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"Don't let them in, don't let them see.

Be the good girl, you always have to be."

-Let it Go, Idina Menzel

"It's getting stronger!" I cried out fearfully, holding my gloved hands towards my parents as I looked at the now icy corner of my room.

"Getting upset only makes it worse." Father soothed, holding his hands out to me but, before he could try to comfort me with his touch, I cringed away, afraid of what I'd do to them. "Please, calm down."

I couldn't hurt them like I'd hurt Anna.

"No! Don't touch me!" I pleaded, my voice lowering to a whimper as I clutched my gloved hands to my chest. "Please...I might hurt you too."

My mother placed her hand on father's shoulder, looking sadly up at him and he sighed, touching her hand and nodded. They both turned to me and I was horrified to see tears in both their eyes.

"Elsa, we think...maybe you should be sent away with someone, to help you learn-" He began as tears began running down my mother's cheeks, staining them as icy despair settled inside me.

"Is it because you're afraid of me!?" I looked between them and this time, I didn't stop mother from sweeping me into her embrace, cradling me like a newborn in her arms as I began to weep, the tears freezing into crystals as soon as they touched my cheeks.

"No, sweet Elsa." She soothed, petting my near white hair with her hand gently. "We just want you safe and, as long as you're unable to control your gift, you won't be."

No one will be.

Despite their best efforts, I knew that my parents were somewhat frightened of what I could do ever since I'd accidentally hit Anna in her head, the white streak that adorned her strawberry-blonde hair a bitter reminder of what I'd almost done to her.

"But, who could help me?" I asked fearfully and clutched tighter to my mother when a trilling voice sounded from behind me.

"Why, with me, dearie." An oddly colored man with amber-colored eyes that seemed to glow was perched on the windowsill and, at our attention, he pushed himself from it and bowed low to us. "Your Majesties." He addressed my parents, smiling madly at me. "And, Princess Elsa."

"Elsa, this is-" Father began, only to have the odd man cut him off with a mad giggle.

"Rumpelstiltskin," he bowed again before straightening up and doing an odd little hand gesture. "At your service."

To my shock, my mother curtseyed to him. Well, as best she could while still holding on to me, and my father nodded his head at the man. They were the kind and queen, I'd never seen them bow to anyone, as no one was above them. Visiting royalty was treated equally but, never with this amount of reverence.

"Thank you, for coming Dark One." Father greeted the man and I stared at him in dawning horror, suddenly aware of who I was staring at now.

I'd heard stories of this man, what child hadn't, and he was to be feared and respected, but mostly feared. His magical abilities were the strongest in the land, making him the most dangerous man in all the known realms.

And my parents wanted me to go with this man?

"Why, yes they do, dearie." He giggled madly as I slapped my hand over my mouth, ashamed that I'd said that last sentence out loud but, instead of reprimanding me for it, this man seemed almost giddy at my outburst.

"Elsa." Father gently gripped my shoulders, drawing my attention from the slightly bored looking man. I looked up at him, swallowing when I saw the tears filling his eyes. "We just want what's best for you and," he darted an unsure glance at Rumpelstiltskin before returning his attention to me. "Rumpelstiltskin can help you control your powers."

"We love you, dear." Mother took over, tears freely falling from her eyes as she spoke. "Never forget that, we're not sending you away because we want to, we're doing it because we can't do anymore for you."

She cupped my face, staring at me as if memorizing my features before she kissed my forehead, tugging me back into her arms and I fell into her welcoming embrace.

"Mama." I whimpered, breathing in the scent of her hair as she cradled me like a baby against her, father's strong our encircling us both caused another whimper to escape my chest. "Papa."

After a bit, the Dark One coughed politely, looking uncomfortable with scene before him and he nodded at me.

"Time to go, little princess." He said simply, his amber eyes watching me thoughtfully and, at the reminder that I was to leave everything I knew for who knew how long, I froze, the ice behind me creeping closer and I gasped, but my parents refused to let go, clutching me tightly as they both kissed me again.

"Remember, we love you, Elsa." I nodded, pulling away from them, stopping when mother tugged me back, quickly slipping her necklace off and placing it around my neck. "So you don't forget." She explained tearfully and I nodded bravely, keeping my head up like the princess I'd been taught to be before I curtseyed to them, looking up at them for the last time.

"I won't. I promise." With that, I turned around and hesitantly took Rumpelstiltskin's outstretched hand, closing my eyes as smoke enveloped us, repeating my mantra in my head as I was taken away from everything I knew and loved.

'Conceal it. Don't feel it. Don't let it show.'

"Erin!" I whirled around, smiling widely at Ruby and I stalked across the room to my friend, aware that we both needed to get to work but not really caring too much.

"Hey, Ruby." I raised an eyebrow at her getup but said nothing, still smiling broadly. "Are we still on for tonight?"

She nodded excitedly, her long hair swishing as she did so.

"Oh, hell yes." She giggled. "Did you get Gold to let you out so late?" She teased and I rolled my eyes, aware that everyone assumed my uncle was a tight-ass but, he was only just protective of me, something he'd promised my parents he'd be.

"Yeah, I finally got him to crack." I shot back, giggling with her, though it died down when Granny stalked towards us, clearly on the warpath as she'd learned of our plans, though Ruby simply continued talking to me, ignoring her pissed of relative.

"You're out all night, and now you're going out again?" Granny questioned loudly and I winced, having been an unwilling spectator of their squabbles far too often for them to actually notice me when they were in the middle of it.

"I should've moved to Boston!" Ruby snapped back, exasperated at her grandmother and I shrunk away, trying as hard as I could to melt into the wallpaper.

I blinked when the bell rang, looking towards the door to see a pale, pretty blonde woman, one that I had never seen in my life, standing hesitantly at the door, looking as unwilling to watch their family drama as I felt.

"Uh...S'cuse me?" She stuttered as all eyes turned to her. "I'd like a room?"

"Really?" Granny asked, looking dumbfounded, a feeling I sympathized with as, in all my twenty years, no one had ever rented one of Granny's rooms as we didn't get a whole lot of travelers here. Granny, looking as giddy as a five year old in a candy store, quickly fetched the ledger and looked back at the woman. "Would you like a forest view or a square view? Normally there's an upgrade fee for the square, but as the rent is due, I'll wave it."

I winced at that, aware that it was my uncle that charged her rent every month, though Granny didn't dislike me, she'd made her feelings for my only living relative crystal clear whenever not in earshot of said relative.

"Square is fine." The seemingly overwhelmed blonde waved her hand, looking bemused at the happiness her renting a room had created.

"Now, what's the name?" Granny asked, her pen poised over the ledger.

"Swan. Emma Swan." The blonde, Emma, said calmly and Granny nodded, scribbling the name quickly while I nearly had a heart attack when my Uncle seemingly appeared from behind the newcomer.

"Emma." He murmured, looking almost dazed before he covered it up, leaning on his cane as Emma turned to look at him. "What a lovely name." He complimented as the still bemused blonde nodded her thanks.

"Thanks." She replied, eyeing him silently as he slide past her, going to the desk as Granny removed a roll of cash from the drawer and handed it to him.

"It's all here." She assured and my uncle nodded once, taking the wad without even bothering to count it. Though, he never counted any rent he collected, aware that the entire town feared him and wouldn't dare skip out on the money they owed him.

"Yes, yes of course it is, dear." He pocketed the money. "Thank you." He turned to me, smiling quickly and leaned forward, gently kissing my temple. "Have a ncie night, Erin. Be home by one at the latest." He warned and I nodded, aware of the look on Emma's face.

"Of course, Uncle Gold." I saw her features fill with understanding, sighing inwardly at the normal expression people got when they didn't realize that I was his niece and not some trophy wife. He turned back to Emma, smirking lightly. "You enjoy your stay, Emma."

He then left, hobbling away as the woman turned to stare at him while I followed suit, puzzled by the way he'd been almost obsessed with her name.

"Who's that?" Emma turned back to us, her eyebrow raised and she looked at me first, though Ruby answered in my stead.

"Mr. Gold, he owns the place." Ruby rolled her eyes, as much as she adored me, I knew she held nothing but contempt for my Uncle.

"The inn?" Emma asked and Granny shook her head.

"No. The town." She emphasized, causing the other woman's eyes to widen before she looked at me with new eyes and I rolled my own.

"How long will you be staying with us?" I questioned, diverting my attention off the fact that I was the niece of the man who owned the entire town.

"A week." Emma stuttered out. "Just a week." She repeated, sounding more like she was trying to reassure herself than us.

"Great." Granny enthused, taking a key off the wall and handing it to Emma. "Welcome to Storybrooke."

Ruby tugged my hand, leading us away from the front desk as Emma took the old-fashioned key and we raced up to Ruby's room, laughing as we got ready for the night at the Rabbit Hole, all thoughts of the newcomer sliding away.