Tessa was pretty sure that didn't happen. But it did.. and she was in shock. Starkids were so nice how can they be real? I mean they were all different but they were still together united no matter what houses they were in. It was pretty cool but Tessa was nervous about it.

"Tesssssssa Tessssssa Tessa" Tyler poked her. They were having meeting and Tessa was in thoughts. She blushed and mumbled "hmm"

"You know Harry talked about Horcuxes I think he might go on his own i know Hermione and Ron will be with him. I think we might be here at hogwarts" Ginny said with shrug.

"Ginny what did we say about listening in on others convos" Tyler smirked at her and she shrugged.

"I know Harry thinks he has to do this alone but he's not alone cause he has all of us" Ginny said softly. Tessa and Luna looked at each other. They could tell their friend was sad.

"You know Harry will get through this.." Tessa said softly rubbing her friends back as she rubbed her eyes.

"But what if he doesn't " Ginny mumbled. Tessa bit her lip. Glad at least Team Starkid and her friends would be here.

"He will he's Harry freakin Potter" Tyler said trying to cheer her up. It got her to smile at least.

"Hey Voldemort is not going to win this and we all of us won't let him' Neville stutter and little but we could tell he meant it.

"I still think we should have Team Name" mumbled Troye. They all looked at each other.

"Lets thing about it later I promise Joe I would met him at the libary" Tessa shook her head and they all grinned at her. Tessa groaned and mumbled something.

"So it is a date.. a libary date only you Tessa" Troye laughed and Tessa mumbled something.

"Hey not fair, its not a date i need help with my potions" Tessa mumbled face red.

"Why didn't you asked me than' smirked Tyler. Neville shook his head sharing a smile with Luna as Tessa face got redder she mumbled and left the room.

"You know I think they are going to end up together" said Luna raised his eyebrows.

"How do you know that" he asked. Luna shrugged and walked out of the room. Neville smiled and followed her catching up with her as Luna told him about the latest Nargle findings.

"You know I think they are going to start dating Those two' Mumbled Troye nodding to Neville and Luna.

"Don't forget Tessa, Joe would be good for her She needs to smile more i try but.." he mumbled Troye squeeze his hand.

Meanwhile. Tessa saw Joe reading book sitting at table in the libary. He looked so well cute. Tessa couldn't get over it. She didn't want to be weirdo standing there looking at a guy so she sat down next to him and poked him. Joe looked up at her and smiled.

"So How is my favorite Ravenclaw today' Joe asked pooking her. Tessa blushed.

"Really Joe favorite ravenclaw i'm sorry but you can't be my favorite slytherin tyler wins at that" Tessa grinned and Joe pouted.

"Awe that's not fair Tess" Joe pooked her and gave her puppy eyes. Tessa groaned.. and than heard shh from libiarian. She blushed and ducked her head while Joe chuckled softly. Tessa stick her tounge out at him. Joe did the same thing back.

"We should stop flirting I mean we shouldn't but potions I really don't want to miss this up i mean look what happen to my hair" Tessa groaned. Joe laughed because Tessa's hair was now blonde. Joe admmited it fit her.

"It fits you please don't change it" Joe said softly. Tessa blushed and hide her face and nodded.

They went over potions essay talking and laughing about random things. They pushed each other playfully almost falling off the chairs. The Libriain was about to close to Joe decided to walk her to well her comomon room.

"Joe you would get in trouble besides mine is all the way at the top but thanks" Tessa kissed his cheek and Joe bit his lip. He wanted to kiss her but didn't know where it came from but he didn't. He didn't know if she was ready. He hugged her and kissed her forehead saying good night and they both went seprate ways to go to common room.

Joe sat on his bed bitting his lip thinking about if he should kiss her or not.

"Moses are you going to shut off the light or day dream about Tessa" Walker threw pillow at him and Joe blushed didn't say anything but turned off the light. His last thought was about Tessa.

Tessa yawned and rubbed her eyes. She sat on her bed. Luna was reading the quibbler and rest of the girls were taking showers or talking down stairs getting ready for bed. Tessa didn't feel that tried. I mean Joe kissed her well her forehead but he kissed her and it felt right.

Tessa didn't know what to think. A lot of things were in her mind. The plan with her friends Joe...Voldemort.. She was a muggleborn. Which meant she could be in trouble. Tesssa had no idea what to do if something bad happen. She heard her family was going to move to america..but Tessa was scared she couldn't just leave this place. Hogwarts was her second home. Her friends were her family here when she missed hers.

Her family already had house in NYC. Kesley her sister was going to muggle school. Tessa didn't want to her friends about that. Now that Voldemort was back how in the world was she suppose to leave her friends like that. Of course she wasn't.

She didn't hear her roomates alreay coming back and shutting off the lights even Luna went to bed. But Tessa was awake how could se sleep when her mind wouldn't let her?