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It happened in a flash.

A mere second after Argenta's statement, Garchomp rushed forward with a glowing fin, a sonic boom occurring from the mere speed with which it had took off towards the Legendary bird.

A snarl coming from its throat, Garchomp hurled its shark like fin forward, intending to do massive damage with the first step of the Dual Chop. But Zapdos proved far too fast to be taken out by such a straightforward attack.

Just as Garchomp's fin was about to touch the bird, it was covered in an impressive burst of electricity.

With an emphatic screech, the bird appeared ten feet above the spot where it previously was, escaping from the attack harmlessly. The appearance was so fast that it almost looked like teleportation. Stray electric sparks showered below Zapdos, further amplifying its status as a master of its element.

It didn't even flap its wings.

Black and gold eyes narrowed as Garchomp analyzed the sheer speed which Zapdos possessed. The Mach Pokémon was no slouch in the air, but Zapdos's speed was almost like teleportation, or that's how it seemed.

"Impressive." Ash muttered under his breath. Truly, Zapdos had impressive reflexes and speed. The fact that it was able to dodge a sudden attack from a Pseudo Legendary was something worth worrying about. 'It seems Brandon does actually train his Pokémon… I don't think Zapdos could have been this fast in the wild.'

"Like I said, Zapdos is an opponent unlike all the others you have faced till now Ash. And since you have made your move, we shall start our own! Zapdos, use Drill Peck!" Argenta yelled with confidence.

"Dodge Garchomp!"

Zapdos' sharp beak glowed for a second, immediately after which it swooped down towards Garchomp, its beak moving like the bullets from a machine gun.

But Garchomp was fast enough to dodge, the result being that Zapdos merely hit air. One of the drills hit the ground, showering the area with dust and debris, showing the amount of damage a simple attack like Drill Peck could do a while performed by a Legendary.

"Dual Chop, again!"

Garchomp sped forward in the dust, its fins glowing white.

"Dodge Zapdos, and then use Thunder!"

Zapdos once again dodged the attack with surprising agility, snapping its eyes towards the Pseudo Legendary, Zapdos let loose an absolute massive Thunder attack.

The ground where the Pseudo Legendary stood exploded, and the air itself burned as the electricity was released from Zapdos. Massive charge flew from the thunderbird, much of it dissipating around the room. Ash felt his hair raise from the sheer amount of electricity present in the air. Pikachu's cheeks sparkled as the electricity touched it.

But in all this, Garchomp was unharmed. As the dust cloud created around it cleared, Argenta was shocked to see that Garchomp didn't have a single scratch on its hide; rather it seemed to be enjoying the static going through its body.

"Garchomp's a ground type, Argenta. Or have you forgotten that?" Ash asked in a mocking manner as he gave a thumbs up to his opponent "Don't think that I chose Garchomp just because he is a Pseudo Legendary. His Ground Typing will protect it from most, if not all, electric attacks."

Argenta's lips drew into a thin line as she understood the situation. Her advantage wasn't as much as she had thought; not nearly so.

No matter.

Zapdos is a legendary. She thought to herself, there is no way she could lose.

And of normal electric attacks didn't work, she would just have to use the most powerful ones.

"Zapdos, use Thunder bolt!"

As the static in the room grew to dangerously high levels, Ash realized that taking the attack head on wouldn't probably be a good idea.

"Garchomp, charge forward; Dragon rush!"

In the time that it took for Zapdos to let loose the godly thunderbolt, Garchomp's body was covered by what appeared to be fire. Yet, it was not burning. Instead, a sound of a thunderclap occurred as Garchomp blasted forward from its place.

At the exact dame moment, a Thunder bolt hit that area of the arena. The ground exploded like a cannonball and in a move that made Ash's eyes grow large in disbelief, the single line of electricity that comprised of the thunderbolt tore through the ground with a buzz saw like sound.

Tearing its way through mud and rock, the Thunder bolt followed Garchomp with fercoity, with Zapdos providing the never ending source of electricity.

Garchomp's eyes bled red as it increased its speed even further. Pure Draconian energy flew through its veins as the Pokémon neared Zapdos, who was still releasing Thunder bolt after thunderbolt, none of them reaching the Pseudo legend.

The arena was almost cut in half as Garchomp finally reached the Legendary, its fins and jaws ready to do massive damage.

But Zapdos, already covered in electricity, used its flash technique to disappear in a thin arc of electricity.

Ash screamed for Garchomp to dodge, but it was too late.

"Finish this Zapdos, use a full power Thunderbolt below you!" Argenta's smirk returned to her face as she commanded what she wanted to be the last order of the match.

In a scene that ash would remember for all his life, the legendary bird released a Lightning bolt which appeared to have been conjured by Thor himself. Like a Nuclear explosion, Garchomp was completely engulfed in the Thunder bolt.

Seeing its adversary continue to hold out, Zapdos gave a primal screech as it increased he power to the maximum.

The round under Garchomp was torn apart, rocks were turned into dust and mud was burned into clay. The power of electricity was so much that it even spread to the entire arena, leaving both the trainers and the referee with their hair standing.

Finally, Garchomp gave the first indication of pain as the power attack broke through its barriers. Grinding its jaws in pain, Garchomp curled up into a ball in mid air as it tried to protect its skin from charring further.

After another five seconds of this, Zapdos finally stopped the attack. The legendary bird was extemely tired from the attack, as was clear from its heavy breathing and the fact that one of its eyes was closed.

Garchomp dropped to the ground with a loud thump, its body lying prone in the crater with only shallow breathing indication of its still being in the living world. No doubt, had it been some other Pokémon, it would have been instantly knocked out.

Or worse.

A huge mushroom cloud had kicked up due to the explosion, with the dust and soot dissipating after reaching the top of the building. As the smoke dissipated, Ash's eyes fell on the sickening scene in front of him.

Smell of burning flesh reached the nose of all the individuals in the room, as Garchomp's slightly burned skin showed its presence to all.

Ash choked on his breath as his eyes fell on Garchomp's body.

"Garchomp!" Ash cursed under his breath for his own foolishness. If only he had been more careful! What had he been thinking, taking on a legendary like Zapdos head on, without any strategy?

"I hope its clearer to you, just how outmatched you are Ash." Argenta said, her nose high in the air "I gove you a chance to quit right now, and save your Pokémon from further humiliation."

Ash Ketchum hadn't gotten angry very often. In fact, the only time he had last been so angry was when he had seen Victini being so thoroughly tortured for a madman's impossible dream.

But now? Ash had believed Argenta's words to be nothing other than friendly banter between two rivals, but now he had full belief that Argenta was just as overconfident in Zapdos's seemingly endless power as it seemed.

He had enough experience with overconfident people. And he liked nothing more than to defeat them

But first-

"Garchomp, please get up buddy! I KNOW you can defeat Zapdos! Prove yourself to be better, Garchomp!"

"Pika pikachu pi!"

Hearing its trainers cries, Garchomp blearily opened one of its eyes. Hearing Argenta's derogative statements had ignited a fire inside of Garchomp which he had never felt before . Such insults were abusing to not only himself, but the whole of Dragon kind!

So, with much pain and effort, Garchomp stood back up. The cheers of its trainers caused it to straighten its spine and give a beastly roar that was accentuated by the searing burns on its body.

In reality, its injuries were not nearly as much as it seemed. The attack, while causing a lot of damage, wasn't enough to put him out of commission. Not nearly so. While the Thunderbolt was indeed very powerful, his Ground typing had indeed kicked in to protect it from maximum damage

Seeing Garchomp stand back up, Argenta's lips curled up in anger. Things were definitely not going to plan for the hall matron.

"Garchomp, put some distance between yourself and Zapdos." In a matter for few jumps, Garchomp now stood, panting, fifty feet away from Zapdos.

"We won't let you defeat us, Argenta." Ash spoke in a quiet voice. "I will prove my Pokémon to be as good as- no, BETTER than Legendaries!"

Argenta chuckled at hearing Ash's words. The boy was really naïve. How could one possibly think that their Pokémon can be better than legendaries?

"Dream on, kid." And then, Argenta unleashed her final attack.

"Zapdos, use Steel Wing!" the Hall matron commanded.

Like a bullet from a gun, Zapdos flew forward with high speeds towards Garchomp. As it neared the dragon, it charged up the attack it was about to unleash.

Zapdos shot forward with a glowing wing, leaving trails of electricity as it moved. Steel Wing didn't actually turn its wings into steel, but rather stretched the muscles to such an extent that they resembled steel. And thus resulted in an all round powerful attack.

Thankfully, Ash and Garchomp weren't defenseless.

"Garchomp, use Dual Chop!"

Garchomp's fins glowed a bright silver as they readied for the clash with Zapdos's Steel wing.

Kicking itself into the air, Garchomp met with Zapdos equally, with both Pokémon glaring at each other. A minor gunshot echoed as the two powerful Pokémon clashed in mid air.

Both shuddered as neither gained an advantage. Garchomp had a slightly upper edge due to it not needing wings to fly, while Zapdos was completely dependent on one wing by now.

Yet, Argenta knew that if it came to a matter of power, Zapdos would eventually win out. She had total confidence in the legendaries abilities.

And this was the opportunity Ash Ketchum was looking for.

"Garchomp, bite Zapdos!"

Argenta's eyes widened "What the-"


A sickening voice emerged as Garchomp clamped its jaws around the glowing steel wing of Zapdos. The thunderbird cried out in pain as its appendage was crunched between one of the most powerful jaws present in any Pokémon

"No! Zapdos, escape!" Argenta's yells fell on deaf years as Zapdos thrashed about fruitlessly. With its wings trapped by the dual power of Dual Chop and Garchomp's jaws, Zapdos had no place to escape.

Getting the tad bit desperate now, Argenta ordered "Zapdos, fry it with Thundershock!."

With a screech that left Ash very impressed, Zapdos launched a thunderbolt of epic proportions on itself. With Garchomp so firmly attached to it, that was the only way.

Yet, Garchomp's type advantage came into play once more, with it only taking minimal damage from the thunderbolt that would have destroyed a minor mountain. Not to mention, the Dragon's body was on an adrenalin rush right now, small injuries didn't even tickle him.

Argenta, in her overconfidence, hadn't realized how horribly mismatched she was. Brandon hadn't cared for training Zapdos's other attacks. He had no need for it. Zapdos was merely another showcase for the Frontier Brain and not even one he would have kept permanently.

Brandon's multitude of Legendaries were free to do what they pleased, and training was certainly not one of those things.

Although Argenta had taken care of Zapdos, she hadn't cared for training it as much as her other Pokémon. And while it could have taken out most Pokémon, facing a well trained Pseudo Legendary with a type disadvantage was certainly not one of those things. Argenta had put her belief on a Pokémon that wasn't even hers, while not using her own Pokémon which she had trained with for so much time.

And Ash knew how to take advantage of this.

With an emphatic movement of his hands, Ash yelled "Now Garchomp, use Fire Blast!"

With the searing heat that had begun gathering on its wing, Zapdos thrashed about even more violently, with the Pokémon sending thunder bolts wildly around the arena, creating many a mini craters in the ground.

But it was all useless as Garchomp continued gathering the fire type energy between its jaws.

Argenta, who had been taken off guard by the command, knew that she was in serious danger of losing right now, as unbelievable as the concept was.

So, with mild desperation creeping into her voice, she commanded.

"Zapdos, throw it off using Drill Peck!"

"Endure, Garchomp! This is our only chance!"

With both commands in the air, Garchomp scrunched its eyes shut for the pain that was about to come, while still gathering the energy for the massively energy consuming attack.

And boy, did the pain come.

Like a machine gun, Zapdos rained hell upon Garchomp. Its drill like beak hit and hit Garchomp's exposed body, creating minor puncture wounds all over it.

Like an AK 47, the drill peck continued hitting Garchomp with the sound of a nail gun going off. Still, Garchomp endured the pain of what appeared to him like a thousand ice needles falling upon its body, and finally gathering the right amount of energy, its eyes snapped open.

Black and Gold met ashen brown, and with a subtle nod, Garchomp understood what it had to do. Weakly turning its head to meet Zapdos's panicked eyes, it gave a savage smirk.

And then, the world burned for Zapdos.

Fire Blast was an attack which was usually released in the form of a huge Fireball, with the fire contained into a condensed shape for maximum damage.

But with no space for the fire ball to be released, and its jaws on Zapdos's wings, the fire Blast exploded prematurely, leading to untold amount of damage on Zapdos's wings. The fire burned through the legendary, and spread onto the ground, turning it red.

The sound of a thousand cannons going off were what could only describe the final explosion which ripped Zapdos from Garchomp's grip and towards a patch of grass. With searing pain in its wings, Zapdos wasn't even able to screech in pain as the horrible scene of its blackened wing was exposed to the world.

Still awake and in minor pain, thanks to the third degree burns, Zapdos was still very far from being knocked out. Yet, it knew that the match was as good as over.

While its electric reserves were still more than enough, and most of its body uninjured, Zapdos had lost a major part of its fighting style.

Not able to fly, Zapdos was ripe for the taking.

Argenta had been reduced to a shaking mess as the amount of damage on her Pokémon became clear to her. Her head hanging in shame, she cursed her overconfidence that lead to her embarrassing loss. Even devastating for Zapdos.

Ash decided to end the match, once and for all.

"Garchomp, no holding back, Outrage!"

Garchomp's eyes bled red as its entire being raised into the air due to the sheer amount of draconic energy present in its body. A light golden color came into existence around Garchomp, like an outline to show just how devastating the attack was about to be.

Garchomp shot towards Zapdos with a deafening roar, with the legendary weakly raising one of its eings to protect itself.

Not even feeling a shred to pity, the Dragon unleashed hell on Zapdos.


Somewhere in Hoenn

"One more time Venasaur, Leaf Storm!"

With a loud screeching sound, a large amount of leaves were launched towards a tall pine tree. The leaves were spinning at high velocities, with green shimmering energy defining the tornado like shape they had taken up. Moving with pin point precision towards the tree, the Leaf Storm attack engulfed the tree in a massive hurricane.

Thousands of cuts appeared on the tree as it was violently attacked by the magical leaves. Yet, even after thirty seconds, the tree still remained standing, with the attacking appendages disappearing soon after.

"Bummer..." May Maple groaned out in disappointment as she slumped against her large grass type Pokémon. Venasaur looked equally disgruntled as she looked towards the ground with sadness.

"Hey, you almost had it this time, May." A kind voice cut across the clearing as May looked up towards its source. Norman Maple appeared with a smile on his face, bit he was not alone.

Following Norman was a large, odd looking Pokémon. With its long white mane covering most of its face, only two yellow colored eyes poked out from within them. The bipedal Pokémon had a long nose resembling the legend of Pinocchio. However, the oddest feature was perhaps the absence of proper hands, with leaves taking their spot.

"But you and Shifty can do it perfectly, dad!" May groaned. This was her and Venasaur 20th time today of trying the attack, yet she wasn't able to perfect it to her Dad's level.

It was extremely frustrating.

Norman patted May's head consolingly, even though it was a bit weird since May wasn't too much shorter than him now. "Now now May, we have discussed it before. Me and Shiftry have years and years of experience on you, we have had much more time to perfect the attack. You are doing admirably well for your first day."

May and Venasaur perked up a bit at that, and as if to reassure Norman's words, Shiftry flashed the two a smile and thumbs up. Despite it being a peaceful gesture, coming from a dark type like Shiftry it still ended up being creepy.

Yet, despite the Pokémon's frightening visage, May didn't feel uncomfortable in the slightest, this was a Pokémon she had been seeing since her childhood after all.

"I know that dad... It's just that almost everyone I know is going to compete in this tournament. I don't wanna get embarrassed in front of them." Seriously, the scale of the competition was going to be epic, in every sense of the word. People ranging from her rivals, friends, Ash and even her dad were competing!

Norman smiled at his daughters words. Just three years ago, she didn't even have an interest in either battles or the Pokémon world as a whole.

"May, have I ever told you about my participation in the Champions League?" Norman said suddenly.

May looked up at her father with a questioning gaze "Hm... Now that I think about it, hadn't you left home for a year when I was five?"

Her father grinned, "That's the one May. After training and travelling for ten long years, I had finally been given entry into the Champions League. The one which is happening next year is nothing compared to the difficulty we trainers had to face to gain entry in the older days." Only a hint of bitterness was in his voice.

May nodded at that. Even in the letter it was fleetingly mentioned that this year's Championship aas going to be 'unique'.

"In the old days, it was necessary for a trainer to have travelled at least three regions, to have won the badges of all three and have gotten till the semifinals in at least one, and minimum of quarter finals in the other two. Oh, and they must have at least 20 different varieties of Pokémon."

May tilted her head in confusion "But Dad, that doesn't sound very hard. Ash did the same in his first four years of being a Pokémon trainer." And getting Gym badges didn't seem as hard to her, after all she had seen Ash win most of the badges and Frontier Symbols in the second, if not first, try.

Norman barked in laughter "Kid, you have no idea what are you talking about. When I was travelling, things weren't so easy as they are for you and your friends. The regions weren't as stable as they are now. Inter-Regional travelling was very hard to do due to the multitudes of restriction placed on the act."

The brunette tilted her head in confusion, "But why?"

"Criminal Organizations ran rampant during those times. Case in point, Team Rocket."

May cut off her father with a giggle, "Team Rocket? How can they even have been dangerous dad, they haven't even been able to steal Ash's Pikachu!" However, her giggling was cut short as her father fixed her with a stern glare.

"The Team Rocket you face now is a pathetic joke in front of the criminals of the past, May. Team Rocket had actual control over the five regions back then. Kagawa Rocket, the previous leader, conducted some of the most brutal operations ever seen by the world. No trainer was safe from being mobbed, and that was the reason most never even got the chance to compete in their first champions league."

"The government did aft, but in a completely wrong manner. They imposed restrictions on inter regional travel, so as to cut off contact between the various branches of Team rocket. It failed miserably since Team Rocket had developed much advanced technology for such tasks even before they were introduced to the wider public."

"Many young trainers were forcefully recruited into doing the bidding of the organizations. But perhaps the most important factor was the presence of Team rocket spies and moles within the army and beurocrats. Why, there was a time when they were close to over throwing the government. Only the timely intervention of the five champions stopped the organization. Lance from Johto, Alder from Unova, Steven Stone of Hoenn, Cynthia from Sinnoh and someone named... Well I don't really remember the name of the Kanto Champion. Anyways, they were the ones who joined the most powerful trainers of our generation to eradicate the threat of Team Rocket."

"They were partly successful, since Team Rocket has been reduced to a mere husk of its previous glory. I hardly doubt they will ever return to being what they were before." As Norman finished, he looked down at his daughter, only to see her looking at him with a slightly shocked look

"Wow dad... I mean, I can't even imagine being in your shoes. The most Team Rocket does nowadays is come in a ridiculous Mecha to try to steal our Pokémon. But what you told just now... It's really unbelievable."

Norman nodded "Yup. Still, times are much better than before, and I don't think I would ever wish otherwise." His face brightening considerably, he smiled down at his daughter "So... Ash is taking part too, huh. Been a while since I met him, how's he doing?"

May grinned at her father, "He is training for the Champions League, of course! Ash has become much more serious in his training, dad. Many of his Pokémon had evolved, and he also returned many of his past Pokémon. I mean, I know Ash was great when we travelled together, but he has improved so much now!" She said brightly, drawing a chuckle from Norman.

"Haha! Ash is a determined boy alright. Your brother admires him like no one else, you know that?"

May knew it alright. Ash was Max's number one inspiration after the time they had split after Ash's Battle Frontier. Norman was depressed in a comically extreme manner about that, but eventually he recovered.


"It's not without reason, dad. Ash helped me and Max out a lot during our journeys. Well, Brock was there too, but you get my point. He's the one who basically made me like Pokémon! I wouldn't even have been a Coordinator had Ash not helped me out in the beginning. We shared so many adventures together, even seeing Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza!"

Norman was still in disbelief over that. Those three were the Pokémon who only the luckiest of lucky people got the chance to see the shadow of. Heck, he himself had completed his journey and settled down with Caroline, having only seen a shadow of Rayquaza early in his journey.

But what May and Max described to him and Caroline was simply incredible. Not only had they seen Groudon in the person, but they had been accompanied while doing so by none other than Lance! And then, his daughter had helped defeat Team Magma, a threat which was close to destroying their entire planet!

Now that he thought about it, should he be angry or grateful to Ash? On one hand, travelling with Ash had lead his two scions into some of the greatest dangers imaginable, while on the other hand, the boy had acted remarkably well to keep both of them safe too, as well as turned his daughter into a competent trainer. And last, but not the least, his daughter obviously looked to have a... 'liking' to that boy...

Screw that, the last one immediately qualified for the 'anger' part.

May, oblivious to her father's thoughts, continued "And then there was the time when he saved my life dad! He put me, Manaphy and Pikachu into the pod and then went inside the ocean to fix the temple-"

May was stopped from continuing as Norman immediately looked at her with a stunned look "Wait, hold on, what's this about nearly getting killed!?"

May's face turned pale as she realized that she had given away the secret that she and Max had decided to never reveal to their parents. Chuckling nervously, she looked back at her father, who was looking deathly serious right now.

"Yeah...about that..."


Time skip- 1 Week

A large yellow colored building stood out on the top of a mountain. The building, or rather the arena, was a dome shaped structure, with a strange absence of windows or doors.

This soon became clearer to Ash as the buildings air conditioning hit him and Pikachu straight in the face. The duo had come to the isolated place in search for the second of three prints needed for winning the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. Having won against Argenta, Ash had immediately set off to find the second Frontier Facility.

However, the facility looked to be located on top of a mountain, and one t which Challengers had to get to without the help of any vehicles.

Needless to say, it was a tough climb for Ash Ketchum, but one which he was somewhat ready for given his personal body building training over the last few months. Ash had actually developed a few muscles and gained a few inches in height after starting his training. This was a sudden growth spurt that was even more amplified by the presence of Primeape in his party.

The Pig monkey was a crazy Pokémon in every sense of the word. Not only was it prone to anger, but it even pushed (forced) other Pokémon to train as hard as him. Physically, that is.

Only Infernape and Emboar seemed to like this system, with the Sinnoh and Unova starters tackling training with even more vigor now. Others, like Servine, were less than impressed by being forced to pick up boulders, while doing pushups.

And so, it was no surprise that after a few weeks of torture filled training, Snorlax had finally snapped, and a brutal battle had ensued between him and Primeape. Not even Tyranitar, who was the only one in his party that was strong enough at the time, was enough to stop them successfully.

In order to stop the madness, Ash had to promise Snorlax that he would give him 'four' Super Food Pills and that his physical training would be reduced.

Needless to say, the fight stopped after that.

In order to stop any such mutinous behavior in the future, Ash and Gary developed a more advanced training program modified for each of his Pokémon. With Dexter's educated input, the program was a success and his Pokémon looked happier in training.

Coming back to the dome shaped arena, Ash was slightly surprised by the number of people present in the building. Seeing as there were no means of transportation for reaching the structure, it was even more vexing for Ash, who quickly glanced back at his Supercomputer 'friend'.

"Are you sure this is the right place, Dex?"

Dexter blinked in the affirmative, "Indeed, sir. My GPS system is updated and correct, there is no way this isn't the Frontier Facility of Factory Head Thorton."

"Better hope you're right Dexter. Coz if you aint, and we have scaled a wrong mountain..." Ash trailed off dangerously.

Sensing of Pikachu's little electric sparks touch its expensive body, Dexter vibrated in fear "Of-Ofcource not, sir! I swear on my AMOLED screen it's the correct place!" Dexter said a bit fearfully. Dexter had already been hit by a weak Thunder Spark by Pikachu. It wasn't looking to repeat the experience, thank you very much.

The main reason for Ash's skeptism was the large crowd present in the entrance area, with the people either talking in groups, or taking refreshment drinks from one of the many machines present attached to the wall.

Deciding to get some answers, Ash turned to one of the people standing to his left, "Excuse me? Can you tell me whether this is the Frontier Facility for facing Frontier Brain Thorton?" He asked in a polite voice with a smile.

However, immediately after he asked the question, the person next to him froze. As did the other people surrounding them. Whispers reached Ash's ears..

"He's here to face Thorton?"

"Does he even know what he is getting into?"

"Poor kid! He's in for a beating!"

"I hope Thorton doesn't even accept the challenge. Facing little boys is beneath him."

"Hmph. Even if he does, I don't think the kid will survive for long."

With a twitching face, Ash exploded, "Hey, no one asked your opinion jabronis! And now that you have 'told' me that this is indeed the frontier facility, can you call Thorton?"

One of the girls scoffed "Why should we? You don't even stand a chance, kid."

Ash's teeth clenched "Well, we would have to see about that wouldn't we?" Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he once again asked "Look, can you just call Thorton? He is the one who will be battling me, so I would rather like to talk to him."

A man looked at him as if he were stupid "Look, kid. Thorton is training for the Champions League. He doesn't have the time for entertaining any and all competitors coming here, ya know?" The crowd nodded as one as they seemingly agreed with the man's statement.

Ash looked in disbelief at the group, "What the heck are you all talking about? I am here to win my second Frontier Symbol! I am an official challenger to the Sinnoh Battle Frontier, it is Thorton's job to accept my challenge!"

Before the group could reply in a similar retarded manner, a sudden cough caught everyone's attention.

Turning towards the sound, a man appeared from a sliding steel door. The crowd gasped at the appearance of the man, who came to tower over Ash with a haughty look on his face.

"So…. Little kid, you are the one who defeated Argenta, eh? Don't look so tough to me….well, anyways, you are right, it is my duty to accept your challenge to my Frontier Facility, and so shall I do! Get ready to face the might of Factory Head Thorton!"


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