( Okaaaay this was in my head so don't ask I never do stories like this and I was bored so decided to write this and hopefully does suck also for my friend Nessie! hope you like it!)

A girl with short brown pixie hair was sitting at one of the tables in the Hogwarts Library. The girl was biting her lip as he legs went back and forth, her feat not touching the floor even through she was in 5 year at Hogwarts. She loosen her Ravenclaw tie trying to focus on the potions essay but wasn't having any luck.

A boy old than her stood by the books watching the girl with interest. He had short brown hair and was bit taller than the girl, and he happen to be in slytherin. He was fighting a inner battle on if she should go talk to the girl who caught his attention in his potions class after blowing up a cauldron.

"Joe' Said a voice next to him. Joe jumped to his see one of his friends Curt Mega was standing next to him grinning at his friend.

"Just talk to her Joe" said guy with short brown hair taller than Joe. He looked like prince but in fact her was half-blood not pure blood and was hufflepuff.

Joe jumped as hi friend said that and blushed.

"Plus it looks like you're stalking her" Curt added grinning at his friend as she face palmed himself.

"Oh shut up, I'm looking for a book" He mumbled pretending to look at the book case in front of him. He grabbed a book and open it not really caring it was about. Curt shake his head and sighed.

"Just talk to her" he said pushing his friend forward he bumped into the girls table and she looked up and blushed.

He knew she was a year younger than him and pretty smart. He even heard she skip few grades, also heard that she was almost as smart as Hermione Granger one of his friends.

Tessa looked up from her blank paper in front of her and eyes widen as she saw Joe Moses at Slyterin and in 6th year blushing in front o f her. She knew about Joe and his friends who were known to be awesome.

The group called themselves Team Starkid, group of kids from each house coming together. They helped others and didn't care about blood status. Tessa always looked up to them and couldn't believe Joe was now in front of her, also the fact that she had crush on him.

Tessa never talked to him before or rest of Team Starkid. She saw them in hallways or in class but just never had nerves to talk to them. Thats why she loved books they didn't judge people well at least most magical books didn't.

Tessa blinked and pinched herself to make sure this was happening. Don't fangirl she reminded herself as she talked.

"Sorry" Joe said quietly and blushing. Why was he blushing she thought as she smiled a little.

"It's okay, Joe Moses right" she asked softly smiling at him her brown eyes grinning

Joes eyes go wide, shaking his head. Of course she knew her name Team Starkid was famous but still he was nervous.

"Yeap, and you're Tessa Netting" he said with smile as he said her name, Tessa blushed and grinned at Joe.

"So you look like you're having trouble with potions, I'm pretty good at it" said Joe randomly

Tessa raised her raised her eyebrows " Have you been watching me" Teasing him and Joe's face goes red and Tessa smiles.

Joe coughs and looks down embarrass "Er no um.. I was wondering if..er I saw you in class" he mumbles face going red.

"Relax Joe, I would love for you to help me" Tessa said poking him and smiled at him almost took Joe's breathe away. Joe took the empty seat and helped Tessa with her potions homework, both of them smiling and blushing during random times.