Nice to Meet You

There were many cities in Remnant, but none as big or as bustling as the city of Vale. It was nothing more then a concert jungle of sorts and many of the people that resided there were either fond of it or hated it. The noise and smells were loud and overwhelming, the people were mostly rude or begging for money, and the traffic was constant.

Ruby Rose, an 18 year old girl who was currently tagging some old brick building, was one of the people that hated the city. Her sliver eyes focused solely on her work as her mind wondered to how her life came to be the way it was now.

She didn't always live in the city, she was from the Great Snow Peaks which lay further North, now she lived with her older sister. She didn't mind that part one bit, in fact, Yang Xiao Long was the coolest person Ruby ever knew and she owed her so much. That being the whole reason why she and her twenty year old sister were here. Yang was an up and coming model and there was no better place for a model to be than in this enclosed city.

Despite all this, Ruby had found some cool hobbies she wouldn't be able to really do if she lived in the country like she and her sister wanted. Tagging was her favorite, though always got her in the most trouble, and the second was what people called free running. Even though she never really cared for the so called sport, she began to practice it for the sole reason of escaping the cops if they found her painting on the city's property, after all they couldn't arrest her if they couldn't catch her, right?

Now that she was thinking about it, Yang was supposed to be finishing up her shoot with that Blake Belladonna girl right about now. Ruby smiled as she put the finishing touches on her piece and stepped back to look at it. Yang had said Blake was a tall woman with raven black, waving hair that was about waist length and had amber eyes. She also mentioned that the older women (she was 21) was a cat fauna.

"HEY! You there!" The teenager turned to see a short, stubby cop pointing at her. Good, she can totally out run this guy. With that train of thought, she ran off further down the alley way.

The sound of clicking heels echoed in the empty alleyway as a young woman walked down them, only stopping when she heard some yelling not to far from her. She let out a sigh, a slender finger brushing a strand of ivory hair behind an ear.

"If this place wasn't so big and cheap..." She muttered as she began making her way closer to the side entrance of her company's building.

Anyone who was in the fashion industry knew the woman through sheer sight and trembled at her name, Weiss Schnee. She was known for being a bit cold and a huge perfectionist, but also for her great designs and lines of fashion. Though she was only twenty-one, she owned her own business and was supporting herself fully, much to the disapproval of her parents. They loved her dearly, but they had dreams of her running the family business when she was older, but Weiss wanted to branch out and did so on her own accord.

Weiss took a sip of her morning mocha before another sound was heard, a shout coming from...above her? She glanced up to see another girl, short, black and red hair, wearing a tattered red hoodie and some black, baggy cargo pants with red sneakers.

"Watch out!"

Weiss stepped out of the other girl's landing just in time, watching her tumble into a roll and break out into a sprint without losing a beat.

"Sorry!" She shouted as she turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

"What is the world coming to? The nerve of some people." Weiss grumbled as she turned her head toward the direction the other had come from. It was blocked by a tall, chain-link fence, so the girl must of scaled it somehow. "Tch, free runners and their stupid stunts."

"Great! That's a wrap everyone!" Blake called out as she began to take the memory card out of her camera. This shoot was one of her favorites, and what made it even better was that Yang Xiao Long was her model for it.

In all her years of photography, Blake had never had someone like Yang before. She was smart, beautiful, took direction well, and energetic. She was a perfect model, now if only Blake could get her to go out with her...

The side door opened and slammed shut, catching everyone's attention. There, with a scowl on her face, was the boss Weiss Schnee. Blake smiled as she walked over to her long time friend and greeted her hello.

"We've just finished our shoot and I must say, the pictures are splendid!"

"Well, there's one good thing today." Weiss grumbled as she downed the rest of her drink before tossing the empty cup in a nearby trash can.

Blake, ever the curious cat, perked at the odd comment. "Oh? Do tell." By this time, Yang had come over to join the conversation. Even though Weiss was her boss and the two didn't always get along, they were still friends and the blonde still liked to pick on the much shorter woman.

"Well, I was on my way here when I was almost jumped on by this girl-"

"Oh? Gettin' down and dirty in the alleyways huh, Schnee?" Yang jabbed at the other's ribs and wiggled her eyebrows in earnest.

Weiss snorted before pushing the other away. "No! She was jumping over that tall fence in the back and almost landed on me if I hadn't moved out of the way!" Weiss waved her hand, as if waving away some pesky thing. "And you should have seen what she was wearing! Some ratty, red hoodie and some overly sized cargo pants! If I hadn't seen a glimpse of her face, I would have sworn it was a boy!"

As Weiss ranted about her encounter, Blake noticed how Yang paled and began to mutter things like 'please, oh please' or 'I'm going to kill her when I see her'. This made the fauna smile, even giggle a tad as she remembered all the stories Yang had told her about her little sister.

"You're both okay though, right?" Yang asked, biting her tongue when she saw the glare the shorter woman threw her way.

"Yes, I'm fine. I don't know about that...scoundrel however, but by the way she moved, I'm sure she's fine as well." Weiss huffed and glanced around the set. "Well? Are all the shoots finished or what? If we're done early, I'd like to see how my new line fits our models."

"Oh? Another line?" Blake asked, her ears twitching slightly. She loved shooting fashion lines, especially Weiss's.

"Yeah, didn't you say you were having trouble or something?" Yang asked as she tapped her chin in thought. "Yeah...last week you came storming in here all 'I can't work with all these fuckers breathing down my neck!' and all that jazz."

Weiss growled, a vain throbbing at her temple. "If you weren't such a good asset to my name, I'd fire you in a heartbeat."

"Ahhh~! You don't mean that!" Yang teased as she began to make her way to her changing room. "I'll be in my room if you guys need me!" And with that, the blonde was gone.

"So~," Blake purred, a sly smile on her lips. "This girl you saw..."

"Yang has been a bad influence on you." Weiss snorted as she crossed her arms. "I'm not about to let some...stranger with horrible fashion sense ravage me in some dirty alleyway."

Blake smirked as she leaned closer to the other. "I didn't say anything about that. I just wanted to know if you left anything out about her was all. Maybe Yang has rubbed off on you instead."

Weiss blushed hotly, realizing that Blake hadn't said anything about it and she was the one who went there. "Oh, shut up!" She snapped, her tone betrayed by the deep blush on her face. "Just get everything -"

"Hey! You can't be here!"

The two girls turned to see one of their guards yelling at someone who was above him. The person must have been on top of the many large cargo boxes they kept extra sets in, but they couldn't be for sure due to the lack of lighting.

"Nora! Throw some light over there!" Weiss yelled to her lighting expert, who was currently strapped to a harness and playing with a large spot light, changing the colors on it and blinding people.

"Aye, aye, Boss!" Nora laughed as she quickly spun the heavy light around and focused it on a waving person. "Oh! Hi down there!" Nora chimed as she waved back.

Weiss froze to see who it was. "Oh no! Not you again!" Weiss then noticed Nora waving at the strange girl. "Do you know her?!"

"No! But it's not nice to ignore a wave!" Nora sung out, losing sight of the red girl as she slipped away. "Huh?! Where she go?"

Ruby sighed as she jumped down from the tall boxes and made her way to the back, looking for a door with her sister's name on it. When she found it, she quickly tried to open it, finding it locked. "Yang! You gotta let me in!"

The door suddenly opened, letting the younger fall into the room and tumble about on the floor before she heard it close and lock again. "Ruby?! What are you doing here!? You're supposed to be at the house!"

"I can explain!"

"I'm giving you both three seconds to open this door and explain what the hell is going on!" Weiss shouted form the other side of the hall. "One!"

"Is she seriously counting?" Ruby sighed as Yang shook her head.

"That's my boss! You know, the one you almost killed today in the alleyway!"


Ruby gasped. "No way! She's the boss? I would never guess with how short she was and all."

"Thr- EXCUSE YOU?!" Weiss shrieked before she began pounding on the door. "Open up so I can strangle you, you little brat!"

Yang sighed as she placed her hand on the door knob and gave her sister a sad look. "Sorry, Sis, but you know we need this paycheck."

Ruby nodded before standing up and bracing herself. "Yeah...I know."