Memory 1

"Ouch!" Connor and Bella was sparring in the basement. It was early morning, and she is exhausted.

"You punched me in the cheek!" the female scolded Connor, he shrugged. The male grabbed her hand, bringing me close. He examined her cheek closely, though he didn't mean anything by it. The native was just honesty looking at her cheek.

Bella blushed lightly.

"You'll be fine. I didn't hit you that hard." he said simply. Bella pouts.

"Let's just take a break, I think Achilles is leaving anyways." crossing her arms, irked.

Connor says nothing. He just stretches, not making any eye contact. Bella just rolls her eyes.

Bella realized, in this moment that she envied Connor. He was always better than her at almost everything. She recalls the time, when she first time she showed up to the Homestead, Connor already knew most of the material that Achilles has taught them. The female used to remember the nights that she would stay up late, studying. Though, the next morning she would be tired.

The two head upstairs, as Bella yawned. She was also hitting the books the night before. Walking outside, she felt the brisk winter wind, looking around she caught the light snowfall. Bella has always loved the snow. The young girl followed Connor down the porch, as she saw a hare running through the bushes with its family. It reminded Bella, that she indeed once had parents of her own. She grinned. Most of Bella's best memories with her parents, was during the winter.

As the snowflakes slowly fell, Bella reached her and out to touch the snow, she watched it melt. The female exhaled lightly how something beautiful such as even a tiny snowflake, disappears just as fast as it came. The two walk to the carriage where Achilles was waiting, patiently.

"Good morning." he eyed the both of them, with a look of amusement.

"To you as well." Connor says, he gave a small smile.

"Morning." Bella says with a wave, her hands behind her back.

"Taking a trip?" Connor asks, the male was curious.

"I've decided to do something about the house. You two are going to help me." pointing his cane at the house, "Get in." he then knocks the side of the carriage with his cane.

Connor and Bella look at each other, he opens the door for the female; a kind gesture. Bella gives a smile as a 'thank you'.

They head off.

Connor and Bella emerge from the carriage. It was different. Amazment, running through the both of them. Bella was looking at all the different people. Merchants hustling at their stands. People bustling about getting to their destinations. Another thing the two noticed, was the architecture. The buildings made of brick, not wood. Bella then noticed the smell of bread, and her mouth watered slightly. A bakery was nearby.

The native stared at a lady walking past with a parcel.

"Don't stare." Achilles hit Connor with the cane. lightly. Bella snickered, as she pointed at him.

"Sorry." the male says looking down, ashamed. When Achilles started to walk past, the native just gave Bella a look, rolling his eyes. She sticks her tongue out at him. The two does these gestures at one other when Achilles wasn't looking, the two didn't want to get scolded.

"Come on you two." Achilles hollered, leaning on his cane turning slightly as they followed.

"This place is incredible..." Connor started, as Bella zoned out.

She observed the different people, and things. She noticed that a dog started to follow her, as she grinned. Bella bent down to pet it, as the girl caught back up with Connor and Achilles. The girl glanced, down the street from where the bakery was, she really wants to go though, she was too shy and nervous to ask. Plus, she didn't want Connor to think of her as a child.

But she could agree with Connor on one thing, this place is incredible.

They stop walking.

"There's a store close to here. You two are to buy the items on this list. Tell them where the carriage is-and they'll see it's loaded. Understood?" Achilles said, handing the native a paper with a list of items on them.

Connor puts the paper away into his pocket.


Bella just nods as a response.

"Remember, your name is Connor, also, if any one asks you are from Spanish background." he says sternly. Bella was confused as to why the old man said that to Connor, but didn't question it, "and Bella...if anyone asks, you are from Spanish background as well." she shakes her head.

The female despises the fact that just by the color of your get treated so.

"Alright, off you go you two." he pushes them both with his cane.

Off the two go, they start their journey in this new place. Both of their minds wandering, in their own respective wonderland. But, eventually Bella breaks the silence.

"It's amazing here!" she says to him, a smile plastered on her face. Though Connor just looks at her, a small grin creeping onto his face. The female though she was seeing things. But, they eventually get to the store, as Connor opens the door; Bella following.

The first thing the duo noticed was a fire-place, and the shop had a homey feel.

"You two lost?!" the male behind the counter snapped at them. Bella got angered, but said not a word.

She doesn't know if Connor realized the man's rudeness. Or, if he just ignored it altogether. The male walked up to the man, taking out the list Achilles had made, placing it on the counter, "I need the items on this list."

"Will you be paying in coin or trade?" the man was still uncivilized with his tone.

I can't believe this.

Connor pulled out the pouch of coins, as he sat it on the table. The man behind the counter, face lights up instantly. Bella thought he was a pig from hell. She frowned.

"Some of these things I have, some of them I don't..." she just rolled her eyes, as she walks away from the counter as Connor continues to talk to the man.

Her mind wanders yet that bakery. She really wants to go. But, the 'grown up' in her is saying to fight these urges. she was contemplating with herself silently. Soon enough, Connor taps her shoulder.

"Come on." he says to her softly, as they emerge out of the store, "You're such an air head."

She squints at the male next to her, Bella was going to say something, but then Connor and her noticed the people rioting.

Red coats where holding back some people, and others being beat by some of the people. The two jump as red coats run up and tackle one man to the ground. Three against one, that's not fair. Connor grabs Bella's hand, as he pulls her.

Bella hates it when he does this...babies her. Like a child. He's only a year older than the figured that their age difference wasn't by much at all, so he's just as much of a child as her.

Turning the corner, they see Achilles standing there, peacefully. Though it was weird to see that, he was calm, the exact opposite of those angry rioters around him.

"What happened?" Connor asked.

"That's what we're going to find out. Follow me." Achilles had turned around, as the two followed him down the rest of the street.

People shouting various things. Rioters being oppressed by the guards, it was crazy. Bella wasn't used to all. She never really knew that she wasn't one for big crowds, until now. A man brushed passed her, as he knocked her to the ground. Bella was now furious. Though, Achilles had taught her that her emotions mustn't run her.

"Ow.." rubbing the back of her head as she says this.

Connor gives a hand out to her, helping the female up, and the anger dissipates, just as fast as it came.

"You alright?" his voice calm, like always.

"Yes. Thank you." he just nods as a response, Achilles is way ahead of the two, though the duo has not a clue how the man got such ahead of them, he walks with a limp. They catch up, and as they do, a red coat talks with haste in his voice, on a front porch of a nearby house.

"I say disperse! Congregating in this manner is forbidden!" the man was trying to stay civil with his words, trying not to anger the crowd even more.

"Why don't you go back to England!?" a man shouts, he's stands close to Connor, unconsciously. Bella can tell that this was gong to get hectic.

"No good can come of this chaos! Return to your homes, and all will be forgiven." the man was getting furious himself. The red coats on the perimeter, keeping the shouting citizens back.

"Never!" another man shouts. Soon enough more people are shouting and screaming. She can't really make out what most of the people are saying from all the noise. She watches the people continuing to riot, until Achilles started to talk.

"There." he pointed his cane in the direction of a man. He was handsome actually, and spiffy. The English man was talking to another.

"Is that my...father?" Connor asked carefully, he had hope in his voice.

Bella was very much curious. Connor never really talked about his parents to her. The native has only ever mentioned his mother once to her. But, didn't really elaborate. She only knew about his father because Achilles had told the two about him. He must die, unfortunately.

"Yes. Which means trouble is sure to follow." Achilles paused, he watched the man closely. He wasn't far away, about six feet away. "I need you and Bella both to tail his accomplice." the old man looks forward, not at the two youngsters. "This crowd is a powder keg - we can't allow him to light the fuse."

"But-" Connor was cut off.

"But nothing! Do as I say and go; keep each other safe." Achilles says, he grabs Connor's arm, pushing him. The boy grabs Bella's hand out of nervousness, lacing their fingers. The two start their very first mission.

Following the man, they walked down street. Soon enough ending up down a more secluded man had stopped, dead in his tracks. He held a musket. Connor pulled both himself and Bella behind the building. The two where scared that they had gotten caught. The two held their breaths, silently hoping that wasnt the case. After about a long minute, Connor peered slightly around the corner into the alley, to check if the man was still suspicious of anyone was following him. Connor reached over squeezing Bella's hand gently, he was was she.

But by then, the man already headed up the latter to the roof of a building. The native and Bella followed upwards, taking the ladder following after the man. The girl was apprehensive about the entire situation. What if the man sees them...then what?

Connor shook his head, easily telling that Bella was scared out of heer mind, the boy ruffled her thick curly hair, as he walked behind the man quietly. The female blushed.

The suspicious individual raised his weapon, about to shoot, though Connor had already grabbed the male, taking him out with his tomahawk. The deed was done. Bella bit her lip. Connor, kept quiet, as did she. Though she exhaled, realizing Connor in fact did not kill the man, but just injured him badly.

The native pulled the individual up by his shirt, "Your plot has ended."

"Not quite." he reverted his eyes to another man on the building across.

Who is that?

The man had a sinister grin on his face as he fired his gun, though up in the red coats down below got angered, as they started to randomly fire at civilians down below. It was chaos. The man on the building across walked away, as if he did nothing. Bella was shocked, as she reverted her eyes back down below, innocent people dying and getting arrested. It was all just a huge misunderstanding. But soon, Connor's father pointed us out to a red coat.

Bella physically face palms herself, as Connor grabs my hand, "Come on!"

"Okay!" she shouted back as they both jump off the roof, then doing a roll to take down the impact a bit.

The two continue to run, as the bells were ringing...notifying everyone that they are on the run...for something that they didn't even do! Bella followed Connor closely, as he darted into an alley, yea...directly into a group of red coats.

"Oi!" one yelled, starting to chase them.

Bella wasn't tired, though she's not much of a runner. The female hates to run.

"Pick up the pace!"

Okay. Connor needs to relax. Like really.

"You need to relax!" she shouts back, keeping up with him. She was now running beside him.

Oh boy. Now we're fighting, at a time like this.

"Look! We need to get out of this!"

"Understood! But, I'm not the one who did this; your father did!" Connor gave me the death glare. If looks can kill, she'd be dead in an instant. The native roughly grabs Bella's wrist, pulling her. She cries aloud, as they did a sharp turn to a backyard of an apartment building. Both, jumping into a hay stack. They wait silently. After about ten minutes, they gave up on finding them, the native and Bella emerge from the hay.

"So-" she gets cut off.

"There's no need to apologize. We must find Achilles." he doesn't make eye contact with the girl at all.

Smooth Bella. Just smooth.

She mentally slaps herself.

Following Connor, she noticed that his features are still tense from what she had said. Parents...a very sensitive subject for the both of them. She felt terrible for saying two walk in silence for a bit., heading to the docks. it was getting late as well.

"Over here." a man calls them over. Bella glances at the boy next to her, Connor shrugs as Bella follows him towards the man.

"You're Achilles' boy. Connor, was it? I saw what happened at the Town House. A fine mess, that." The male said to Connor, Bella clears her throat. It got his attention, though he just smiled.

It's okay I'm just a girl.

Bella rolls her eyes in disgust.

"Who are you?" the native asked carefully.

"Samuel Adams. At your service." he held his hand out to Connor, though he didn't shake it. He took his hand back.

Bella figured that Connor doesn't understand the concept of a handshake? She'll teach him that later...well when he's not angry with her.

"Achilles asked me to get you both out of Boston."

Oh? Now he acknowledges my existence.

"Explain." Bella says this with utter annoyance in her voice. She's tired and just wants to hit the sack.

"The whole city's looking for you both.." the male trails off, looking around to make sure no one was watching the, or listening. He was cut off by a man in the crowd.

"Oye! Oye! Two criminals stalks the streets. One male, other female. Both wanted for the connection at the Town House. Citizens are advised to call the guards if they where to see them. Ten pounds to the person that bring these madmen to justice." the man points at the poster, as he walks away.

Great..the first time in my life I visit Boston, and I'm a wanted criminal.

"What are we supposed to do?" the native asked.

Adams walked up to the tree, pushing another man out the way to get to it, "Well, for starters, you both can take the posters down. When you two have taken them all down, return to me." Connor and Bella nods, as they walk away to complete this task.

Walking down the street she exhaled, it was late, and was snowing softly. The female stretches her muscles, mentally overviews the day. It was crazy, and far from over. They end up at that bakery she wanted to go to, as Bella mentally face palms herself, seeing that there was a poster there.

The way the people had drawn them was the exact opposite of how they actually looked, Connor had his hair in his face, and the way they drew Bella, she looked like a native as well.

Hm~ weird.

Connor teared the poster down. He's still mad at the female, she bites her lip eventually finish taking all the posters down around the city. So, the two find Adams again.

"Ah, Connor; Bella. I'd like you too meet my friend Cyrus." Adams said to them both.

"Is it.. Are they the killers..?" he said shakily, Connor instantly goes into an offensive mode, walking up to Cyrus.

"Peace. Cyrus is on our side...well at least for the right price he will be." Adams pushed Connor back slightly, then reverting his eyes back to Cyrus.

Bella laugh noticed the looks the three men were giving her.

"Sorry," she says quietly.

Bella thought she saw Connor crack a smile again.

Two smiles in one day? Wow, I'm on a roll.

"Watch this." Adams said with a grin, placing coins in Cyrus' man cleared his throat.

"Oye! Oye! Word has reached us that the both the man and woman responsible for today's shooting may have actually been in disguise! A wig and makeup tin were found near the scene of the crime. Witnesses described a middle-aged man, and woman of pale complexion, heading towards the wharves, rifle in the male's arm."

The red coats were confused as to the description Cyrus just gave. They looked back at the poster in their hands and nodded.

Idiots. Bella laughed to herself.

"Thank you, kindly." Connor said to Cyrus, it was genuine.


"Come on then. There's still one last bit of work to do." Adams said to them both, Bella nods. Connor does the same.

This night is obviously going to get a bit more interesting.

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