His eyes were a shade of crimson, partially obscured by the long locks of emerald green hair splayed wildly around him with hints of yellow here and there. The hair was long and if he was standing, would reach down to his waist. His red eyes have a faint glazed look to them, as he stares out to seemingly nowhere in particular. The most interesting thing about his eyes was the strange shape of his white-colored pupils. It was a small vertical bar surrounded by a circular U. This was the universal representation of the power on/off symbol.

Blood formed a trail down the right side of his face, slightly pooling around that side of his head. Embedded into his forehead was a small diamond-shaped green crystal, but it was cracked. The clothing that he wore was severely damaged, to the point that he was partially naked, exposed from the torso up. His privacy was thankfully preserved with his tight but form-fitting shorts having remained undamaged from whatever caused him to be in this situation, although they showed signs of wear and tear.

In enters the Console Patron Unit of Planeptune, a preteen-looking girl named Neptune.

She has short lilac hair with messy bangs that reach down to her collar bone and deep purple eyes. She wears white hairclips in the shape of D-pads and around her neck is a choker that has a light blue D-pad symbol on it. She wears a mostly white parka hoodie that also doubles as a type of onesie-sized dress that has a light purple hood, strings that look like controller plugs, and two large purple and white pockets with purple D-Pad symbols on them. The sleeves have two light blue stripes going all the way down while the front of the hoodie only contains one. The ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the hoodie have dark and light purple stripes. The zipper emblem and the back of the hoodie is a purple letter N. She wears light blue and white striped thigh high socks with frills at the tops and her shoes are purple and blue.

She was doing some missions to gather shares for Planeptune since the nearing end of the Console Wars. But upon reaching the end of the path she was on, that's when she discovered the young man. She couldn't believe that someone would be severely injured out in the wilds, sporting several deep cuts, dried blood, and scruffs, bruises, and dried dirt on areas of his skin. And when she came closer to the person to see if he was still alive, she got the shock of a lifetime when she saw the shape of his pupils.

"A CPU... but how is this possible?"

She looked him over, blushing a bit at the sight of his lithe but muscular form. The perfect body type of the typical anime cute boy. She could not find his Share Crystal anywhere. What in the world is going on? She pulls out a device and dials a number. In just two rings, her call is received.

"Neptune, is something up?"

"Histoire, I found someone severely injured out in the wilds near the border of Lowee," she says into the phone.

"What!" was the surprised exclamation she receives, "Is the person alright?"

"Histoire, he's a CPU," she replied.

That caught Histoire off-guard. Male CPU? How?

"Can you bring him back to the Basilicom?"

"I can make it in a short amount of time if I transform. Can you get the medics ready for my arrival?"

"Of course. Hurry, Neptune."

The call disconnects.

Neptune looks to the boy, before she closed her eyes as a light engulfs her body. And when the light fades, Neptune had transformed into Purple Heart. Lifting the injured male CPU off the ground, she turns around and takes to the skies, flying towards Planeptune. Back in Planeptune, Histoire was already calling for the medics to report to the Basilicom, before glancing to the World Atlas map.

"I think the other CPUs should be informed of this."

With that, she goes to contact the others, making requests for the CPUs to come to Planeptune, and informing each oracle of the other three nations' Basilicoms the reason to this emergency meeting. Even if the Console Wars were still going, although soon likely to end, the discovery of a male CPU was something everyone had to know about.

Now, you may be questioning: Was that Harry Potter? In short: yes.

But what happened to him and how did he become what he is now?

It stems from how in another world, he had died from an abusive situation at a young age. But before his death, an unknown power was awakened that resulted in the house of where he resided in to explode when a large fat man with a fire poker was swinging to deal a heavy blow to the already fractured skull of his nephew. But it was these mysterious powers that somehow descended his soul away from that world, and reappear in Gamindustri, and take the form of his CPU.

But for a bit more background story: the teenager being taken to the Basilicom of Planeptune was Harry Potter. In his previous and rapidly fading life, Harry was the survivor of a murder attempt by some evil magic wizard who called himself Voldemort. It was due to some prophecy that a certain spy overheard, that led to the traitor of the Potter Family to reveal the location of the Potters. James and Lily Potter were shocked when the defenses and wards on their home had shattered, and Voldemort stormed their lovely cottage home.

James would fight against the Dark Lord fiercely, as a father who wants to protect his infant son, while urging his wife Lily to take their son and run. But Voldemort would prove himself the most powerful wizard in their duel, and claim the kill on James Potter, ripping away Harry's father from this life. And when he finally cornered Lily in the baby's room, she would plead and beg for the Dark Lord to spare her child, only to be struck down with a Killing Curse to the heart. And then that same wand turns towards the infant in the crib...

And Voldemort somehow was destroyed in body, his wraith-like soul fleeing in rage and immense pain at his own Killing Curse somehow being deflected away. The ashes of the body would pile at the floor, and baby Harry Potter would eventually be heralded as a hero, a savior. The Boy-Who-Lived...

It's just too bad that Harry's next seven years of his life would be nothing but torment and abuse, before the fated night when Vernon Dursley's ways of "teaching the freak to behave" would end in Harry's death and his unknown energy deep within the soul to explode, destroying the family and the house (and leaving behind a frightened neighborhood filled with various police, fire fighters, and even the British military; the explosion was that huge and left a destructive wake).

The Wizarding World would soon discover this when the "wards" placed on the Dursley home would collapse upon the explosion destroying the foundation, alerting Dumbledore to the situation. The Boy-Who-Lived sadly would not be anywhere to be found...


The hospital area of the Basilicom was not busy that often aside the occasional civilian coming and going. But the moment Purple Heart had arrived the medics had taken the injured patient into the emergency room. This had been an hour ago. Neptune has since de-transformed and was waiting next to Histoire.

The Oracle of Planeptune, Histoire, was a little girl with very light blonde hair worn in curled pigtails and curled bangs going in both directions, along with long curled bangs that frame her face reaching her chest. Her eyes are blue and she has a fair skin tone. She wears a big purple dress with ruffled lining, along with gold along the sections. She also wears a small green tie, and on her head was a hat that consists of a white segment and purple and gold bows on the sides. She sat on a large book, a knowledge tome which was once her original form before gaining the form she has now. In truth, Histoire was a fairy.

A bell chimed alerting them to visitors.

Three other girls had finally arrived.

The first was a buxom woman with long, neatly-combed, golden blonde hair and royal blue eyes. Her hair was also partly tied with a green ribbon in the back. She wears a lime-green and white dress with gold markings, large light green/white gloves, and along the top part of her white skirt is a big bow, peach in color. Around her neck is a white collar with green lining around the bottom, and a very thin white cloth ribbon holding the dress and neck piece as one piece. At the center are a gold circular piece with a small blue gem in the center, and a tiny red ribbon with gold coloring in the center. She has a pair of boots that matched the color scheme of the rest of her outfit and it reached slightly below her knees.

The second was a girl with long, neatly-combed black hair tied into two long pigtails using a blue ribbon with black ends. She had very noticeable red eyes, and was fair-skinned. She wears a fancy-looking Gothic Lolita dress consisting of a red and white dress with black lining under a dark blue corset with gold lining, matching buttons and a large blue bow positioned around the back of her waistline. She also wears a short double-layered white skirt, white over knee socks with bleu garters, and black lining with a frilly dark blue and white collar tied by a blue bow with a gold button center. She finishes her outfit with a pair of above-elbow length, dark blue, gloves that ties to her middle finger with double-layered frills at the arms and a small, silver sphere on the top of her hand. Her white-soled, dark blue boots were of similar length, with intersecting white laces on the back of her legs to keep it secure.

The third girl was a short, sandy-brown brunette with blue-gray eyes. She wears a big white cap with light blue ruffles and a brown and gold rim and crest. She wears an opened white jacket with powder blue markings, dark brown lining, and light colored brown fur over a cute white dress with dark brown lining and markings on it. Around her neck is a light blue ribbon piece with white lining and blue gem in the center. She also wears power blue sandals and a long white ribbon with gold lining which is tied around her right leg.

"Vert, Noire, Blanc, I am glad you arrived," Histoire greeted the other CPUs of Lastation, Leanbox, and Lowee.

"When I was told by Chika that Neptune-san discovered another CPU, I was at first surprised. Then she told me it was a male CPU. I had to come see for myself," Vert said, brushing some loose strands of hair from her eyes.

"I would believe all of us would have heard of another Nation appearing by now if Neptune here discovered the guy. Are you sure he's a CPU?" asks Noire.

"Yes. I saw the boy myself. He has the universal symbol all CPUs possess when in HDD. We could not find his Share Crystal on him at all. But he has been healing on his own prior to his transfer into the ER, just not as quickly," Histoire informs the girls.

"And the boy is okay now?" questions Blanc.

Histoire nods her head. "Yes. Ten minutes ago he woke up and has been resting in his room. Come. I'll show him to you."

The girls followed Histoire as they head to the elevator and ascend to the third floor. Soon, they come to the room the medics had placed him in: Room 317. The healing done to reverse the damages on their mysterious male CPU was a success; his CPU costume was also fully regenerated. Now, for the readers of this story, our mystery CPU was basically wearing what many of us Vocaloid fans call The Stripper outfit of Kagamine Len from the Project DIVA video games. Go ahead; I'll give you a minute or so to Google up "Len Kagamine Punkish" in your web browser. Yeah, go on, I can wait for you here...









You saw the images, yes? Well that is what our male CPU is wearing, with some included minor detail alterations to the costume for this story's sake.

The young teenage boy in the bed sitting upward in the reclined hospital bed was looking towards the open window. He was wearing a type of leather half swimsuit/short shorts hybrid plugsuit that is a dark green coloring with a faint reflective shimmer on its surface, with a V-split cut on the upper area of the outfit revealing the chiseled abs of his lightly tanned skin, and half round orange-slice cuts in the hip area. Around his waist is an adhered smoke gray/light gray triangle-striped belt. The outfit has a pronounced collar with yellow gold lining the edges and rim of the collar, also running down the V-shaped slit of the front, and he has two thin black leather chokers worn around his neck. He has a pair of black boots with a pronounced blossom bloom around the ankles that reach up to the lower portion of his thighs, and detached leather black sleeves adorn the arms up to the elbows.

Now the addictions to the Punkish costume is four fairy-styled neon green and black/gold mechanical wings (currently deactivated and folded inward), green gold-bordered chevron plates on the thighs and biceps, two silver plugsuit sockets (barely seen) on the back of the suit above the position of the mechanical wings, floating half-ring pauldrons around the shoulder area that are gold in color with three upward pronged hooks, small white fingerless bracers, and yellow-green crystalline lightning bolt-shaped wing crests surrounding the soles of the boots and blooming at the ankles. Completing the look are rounded white ear guards, with a three inch length thin mini-HDMI cable cord dangling from the bottom of the ear guards, and a triangular antenna positioned on the right guard.

Cue nosebleeds from the CPUs seeing this hunk of a boy.

Can someone say hot? Because he does have that sexual appeal despite looking like he's the age of Neptune after she transforms into Purple Heart. And he also has that androgynous gender-confuse appeal when you factor in his long emerald green-colored hair that is waist-length, with a few styled frontal locks shaped like lightning bolts (and these bolt-shaped hair locks were tinted yellow).

Histoire chuckles a bit. Yes, even she saw how handsome their visitor was (although this time she did not nosebleed). Neptune is the first to recover, wiping away the blood and beams a bright smile. She also was standing closer to his bed now.

"Hi! My name's Neptune!"

"Um, hello," he replies, a bit quietly.

Noire sighs. "Neptune, you shouldn't get into his personal space like that."

"Oh, but I doubt he minds. I mean he's fine now, right?" But she faces him again, and smiles more. "Sorry. Those are the other CPU Goddesses Vert, Noire, and Blanc." She gestures to each CPU, identifying them for Harry who waves politely. Although he had a look of confusion; what was a CPU Goddess?

The girl on the floating book (in Harry's view) moved closer. She had caught the look of confusion on the teenager's face.

"Hello. My name's Histoire and I am the Oracle of the city Planeptune," she introduced herself with a kind smile.

Harry waved again. "Hello, Histoire. My name's Harry."

"Harry, huh? Rather common name," said Vert.

"Don't mind her," Noire speaks up. "She likely expected some cool name or something to identify you."

"Oh? Is it because of how I'm dressed right now?" he asks. The girls gave one another confused looks. So he doesn't know what he really is?

Histoire sensed something was amiss.

"Harry... if I may ask you a question... do you recall how you ended up in the situation you were found in?"

Here, Harry frowned.

"All I can remember is hurt, bleeding, and pain in my head. I can recall seeing someone towering over me, bashing me repeatedly with an iron fire poker... being called a freak, and that I did not deserve a normal human's name, then... a bright light. Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by nature. I didn't know how long time passed afterward, and before I knew it, a face hovered over mine..."

As Harry told the girls this, they all winced at his brief description of his lack of memories. Whatever happened seems to be too graphic even for the story's rating. Neptune was the first to react, rushing over to the now surprised boy; she wrapped her arms around Harry in a tight comforting hug.

"I'm so sorry you suffered like this," she cried.

Vert had a dark look on her face. This boy was handsome. Sexy, even, perfect for a Boy Love manga or even the more adult visual novels, but hearing that someone would cruelly harm him in such a manner made her blood boil. She wanted nothing more than to find this person and go all out in her HDD Form.

Blanc and Noire joined Neptune in giving the boy hugs of their own. Obviously right now, the boy was tugging at their hearts. Even Histoire was having trouble focusing on her current objective in searching for anything relating to their mysterious CPU Harry.

"... This is the first time I was ever hugged," Harry said softly.

Now Vert joined in on the hug fest, even though her large boobs were directly in his face.

"I can't believe our new male protagonist could have such a painful beginning," said Neptune.

"Uh, not to interrupt or anything," Harry said, slightly muffled by Vert's boobs in his face, "but where exactly am I?"

The girls released the teen and Histoire temporarily halted her search for Harry in the archives. She began pulling out some pages from the tome. With his amnesiac-like past, one glaringly filled with a type of dark painful (and vastly unknown) history, she began to explain where he was currently at. And Harry would listen, absorbing all of the knowledge she was telling him, the knowledge of this world's history, the world known as Gamindustri.


It's been seven years since the Dursleys mysteriously died in an explosion that destroyed their home. The muggles had blown the house explosion story into massive proportions on their muggle tellys, with various tales of conspiracy thrown left and right. But in two years muggles started losing interest in the event. The home has since been rebuilt by the muggles and another family lived where the deceased Dursleys once occupied. But for the Wizarding World, it was different. Wizards and witches everywhere were still praying, hoping that the Boy-Who-Lived would be found soon. There were many families always saying they would gladly invite the child into their homes, some of them more influential in the Wizengamot and the Ministry of Magic such as the Malfoys.

But no known forms of magic could discover what happened that caused the explosion. It was not magic, or any known magic, regardless of alignment(s). Dumbledore was worried because of a certain prophecy that led to Voldemort trying to kill James and Lily's son (and failing ultimately). When the fated year arrived, the year when Harry Potter would be reintroduced to the Wizarding World, the fanfare was a dull one. Harry Potter could not be located by the owls of Hogwarts nor was he listed in the Hogwarts Invitation Book. The Daily Prophet printed many stories regarding the missing Boy-Who-Lived when his name was never called during the Hogwarts Sorting on the date of September 1, 1991.

The year is now 1994. It was another school year for the young magicals that attend Hogwarts. This year however had visitors in the form of two other schools from France and Bulgaria. In the spirit of corporation, the Ministry of Magic with the aid of the two other magical governments of Bulgaria and France decided to revive a magical tournament, which would be hosted in England (or Scotland if you wish to get technical).

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the school's Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, stood before the large crowd of his school's student body, and the combined visitors from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute. It's been a week since the Goblet of Fire was lit, and of-age wizards and witches would enter the tournament should he or she feel they are up to the task.

"Well, the goblet is almost ready to make its decision," Dumbledore called out to the Great Hall, the commotion of voices dying down to hear the announcement, "I estimate that it requires one more minute. Now, when the champions' are called, I would ask them please to come up to the top of the Hall, walk along the staff table, and go through into the next chamber."

Dumbledore pointed to the door that he indicated that was at the side of the staff table.

"There the champions will receive further instructions," Dumbledore finished as he took out his wand and gave a great sweeping wave with it; at once, all the candles in the Great Hall except for those around the Goblet of Fire extinguished into darkness. The blue flame of the Goblet started to shine more brightly than anything else in the hall; its blue-whiteness became almost painful to the eyes of those who were closest to it. Even with that pain, all eyes were watching and waiting.

And just when it seemed that one second stretched out, the flames inside the goblet turned red, sparks began to fly from it like some great firework display. The next moment, a tongue of red flame shot out into the air, flinging a charred piece of parchment like a discarded watermelon seed. Then like a feather, the parchment fluttered down. The whole room held breath as Dumbledore caught it and he held it out at arm's length so that his nearsighted eyes could see the name. As he was reading the name, the flames of the Goblet turned back into their original bluish-white.

"The Champion for Durmstrang," He read aloud, his voice strong and clear, "will be... Victor Krum!"

A great wave of applause swept through the hall like a tsunami of sound. Victor Krum rose from the Slytherin table and slouched up towards Dumbledore; he turned right, walked along the staff table and slid through the door into the next chamber. The clapping and chatting died down instantly as everyone in the Great Hall waited in anticipation to see what name would be spit from the goblets flames.

Seconds later after attention had been focused upon it, the blue-white flames turned red again, and the tongue of fire spat out another charred piece of parchment. This time, Dumbledore's reactions were quicker as the parchment was just over his head as he reached up to catch it.

"The Champion for Beauxbatons," Dumbledore read, "is... Fleur Delacour!"

A girl who looked like a beauty model stands up from her seat so gracefully that it appeared as if it were a dance. She shook back her sheet of silvery blonde hair and swept her way between the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables.

There were some students that had disappointed looks; those of the Beauxbatons party. Of course, disappointment would have been a grand understatement since two of the girls from Beauxbatons had burst into tears, sobbing into their hands and covering their faces in shame. It was as if this singular moment was what was built up in their mind to be the end all and be all of human existence. Then to have it taken away was the most devastating news that they could hear.


The moment the Fleur Delacour had vanished into the next room, the silence came quickly over the Great Hall when the students were waiting to hear who the champion of Hogwarts would be. The tension was so close and so thick that it could be tasted and cut with a knife. Once again, the Goblet of Fire turned red and once more it flung out the third piece of charred parchment and Dumbledore caught it like a Seeker catching the Golden Snitch.

"The Champion for Hogwarts," He called, "is... Cedric Diggory!"

"No!" a bright red-haired boy from Gryffindor Table cried loudly, but nobody heard him; the uproar from the next table was too great for anyone else to hear.

Every single Hufflepuff, where a boy identified as Cedric Diggory sat, rose to their feet cheering, screaming, and stamping as Cedric made his way past them grinning broadly for the massive support and headed off to the next chamber to join Krum and Fleur. The applause that was there for Cedric went on for what must have been two minutes before Dumbledore could make himself heard again.

"Excellent!" Dumbledore called happily to the students, "Well, now we have our three champions. I am sure I can count upon all of you, including the remaining students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, to give your champions every ounce of support you can muster. By cheering your champion on, you will continue in a very real-"

Dumbledore had stopped speaking, and it was apparent to everyone in the Great Hall what was distracting him. All eyes had turned back to the Goblet of Fire, whose flames were no longer bluish-white, they had turned red again. Sparks began to fly out of it once again as if it were an entity of its own telling Dumbledore in a very flamboyant way that it wasn't done speaking. The scene of Dante's Inferno would complement the event happening right now, as the flames of the goblet reaches towards the ceiling, bathing the Great Hall under a hellish inferno. Finally the flames died and a charred parchment slip floats towards the ground. Dumbledore casually grabs the slip of parchment, and stares at it.

He almost pales.

The name that stared back at him, written with perfect calligraphy, was a name he thought he would never hear from again (or until the next conspiracy theory by the Daily Prophet). The name... it was taunting him. It taunted him with the name that haunted him for the past seven years. Seeing the looks from his fellow staff, and the visitors, he finally swallows his pride.

In a clear voice, he announces the name on the parchment slip, well aware of the chaos that will ensue.

"Harry Potter."

And as predicted, chaos ensues.

Dumbledore briefly closed his eyes, knowing that his faculty was now looking to him for answers to questions he would be unable to fully answer to. Of these questions, the unheard loudest would be from Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Severus Snape...

(Opening Theme: progress by Hamasaki Ayumi)

The first beginning scene was a lingering overcast shot of all of Gamindustri, before the camera pans through in a casual movie-opening speed, first over the ocean where a plaid-colored dolphin is seen jumping from the waves, coming up towards a beautiful beach where humans are having fun. From here, the scene transitions towards a mountain shot, then a serene forest setting, bypassing several of the native critters that live in the forest, and some other creatures such as a small mob of Dogoo and a Horsebird.

Next, we leave the forest setting and descend upon a field of green and wild flowers rolling with small hills. The clouds were pure white, the sky a beautiful shade of bright blue, and the sun shined down upon them. The camera scroll continues until it reaches a beautiful lake, where there are some trees nearby. It is by the largest tree a large group of humans are sitting around together.

We get close-up shots of the CPU Candidates Nepgear, Uni, and Rom and Ram, all sitting closely. The next scene is a close-up shot of first RED, IF, Compa, Nisa, then Gust, Falcom, Cave, and 5pb. The next scene is a camera scroll over the groups of girls, Vert, Blanc, Noire, a surprised Neptune, before finally slowing to a halt in from of CPU Harry who looks up towards the camera's point of view. His eyes open as he releases the flower in his hands and the petals magically fly away in the wind. The camera pans upward towards the sky as his head tilts up and his eyes close once again.

Our next scene falls directly unto a night scene, where the camera panning down reveals the magical castle by a lake known as Hogwarts, twinkling majestically under the moonlight. Next scene is the Great Hall, where Dumbledore stares before him at the people who appeared from a portal. This scene shifts to the point of view of Harry, with Neptune and his friends standing behind him, staring back at the old wizard, them being stared at by the children at the four tables.

Next scene was a smiling Nepgear watching in the background as Neptune and Harry were playing video games, grinning and smiling. Histoire was in the background smiling softly as she read from a book, IF and Compa sharing the couch with the former busy texting on one of her many cellphones. And Nisa cheers Harry on when he thrusts his fist into the air in victory. Next scenes was Vert playing games on her PC with a quick shot of 5pb practicing her singing, then Noire spending time with Uni at the targeting range alongside Cave, with RED in the background being her usually self, and the last scene was Gust hanging out with Ram and Rom while Blanc read from a novel, watching the girls having fun and smiling.

An evil smile flashes as a cut-in, red eyes glowing with malice.

Next scene is full of battle goodness. The Hungarian Horntail is rampaging across Hogwarts' front yard with panicking magicals in the background. Harry is wielding his weapon charging it bravely and expertly dodging its tail swipe slices at it, where as he dashes away, allowing Noire and Uni to get in parting gun blasts at the dragon's face, followed by a powerful kick to the side by a shouting Nisa. Then as the dragon tries to exhale flames it is cut-off by Neptune and Nepgear with their weapons cross-cutting the dragon, followed by Vert and Blanc adding their special attacks causing a large explosion.

Underwater in the next cut scene was CPU Emerald Heart, charging a mob of Mermen preventing him from saving the other hostages, and doing so bravely. The next scene was a winter cut scene where Linda (referred to as Underling by the Neptunia Cast) was attacking the school but the CPU Candidates, RED, Cave, and Falcom were all defending the school from her, Pirachu, and an apparent army of virus monsters as attacks fly left and right between the two parties.

The next scene after was a maze of shrubbery as tall as the buildings of Planeptune, and Cedric was defending himself against an Acromantula. Before it could kill him with its lunge, it is blasted back by a powerful shot, in comes Harry from the side dashing as he pockets his gun and attacks with his sword. Krum is seen dueling Fleur briefly before we come across Harry bypassing an unknown monster, coming across what looks like a golden cup, glittering innocently...

Harry stares before him, back on a hill in Gamindustri in a new cut scene. But soon Neptune emerges next to him and she offers him a warm smile. Their friends all join one by one and together they make an impressive scene of friendship and unity. Before them was a portal of swirling energy... and within the energy's rippling surface was a reflection of Hogwarts. Harry and Neptune look to one another, as a close-up shot shows their hands reaching out, and their fingers entwining firmly in a loving gesture...

We get a shot of a Share Crystal that slowly increases in brightening intensity, which is held in the tender hands of CPU Harry. His eyes are closed, as he is unaware of the support he is receiving from two spirits that were his parents standing behind their son. A flash of white blinds the screen for a moment before clearing, immediately transiting into the next scene of action fighting poses of the main CPU Cast: Neptune, Noire, Vert, and Blanc, followed by Nepgear, Rom, Ram, Uni, and ending with a shot of Harry in a fierce stare down.

Next to final scenes were action shots. Voldemort stands proud, regal in poise, with his Death Eaters standing around him in the background, with two unmasked; Lucius Malfoy and a cowering Peter Pettigrew. To counter this scene of evil was Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix. We get a scene of Mr. Badd and his cronies, Sirius and Remus in a brotherly bonding moment, and Krum, Cedric, and Fleur in a group shot.

Voldemort is seen next in a graveyard locked in wand battle with CPU Harry as they are surrounded by masked summoned Death Eaters; both wands are connected by a beam of intense golden light. The next scene after was CPU Emerald Heart, looking all angelic as a brilliant aura shines forth, bathing the area as a beacon of light against evils might.

Finally, we get a cut-in fade to Godric's Hollow where we come across a grassy cemetery that is cared for. We come upon two tombstones each with its own beautiful bouquet of flowers left as a remembrance gift, where in-between them was a golden-colored rose that was not native to the dimension, in full bloom. The leaves are heart-shaped, and the golden petals twinkle as the sunlight shines down after a blocking cloud rolls by.

The camera pans upward towards the sky...


Hyperdimension Neptunia DLC: The Goblet of Fire

Disclaimer: The characters, world, and all things Hyperdimension Neptunia is copyrighted to Idea Factory, Compile Heart, NIS America, Tecmo Koei and others. The world and all characters and things Harry Potter is copyrighted to author J.K Rowling. I don't own anything else mentioned in a crossover from anime/manga, video games, TV shows, music, movies, comics, and etcetera. All I own is any original characters and this idea of a crossover story.

Author's Note: This comes from random thoughts blurring in my head. The girls (and Harry) of Gamindustri going on a DLC-based adventure to the real world; will have some odd hi-jinks and craziness.

And yes, the opening theme used as accompanying music for the descriptive movie intro above is also the same song heard from Tales of Xillia; the album version of the song is beautiful and it is how I wrote out that "movie intro".

This story if we look upon the Neptunia timeline is before the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, and in the Harry Potter timeline the events are Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Hopefully someone finds this story interesting...