And here's number three. Now this one will have some stuff I like in it and will have mentions of two characters from different animes. Now please enjoy this one-shot.

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Chapter 1: Texting

It was a wonderful day in Nammimori. We find a lone brunet walking down the street and is not really paying much attention to where he was going. Usually the brunet would be walking with a bomber and a baseball player, but they had other stuff to do. Now the reason why he wasn't paying attention was because he was on his phone, texting. Who? We will'll find out later. Being who he is and the fact he wasn't looking where he was going, Tsuna almost ran into everything he passed by if not for his hyper intuition. He was almost to school when his H.I. was going off, he was about to see what it was, but was to late and ended up getting hit by another body.

"Ow." He said as he rubbed his head and layed on the ground.

"Oh. Sorry, Sawada!" A voice boomed. Tsuna already knew who it was.

"It's fine, onii-san. It was my fault for not paying attention to where I was going." Tsuna said, grabbing Ryohei's out stretched hand.

"Huh? Where are Yamamoto and octopus head?" The boxer asked, seeing that the usual three was missing two.

"Yamamoto had baseball practice and I don't know where Gokudera-kun is." Tsuna replied. Then both heard a buzz and looked down to see Tsuna's phone on the ground.

"Ah! You dropped this! Ryohei said as he picked it up. It buzzed again. "Kuroi?" He said as he looked at the name. "Who's that?"

"She is one of my friends from when I was a kid." Tsuna said, taking his phone back. They both started to head for the school. I was texting her and one of my other friends when I bumped into you." He explained while texting and being moved by Ryohei so he doesn't hit any other people. "I just got their numbers and I've been texting them."

"How are you extremely texting and not running into anything?" Ryohei asked as he moved him again.

"Hyper Intuition." Tsuna said plainly.

As they finally made it to Tsuna's class, without hitting anybody or anything, they said bye to each other and Tsuna went inside. He walked over to his desk and brought out his phone again. For about ten minutes he just sat there, texting. That is when Gokudera came in out of breath and sweaty.

"10th! I am so sorry for not walking you to school! I have failed you as a-!"

"He's not paying attention to you." Gokudera turned to see Kyoko and Hana standing there, looking at him. "Ever since he came in here all he's done is text." Hana said, pointing to the still texting brunet.

"Um...10th?" He got no reply.

"See." Then the door opened again and they heard a voice that irked one of them, made another smile and made the last one mutter something,

"Hey guys!" It was Yamamoto. He walked over to them. "Hey Tsuna!" The brunet just continued to text.

"He's not paying attention, baseball idiot." Gokudera said, looking at Yamamoto. "Apparently he's been texting for a while and isn't paying attention to other stuff." Yamamoto got a frown on his face, thinking that his brunet would rather text someone else than talk to him...and their friends. He than got an idea and a mischievous grin that shocked, and slightly scared, the others. He walked up behind Tsuna while the others just stared at him in confusion. When he got behind Tsuna he took a deep breath and put his hands just above the smaller one's shoulders.

"Who're you texting, Tsuna!?" He said loudly and calmed his hands onto Tsuna's shoulders.

"Hieeeeeee!" Tsuna screamed and accedentally threw his phone in the air, which was caught by Yamamoto. Tsuna heard a laugh and quickly turned around to see Yamamoto standing there, phone in hand and a grin on his face. "Yamamoto!?"

"Hey Tsuna! Who are you texting?" Yamamoto asked as he looked at the phone.

"Give it back!" Tsuna tried to get his phone back, but was to short.

And if you're wondering why Gokudera isn't trying to blow Yamamoto up, then it's because when Yamamoto to Tsuna's phone, Bianchi walked in saying that he had forgot his lunch. So the bomber fainted at the sight of his sister and her posion cooking.

"Haha! Nope!" Suddenly they heard a vibrating sound and saw that Tsuna got another text. Yamamoto opened the phone, while still keeping it away from Tsuna, looked at who it was from, then looked at the text. When he saw what it said, he got a serious look on his face, then was about to delete it when out of nowhere Tsuna snatched his phone back. "Give me the phone, Tsuna." He said in a serious tone.


"Tsuna, give me the phone." He said, now getting irritated.

"N-no." Tsuna stuttered. He was starting to get a little scared when he saw Yamamoto's fists start to clench. Taking a deep breath, Yamamoto just clicked his tounge, turned away, went to his desk and sat there with a dark aura around him. Tsuna watched as one of his best friends started sulking. He opened the phone to see what got Yamamoto acting like that and saw it was from his other friend, Okumura. He looked at the text and got a massive blush on his face.

I love you.

After the whole texting thing Yamamoto had been avoiding Tsuna for the whole day. Having enough of this, Tsuna decided to talk to his friend about it.

"Yamamoto!" Hearing his name being call the boy decided to start running, knowing that Tsuna couldn't keep up with him. "Wait!" Just as he was about to turn, there was a shot that almost hit the baseball player. Yamamoto was shocked and ended up on his butt. 'What was that?' Tsuna thought. He looked up and saw a certain fedora on the roof of one of the school buildings. 'Reborn?'

'Damn it!' Yamamoto thought as he tried to quickly get up to start running again. Just a s he was about to get up he was tackled back into the ground.

"No you don't!" Tsuna said from atop his guardian. "I'm not getting off until you hear me out!" He said with a massive blush from being on top of the other.

"Fine." Yamamoto said with a sigh. They both got up and ended up laying against the wall. Yamamoto layed his back on the wall and stretched his legs out while Tsuna just sat next to him with his legs to his chest, his arms on his knees and his head in his arms. There was an awkward silence between them that only got worse as the time went on.

"Can I ask you something?" Tsuna said, getting a nod from the other. "Why did you get mad when you read what the text said?" Yamamoto just turned his head and mumbled something. "What? I couldn't hear you." Tsuna said, getting closer.

"I said I don't know." Yamamoto said with a small blush. Tsuna just gave him a confused look. Yamamoto just sighed and ruffled his hair. "I don't know why I got mad. I just...did. I didn't like that they put that. It just made me really mad. I mean what if they don't mean it? Or if they just want something from you? I don't know who they are!" He said with his voice rising with each sentence. Tsuna just stared at him for a few seconds before he started giggling, which turned into full blown laughter. "What?" Now Yamamoto was the confused one.

"Baka." Tsuna said, lightly hitting Yamamoto on the head. "He's a friend from when I was a kid, I know he wouldn't do anything bad. Plus, one of his friends took his phone and sent that as a joke. Even if he did put that himself, he would only mean it in a friendly way or a brotherly way." Yamamoto got a massive blush from thinking how dumb he was being. Tsuna got up and stretched his arm out. "Come on. The day is over and Gokudera-kun is probably going crazy since he doesn't know where I'm at." Yamamoto smiled and gladly took the hand.

"10th!" They both turned to see Gokudera round the corner and rush at them with crazy speed. "I am so sorry I couldn't find you!" He said, banging his head on the ground multiple times.

"It's okay, Gokudera-kun. I just need to talk to Yamamoto for a minute. Please get up before you get brain damage." He said as he and Yamamoto sweat-dropped. Doing as he was told (like a good little doggy) he got up. "Come on. Let's go." They all started walking away.

"Hey, Tsuna." The brunet looked at Yamamoto. "Are we ever going to meet that friend of yours?" Yamamoto asked, looking at Tsuna.

'That doesn't sound like a bad idea. Maybe I should text both of them.' Tsuna thought with a smile.


I hope you enjoyed this. I liked making a jealous Yamamoto. It was very fun. So until whenever, bye.