Looking out the window the female sighed slightly. Boredom over came her. She was doing her normal household chores, though it was her birthday. Nothing extravagant happened, nothing new...though she secretly wished something anything happened.

"Bella!" the youngster's mother called her.

Bella thought when you turned thirteen, a parade or something was supposed to a celebration into your teenage; young adult years..guess not.

"Coming momma!" she shouted back innocently, grabbing her favourite doll. she inwardly laughed, she wanted to be recognized as a young adult, but just couldn't get rid of this.

The girl walked down the rickety steps of her house, and down the small hallway. Turning the corner, she seen her parents. The two smiled at her widely, as Bella seen a nice cake on the table, with a single lit candle on it.

She was overjoyed.

"Thanks mommy and daddy!" Bella ran up to them, embracing the two. The child haven't had cake in the longest of time.

Her family was rather poor, the only way they get by, is from their farm. Crops aren't growing all that well this they weren't making as much money as they should.

"Make a wish," Bella's father says sweetly to her, he ruffles the girl's thick curly brown hair.

"Yes," her mother agrees.

Bella, her parents..she loves them so. The young female's father is a colonist in this 'new world' as they call it. Her mother is African, so their relationship isn't really recognized. They can't interact in public.

The wish that Bella makes...oh I can't share that or it won't come true.

As she blew out the candle, she gives a soft glowing grin, "Thanks mama, papa," the youngster embraced her parents, Bella's mother giggles, kissing her nose.

"Okay silly goose, time to open your present." her mother hands her a small piece of cloth, wrapped with a white ribbon. She took it with care, as she unravelled the ribbon, placing it on the table. It was a neckless, and it looked expensive.

"It was your grandmother's," Bella's mother said tis softly, her voice sounding like silk.

"Thank you," she starts to tear, the girl was grateful.

The young female brings her parents close, her father kisses both her and her mother's forehead.

"My ladies." saying this with a calm smile.

Bella eyed her father, tired eyes, his brown hair has a streak of white in it. How did they manage to get her a cake, she didn't know. Bella could also see the tiredness in her mother's eyes.

"I love you both." the girl said this with a small smile.

There was a sudden bang on the door. Bella's mother quickly grabbed her hand, running up the steps, and hiding in the hall closet. Her father opened the door. Red coats.

Bella was stiff with fear, running all through her veins, like a poison. Her mother noticed this as she ran calming fingers through her hair, and Bella instantly relaxed.

Faint mumbles were heard downstairs, though her father's voice was distinguishable amongst all of them. there was only two red coats, and by listening to the conversation they got separated from the rest of their regime.

Bella's father came upstairs quietly, opening the door, though the young girl jumped slightly, she thought her father was a red coat.

"They are going to stay here for awhile.." her father had despair in his voice, as to her mother, she just nodded, unmindful; continuing to fingers in her hair. In deep thought.

Soon enough, the British came upstairs, "Who ya' talkin' to?" a heavy accent was on the noisier one of the two. He was taking to Bella's father.

"My slaves." her father said this with a pained expression, Bella's mother flinched, as well as Bella.

"Oh, tobacco pickers eh?" it hurt Bella's feeling, but didn't hurt as much from when her father said something like that.

"Can I rent them? Or can I buy the young one? She'll make the perfect house slave, beautiful eyes."

Bella tilted her head to the side, people always said she had nice eyes, of course she does, she has her father's. But, the other red coat squinted, looking at Bella closely.

"Is she your daughter?"

Bella's father inwardly jumped, his face drained though he kept a calm face, his features strong. "Yes, she is." saying this with much confidence and pride.

There was a bang. It took a minute for Bella to realize what just occurred. Her father was dead on the floor. The girl was dazed. Shook. Scared.

"Father!" Bella went to go grab him, but her mother swept the child off her feet, making a run for it on the stairs.

The red coats where tailing them, close, and another bang was heard.

"Shite.." he r mother said this in a whisper. Bella dazed.

Nonetheless, Bella and her mother made it to the trail, just outside their farm. They didn't have much time.

"Bella, child..there is so much I should've told you but didn't. Momma loves you though.." her voice was strained, pained.

Bella was still in shock, her mother's words where empty; she was dipping in and out of conscience.

"Focus Bella," her mother's voice still soft as silk, how?

"I need you to go to the Davenport Household and find a man by the name of Achilles. He will take care of you..." her mother started to cough up blood, she touched Bella's face gently, "Go, stay hidden in the trees, it"ll keep you safe from the wolves," her mother paused, needing for air. Bella glanced at her gunshot ws bad.

"D-Don't let the red coats catch you. Remember to be safe and I love you, now go." she coughed again.

"Momma! I"m not leaving you!" desperation was clear in her voice.

"Go! Don't look back!" she yelled, in all of Bella's thirteen years, she has never heard her mother yell.

She shook her head, tears streaming like a river, planting a kiss on her mother's forehead. "I love you momma." she meant for it to come out clear, but instead it came out in a whisper.

The girl turned, running into the wood, looking back, she already seen the wolves circling her. The girl started to cry even harder as she ran faster.

Jumping from another tree, Bella almost missed a branch, but she made it after running all day.

She sits in the tree, reflecting on the events that had just occurred earlier in the morning. she sobs, but she realizes that she must go on. it was her mothers orders. The girl wipes the tears off her face, sitting down observing her surrounds. Bella then hears the sickening beats of drums. Red coats.

"Scouts," the girl mumbled to herself as she continued her journey. Soon enough, the ends up in front of a big mansion.

"This must be it.." the comment comes out with a sniffle, s she knocks on the door. An old, African man opens the door.

"Hello, good evening your name Achilles by any chance?"

The old man looked at her closely, as he slouched leaning into his cane.

"Who wants to know?" he asked carefully, his voice sounding constricted.

"My mother sent me here.."

"Her name?"

"Celia" she said this carefully.

The old man's eyes got wide, as he let Bella in.

"Is she alright?"

Bella stayed quiet, she wanted to cry.

"I see..." the old man paused as he continued. "You will start your training tomorrow and there's another child around your age here as well, you two should get along well." he said with a smirk.

Bella was confused.

Training? For what?

She brushes the thought aside as the elder man brought her to a room. The room in her opinion smelled weird, in fact the entire house was a livid mess.

"What's that smell?" she asks, trying not sound rude.

"Must be mold or something, there was a leak in this room a long time ago, if you don't like it, clean it yourself." with that, he left the room. No goodnight or anything.

Bella looks around, examining the room, it was just an average bed, and desk in the room. One lit candle.

The girl decided to go to bed, she had a long day. Laying down in the bed she looked up at the ceiling.

"Eww," Bella found the mold, gross.

The female tries not to think about her parents too mch, and just tries to get some much needed rest.

The girl feels something in her pocket, it was her locket.

"At least I didn't lose this." she whispers softly to herself, crying to sleep.