Hyperdimension Neptunia DLC: The Goblet of Fire

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Author's Note: I have been distracted with life lately, as well as gaming. I've returned to the world of Hyperdimension Neptunia and have been playing to view all of the endings the game gives, working for the True Ending last. Oh, and I have did some alterations to CPU Gold Heart's description, editing his plugsuit schematics because I did not like how I described Gold Heart previously. Hey, it's not just girls who can look sexy in plugsuits, ya know...

Anyway, here's the next point segment of chapter one. Hope you enjoy. And don't worry; I'm also working on my other projects when I can. When you're too creative, sometimes it can be more a curse than a blessing...

1:2 The Magical School of Hogwarts

"Wait, what do you mean, let's go explore it, Harry?" Vert was the first one who broke the silence upon Harry's exclamation.

Harry looks to the girls. "What? Don't tell me you all don't feel the same like I do? It could be an interesting special dungeon that has one of those time limit deals."

"And you'd want to go into the strange portal, unaware of the dangers it presents?"

"Maybe, but still Nisa likely would want to follow me."

The girl in question smiles a bit. "Well, he's not wrong there. I'm interested in this special dungeon portal thing."

Histoire sighs. "Well, I have been waiting to hear Harry say these words. Of course, I cite him being bored since he's just as lazy these days like Neptune."

The two teens in question chuckle softly, sweat drops developing. Those that knew the two well roll their eyes.

"The distance to Emerald Hills isn't far, but I figure that not everyone can go," Histoire informs the group.

The children were sent away to their respective common rooms of their houses, and the guests of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang allowed to retire for the night (Beauxbatons returning to the large carriage and Durmstrang returning to the parked galleon at the lake outside the castle), leaving the Hyperdimension Neptunia Crew all alone in a now empty hallway-like room, with the adults that remained. Harry was sitting down at one of the now empty tables, with Neptune sitting at his side. Nepgear was hovering near IF and Compa, the former fiddling around with her cellphone. Vert and Blanc sat together opposite of Harry and Neptune, while Noire was with her sister Uni. Ram and Rom were busy with a handheld gaming device they brought with them (which surprisingly still worked inside Hogwarts), while Nisa sat behind Harry and Neptune.

Everyone was at the location, those that opted to go.

"You okay, Harry?" asks Neptune, walking up next to him.

"A bit, Nep-Nep. But, I just have this weird feeling the moment we enter this doorway... we're in for one hell of an adventure. Me more likely..."

"And that's why we're going to follow you, Harry."

"I just hope the girls I ask to stay behind just in-case can take care of things while we're all gone."

Vert wraps an arm around Harry, which did earn her a light scowl from Neptune.

"Now don't worry your pretty head, Harry-kun, ASIC hasn't done anything drastic in awhile. I'm sure Gamindustri will still be standing when we return."

Harry sighed. "Maybe, Vert, but I still got this nervous feeling in the back of my mind telling me this will be more troublesome than it's worth..."

The ones missing were Gust, 5pb, Cave, RED, and Falcom: reasons citing they would remain in Gamindustri at the request of Harry. The CPU and CPU Candidates going on this adventure into the dungeon doorway with Harry would likely leave Gamindustri in an unprotected state, especially since ASIC would soon discover this and start causing trouble again. The four had power of their own that would keep Gamindustri in a safe state. Harry didn't originally intend to bring this many with him on this exploration through the special dungeon, but Ram and Rom wanted to go with Blanc, Uni didn't want to be left behind while Noire went with Harry, and Vert left Chika in charge of things back home.

IF, Compa, and Nepgear followed only because of him and Neptune going on this adventure, and Nisa followed along because she felt this would be a great adventure to train while going to what is now a new world outside Gamindustri. But they were here now, so there was no use crying over the what-ifs. Harry could only pray this adventure didn't take too long. But as most adventures are, they tend to last for awhile before you reach the ending and then go home.

Harry takes out his cellphone when it lets off a soft jingle tune, indicating a text message was received. Accessing it, he only got a hash tag message from a friend of his: #21and1 #Wrestlemania. Harry looks at the message for a bit, before seeing out the corner of his eye the old man from earlier walking up to them. He closes the message and puts away his cell.

"So, what have you and your associates discussed?" Harry questions the old man.

Dumbledore looks upon the young man. Clearly he can see Lily's eyes staring at him than the young man who looks eerily like James. Clearing his throat, he started to explain to the young man the situation involving the "flaming cup" that went out. Harry sat there and listened, as did his friends as the old man explained about what this school was, and the cup that represented a tournament of magic.

Harry was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but kept an open mind on the situation. Clearly the teen can see that some irregularities were there. One such irregularity was the name Harry Potter being declared from the once fire-filled goblet. Was this linked to the portal appearing in Gamindustri leading to this world?

"I see," Harry murmurs, as the old man finished his dialogue. "Judging by how you and the other adults are staring at me more than the girls, I surmise that I for some reason remind many of you of someone else you know of. Clear to explain that, please?"

Here, Dumbledore almost flinched but kept his composure. The old man could see the young man was more aware of his surroundings despite the fact he (and his all-female entourage) came through a magic portal shaped like a door.

"You are almost a dead ringer for a person who has died fourteen years ago," said Dumbledore.

"I see... well, there are bound to be people who resemble others in similarity, but are not really that person," Harry responds.

That was sounding logic. After all, there's that rumor of a man who looks like the former Tonight Show host Jay Leno, but doesn't have the fame or the money.

"Harry, I'm bored," Neptune stated, clinging to the teen.

The other girls sigh, face palm, or roll their eyes. In Harry's case, he just lets out an amused chuckle.

"Now, now, Neptune, just be calm. We're in a different world than Gamindustri right now, so we should be courteous to the people here. They haven't attacked us yet."

"Just because we're in a different world or something doesn't mean they'll attack on sight, Harry. You've seen too many alien movies," IF stated.

"And what does that mean, IF? If I had said we come in peace, would they attack first and ask questions later?"

IF face palms.

"Well, I don't know how you relax after traveling through a seemingly endless tunnel filled with virus-empowered monsters, Harry, but I could use a long soak in a bathtub," Vert tells the dark-haired teen.

Harry smiled a bit. "Yeah... we HAVE been traveling through the tunnel when we entered the portal from Gamindustri's end for quite awhile, battling non-stop."

Yeah, the portal may link two different worlds, but there WAS a mini-dungeon within the portal itself, forcing the group to attack all that attacked them aggressively. The Virused Ancient Dragon however at the end "guarding" the exit was a huge pain in the ass.

Dumbledore was confused; the mysterious glowing doorway that brought these folks to their school had to travel through some sort of dungeon just to reach the end? This was all too confusing for him, especially seeing a face that his instincts were screaming at him was a boy who was James and Lily's son, screaming at him that he has not yet failed the memory of the Potters in some divine twist of fate.

Clearing his throat, Dumbledore says, "Well, I believe whatever transpired, you all must be exhausted. Therefore, Minerva, I believe we can make use of our unused guest room suites in the castle. Could you escort our guests to their rooms?"

The woman named Minerva nods to the old man. If Albus was going to allow these strangers welcome in the castle, then she would be courteous. "Certainly, Albus."

Harry smiles, before breaking out with a yawn. "Well, I am tired. We should get some shut-eye then, girls."

IF smirked. "Well, this should be an interesting experience, overall."

Albus Dumbledore was going to figure out what was going on. Maybe there were forces at work he didn't know of...?


Chirper Events: A Music Artist Reference Drop
(Harry, Neptune, Nepgear, IF, Compa, Nisa, Uni, Ram, Rom, Vert, Blanc, Noire)

"Harry, are you listening to music, again?" IF asks the boy, who was seen plucking out his Gaming/Music-brand headphones from his inventory pocket, along with his Android Tablet device.

"Yeah. It's a bit silent here without some tunes playing, Iffy," Harry responds, ignoring the shocked look from Professor McGonagall that his "muggle" device was working inside the school. Of course, the headphones Harry had were the kind that had swerveable headphone muffs; meaning pointing towards the ears they're silent, but when turned outward, they turn into portable stereo speakers. Thus, music was accompanying them towards the unused guest rooms of the castle. And once it reboots from sleep mode, to those close to the headphones can hear the familiar tune to Old Love / New Love by Twin Shadow playing.

"Hey, I recognize that song. We played that song when we helped .5pb's concert become five stars awesome," said Nepgear.

Harry smiled. "Remember girls when we all sang our rendition of that song, and the crowds loved it?"

"More like the girls of the audience loved your singing voice, Harry," IF pointed out.

"Oh... I think I remember you telling me about that once before," Neptune says, listening into the conversation. "This was during the time me and the other CPUs were still held captive in the Gamindustri Graveyard, right?"

"Yeah, it was, Neptune," answers Harry. "I wish you and the other girls were there, though. It was a fun night. Although most of the guys of the audience were more into Nepgear, Ram, Rom, and Uni..."

Especially some of the more "adult" comments from the male audience, that can't be repeated here in this story lest the author boosts the rating to Mature.

"Well, we are the CPU Candidates of our nations, Harry," Rom said.

Ram was blushing a bit. "But it was a fun night that night."

"Is there video of this lurking the internet still?" Vert questions Harry.

"I believe so. I'm sure there's a video of the entire concert on the net somewhere to be viewed on YouTube," Harry answers.

"I believe Uni showed me that concert video that was on YouTube. You do have a wonderful singing voice, Harry," Noire compliments the Planeptune teen.

Harry smiles, blushing a bit. "Well, it just came to me, and the girls thankfully knew the lyrics too to help compliment my solo male voice during portions of the song's chorus and such. I think Twin Shadow sent out a tweet saying they liked our rendition of the song."

Blanc grins. "Maybe sometime later we can have our own little singing event, or just do some karaoke as a group."

"That sounds like a cool idea," states Nisa.

Compa beams a bright smile. "That would be fun. Wouldn't it, Nep-Nep?"

Neptune smiles. "Yeah, it would be a fun idea."

IF chuckles. "Well Harry, I bet you're going to have a lot of people wondering how good your singing really is, now."

Harry laughs.

"I won't disappoint, IF. Maybe we can do a parody of Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974 sometime into this story."

This whole conversation was confusing for Professor McGonagall, who just kept silent throughout this Chirper Event.


Albus Dumbledore was holding an emergency teacher's conference. When Minerva arrived, the old man clears his throat.

"Now that we're together, I would like to discuss what we all witnessed."

The professors of Hogwarts all held different emotions on their faces.

"That boy looks so much like Prongslet," Sirius breaks the tension in the room.

Snape now gained a scowl, not wanting to believe the boy from the weird freaky portal was the son of Lily.

Dumbledore sighs wearily.

"Obviously something is going on, and it's a real mystery to truly explain what we all witnessed tonight. Not to mention... the Goblet of Fire having extinguished itself when one of the ladies in the group made note of their male friend not being the only experienced magic user of their crew," Dumbledore quoted.

Obviously this hinted that the boy was an adept in the art of magic. What kind of magic, was to be seen.

"Minerva, what were the group like?" the old man asks his long-time friend.

"At first glance, you would believe them to be muggles, considering the only boy amongst them took out a muggle music player. But they can't be muggles if they're capable of seeing this castle's interior without being affected by the wards that surround the land."

Muggles when they stumble upon this place get affected by the wards that built this castle. What they would see mostly are old ruins and a sign that warns them not to come near or to not explore the ruins. Some muggles would be able to get past the first wards, but they still would see nothing but ruins. Most muggles however would just leave the area.

For the crew of Hyperdimension Neptunia, they weren't affected by the castle's magicks. They can see everything entirely.

"They did talk about a song or a concert, and mentioning something about videos and this internet. It was too confusing so I did not participate in their conversation," Minerva tells the other professors.

"What else?"

"They made mention about see pee you candidates of their nations, and a game industry graveyard. I was confused about what a see pee you is," the woman answers, not understand that it's CPU, and not how she actually pronounced the acronym for Console Patron Unit.

Of course Sirius found the wording funny, but gets a subtle kick to the shin by Remus to quiet down.

All of these words were confusing and sound like muggle words. Albus wondered what all of this really meant.

"Fillius, you're a good judge of character. What did you see in our interesting group of girls and their sole male friend?"

"Obviously the ladies all hold a deep respect for their male companion. He also seems to be their leader or something. The way they interact with him and each other suggest deep friendships among them all," the short diminutive professor answers Dumbledore.

Popping a lemon drop into his mouth, he savors the lemony sourness, compiling what information Minerva and Filius saw of their interesting entourage that came from the now gone doorway portal.

"Well, we have allowed them to stay here, as they are guests, and it would be terribly rude if we turned them away. For now, I say we observe them."

"And what about the boy, Dumbledore?" Remus speaks up. "Something in my heart keeps telling me that it's Harry, our Harry..."

"Until we know more, we will not jump to conclusions," Dumbledore answers.

And that was the end of this emergency meeting.


The next morning came and the three schools remained separate, although many were passing theories as to what they witnessed that night during the ceremony of the choosing of the Tri-Wizard Champions. Some (the point of view of Hogwarts students) believed it to be one cruel and elaborate prank set-up by some cruel pranksters that involved potions of some kind. Fred and George would get most of this flack by the Hogwarts student body for coming up with such an elaborate hoax that twists into a very sick joke. But for Hogwarts, they would be given a dose of reality when the same folks from last night made their entrance into the Great Hall.

The guest room they were led to apparently be fit for a large wizarding family, in the old woman's words. It had several bedrooms. Despite McGonagall believing Harry should have his own guest room, the only male of the all-female group insisted being with his friends. Harry had his own bedroom, though. Neptune and Nepgear shared one bed, and IF and Compa shared another. Nisa had more comfort sleeping on the couch even though she had her own bed in the room bunking Neptune, Nepgear, IF, and Compa. Uni, Ram, and Rom bunked with their sisters, and Vert had her own room just like Harry.

Right now, the Great Hall became a bit silent the moment the Hyperdimension Neptunia crew made their appearance. They were having their own animated conversation about some random topics. And some of them have what looked like muggle devices. As one, they made their way to Gryffindor Table, and sat down at that particular table due to the fact Harry cheeked out for free seats to fit their group. He was often the leader of their crew in many different things. That and the girls certainly do have an attraction for the boy.

Harry was too engrossed into his tablet game, however, playing Brave Frontier. Hey, it was a good RPG-type game. And as for wireless internet... well Harry's CPU powers also have a type of wireless interface. That and he has in his pocket a special device he crafted (with help from Nepgear) to amass energy and wireless signals to form a functioning internet. Apparently even if the doorway to this world is (for now) closed, it was still there waiting to be accessed again (with the item they found in a data crystal when entering the dungeon from Gamindustri's side). Therefore, much of the internet signals are coming from Gamindustri.

But enough of strange physics...

"We're being stared at," IF whispered to Harry.

"I'm aware of the impolite starring, IF," Harry stated aloud, causing those who were caught staring to look away.

"So you are," she says.

Neptune yawned. "I need some coffee."

"I doubt this place serves coffee to kids," Harry pointed out. On the other hand, he too desired a cup of coffee to drink to fully wake him up. And of course, by kids, Harry was referring to the school's student body that resided in the apparently large and ancient castle.

And "said kids" that heard Harry's comment would react with flashes of irritation, especially some of the older "kids".

Neptune just nods off. "Yeah, I guess you're right... still, coffee would be better."

"I know. If they had a WcDonalds close by, we could just go to their breakfast hours and grab some coffee. It's what time here?"


Harry and Neptune glance to the voice. It was from the table across from where their crew at, coming from a young handsome-looking teen. A ribbon of light formed numbers.

"Ah. Thanks for the time reading."

It was 7:20 in the morning.

"The name's Cedric Diggory."

Harry nods in politeness. Turning back to the girls, "Besides, I'm sure the good breakfast I started at six in the morning was nice." He also set up a secondary clock widget to set-up the time for this "special dungeon world".

Vert spoke up. "It was, but I can't function fully without my dose of coffee."

"Next time, pack some instant coffee mix," Noire tells Harry. And Blanc was giving Harry a look. Out of them all, Blanc needed coffee the most, considering she's the older sister of Rom and Ram. And yes, whenever the entire crew (or the core group) got together, other than Compa Harry was the designated chef when it comes to cooking and baking. He was that good when it comes to cooking and baking. And when he teams up with Compa, you get five star quality foods.

"I'll be sure to go to the market next time, girls," Harry waves it off.

They had run out of instant coffee mix when Harry was magically preparing the stored cooking utensils and stove to make breakfast this morning. As they were the CPUs, coffee was their stabilizer through mornings. For Harry, it's his life saver due to being a CPU on a universal connected level.

"I would like to explore this place. It has to be a huge land we're in," Nepgear said.

"I'm curious myself, girls. But, I feel we should stick together for now. No telling what dangers we'll face," Harry says, acting as the voice of reason.

After all, the weird glow-y doorway had led them to another world entirely, judging by the views alone.

Harry stood up and went to sit on the other side of their grouping. Rom and Ram gave him room to sit and clung to him. The two girls often saw Harry as an older brother figure. It helps that Harry was like a protective big brother, especially when CFW Trick tried to kidnap them again during their previous adventure and he gone berserk against the pedophilic bastard.

"So, what do you all want to do today, other than obtain as much information as possible regarding our little special event adventure we're undertaking?" Harry asks.

"Well, I am going to do some research regarding our situation, Harry," Vert answers. "I'm bound to get some inspiration for some new visual novels I can create."

Harry smirked.

"I know that you're likely going to speak with that old wizard from the other night," said Blanc. "Other than Rom and Ram being the mage support team, you're the heavy magic user of our group. If this place is a school for magic, you're going to study upon what makes their magic different from what you peg Spirit Artes."

Harry chuckled. "I'm that transparent, huh? Yeah. I have been interested in this world's term for magic."

Harry was clenching and unclenching the fingers of his right hand slowly, flickers of a magical aura forming and dissipating.

"What I wish to know, Harry, is the old man's comments about you resembling a dead person they knew of," Noire told the male CPU.

"Hm. Yeah, there's that, too. Maybe I'm from this world originally before I was reborn in Gamindustri or something?" He then laughs a bit at such an absurd notion. "But what are the chances of that happening, really? It really sounds like a tale of fiction for some video game plot: Amnesiac hero ventures in fantasy world, saving it from destruction, only to wake up and realize he dreamed it all."

He then gains a calculating look in his eyes. That sounds like a game people may find interest in. Now he has something Planeptune can release on their consoles if he can recollect that info in his mind after this special event ends.

"Where is Nisa?" questions Uni, noticing their usually hyper friend was not with them.

Harry answers, "I believe she took a different turn and went outside, Uni. She's likely circulating laps around the lake just to stay fit and active. Not a bad idea, though. I may join her here in a minute."

"Oh, can we go outside? I'd like to see what it's like outside," said Compa.

And now his friends were interested in joining him outside Hogwarts. Looking around, he smiles.

"Well. Wanna head outside?"

And he gets a chorus of approvals, as he sits up from the table. The ladies all join and follow him as they exit the Great Hall, and left behind a new slew of conversations regarding the crew of Hyperdimension Neptunia. Dumbledore continue to stare at the young fourteen/fifteen year old surrounded by the girls and women.


Chirper Events: The Lake of Hogwarts
(Nisa, Harry, Nepgear)

"That was an invigorating exercise," exclaims Nisa, enjoying the burn she felt in her body from running the equivalence of ten miles around the lake. Yes, she did run the equivalence of ten miles around the Black Lake.

The lake was huge. Really huge. And of course docked at the sand bar nearby the ancient-looking castle was an ancient old pirate ship (even though it didn't have a pirate's flag at its mast). ON this ship as she made passes by it, she saw various young men watching her. Most of them ignored her, but she knew she was being watched. Not in the manner of a stalker creeping up on his victims, of course.

"Oh, I am so pumped up for action! If only there were some bad guys to beat up," she exclaims, mainly to herself.

"You always were excitable, Nisa," said Harry, walking up behind the heroine of Gamindustri.

"Hello, Harry! Glad to see you here."

"The others are catching up. I kinda outran them. So, what's with the pirate ship docked at the banks?"

"I believe it's inhabited by a school. I remember seeing some of those burly brutes from the other night when we exited the portal on the deck watching me run around the lake," said Nisa.

"Huh. I know when I was coming up to the lake I saw a giant chariot-shaped house on the castle's front lawns. Maybe this castle really is hosting a magic tournament and we interrupted them or something."

"Maybe, but I recall the old man from last night stating the name of a fourth participant being called out, and then we showed up. Sounds fishy, if you ask me," she tells Harry.

"Maybe it is connected to the portal appearing near Planeptune."

"Finally, I caught up with you," pants Nepgear, stopping by the two.

"Hey Nepgear," Harry greets the girl.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Nepgear asks, pausing to gather herself.

"The discussion from last night. There may be a connection to this Harry Potter person the old man made mention of, this magic tournament, and the portal that links Gamindustri to this strange world," Harry tells Nepgear.

"Huh. Well, I'm sure we can all solve this mystery together."

"Yes, this is one fun and exciting adventure we've started. I wonder if we'll get trophies for viewing certain scenes or accomplishing plot point events in this storyline," said Nisa.

Harry chuckles a bit. "Maybe. But we'll have to wait and see what happens, girls."

[Trophy Acquired: Trophy Get! (Sweet Kagamine Kiss decides to parody a PlayStation 3 trophy acquisition event for the fun of it all. This has no plot meaning in the story.)]

[Achievement Unlocked: Achievement Get! (Sweet Kagamine Kiss decides to parody an Xbox 360 achievement acquisition event for the fun of it all. This has no plot meaning in the story.)]

But as the rest of the girls catch up to Harry and Nepgear, a small brownish grey owl from another location in England was flying, and it carried in its talons a folded parchment letter... the message contained within bore details of the Hyperdimension Neptunia Crew appearing in Hogwarts...

And so, the mystery unfolds. What's going to happen next for our favorite girls and their sole male friend? And how will the Wizarding World respond to the news that strangers from a portal came to Hogwarts?

Find out in the next segment!