Ch. 3 The darkness that is revealed

-The Cliff-

"I will save all of them from a fate worse than death." Within the sphere of light Kyle's wounds start heel. When his wounds were healed the sphere turned blood-red and grey armor appeared covering his chest, shoulders for arms, pelvis , lower legs, and head giving him a pale blue cape that flash red now and then. Kyle calls his swords one more time to merge. Then he calls the Grimm over to him by sending a slash of energy.

The monster charges at Kyle. Kyle place his blade in the ground reading his stance. When the Grimm was close enough Kyle jump in to the air then punch the Grimm in the skull hard enough to cause an impact crater, do to the armor in creasing his strength and speed to epic proportions but also draining his energy at the same time. While the beast was gaining its balance Kyle round house it sending it back away from the cliff. Kyle grabs his sword then charges in at a blinding rate.

When he was close enough Kyle start slashing at increasing strength. Realizing how much energy he had left. Kyle used his trump card Dimensional slash which takes them both in to arsenal. Separating the swords to circle around the Grimm. Walking forward with his right eye like a leviathan eye and left the shape of a dragons. Grabbing a sword closest to him he charges in after each hit switch swords those that where made of pure dust shattered and the paralytics of dust in to each open cut wait to go off at the right moment. After he went thought all of his swords he closed arsenal. With his remaining strength drawing chaos to send one final strike at the Grimm. Ripping the breast apart from the inside. Using the power known as forge to turn the the remains and some of his bood in to a new sword name Chimera. With that final strike and forge Kyle collapses from the strain on his body.

-Nurses wing-Hours later

Kyle wakes to find a Twin tailed female fanus with pink hair stinking a needle in his arm drawing blood. " Please tell me what you are up to since i doubt you are a school nurse" Kyle said.

"We will meet again" She said after sticking another needle in his side knocking him out.

-Dream plain-

"Time to get up Kyle from the dream you be living in all this time" said the voice from his nightmare.

"Tell who you are." said Kyle.

"We are the source of the forges you use,"said the warm voice, "The Dragon and Leviathan."

"What do you what from me." said Kyle

"Right now we want you to see a small glimpse of the your future." Said the Dragon.

"look here boy" Said Leviathan

The image showed Kyle leading a team of twelve and the person closes to him had fingers interlocked.

"Time to wake now sweet Kyle" said the Dragon

-assignment of teams-

"Kyle Excalibur, Nelliel Arrancar, Riza G. Zero, and Cenie Crystala. Will form team K.N.C.R." stated Ozpin "I expect a lot out of all of you!"

"Kyle meet us after everyone leaves." stated Goodwitch.

- Ozpins office-

"Kyle do you know what you did wrong during the exam?" questioned ozpin

"NO Sir." answered Kyle

"That seal you have which should take away a normal person aurora. Stared to fade causing your power to be release." Stated Goodwitch "So what." said Kyle

"You do know what this means right?" asked Ozpin

"You could go berserk." stated Goodwitch "I will have my full power and dormant abilities, I am heading to my room to think." said Kyle

"If you do not pay attention to this now you could kill everyone here!" said goodwitch

-Port's classroom-

[ After Weiss fights the boar and does not listen to Ruby.]

Kyle walks done to the front of the class pulling Chimera from arsenal. Throwing it so the blade pass by here head to scare her.

"you should listen to those who are trying to help you." said Kyle. Grab his sword from the wall to strike at Weiss but is blocked by Port.

"Child put the sword away." said port

Pulling the sword Chaos from arsenal sending Port against a wall "Now where was I" said Kyle with his eyes changing to match Leviathan in shape.

"I will teach you two lessons today. First is respect then humility." Said Kyle

Attacking Weiss with non-relenting force till she few to the ground. Do to the aurora Kyle has he was slowly losing control of himself. Raising his sword to it all for Weiss right be fore the strike could land it was stop by four different swords. "Get out of my way Now." said Kyle with a slight growl in his voice.

"Sorry old friend" said a girl holding a bio-tech sword. Send three near fatal strikes to his body causing his dust armor to activate. While Kyle was in the sphere the Leviathan forge to open sending energy of pure chaos in to it. In-merging from sphere Kyle was cover in his armor but instead of grey this time it was black and some what demonic. Loosing control do to thenew type o energy reacting to the dust in his body.

Destroying the class room and injuring more then half the class on his rampage. Drawing on all his inerstrength to open the Forge of the Dragon. The extra power was drained into the forge to make Liberator to channel that energy. After all the energy left his body Kyle ozpin an Goodwitch walked in."Port explain to me what happened in this room and Glynda tell the student counsel to keep a watch on Kyle. Team KNCR drag take him to your room please" ordered Ozpin

-Dorm room-Three days later

Kyle was in the middle of packing an over night bag. "where are you going Kyle?" questioned Riza

"not any of your concern" said Kyle

"It is when our team leader has not seen for three days" said nel

"What is that over there on his table?" ask Riza

"A ticket to Vale dated for today."said C.C.

"Please get out of my way" ordered Kyle after grabbing his bag and ticket.

"No!" shouted the three girls

"Not till we talk about what happened the other day." Said nel

"If you want to talk we will talk after you buy tickets then" said Kyle "By the way see you on the transport in fifteenth minutes so you better hurry."