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Harry Potter and the Alteran Gift

Chapter 1

The story starts right after Dumbledore finished talking to Harry on the 'Hogwarts Express' after he was AK'd by Voldemort, during the walk back to the school carried by Hagrid...


"Harry, Harry..., can you hear me?" said an unknown woman's voice in his head.


Authors Note:

Chapter 1 is deleted in its entirety for the good of the world (and anyone else who might try to read this story).

It was terrible. It was also the very first chapter in the very first fan-fiction I ever tried to write, and I agree with the critics when I say, "Yup, it sucked."

So, here is a very terse summary of what happened in its place. Therefore you still have the background or introduction necessary to read the rest of the story.



(formerly known in an AU as Chapter 1)

After Harry returned to his body when he finished talking to Dumbledore "in between" at King's Cross station, the ascended Alteran "Ancient" Ganos Lal otherwise known as Morgana Le Fey hitchhiked back with him to give him some advice, and in so doing for another grand purpose, again making him "the chosen one."

She used the ten minutes or so of time where Harry is pretending to still be dead, while carried by Hagrid back to the castle, to give him some interesting news and clues about the Deathly Hallows. Essentially she convinced him not to destroy the wand and break up the set, which she foresaw him doing after the battle that was to come.

In Harry's delirium of partial consciousness and recovery during the walk back, he first thought he was hallucinating the voice in his head. But, gradually came to believe and accept it assuming that this sort of thing was his lot in life. She briefly answered a couple of his questions, while being purposely obscure. Her only real intention was to get him to keep and unite the three Deathly Hallows and all would fall in to place thereafter.


On with the story without the terrible attempt to write that scene using dialog between the two.

Spoiler Alert for other/future stories. After completing this story, I learned my lesson and I do not attempt to tell the majority of the story through dialog anymore (apparently it is a weakness of mine). Future and later stories focus more on narrating the story with dialog inserted for flavor and as useful from time to time.