A Moment for Us

The plane ride was through, the shooting at one of the family hotels was done, all that was left to do was one thing. This final task to make the night complete and magical. A task beyond any that she, Weiss Schnee, had ever faced before.

This task, a task that held no time limit nor budget, was at its core a simple thing; but seemed to be deceptively hard. It was to take Ruby Rose out of an amazing date. The first real date the pair would share together.

Sure, they had small dates in their apartments, and Weiss had even shared a bed where she had slept next to her girlfriend before, but they weren't like a date where you would take one out and woo them. Weiss wanted this to be perfect so Ruby could- if only for a time- forget about her injury and enjoy herself.

Stepping in front of her room's full length mirror, Weiss fiddled with her outfit again as she swallowed her nerves. She wore a nice, white sweater tunic sporting an embroidered design with a pair of black skinny jeans. She also had on subtle pieces of jewelry like a couple of slim, silver bracelets and diamond earrings that caught just enough of the city's night lights to draw some attention her way, but not flash the fact she came from any sort of rich family. Next, she applied some of Ruby's favorite perfume upon her pulse points, and took a moment to appreciate the light scent that lingered just enough to make one smile.

"Weiss? You ready to go?" Ruby called out from the outside of the door. "It's a bit chilly outside, so I hope you dressed warm."

"I did." Weiss called back before gathering her purse and opening the door. She found herself smiling wide as her eyes settled on the woman in front of her. Ruby was dressed in a t-shirt that bore one of her designs on it with a red, zip-up jacket on over it. Her pants were made of heavy, black denim to keep the chill from her legs, but open and baggy enough to mostly hide the cast she still had on.

"I'm not going to be kicked out of a restaurant because I can't wear a shoe on this foot... right?" Ruby asked, pointing to the plastered leg nervously.

"Of course not!" Weiss huffed, walking behind the other and grabbing the two handles to push the wheelchair around. "Don't be silly."

"I guess it's like a shoe anyway, huh? Just kinda... not pretty." Ruby hummed, folding her hands in her lap as Weiss began to walk them outside. "Your family has a nice hotel! Really big and open. The hallways are nice too."

Weiss chuckled softly as she shook her head slightly. "The hallways? That's an odd thing to point out."

"Well, yeah! I mean, I don't want to be moving around in the middle of the night and trying to get to my room in tiny, crowded hallways!" Ruby fought back with a wave of her hand. "I mean, what if I have a bag of empty spray cans? Or, let's say, groceries? One bump into someone and it could be all over the floor!"

"Alright, you have a point there." Weiss hummed as she managed to get them outside and onto the city streets. The many lights and flashing signs only seemed to make the busy streets seem all the more crowded; lights bouncing off the shoulders and forms of many people as they shopped and looked. It was a nice place, though, the noise not too overbearing and the sidewalks clean and wide enough for many to travel upon them at once.

"Where are we going first?" Ruby asked, turning her head upwards and looking over her shoulder to stare at her 'driver.'

Weiss froze for a moment, but then smiled. "I thought I'd take us to that seaside restaurant we saw when we were driving up here. Does that sound nice?"

The grin Ruby gave was wide and bright, much like the signs above them. "Oh, yeah! That sounds awesome! I love seafood!" She giggled as the pair started to walk the streets.

As they walked the streets, Weiss found herself forgetting all about her plan for 'the perfect date'. Their timeline was off from what she had planned because of all the window-shopping and goofing off they were doing, and her funds were going not toward fine clothes or things like that, but toward bubble bath solution for herself and two stuffed animals in the shape of some of those monsters from that game Ruby plays with her- what were they again? A Lagiacrus and a Zinorge? Another thing she and Ruby did that was new for her was watch street performers. Ruby loved watching the dancers and the artists that made scenes and artwork out of spray paint like she did, but on canvas and not brick; in fact, she had even purchased a piece she fell in love with!

"The colors are so awesome!" Ruby said, admiring the piece still as she held it at arm's length. "It's really nice to have someone else's work hanging on my walls."

"Is it?" Weiss asked, her mind snapping to attention as it found interest in the statement. "But don't you like your own work?"

"Well, of course I do... most of the time." Ruby said as she set the piece on her lap and tilted her head. "Like, I'm super proud of the things I make, and all that, but it's nice to see new styles and techniques and ideas. Art is a wonderful thing because anything can be art! And people all see art differently." The artist then tapped a finger against the corner of the wood frame and hummed. "It's refreshing and inspiring, don't you think? Remember, you hired me to do just that for you."

"Oh~ clever, aren't you?" Weiss teased as she reached down to pinch a cheek, making Ruby squawk and whine. "You're right, of course. I hired you to do just that, and I understand how other's work can inspire. I just... I suppose I assumed artist don't really need others' work to be inspired."

"Hey, an artist can run low on inspiration too." Ruby said with a click of her tongue and a wag of her finger. "Just~ like I'm running low on gas! Let's eat!"

"Now you're hungry?! We're an hour away from the seafood place we talked about!" Weiss moaned. "I tried to get you to eat there when we were passing it!"

"I know~ but the store across the street was closing, and I wanted to see the bath products!" Ruby whined back, making sure to keep her voice soft so the pouty whine shined through. Silver eyes darted along the street when they landed on a street vendor. The small stand-up business was not too crowded, but the smell coming from the stand was alluring. "How about there? We can stop for a bite to eat? Heck, in fact, we can stop for several bites to eat and take on a lot of different flavors!"

Weiss frowned as she thought it over. She had really wanted to take Ruby to that place, since she liked seafood so much, but the walk was long and she herself was hungry; knowing ruby she had to be starving by now. "Well…." The rest of her sentence fell flat as her stomach gave out a rumble, causing Ruby to laugh and Weiss to blush deeply. "Shut up, you dolt! Fine! We'll stop for a small bite- a small one so we can make it to the restaurant!"

"Sure, sure!" Ruby continued to laugh as she was pushed over to the vendor, the elderly man smiling at them as they picked out two different flavors of spring rolls and a dripping sauce, before they started to walk off. "Hmm~! This is really good!"

"The vegetables he used were nice and crunchy, too." Weiss said as she took another bite. "And the chicken isn't dry, either."

"See? Isn't this nice?" Ruby asked as she finished the warm treat and smiled at how it heated her tummy. "Sure, it isn't sitting at some fancy bench, eating what I would order at a restaurant, but this is really cool. Snacking and enjoying the cool air as we gawk at the sights! It's really kinda romantic."

"It is?" Weiss asked, her blush a dead giveaway through her tone of voice. "You...you like this? It's a good date?"

"Are you kidding me? It's been my best date!" Ruby laughed as she grinned from ear to ear. "This has been such an amazing outing, and it's all thanks to you, Weiss! Thank you so much!"

"I-I... you're welcome." Weiss cooed, her heart beating heavily as her hands shook. She was soaring right now, her chest puffing out in pride and joy as they made their way across the street and to another vendor. The night continued on like this until they were too tired to continue and hailed a cab back to the hotel.

"I had a blast." Ruby said, smiling softly as she was wheeled into her room. She gave a quick glance around before she blushed and cleared her throat. "Wanna... crash here with me?"

"I suppose you mean to ask me if I want to spend the night in your room." Weiss said with a smile of her own as she walked in and closed the door. "I suppose I could. After all, someone needs to help you get undressed and ready for bed."

"You just want the snuggles."

"You have no proof." Weiss countered with a blush, but kept her face even. "Now, let's get started shall we? I'm exhausted." she wheeled Ruby bedside the bed and helped her stand, then sit on the bed, before removing her jacket and pants. She was trying to keep her eyes from wondering anywhere they shouldn't, but the giggle from Ruby let her know she had failed in that regard.

Once Ruby was dressed in her night clothes, Weiss too decided to change. She chose to slip into an overly large shirt Ruby had packed just for sleeping in, and crawled into bed with her. She snuggled into the warmness she found there, sighing happily and softly into a small ear, and nuzzled her nose into the back of her girlfriend's neck as her icy blue eyes closed.

"Love you, Weiss." Ruby cooed softly, feeling herself drift off to sleep.

"Love you too, Dolt."

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