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Unova League: Conquered!

A/N: Yo! For those familiar with me, this is my second story and my first Pokémon Fanfiction. I was really pissed off at the result of the Vertress Conference, which was my main motive at writing this Fanfic.

Although I really love the Anime, I don't want to believe that Ash has somehow found the fountain of Youth. Hence, he and the other Characters will be aging inthisFic! That's right, so no stupid R- Rated moments between 10 year olds. Also this will be a Multi-Ash Shipping fic for the time being, since I've not yet decided on what Pairing I want. But beware that romance is not the main focus of this fiction, making Ash as badass as I can, is.

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Tyson (Johto)/Nando/Tobias- 21 Y/O

NOTE: Chapter has been edited and updated, as of 25/09/14

Vertress Conference, 2013

GREEN Corner

"Both Pikachu and Umbreon are unable to battle, Trainers send out your last Pokémon!" The loud and authoritative voice of the referee rang out in the stadium, barely audible over the excited shouts of the fifty thousand strong crowd wildly cheering the final two contestants.

On one corner stood a blonde haired hazel eyed man, standing with shocked etched on every corner of his face. With slightly shaking hands, Virgil recalled his starter with a grimace. With a little bit of guilt, Virgil did indeed notice his opponent rushing out to meet his own Pokémon which was loaded onto a stretcher due to the extensive damage done.

Even so, Virgil was far from happy, or even pleased.

The match wasn't turning out as he had expected at all. His Eeveelutions were all well trained by him over the course of several years. He had a two year training experience on Ash. His Pokémon were better developed than most due to being involved in rescue missions. Most importantly, he had had them for a period of well over five years.

So how was it that Ash could have defeated five of his Pokémon with his barely one-year-trained ones?

If he were to be honest to himself, he had never expected Ash to reach the final match. From what information he could gather from the official league website, Ash had a tendency to use completely new teams of Pokémon in every league. Only Pikachu remained a constant. Naturally, this meant that every time Ash participated in a league, he did so as an effectively rookie trainer; not as the experienced and well travelled one that he actually was.

And he indeed had not been proven wrong, since the Pokémon he had used till now were Dewott, Pignite, Leavanny, Krookodile and Pikachu. While all of them were efficient and trusty in their own rights, his own team had much more experience than most of them. That in itself should have put the match in his own favour up until now.

'My Pokémon should have curb stomped Ash's rookie ones, how is this even possible that he is going neck and neck to me?' Virgil thought in disbelief. And to add insult to injury, Ash hadn't even revealed his sixth Pokémon; while he had to use all six of his own up until now!

He had to admit that he had rarely ever seen a brilliant on the spot strategist than Ash Ketchum. The boy had a knack for making unorthodox strategies and take advantage of the battling field in ways he couldn't have even imagined in his wildest dreams. Brains almost always won over brawn in Pokémon battling. Even if Ash's team was less experienced, they made it up in showing inventive and fantastic manoeuvres in the duration of the battle to make up for it.

"Will the trainers please send out their next Pokémon?" The referee's voice cut through Virgil's thoughts, shaking him from his stupor and immediately take out his next, and last, Pokeball for the match.

Enlarging Flareon's Pokeball for the second time in the match, Virgil took a deep breath as he formulated a rough battle plan in his mind.

'Flareon is still a bit damaged from its battle against Krookodile, but if my knowledge about Ash's other Unova Pokémon is correct, then only Snivy, Unfezant and Boldore are left. Palpitoad is still damaged and if it was not then Ash would have surely sent it against Jolteon.' Virgil's eyes narrowed as he threw his last Pokeball towards the rocky field. Not exactly a preferable ground for either his Vaporeon, or Ash's Dewott.

"Flareon, come on out!"

The fire type eveelution, Flareon, appeared in all its glory, a little bit of cuts and bruises visible, but otherwise battle ready. The Pokémon was larger than the average size for its species, showing just how battle experienced it really was.

"Fla!" The Kanto Pokémon yipped as it took a ready stance.

'Now what Pokémon will you use Ask Ketchum?' Snivy, Boldore, Unfezant and Palpitoad. These were the only viable options. And if his luck was with him today, it would either be Snivy or Unfezant.

Virgil didn't have to wait long as Ash threw his Pokeball with a... confident(?) smile on his face. Virgil's own was wiped off his face as he finally saw the Pokémon which emerged from the Pokeball.

The only word which he was able to utter from his mouth was-


RED Corner

"You did well buddy. Now take a nice long rest, I promise I will bring home the Trophy." Ash Ketchum gently whispered to his starter Pokémon as two Chancy came out to put him on a stretcher. Seeing Pikachu so extensively damaged had really done a number on Ash's confident mood for the match.

"Pi...ka" Pikachu weakly smiled as it collapsed back on the stretchers, the fatigue finally catching up.

Silently watching his Pokémon disappear in the dark tunnel leading to the medical centre, Ash calmly started walking back to his corner, his hat pointed downward to cover his facial expression and his ears muted to every cheer. Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town had only one thought in his mind.

'This is it. The final battle.' He had to win, there's no two ways around it.

His team had truly surprised him today. Even though he always had complete faith in his Pokémon, even he could admit that the difference in experience between his team and Virgil's was just very much. But his team had proved everyone, including himself, wrong about the limits of their capabilities.. Nobody had expected a rookie team to defeat a multitude of highly trained Eeveelutions.

In truth, he might not have used any one of them if not for a particular incident.

His quarter final clash had been a real eye opener. Cameron had been, without a shadow of a doubt, a noob. But the same noob pushed Ash to the limit with just five, FIVE Pokémon! Pikachu barely pulled up after the clash between his Volt Tackle and Lucario's Bone rush. And so, after his extremely embarrassing victory against Cameron, Ash had decided to use a completely veteran team for the semi-finals against Dino. He just couldn't take any chances, not after coming so far.

The victory, if he could call it so, had been a slight domination by his side. He had used Snorlax, Swellow, Totodile, Torterra, Infernape and his legendary defeater Sceptile. So there was no need to say that it was an easy victory for Ash. Well, not exactly easy, but definitely not hard. It had been a mostly even battle, until the introduction of Sceptile, that is. He had decided to rest Pikachu for the finals.

But what Ash had perhaps naively chosen to forget was the possible backlash from his Unova team.

Unlike his older Pokémon, his Unova team had never experienced him going on another journey altogether, while taking only Pikachu. Thus when they had to watch the match from the stands, they had overreacted.

Many of the Pokémon in the Unova group had been abandoned by their previous trainers. And thus they had made a very strong bond with Ash due to his caring and lovable nature towards them. They didn't want Ash to leave them just because they were weak and so they started training, hard.

Their training was so intense that Oshawott evolved into Dewott, and Snivy and Pignite were also close to evolving. So it was a testament to their willpower really. Even more so considering they did it all on their own, without any guidance from Ash.

It was only Professor Oak who informed and explained the matter to Ash, who was highly surprised that his Pokémon would go to such lengths to prove themselves to them. So, he once again changed his team and apologised to the Unova group, and told them that if he was happy with what they had achieved in the short time, he will definitely take a gamble and use them.

Sure enough, they had been much better than before. So, taking a huge risk, he sent them out. And, thankfully, they hadn't disappointed him in the slightest.

'Thanks guys. You proved to me that my trust in you was not foolish. If only I could rub this in Paul's face...' Ash mentally thanked his Pokémon. An amused smile appeared on his face at thinking of his rival. He could only hope that losing to him in the Sinnoh league would have forced Paul to rethink his approach to training his Pokémon.

But it wasn't the time to think about his past rivals, it was the time to defeat his current.

'Its time for me to use my secret weapon.' The Pokeball in his hand contained one of the strongest Pokémon he had in his entire party, and one he had never used in an official battle before. But he made up for that in terms of raw strength alone. Regardless, Ash was a hundred and ten percent assured of his victory.

Ash grinned as he enlarged the Pokeball. He hurled it towards the arena in his usual fashion, where Flareon was anxiously waiting for its opponent.

"I choose you-" The Pokeball exploded in a huge flash of light, only to reveal a large, terrifying figure emerging from within its depths.

Golden eyes snapped open.

"GARCHOMP!" Ash clenched his fists in excitement as the land shark Pokémon appeared.

The Pokémon in question was 6'8", quite tall even for its species. It's colour predominantly navy blue with red and yellow colored portions on its torso. A shark like fin protruding from its back with an equally shark-esque tail made for an intimidating view. Not to mention the razor sharp teeth and gold coloured eyes.

The Mach Pokémon thumped its tail on the ground as it gave out a deafening roar, causing many in the crowd to scream out in terror, and an equal number of people to look in awe at the Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon.

Garchomp turned its eyes towards Flareon, who visibly flinched back, and gave it a psychotic grin.

One which told, 'I'mma have Fun with you punk!'

Virgil looked at the absolutely terrifying figure of the dual Ground/Dragon Type, as it towered over his Flareon. Flareon was visibly looking nervous.

He gulped. Garchomp must be scarily strong to make his vintage Flareon to get scared.

"Damn you Ash." Virgil muttered as his mind went overdrive into making strategies to defeat the monster before him. Pseudo Legendaries more often than not lived up to their names. And to defeat one was no easy task.

In the stands

Iris, Stephan, Trip, Cameron, Georgia and Bianca watched with dropped jaws as Ash released the draconian Pokémon. Axew, Lucario and Sawk watched the powerful dragon with respect, and holy admiration in the case of Axew.

The most baffled of them all, the girl from the dragon village pointed towards the dragon type in disbelief "How?- No when did he catch a G-Garchomp?" Iris asked the question which was probably on everyone's mind.

Trip had his own conundrum 'How can someone from the Boonies catch such a powerful Pokémon!? And not only Garchomp, Ash's Sceptile was even faster than my Serperior.' Trip thought to himself. Even though his opinion about other regions had drastically changed after his defeat by Ash, it was still a shock to him to see Ash as such a powerful trainer. 'Could it be that my opinions about Kanto are wrong? Perhaps I should visit the place sometime...' He promptly took a large number of pictures of the Dragon Type.

The burly guy sitting next to Trip let out a whistle of appreciation as he looked at his friend cum rivals final Pokémon."Damn Sawk, looks like Ash got a lot stronger." Stephan muttered to his companion Pokémon.

"Saaawk." Its voice trailing off as it sensed the amount of power in the Pokémon, Sawk clearly shared his trainer's opinion.

The pink haired Georgia didn't say anything. Or rather, was unable to make up her mind on what to say exactly. On one hand, Ash was her friend and a definite good guy, 'Unlike Miss Dragon Master', she thought sarcastically. While they weren't the best of friends, Ash had never been anything but pleasant to her, so speaking against him would definitely be a low blow. Also was the fact that Ash used a wide variety of Pokémon, not only Dragon types.

But On the other hand, she really disliked Dragon type Pokémon!

'Well, it's not as if Ash only uses Dragon types, and besides Garchomp looks scarily strong too... Wouldn't want to get on his bad side.' Georgia apparently made her decision.

Bianca on the other hand looked with sparkling eyes at Garchomp, excitement overrunning her shock, "Whoa, looks like Ash has got some pretty strong Pokémon!"

Seeing as she had never seen a Garchomp before, she decided to scan it with her Pokedex.


"The Land-Shark Pokémon. When it folds up its body, its looks like a jet plane and flies at sonic speed. It never allows its prey to escape."

The duo sitting next to Stephan and Sawk, Cameron and Lucario also looked at Garchomp with a critical glaze. It looked a strong opponent to test their abilities against. Not to mention Hydreigon would definitely be excited.

But during all this, Cilan was surprisingly, not surprised at all. This showed on his face as Iris promptly asked him why was he so calm, and not looking all wonder eyed and jaw dropped like them. Cilan was all too happy to divulge the reason, why.

"You see Iris, one month ago I had accidently caught Ash and Garchomp during their training session." Seeing a very pissed off expression beginning to gather on the purple haired girl's face, he quickly added "Annnnnnnd before you get angry, he said that he wanted to surprise you after the tournament." Cilan said so as to prevent Ash from possible bodily harm by Iris.

Iris grudgingly accepted the excuse, but Georgia couldn't help herself, "Hmph, Ash probably thought you might try to steal Garchomp from him." The Dragon buster said rather childishly.

No, really. That wasn't even a low level jab. A rather pathetic pinch if Georgia were to be honest to herself.

"What did you say!" Iris growled. Well it had the desired effect that's for sure.

Unfortunately for Iris, Georgia was all too ready to explain herself, "Well if you look at it honestly, for all your talk of being a Dragon master, you just have an unevolved Axew and a rogue Dragonite, it's not too farfetched to say you might try to get Garchomp by 'any means necessary'." Georgia continued in a rather casual tone, as if she was talking about the weather or something.

Looking as if it had seen a child being sacrificed in a satanic ritual, Axew sunk down into his trainer's hair, a proverbial rain cloud hanging over its head.

Unable to properly formulate a strong response to the arguably honest statement, Iris quickly retorted, "Oh yeah? And for all your talk of being a 'Dragon Buster', you lost to me. HAH!" The statement almost led to almost an all out cat fight between the two, if not for Cilan calming the duo down.

Unknowing of the drama that surrounded his friends, Ash Ketchum got ready for the final battle of the Vertress Conference.


"You ready Garchomp?" Ash asked his only dragon type.

Garchomp gave a grin at that and pumped up his hands, err claws "GAAR!"

Virgil was a bit unnerved at Garchomp's confidence, but shook it off. His Flareon had taken on strong foes before too, now wasn't the time to be intimidated.

The Referee, noticing that both Pokémon were released and ready for battle, raised both of his flags into the air. "The final battle of the 2013 Vertress Conference begins...NOW!" The flags swooshed as they were brought down simultaneously. Virgil took this as a sign to begin attacking.

"Flareon, let's start things off with a Flamethrower!" Virgil commanded and in response Flareon let out a scorching stream of fire towards its opponent. The flamethrower was stronger than what is usually seen, showing that Flareon was very well trained. The stream of flames expanded into a wall, making the attack area wide and providing little to no escape from it.

However Garchomp didn't look even a bit unnerved by the attack coming towards it, neither did it fly up. The reason was made clear when Ash yelled out confidently, "Garchomp show them a real fire type move, use Fire Blast!"

Virgil's eyes widened as the command reached his ears, "What the-" He couldn't even finish his sentence as Garchomp released a massive ball of fire from its jaws. The compressed ball of fire roared as it burned its way through the air to meet Flareon's wider attack head on.

The compressed ball of fire, rather than feeding into the charging wall, rather made it bend around it, thus shielding Garchomp from any and all damages from the fire. It created for a brilliant display of lights as the two fire type attacks tried to overpower one other. Fire Blast was naturally at an advantage.

Seeing that the situation was rapidly turning against them, Virgil decided to take matters into his own hands, "Flareon, don't give up! Increase your power!"

On the other side of the field, Ash's smile turned into a smirk, "Big mistake, Virgil."

"Flaaa!" Flareon's voice turned into a growl as it exerted even more effort to continue its own attack. The fire type was able to do nothing more than to keep up its attack, increasing its power was far beyond its capabilities in its mildly exhausted state.

Garchomp merely stood with an unnerving gaze as it waited for its Fire Blast to do its job. Fire Blast was a one-time launch attack, unlike Flamethrower, which had to be feeded continuously.

Eventually, the inevitable did happen. Flareon, despite its efforts, encountered a very elementary problem after a minute. One which made it unable to continue its attack.

Its lungs ran out of air.

With Flareon no longer controlling the fire, it fed into the large fireball created by Garchomp. And like a flaming meteorite, it crashed into the ground around Flareon.

"Crap." Seeing where the situation was going, Ash immediately shielded his eyes.

And for good measure.

For no more than two seconds later, with a loud explosion, the ground around the fire type exploded. Dust and debris flying around, and only stopped from reached the two trainers and the referee by the psychic barrier, crashed into the rocky ground, further tearing it up and making the once little to moderately damaged ground into a ground resembling one hit by a missile.

The crowd drew back as the fire eventually reached the psychic barriers, making them shake and vibrate in effort to hold it back. The whole stadium was partially bathed in a yellowish red light as the two attacks joined to create the massive explosion.

In all this, Flareon's whimpers of pains were drowned out as it tried to shield itself from the scorching heat trying to burn it. Its fire typing coming into effect was the only thing which protected Flareon from debilitating injury. Nevertheless, the explosive nature oif the fire still hurt it extensively, as did the flying and partially molten rocks and stones.

"NO! FLAREON!" Virgil cried out in distress as bleakly glanced from between his covered hands. The blinding light was still impossible to look at, so he couldn't even see the status of his Pokémon.

Its enhanced hearing allowing it hear its opponent's cries of pain, Garchomp let out another blood-curdling roar, making many spectators cover their ears.

As the fire dissipated, the true scale of landscape destruction became clear to the spectators both in the stadium, and those watching around the world.

The boulders around the field, those which were left that is, had mostly molten and blackened. The ground itself had much soot covering it, with many small craters around the mildly blackened Flareon. The craters themselves were created from the violent ripping out of boulders and gravel.

The Pokémon itself didn't look as much damaged as it would have had it been a Pokémon belonging to any other type. But even then, the attack seemed to leave a mark on it as it stumbled while getting back on its feet. Front legs visibly shaking with effort, Flareon bravely stood back up, defiantly staring down its opponent.

"Shit. Are you all right Flareon?" Virgil asked with panic laced in his voice.

Hearing its trainer's shout, Flareon weakly nodded back, one of its eyes shut in pain. Nevertheless, the fire type soon regained some of its bearing, crouching in an attacking stance, ready to take orders.

But Ash had no plans to let up the attacking to Virgil. It wasn't a turn based combat after all, you had to take advantage and keep on attacking if the opportunity rose.

"Now Garchomp, use Sandstorm." Waving his hand in an arc as he said this, Ash had a confident smile on his face.

Its body glowing with ethereal energy, Garchomp raised its claws into the air, waving them around. Almost instantly, a sudden dust storm erupted from the rocky field, the ash created from the explosive attack prior giving it a very dark appearance.

In a matter of seconds, howling winds hit the psychic barriers as Garchomp's Sandstorm gave justice to its name. Flareon's situation became even worse since its sight was now taken away; or at the very least limited.

On the other hand, Garchomp wasn't even a bit bothered by the sand. Its special ability coming into play, Garchomp vanished into the storm like a ghost.

Keen to take advantage of the fact that no one other than perhaps Garchomp itself was able to see an inch, Ash yelled, "Garchomp, this is your chance, rush forward with Dual Chop, but be careful!" Even though Flareon's visibility had been highly reduced, that didn't mean it couldn't use some other attack to defend itself.

On the other side of the field, Virgil looked rather desperately at the wall of spinning sand before him. Knowing that Ash was surely commanding his Pokémon for some attack, shouted, "Flareon, use Fire Spin around you, keep a look out for Garchomp!"

In a testament to Flareon's own skill, multiple rings of fire immediately sprang up around the Pokémon. Spreading to up to six feet in radius, the Fire Spin negated Garchomp's Sand Veil whenever the Dragon came into contact with the flames, allowing for Flareon to make a mental map of its opponent's various positions.

Unfortunately, the flames were a little bit too weak for Garchomp to be stopped in its path. For after 'testing the waters' a few times, Garchomp bravely rushed through the fire, taking minor burns, and reached Flareon with both fins glowing.

But Flareon wasn't nearly as helpless as it seemed.

Flareon's tail immediately glowed white as it jumped in the air to block the Dual Chop. A loud crack occurring, both the Pokémon were locked in a battle of wills as they tried to win over the other.

Meanwhile, the Sandstorm conjured by Garchomp had reduced a little by now, allowing for Ash and Virgil to see their Pokémon locked in the stalemate.

Seeing his Pokémon still standing, and rather giving an equal battle to Garchomp, Virgil's confidence rose, "Alright! Flareon, hit Garchomp with a Flamethrower!"

Ash had other plans, "Don't let it complete its attack Garchomp, increase the power behind Dual Chop!"

Giving a snarl, Garchomp's muscles visibly flexed as it increased the pressure on Flareon tenfold. Extremely surprised by its opponent's sudden increase in power, Flareon stopped charging its Flamethrower. Putting all its concentration in maintaining the Iron Tail, Flareon visibly shook with effort. Being in mid air was proving the task to be even tougher.

Virgil frowned as he racked up strategies to successfully come out of the situation in a positive manner. Looking closely at the position in which the two Pokémon were locked, and how Flareon's upper body was slightly raised, his eyes widened. Giving a confident smile for the first time in the battle, he shouted, "Flareon, use the Iron Tail to propel yourself into the air!"

Ash's eyes widened in shock "What?"

"Fla!" Giving as grunt of effort, Flareon changed the angle of its Iron Tail. Like a missile, Flareon was launched into the air, Garchomp's Dual Chop giving it an even better velocity.

"Now Flareon!" Pointing towards the field victoriously, Virgil commanded, "Use Incinerate!"

The crowd rose up as the as the command reached the spectators. Noise level rose, blocking out Ash's orders. Virgil was confident though. What could Ash probably order that would allow Garchomp to escape? Incinerate was a very wide area attack, there was no place for Garchomp to rush to, the whole ground could be covered from that height.

He could see Ash's lips moving, shouting out some order, but what could be possibly do? Even though Garchomp was a Ground type, using Dig would take far too much time for a Pokémon its size, not to mention, Flareon was ready.

With a loud cry of effort, Flareon launched a stream of fiery hot flames from its jaws. The stream rapidly expanding into a huge wall, it hit the ground like a missile, burning away any remaining boulders or bedrocks, and burning away whatever vegetation grew on the corners. The power of the attack was such that Flareon kept hovering in the air, the force created from launching the attack keeping it high.

The crowd was stunned. From what it appeared, Garchomp should clearly have lost. There was no escaping from the attack.

A little noise of victory emerged from Virgil's mouth, his happiness knew no bounds as he realised he had won a match he had little chance of winning.

Even the referee looked ready to end the match then and there, only looking for the official confirmation of seeing the large dragon unconscious.

But then-

"Now, Garchomp, launch the Dragon Pulse!"


A shadow came over Flareon, and before the Pokémon could even turn in mid air, it was over.

Flareon's eyes bugged out as a glowing sphere of draconian energy hit it straight in the back. The ball exploded, and rapidly reached critical mass, engulfing Flareon in a glowing sphere of pain. The fire type crashed towards the ground at rapid speeds and finally with a loud bang, hit it, creating a large dust cloud.

As the smoke cleared, Flareon was clearly lying in the crater formed, its eyes shut.

Flareon was unconscious.

Ash knew that if the attack hit Garchomp, the damage could prove just too much for his newly evolved Pokémon.

Thankfully, he had a very easy solution to the problem.

"Garchomp, take into the skies, and just as you reach Flareon, hit it with a Dragon Pulse!"

Without missing a beat, Garchomp launched itself into the air. With good measure since a split second later, the Incinerate hit the ground. Ash doubted whether anyone other than himself saw Garchomp even take off.

Well, that was even better for him, since there was no way Virgil could avoid the surprise attack mid air.

Garchomp appeared behind Flareon with a deceptively quick speed, almost like it had teleported. Ash watched as Garchomp charged up the Dragon Pulse, and patiently waiting for Flareon to stop its attack and begin its decent, it finally launched it.

Euphoria filled in his veins as he watched Flareon crash land, Ash shook with disbelief as the situation became clear to him.

Seeing the obvious result, the Referee raised the red flag, "Flareon is unable to battle, Garchomp wins the match. The winner of this match, and the 2013 Vertress Conference, is Ash Ketchum!"

The crowd erupted in a wild cheering as the result was announced, many even more excited at having seen a Pokémon like Garchomp fly. Iris, Cilan and the rest of Ash's friends cheered the loudest of them all, happy to see their friend win the competition.

"YEAH!" Ash raised his fist in victory, the happiness of winning his first league bursting out in barely controlled emotions. Rushing out into the field, he motioned for Garchomp to come down.

The arena silenced momentarily as Garchomp let out an absolutely beastly roar of victory, but it soon turned into cheers of delight as the massive Dragon rushed towards its trainer to celebrate.

"Good Job Garchomp!" Ash gave a thumbs up to his Pokémon as he approached him. Rather than responding with a shout or cry of victory, Garchomp landed beside Ash, and gently bit his head affectionately.

Unfortunately, Garchomp hadn't yet realised that evolving had increased its strength tenfold.

Waving his hands around in panic, Ash's muffled shouts and comical jumping around provided some light hearted moments for the crowd. Not so much for Ash though.

Somehow getting Garchomp off of him, Ash climbed up the railing, waving to the crowd and laughing with joy.

Virgil silently recalled Flareon into his Pokeball, muttering soothing nothings to it. Flareon had fought bravely tonight, even though it had been fighting at such disadvantage, and even such a overwhelming opponent.

Looking across to see Ash celebrating, Virgil allowed an amused smile to cross his face. Still, disappointment showed on his face clearly. He had hoped to win this year's Conference rather easily, and getting beaten in the finals was clearly not what he had in mind.

'Well... If its any consolation, I am rather glad it was Ash who defeated me.' Being a Pokémon rescuer, there was no one more worthy in Virgil's mind than a person who cared for Pokémon as much as Ash Ketchum.

Allowing a snicker to escape him as Garchomp bit Ash, Virgil walked back into the private trainer's room he had been allowed for the finals. In any case, he was still proud of his Pokémon for putting g up such a strong show against an official battler like Ash. His Pokémon would always be rescuers first, battlers second.

Maybe he could train up a little this year?

Thirty minutes later..

Ash was predictably mobbed in the dressing room by his friends and Pokémon. Pikachu affectionately nuzzled Ash, happy to have helped his friend get on the first step towards his dream of being a Pokémon master. Things almost got ugly when Iris stomped in and promptly dressed him down for keeping the existence of a 'beautiful' Pokémon like Garchomp from her. Needless to say, Garchomp was quite happy to hear that.

"Hey Cilan, Georgia, Bianca, Trip, Cameron and Stiphin!" Ash cheerfully welcomed his friends, although he was surprised to see 'em all together.

"Damn it, its STEPHAN!" Stephan cried out in anguish, but for some unknown reason no one really noticed.

"It was a great battle Ash. Your Garchomp is a really strong Pokémon." Georgia complimented Ash as Iris looked on in disbelief.

"You actually praised GARCHOMP!?" Iris yelled out.

"Yeah so?" Georgia acted as if she didn't get it.

The nonchalant answer gained a tick mark from Iris, "Well, don't you hate Dragon Types, miss 'Dragon buster'?" Iris said sarcastically as she used Air quotes for Georgia's nickname.

"Hmph, unlike you, Miss Wannabe 'Dragon Master'… Ash has a rather well rounded team of Pokémon, its only wannabe master's like you and master's like Drayden that I hate. Besides, Garchomp is honestly that good, there's no two ways to go about it. Unlike your Pokémon." Georgia said snobbishly as she and Iris started another argument which everyone rather smartly ignored.

Getting involved in a fight between two girls always meant taking sides, and that was something none of them wanted to do.

Trip congratulated Ash in his usual manner, by using a veiled insult. "Congratulations Ash, since you won the league, I can now say without shame that it was the League winner against whom I was eliminated. Maybe Kanto isn't the boonies after all." Seeing as he had a smile on his face the entire time he said it, all the while having a honest tone, it was hard for anyone to deduce whether he was being sarcastic or he was really serious.

Ash sweatdropped at the rather insulting congratulations, but he had gotten rather used to such things after meeting Trip so many times during his journey.

Cameron, Lucario and Bianca also congratulated Ash, with the former two cursing their lack of information leading them to use only 5 Pokémon in the Quarter Finals against Ash.

"Thanks a lot guys, this really means a lot to me, you all watching my match, cheering me on. Thank you." Ash said with a smile as his Friends/Rivals smiled back.

"But don't think that just 'cause you've won the league you're the best Ash, me and Lucario are coming right at'cha!" Lucario barked in agreement as he and Cameron gave a thumbs up to Ash.

Georgia smirked in her usual confident manner, while Bianca merely smiled. Stephan and Sawk were so pumped at the possibility to face Ash that they even started doing push-ups right down and there.

Go figure.

"You bet guys." Ash said with a smile, "But me and my friends won't be slacking off either. We have got the Unova Elite four and Alder to challenge after all."

This statement of Ash's made everyone's eyes widen. The Elite four Challenge of Unova was one of the strongest ones after Sinnoh and Kanto.

"You mustn't get overconfident, Ash. Unlike Virgil, the Elite Four are a recipe not easily mastered. You can't expect to take them on with just your Unova Pokémon; you will have to use every resource you have." Cilan warned.

Before Ash could answer, the speaker present the room flared up.

"Trainer Ash Ketchum please make you way to the Arena. You are required to bring your Pokémon along with you. I repeat, make your way to the arena."

Ash took a deep breath "Well that's my cue guys, wish me luck!" Recalling the five of his Pokémon, he then looked at Pikachu, "Hop on buddy, this is our time!"

Thundrous applause from the over fifty thousand spectators greeted Ash as he entered the arena.

Shaking hands with his old acquaintance, Mr. Charles Goodshow, and the Unova League Champion, Alder, Ash had been handed the trophy by a pretty girl. The golden trophy, sleek and royal in its design, felt almost unreal to Ash as he held it. Soon, he shook hands with Virgil, who thanked him for giving him the best match of his entire career.

As Ash held the trophy proudly in his hands, his mind went into the various flashbacks over just how many times he had lost before...

Charizard sleeping in his battle against Ritchie's Pikachu...

Tyson's Meowth in Boots...

Harrison's Houndoom...

The Legendaries of Tobias...

Every hurdle... every challenge he had faced till now, had been for this very moment. The first step in his quest to etch his name in history as the best that there ever was. As Ash looked around him, his face filled with pride.

Garchomp was present in the air above him, a proud grin etched onto its face. Leavanny, Krookodile, Dewott and Pignite stood proudly around, while Pikachu was in its usual spot on its trainer's shoulder.

Charles Goodshow, president of the Pokémon league stood beside Ash. The old man, despite showing an outer calm, felt much happiness as he watched the young trainer beside him. Having followed Ash's journey from the very moment he first met him in the Indigo League, the old man felt much pride for the boy.

He had heard nothing but praise from each and every Champion or Elite Four that Ash had ever met on his journey. Ash didn't know it, but he was quite the popular guy among the Elite Four and Champions. His role in defeating the multiple criminal organisations was well known in the United League of Regions.

Now, finally seeing the boy win his first league... well, it was quite the experience.

As per tradition, it was the Unova League Champion, Alder who presented Ash the trophy. Ash had met Alder during his Unova journey was quite happy when Alder recognised him. The Unova Champion was a large man with wild Orange hair which came till his lower back. The Champion was also smiling widely at seeing Ash with the Championship.

Alder had also taken it upon himself to announce Ash's victory to the Arena which unfortunately didn't go well.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" Alder started in a loud voice over the mike "I present to you, this year's winner of the Unova League, Ashton Ketchup of Pallet Town!" He finished in a jovial tone.





Almost the entire arena face faulted at the rather horrendous blunder from the Champion who was looking rather quizzically at the anime tears of Ash.

Trip face-palmed, 'This is the guy I admired the most in my childhood?'

"What's the matter Ashton, you've just won the league! Cheer up!" Alder said.

"HOW?!" Ash practically screamed "HOW CAN YOU GET MY NAME WRONG?" He then wildly pointed towards the large jumbo-tron, which clearly showed Ash's correct name, "ITS CLEARLY WRITTEN ASH KETCHUM!"

Ash would have yelled even more at the clueless champion if not for a loud voice coming from the stands, which was made clearer by the stunned quietness of the crowd.

"HAH! How's it feel Ash? Huh? How's it feel to get your name wrong for once?" Stephan asked in a rather smug and victorious tone.

"What are you talking about Stiphan? No one gets your name wrong." Ash said rather confidently.

"See! SEE! You did it again, its S-T-E-P-H-A-N!" Stephan yelled out in anguish.

"Calm down Stevin, you're creating a scene." Cameron tried to placate his friend. Even Sawk tried to pull its trainer down.

"You did it too!" Stephan yelled out in frustration as security started gathering around him.

"Mr. Stepheen, we advise you to keep quiet, your creating quite a scene." A man in black suit and glasses said to Stephan who almost tore his hair out in frustration, but finally sat down; shaking in anguish all the while.

"Well, that was weird." Ash said out loud, after things finally came to order as a few league officials convinced Alder that Ash's name was really 'Ash' and not 'Ashton'. The Champion was easily lured to the background as the two beautiful trophy girls came out.

Ash raised the trophy high above in the air as the crowd cheered wildly for the youngest Unova League winner in 10 years.

Garchomp, Pikachu, Dewott, Pignite, Leavanny and Krookodile also stood with proud smiles on their faces. Krookodile's glasses shined with the hundreds of camera-shots being taken.

Ash's eyes shimmered as multiple faces flashed past in his mind...

'I've finally won guys. Brock, Misty, Tracie, May, Dawn, Max, Iris, Cilan…..Thank you all for supporting me all the while.' Ash thought of his previous travelling partners as well as best friends. 'I wonder whether they watched my match or not….'

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh(Before Garchomp vs Flareon)

While Ash celebrated his victory in Unova, that didn't mean things were quiet in other places.

"GO ASH! GO ASH! IF YOU CAN'T DO IT NO ONE CAN!" A blue haired teenage girl dressed in a pink cheerleading uniform cheered as she jumped in front of the large television, a brown bunny like Pokémon almost identically dressed doing the same.

"Bun! Bun!" Buneary cheered on her crush Pikachu as he clashed with Umbreon. Piplup was nearby, making his own little sounds of approval.

Dawn had been amazed by the fact that Ash had reached the finals of the Unova League. Not that she didn't have confidence in him, just because it simply was such an amazing achievement! And even if she couldn't go and personally cheer on Ash in Unova, she sure as hell could do it in her home.

Dawn gasped, laughed, cheered and bit her nails as the battle progressed.

Just as Garchomp's Dragon Rage finished off Flareon, Dawn embraced her starter Piplup and Buneary with a squeal "Ash won Piplup! Buneary! He really did it. Little Gible has grown so strong now, dominating opponents...winning leagues... Isn't that right Piplup, after all you and Gible were the best of friends, right?"

Piplup itself was shocked to the core.

Gible had actually evolved!? Gible's Draco Meteors were troublesome enough when he was little, now that he was a beast, how would Piplup even survive?

Apparently, Piplup hadn't forgotten the number of times Gible's Draco meteor hit him out of nowhere.

Johanna sweatdropped from her spot on the couch at the eccentric displays of her daughter and her Pokémon.

Imagine her surprise when she turned on the television to watch the match of Dawn's travelling partner Ash, against a boy named Paul in the Sinnoh league, and she sees her daughter cheering the boy on like a high school cheerleader. And not only cheering, her daughter apparently had the total package, full on with a scanty uniform and Pom-Pom's along with an equally excited Buneary.

...Needless to say, she had been surprised, to say the least. But she had been even more surprised when Dawn totally denied that she was in a relationship with the boy. Even though Johanna assured Dawn that she liked Ash, and that his mother was good a person to talk to too and thus she didn't have any problem if Dawn was in a potential relationship with him. But all she got in response were fervent denials and dismissing.

"I get it that you need to support your boyfriend Dawn, but is this all really necessary?" She asked in exasperation.

Dawn froze her celebration and turned beet red, "MOM! How many times do I have to say to you that he is not my boyfriend?" Dawn said in a squeaky voice while her two Pokémon snickered.

Dawn sighed. It was like this ever since she returned from seeing off Ash and Brock after they split up. Her Mom had somehow got the crazy idea that Ash was her boyfriend! Just because she cheered for him in a cheerleaders uniform, travelled with him for more than a year, denied the offer of her childhood friend, who had a crush on her mind you, to travel with, and totally admired him as a trainer and as a friend, didn't mean she liked him. At least not in a romantic sense.

Did she?

Johto, Azalea Town

A group of Co-ordinators were huddled around a Television as the finals of the Unova League was coming to a close, with Garchomp dominating its opponent thoroughly. All four watched anxiously... Well, one of them did, the rest three were somewhat 'convinced' to watch.

May, Soledad, Drew and Harley watched in amazement as Ash's Garchomp curb-stomped Virgil's powerful Flareon. Even though the fight looked to be equal amount of offence from Flareon, Garchomp didn't take any damage at all. That was nothing if not a very one sided battle. Just as the referee raised the flag to indicate Ash's victory, May erupted in a large squeal of joy, causing her fellow Co-ordinators to cover their ears.

"Yeah! Ash won! He really did it!" May yelled happily as she jumped up from her seat. She then pointed a finger dramatically to the slack jawed green haired boy "HA! Take that Drew! You said 'Ash doesn't have a chance of winning' but he did! And he didn't just win; he utterly crushed that other boy!"

A little overstated, but oh well.

Glaring at the television, Drew reluctantly came to terms with the fact that the boy he secretly considered his biggest rival, Ash Ketchum, indeed had won the league. 'Hmph, you may have won the league Ash, but the ultimate victory will be mine!' He thought resolutely. He had thought that travelling with May during the Johto journey could increase his chances, but so far it was useless.

May not only didn't show any obvious romantic interest in him, whenever she talked about her previous journeys it was always about either Ash, Max or Brock...preferably Ash. And that annoyed Drew to no extent. Even though they did have their... 'moments', so to speak, it had never been enough to make him truly confess.

But keeping all matters of romance aside, Drew didn't have any hard feelings towards the Kanto native. And if he were to be honest to himself, it was about damn time he won a league.

While Drew didn't speak up or comment of Ash's victory, a particular purple haired coordinator had no such plans.

"Hmph, such an uncouth and savage victory." Harvey started in a snobbish tone "But then again, what could you probably expect from May's, boyfriend." Harvey said with a rather smug grin. He knew that his statement would draw the ire of two particular people in the room, but for completely different reasons.

Truth be told, even Harvey was impressed at Ash's dominating victory.

The statement had the obvious effect, as May began to fervently deny any and everything, while Drew glared daggers into a nonchalant Harvey's back.

Sitting on the couch a fair distance away from her fellow rivals. Soledad shook her head at their childish antics and silently congratulated Ash in her mind.

He had really come a long way from when she had last seen him.

Pallet Town, Kanto

The mood in Pallet town was one not experienced in more than fifteen twenty years.

Not since a certain someone ploughed through the league and became Champion.

But today the same atmosphere was present, even though a little bit subdued. Most of the streets were empty, but each and every house had its lights on. The lone Bar in Pallet was also filled to the brim as people anxiously watched the match of one Ash Ketchum, the first trainer in many years to reach a league Final.

Ever since Devon Corporation had extended its reach into the Television and Marketing Department, people of all regions could now watch the finals and Championship battles of other leagues. People in Kanto could watch the finals of Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova and so on. This also had the added effect of Pokémon league finals now becoming much more marketed and better organised events. The league matches were properly dated, so that the people could watch all of the anticipated matches without missing another. It had extended to such a point that the month of April had been dubbed as 'Battle Month'. With the final week being the Ultimate finale of five league finals in a row.

Professor Oak's Lab

The tension at Professor Oak's lab was thick enough to be cut with a knife. A large group of Pokémon and humans alike were watching Ash's exciting match against Virgil.

A large screen and projector were set up in the grounds where the Pokémon resided, allowing the large group to comfortably watch the finals. Normally Professor Oak wouldn't have made such extravagant arrangements, but since it was Delia's son in the finals, not to mention he knew the boy since childhood, Oak had decided to make such arrangements.

Professor Samuel Oak, Pokémon watcher Tracy Sketchit, Cerulean city gym leader Misty Waterflower, former Pewter City gym leader and presently Pokémon Doctor in training, Brock Stone, along with a large group of Pokémon, were excitedly watching the fight between Garchomp and Flareon.

"Garchomp is quite impressive." Gary said, which was agreed by all. Even though Garchomp didn't have to show his full strength against Flareon, its power was still impressive, not to mention it was Garchomp's first official battle in its Evolved state.

Delia looked on with pride at her 16 year son. 'It feels as if it was just yesterday my little baby left to fulfil his dream. Even Pikachu didn't listen to him back then' She thought nostalgically.

A certain orange haired girl was rather slack jawed at the amount of skill showed by Ash in the battle. Real Skill, not the dumb luck and innovative ideas he mostly used.

"Whoa Brock, is that the same brash boy who spent Caterpie against Pidgeotto?" Misty asked rhetorically. She was deeply impressed by the skills Ash's Pokémon showed in the battle, as well as the change in attitude of Ash from a brat to a focused battler.

"I am wondering whether this is the same kid took on Onix with his Pikachu." Brock deadpanned.

"But... it seems that our dear friend has all grown up now." Brock finished proudly. Travelling with Ash for 5 years was an experience he could never forget. It was safe to say that Brock never regretted the day when he made his decision to travel with a brash 10 year old and a fiery redhead.

Brock also realized that Misty missed a lot of Ash's growth during the Hoenn and Sinnoh journeys. Him winning the Battle Frontier was a example of it.

Not to mention Paul… that guy might have been the one to have the greatest effect on Ash. He was the one who shook him up the most.

Misty looked at the television, where an image of Ash was shown. 'He's grown.' Misty thought. The last time she had seen him had been during his Hoenn journey. 'It's been way too long Ash.' Ash had always been a bit short for his age, but it seemed as if two years in Sinnoh and then in Unova had some effect on Ash. His height was now average for his age, his hair looked tamer, heck even his face looked...mature?

"That's true." Misty agreed with Brock's last statement.

She still fondly remembered the days she spent travelling with Ash, Brock and Tracie. Even May and Max for a little while. The number of legendaries they saw during their journeys was nothing short of extraordinary. More ridiculous was the fact that how many times Ash had risked his own life to save the day and sometimes potentially the world! So many organisations and individuals spent their entire lives looking for legendaries, digging for ancient clues and spending a bucket load of money.

But Ash as a beginning 16 year old had seen and made friends with more legendaries than those researchers ever did!

Ash was her best friend; there was no doubt about it. Even though she had initially followed him as a petty way to get back her bike, the sheer number of dangers and adventures they faced together made them the best of friends. But still Misty couldn't help but question herself, was she and Ash just friends or something more?

She shook her head, now wasn't the time to think such things. Ash needed her support! Although she was a bit sad that she couldn't visit Unova herself. Since the Gym was closed for offseason, she had enough free time to visit Unova. But no one had anticipated Ash to actually reach the Finals; and so the tickets were already sold out by the time anyone could think of going.

At the corner, Tracy was busy sketching the scenes from the battles as fast as he could. He could at least do this much for his friend, even though he couldn't go and support him in person.

With Ash's Pokémon

Staraptor, Gliscor, Swellow, Unfezant and Noctowl watched calmly as they perched upon the large tree present on Torterra's back. Kingler, Palpitoad, Totodile, Buizel and Corphish were watching from their position near the edge of the pond in Oak Corral.

Bulbasaur, Muk, Snorlax, Heracross, Bayleef, Quilava, Donphan, Sceptile, Torkoal, Glailie, Infernape, Scraggy and Boldore squirmed for space on the congested ground as each one tried to get the better view.

Snivy however had a front row seat, seeing as Pignite was fighting in the finals.

The reason for the lack of space could be attributed to mostly two Pokémon. One being Snorlax, whose large body took up much of the space and the other, was a large orange Dragon like Fire Type.

Charizard had come all the way from Charicific Valley to watch the league finals of its trainer with its fellow Pokémon. The fire breathing dragon looked with calculative eyes as Garchomp battled in a style much similar to its own.

Destructive. Brutal.

"Not a shrimp now, is he Charizard?" Bulbasaur asked smugly to his long time friend.

Charizard grunted. The first time he had seen Garchomp was when he was just a little Gible. Charizard had called Gible puny and weak, effectively creating a one sided rivalry. But since Gible had evolved into Garchomp the rivalry wasn't entirely one sided now.

"He might have grown big now, but he ain't no match for me Flower." Charizard grumbled out, even though he knew that in truth, Garchomp could provide more than just a challenge to him.

"Sure, whatever you say you overgrown lizard." Bulbasaur teased Charizard as he went back towards the place where Ash's grass types were huddled. Charizard gained a tick mark on its head as it scowled towards its old comrade.

"You wanna go Flower!?" Charizard asked as the fire on his tail grew larger, causing much concern among the other Pokémon watching.

Torterra shuffled nervously. "Um, Bulbasaur, sir, I don't think that you should make Charizard angry." Even though Torterra was the largest among all of Ash's Pokémon, it was still the youngest among the grass types. Even Snivy was older than him since she previously belonged to another trainer.

Bulbasaur yawned lazily "No need to get worried kid, it's not as if he can actually do anything to me."

Charizard stomped towards Torterra, making the continent Pokémon sweat under his gaze. All of Ash's Pokémon knew of the power Charizard possessed, and thus knew to never piss him off.

"And why the hell are you calling Bulbasaur 'Sir' anyway? You are the Continent Pokémon for heaven's sake!? You can crush the little flower everyday of the week!" Charizard asked incredulously to the nervous Torterra.

However, Charizard's 'size' statement caused a complete silence among the chattering Pokémon.

It was no secret among Ash's Pokémon that Bulbasaur's size was a sore topic for him. Since each and every one of Ash's grass types had evolved till now, Bulbasaur's size was getting to be more of a delicate matter every day. Add to that Snivy's desire to eventually evolve into Serperior, Bulbasaur was definitely not a happy guy to discuss evolutions with.

Unfortunately for Charizard, his comment was wrongly translated into 'Small...is...weak' by many of Ash's smaller Pokémon.

Snivy came forward and looked Charizard in the eyes without flinching "Are you assuming that Size represents power, Charizard?" She asked with narrowed eyes and a tone which Charizard duly remembered from his time with Charla.

Charizard gulped. Even though he was many times stronger than Snivy and had the type advantage anyways, that threatening tone of voice which only female Pokémon could make, could make anyone male Pokémon nervous.

"N-no! I-Its nothing like tha-" Charizard's stuttering explanation was cut off as many others started snickering. Most prominently Muk.

"Gurk-Gurk-Gurk" Muk laughed at the whipped behaviour of his Kanto friend.

Charizard clenched its fists to control its anger, but when sounds of 'Pussy' and whips started coming he couldn't take it anymore. He started punching the shit out of Muk, who by the time Charizard ended, was a smear on the ground.

"How do ya like that glob? Huh?! NOT SO FUNNY NOW IS IT!" Charizard asked with triumph in its voice, sneering down at the purple poison type.

But in an event that caused much shock and disbelief, Muk wasn't even knocked out.

"Gurglk-Gurglk-Gurglk" Muk's laughter came from even the smear, which shocked and creeped everyone out.

"Holy shit how did you survive that Muk?" Buizel asked in amazement and mild disgust.

No answer came from the glob, rather, it started growing bigger, and eventually, eyes and mouth appeared onto it. Many of the puncture marks created by Charizard were immediately puffed out, like a 's body gradually regained its shape, without even a scratch on it.

"Gurk-Gurk That tickled." He mocked Charizard further, who by this time moved to another place so as to not murder the living blob.

As everyone laughed good naturedly, Totodiles's sudden happy scream got everyone's attention. Every Pokémon turned their eyes towards the projector where they saw Ash's face being illuminated on the T.V. screen, with 'WINNER' written under it.

With most of the Pokémon becoming speechless and wide eyed for probably the third time in that minute, the blue croc decided to take matters into his own hands. Jumping onto the screen, Totodile threw his fist out in victory.

"Ash has won! I repeat ASH HAS WON!" Totodile yelled in his raspy voice as he started dancing in happiness.

The sudden shout breaking the ice, all of the Pokémon let out a whoop of Joy as multiple elemental attacks were launched in the sky, showing the excitement of the Pokémon. Heck, even Snorlax jumped up once, creating a mild earthquake in Pallet town.

Never mind it went back to sleep immediately after.

While the others celebrated in various manners of triumphs, unseen to all, Bulbasaur made his way to Charizard, who stood a large way back.

"Yo, Charizard."

Charizard raised an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of his old friend, "What's up Bulbasaur?"

"Aren't you happy for Ash? He finally won after all this time." Bulbasaur said to Charizard who snorted.

"What a stupid question, of course I'm happy! It's just that... I wish they were here with us too."

"Who 'they'?" Bulbasaur asked in confusion.

"Pidgeot, Squirtle and Butterfree. Ya know, the original six." Charizard said, with nostalgia seeping from every word.

"Yeah." Eyes shimmering as memories long gone by came to life in a matter of seconds, "I do wonder many times how are they." Bulbasaur said as he and Charizard sat facing the beautiful starry night, the two old friends sitting quietly, wondering the fates of their friends.

Looking towards the large dragon, who was looking towards the star draped night sky, a mischievous look came to Bulbasaur's face, "I can't help but feel that you're getting unusually sentimental today Charizard, can I expect a hug from you too.?" Bulbasaur asked jokingly.

"Hmph, don't get too used to it."

500 Ft. In Unova Airspace

"Are you sure you can fix it Meowth?" A voice, belonging to a young woman in her twenties, spoke up as two people and two Pokémon huddled around a Television in a Meowth shaped hot air balloon.

"Shut yer trap Jessie, I'm doin' da best I can." Meowth grunted as he hit the Television to finally make it work. "Come on work ya piece of trash!"

Finally the Television started getting a signal, showing Ash's Pikachu clashing with Virgil's Umbreon.

"Wow, the twerp's Pikachu sure is strong." James commented as Pikachu gained the upper hand against Umbreon.

"Well that's why we have been after it for so long." Jessie agreed.

Suddenly both Pikachu and Umbreon fell down, completely exhausted from the battle.

The three gasped "Oh no, Pikachu is down!"

"What can the Twerp send next?" James wondered.

They didn't have to wait for long as Garchomp emerged in all its glory. "It seems he has saved the best for the last."

As Garchomp hit the Dragon Pulse, Meowth exclaimed "Garchomp sure packs a blast!"

"Wobba-Wobbafet!" Wobbafet apparently agreed as it looked down from its position behind Jessie.

When Flareon was finally finished off by the Dragon Pulse, the trio jumped in joy "Woo-hoo! The Twerp really did it!" Jessie yelled as James and Meowth high fived each other.

When the Award ceremony was shown, the trio were almost in tears.

"Sniff-Sniff Da twoip won the league!" Meowth said, wiping a few unfallen tears from the corner of his eyes.

"You know, we've been following the twerp for so long, it seems as if one of us has won it." James said honestly as the other two pondered over his words.

"But don't we want to steal Pikachu?" Meowth asked in confusion.

The trio wondered over the sudden change in thoughts. Even though they had spent so much time and money chasing after the twerps, they could at least admit that it took them to places they had never even imagined before. Heck they remembered the time when they almost sacrificed their own lives to help the twerp! They couldn't help but wonder, what if they even succeed in stealing Pikachu? What then?

Not to mention, the Boss they had so religiously served all these years didn't seem to particularly care about them.

The memory from Operation Tempest was still fresh in their minds.

Jessie, James and Meowth didn't know it then, but they had taken a big step in a positive direction. A direction, which would eventually lead them to their true destinies.


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