Ch1: Beacon

This place again. At least no buildings are around here. "Now that you're here the plan will begin," said an unknown, raspy voice in the background. The voice spoke again saying, "First in your journey, you must die" Looking around frantically, the boy shouts to the sky confused, "NOT NOW AND NEVER WILL THAT HAPPEN!" While he is shouting, he runs to escape the invisible voice. That is until he hears a girl's soft voice. This new voice says, "Should we wake him?" A second female voice replies with, "Yes we should."

Back into reality, the boy shoots up off of the floor when he feels like he's being shaken then kicked in the side. The boy shouts, "OW! What the FUCK was THAT for?" The girl who appears to have shiny silver hair with blue streaks in it replied to him "We woke you up . You're welcome "The boy nodded his head in thanks then spotted a second girl. This girl had blond hair and golden eyes.

"Let's go sis" The golden haired girl said to the other. After blondie says that, she takes her sister's jacket and tugs on it , practically pulling her by it. As she is getting pulled , the sliver calls out to the boy, " The names' Argent!" The boy , still on the ground amused says back , " Kyle Excalibur; and thanks for waking me up ! I apprecia-"

"SHUT UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT! ," Said a girl wearing all black. The boy recoiled at that remark and shot back, " Why the hell should I? and who ar-" He started but was cut off by blackie who said , " Laura Baulding and you're the person who caused everything to be destroyed, Time to die a painful death ." Blackie shoots wired out of the tips of her gloves like spiderman. The wires wrap themselves up Kyle's arms and legs. Kyle thinks of a phrase to help him . Call upon fear at his swords hydra, Nora , vortex , and shadow , to merge. He rounded them both in a dark hex. He uses the wind to trap Laura in a vortex with no oxygen.

"That should allow you to use monstrous powers," Laura says to Kyle. Kyle responds, " so what if it is? That beast destroyed your home before I even got there." "LIER I WILL kill you" Laura snapped at him. While the vortex loosens , Kyle swings his sword which sends a very hot and powerful flame wave at Laura just to scare her. " Don't you dare try to kill someone with out even meaning it!"

-A little while later not on the transport-

A girl with blue streaked , brown hair comes up to Kyle. " I saw what you did inside of the transport." Kyle responds, "I have no clue what you are talking about miss.." " Nelliel Arrancar. But you can call me Nel and I mean to lire and get stronger," said Nel. Kyle replied back to her , " let me explain the plan behind it Nel. It's so that people can live and not have to fight. This is because I was born for combat. I have truly been alone since I was five years old. Both of my parents were killed by my powers of dust. Which attracts creatures of Grimm, so I never have been in one location long. This is my first time staying at a location for more than a few days.

"In the six months that I've been here, I have been hunted by nine different huntsmen/hunteress. Two of them being Ozpin , and Glynda Goodwitch. They hunted me down to go to Beacon or stay alone forever. Obviously I chose the better one for myself. You see why right Nel?"

Nel responds to him , " Well that's sad , but at least you have a home for now" " Nel do you know where we are?" Kyle asks Nel. She responds, " Not a clue." Kyle starts walking off after telling her , " ill be right back Nel." Nel yells after him , " Where the HELL do you think you're going?" " To freeze someone for hurting that fanus over there." Kyle responds and smirks as he draws his ice sword and fuses it with his flame sword, all to make a sword that can make a flame that goes at least below zero degrees. He walks over , getting ready to swing the sword when it was blocked by a guy with flames on the bottom of his jacket .

"Get out of my way now!" Kyle shouts. "Hell no!" Retorts the unknown flame guy. This flame guy smirks and yells , " Now lets turn up the heat!" As he says that , blue flames consume his sword. They both start explosively swinging at each other, cause a mess to the poor ground. Both of them strike fire and ice through the air at each other. One final strike lands both of them on the ground with a burn on their arm.

A girl with golden hair pops up with two revolvers pointed at the two swordsmen, at point blank range none the less. " put the swords down," The girl scolds. " Relax Liness" another , really familiar , voice told the gun girl. " Hey kyle, why are you fighting him?" "He just got in the way when I wanted to freeze someone for bullying a fanus. Now GET THAT FUCKING GUN OUT OF MY FACE DARNIT!" Kyle says frantically and with a pissed mark on his forehead. " I'm sorry I didn't know. You should've said something sooner" Liness said sweetly. Then her face darkened. " how do I know you are not lying?"

Another mysterious voice answered in the background. " he's not lying. How can someone make a beautiful picture with fire and ice and not be evil." Liness gets an irk mark and tells the voice , "Please show yourself and who are you anyway?" A young girl comes out from behind a tree. She has blood red hair and grey eyes. " The name's Riza G. Zero, pleased to meet you." " Thanks do you know there we are supposed to go? Liness asks Riza . Riza blinks and replies , " Through the front door…" Liness then face palms.

-inside the building-

"This year we will be trying a new method and sending you on long time missions just for practice." Ozpins voice booms. " You will find out who is on your team and room mates are until the new placement test next year." Glyndas voice said in a quitter voice , but is still heard. " So get some rest tonight because you will all need it."

-After dinner but before bed-

Where is that girl? She should be done by now. Riza wonders. " Oi Kyle have you seen a girl with lime green hair?" He turn his head over in her direction and answers , " No why?" Riza sighs , " Because she was not at the meeting spot." " sorry I couldn't be of help." Kyle says sadly. Then goes back over to what he was doing. " Kyle wait what are you doing and why out a window?" She raises her eyebrows at the scene of a rope going out the window. " Oh you know just trying to slip away from the room to find a quiet place to sleep." He sweatdrops. Riza replies , " Ok well good luck with that I guess."

While on the ledge, kyle grabs the stone using on of his swords to make a grove to climb upwards until he reached the top. While he was climbing, he he heard a song being sung on the roof.

"That was a fun climb." Kyle says to himself. " It looked hard to do though." Said a female voice which startled kyle into almost falling off the roof side. " Mind if I join you?" She says while trying not to laugh. " no I don't mind, but who are you?" " Cenai Crystala , but please just call me CC." CC told him. "Do you know a girl named Riza Zero by any chance?" Kyle asks her. " Yes I do why?" C.C. responds. " She may or may not be looking for you." C.C. let out a sigh and told him , " I know she is, but I told her that I would be up here."

Kyle wondered about the singing earlier. " Um C.C. who was that singing earlier?" C.C. shrugged and responded, " Must have been the purple haired girl who I had passed on the way up here on the stairs." Kyle yawned and said , " Well I'm going to sleep up here tonight . You could too if you want to ." C.C. smiled. " I would like that ."

They both pretty much fall asleep on the roof the whole night and eventually slip back into the room before anyone wakes up or sees them up there.