red headed usagi master as she smirked while sitting on a throne in the middle of some big room.

"His Majesty has now been allocated near Fairy Heart and Acnologia has been sent somewhere far away from Fiore, fufufufu this is truly a terrific scenario." laughed Irene obviously very pleased with the results of her spell.

"but...what about that Natsu? I can sense everyone there is yet... He seems to be invisible..hmph no matter, once his Majesty gets Fairy heart then we will be unstoppable." finished Irene smirking sexilly before looking around as she finally acknowledged the soldiers in front of her along with princess Hisui and the King of Fiore.

"now then...where exactly are we..?" asked Irene as she saw the soldiers that were asking her who the she was and what just happened.

Of course they didn't get a chance to speak as suddenly in matter of mere seconds Irene disappeared before reappearing in the same spot as all the soldiers along with Arcadios fell down in pain with hell lot of injuries.

"w-what monstrous strength...!" thought Arcadios on the ground his eye wide as he grimaced in pain.

"I...I beg of you! please! Do what you will! But spare my daughter!" pleaded the King of Fiore as he defensively stood in front of Hisui while Irene merely looked at them before smirking.

Suddenly she motioned her palm towards Hisui before Hisui glowed in a bright light "HISUI!" yelled Toma in worry as he was horrified for what was about to happen.

However before anything could happen "found ya!" said a figure widening Irene's eyes as she stopped her spell leaving Hisui unharmed before Irene was sent flying towards the hard steel walls of the room before impacting as she coughed up blood.

"I was wondering what was gonna happen...but to think you could change all of Fiore in mere seconds...you truly are a fearsome woman, Irene." said the figure smirking while Arcadios, Toma and Hisui looked at him in shock.

"Natsu!/Natsu-kun!" recognized Arcadios, Toma and Hisui with shocked eyes.

"y-you...!" raged Irene with furious eyes as she came out of the rubble glaring at Natsu with murderous eyes.

"he was this close...!?" thought Irene gritting her teeth as she contemplated whether to escape towards Fairy Tail guild where Zeref was or stay and fight.

"now then...its about time the comeback of Fairy Tail began~ Irene-chan~" and with that Natsu disappeared while Irene seeing this disappeared as well before she flew out of the building as Natsu appeared above her before kicking her on the head however she managed to block in time but the impact was still gravity defying as she was sent back down in the castle.

"EHH!? NATSU!?" yelled Lucy as she pointed at the floating figure of Natsu who had just kicked a woman down below the castle.

"We need to go there!" said Erza as she ran into Mercurius along with Gray, Juvia, Lucy, Kagura, Minerva, Mira and Happy

Back with Natsu and Irene~

As Natsu went back down Irene had disappeared before Natsu smirked as he disappeared in a vortex sensing Irene had already been flying towards to what he sensed as Zeref at high speeds.

"you wont escape." said Natsu grinning as he appeared in front of Irene shocking her however she merely raised her palm at him before an explosion occurred around Natsu while Irene increased her speed to reach the Fairy Tail guild.

"almost there...!" thought Irene as the Fairy tail came in sight over the horizon as she flew faster.

However suddenly she felt something grab her legs as she widened her eyes before her flight came into a halt as she was slammed in the ground courtesy of Natsu.

"Argh!" cried Irene in pain as she coughed blood from the impact which created a huge shock wave due to the force.

Meanwhile with Erza and everyone...

"NATSU!" shouted Erza as she suddenly entered the throne room before looking at all the injured soldiers and a scared Hisui with Toma and an injured Arcadios helping her.

"what happened!?" asked Gray shocked before Arcadios walked near them explaining them the events that unfolded.

"shit we were too late...!" cursed Gray.

"guys look!" said Lucy loudly as she pointed at a building in the distance from the balcony.

"is that...?" recognized Erza surprised.

"it's the guild!"

"what the hell is it doing on top of that rock!?"

"let's go and find out!" and with that they all left towards the guild not knowing that Spriggan 12 and their army was just waiting for them.

Back with Natsu and Irene~

"this is bad...*cough*" said Irene as she got up on all fours coughing blood before feeling something impact the ground with great force as she looked up seeing Natsu who seemed to be grinning carefreely as usual.

"it is indeed~" replied Natsu folding his arms grinning before he sensed that certain two individuals were very near him along with the rest of the Spriggan 12.

"my~ my~ poor Mavis is all alone in there with some scary guys~" commented Natsu as he looked at the Fairy Tail guild which was isolated on top of a big rock with an enormous amount of soldiers below it defending the whole area, while Irene looked at him confused before realizing something as she got up "yes...once His Majesty gets Fairy Heart...then not even you will be able to stop him." replied Irene as she recovered from her injuries looking completely fine now as if nothing happened.

"Fairy Heart huh...so that's what he was after.." relazied Natsu shocking Irene "y-you didn't even know? Why are you fighting us in the first place then!?" asked Irene in shock.

"cause... " Irene was expecting him to say something epic but "I was bored." and with that Irene looked at him with wide eyes...before she suddenly bursted out in laughter.

"hahahahahaa! you...you are a complete idiot...I like it!" said Irene as she clutched her stomach before wiping a tear from her eye at this idiot individual.

"err...thanks?" said Natsu as he rubbed the back of his head as Irene stopped laughing finally.

"no problem~" replied Irene smiling warmly while Natsu was thinking wtf was happening.

"funny how one second I was running from this guy and now I'm laughing..." thought Irene sweatdropping.

"well then I think it's about time I go and save Mavis~ and finally put an end to this stupid war." said Natsu grinning his signature grin which now had gotten past Irene's barriers as she blushed.

And with that he disappeared heading towards the guild while Irene looked shocked thinking "he might be powerful but...did he even see the number of soldiers that are guarding this place!? Not to mention all of the Spriggan 12 members are on top of that big rock with the guild! there is no way he can defeat all of us at the same time along with Zeref!" thought Irene shocked and stupiefied at Natsu who was going there alone in front of an army of millions with even stronger foes behind that army as she reached the front of the guild before standing at the hill looking down towards the lone figure of Natsu in front of the whole army grinning.

"he is...truly a complete idiot! Hahahaha!" laughed Irene laughing in amazement and the fact that she found his bravery funny.

"Irene-sama?" called Jacob Lessio confused as everyone of the Spriggan 12 gathered along with Zeref and Mavis who were looking at Irene confused.

"No...! It's him..! It's the monster! AHHHHH! " screamed the 'recovered' Ajeel in shock as he pointed towards the lone figure before he grabbed his hair chanting "monster" uncontrollably.

Everyone looked at the lone figure in shock who was standing in front of the whole army in the distance.

"N-Natsu...!" said Mavis shocked as she recognized the figure from the distance.

"so he is the one who did this to Ajeel..?" asked Rahkeid with his hands in a praying motion.

"he is truly a fearsome individual..." said August in his transformed state.

"he's got alot of balls to be facing us alone.. Kihihihi" said Wahl Icht smirking.

"don't worry~! God Serena will save you!" said God Serena as he did some ridiculous poses which everyone ignored.

"He will be a good addition for my collection..." whispered Nienhart grinning.

"this will be troubling..." thought the 'recovered' Invel narrowing his eyes at the figure.

"DONT BE AFRAID MAVIS! IM RIGHT HERE!" yelled Natsu as loud as he could while grinning which Mavis seemed to have heard before tears came out of her eyes uncontrollably.

"hai...Natsu...!" cried Mavis as Zeref scowled along with all the spriggan 12 members who were like wtf was happening except Irene who still seemed to be watching Natsu with an amused expression.

Meanwhile near Fairy Tail...

"there it is..!" said Gray as they came close to the guild before they were all shocked at where it exactly was.

"it looks so..isolated..!" added Erza with narrowed eyes.

"the number of soldiers is unreal..." added Lucy as a sweat rolled down her forehead at looking the sheer numbers of army.

"DONT BE AFRAID MAVIS! IM RIGHT HERE!" yelled a certain figure widening Erza and everyone's eyes who were near watching Fairy Tail from the distance.

"t-that voice...!" said Erza shocked

"l-look...!" yelled Kagura as she pointed at Natsu who was standing in front of the whole army who seemed to be at a stand still due to the tension.

"t-that idiot...! Is he intending on facing them alone!?" yelled Gray as he prepared to jump down and rush towards the battlefield to help Natsu.

"t-that guy...He will never change.." said Lucy smiling as she followed Gray "Aye Sir! That's Natsu alright! A pure badass!" said Happy as he flew at high speeds towards Natsu.

And with that everyone else followed suit intending on helping Natsu and take back the guild...albeit a bit earlier then they expected.

At the same time with some more individuals...


"Mari! There he is...!" yelled Brandish as Dimaria's eyes widened at seeing Natsu in the distance.

"let's hurry!" replied Dimaria as she rushed towards Natsu at insane speeds along with Brandish.

Meanwhile with another individual far far away from Fiore...

"UCHIHAAAA!" roared a certain dragon as he stood in the middle of a huge crater that he had caused due to his roar, however soon water started to fill the crater as slowly the whole area near him was filled indicating he was right in the middle of the ocean before he flew up in anger.

"I will definitely kill you...just you wait...!" thought Acnologia in anger as he made his way back to Fiore in high speeds.

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