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Chapter 5: Fun

"Sugoi~~~! It's so amazing here!" Mato exclaimed as she looked at all the lights and stuff going on.

"Tsuna-kun!" They all turned to see Kyoko and the others walking up to them.

"Oh, Kyoko-chan." They were all dressed up.

"Well I'm gonna go take a look around. See ya guys." Shura said as she started to walk away. Most of the others following her lead and leaving. The only ones who stayed were Tsuna, Yamamoto, Rin, Mato, Natsu, Kuro, Yuu and Gokudera.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" Yamamoto asked as they all started walking.

"Oh oh! How about this!?" Mato said as she pointed to a paper on one of the stands.

Want to show off how your singing skills are? Then sign up for the Namimori Singing Contest in the main plaza! All are welcome!

"Hahaha! Sounds like a great idea! Me and Tsuna can do a duet!" Yamamoto said, putting an arm around the brunet's shoulder.

"Or he can sing with us!" Rin said as he and Mato, yet again, pushed the baseball player out of the way and blocked both of Tsuna's sides.

"Ano...Do I get a say in this...?" Tsuna asked.

"No!" The three said. The brunet turned to the other two with a pleading look. Gokudera looked like he was trying to decide something while Yuu just grinned.

"There is only one way to settle this!" Yuu said. All attention was too her. She lifted her fist and gave a smile. "Janken! (1)"


"Hai. One of you two play Janken with Yamamoto and if he wins then he does a duet with Tsuna. If one of you wins then you three sing together." She said, pointing to Mato and Rin.

"That sounds fair." Mato said.

"Fine. I'll go then." Rin said as he stood in front of Yamamoto. "Ready?"


"Saisho wa guu!" They said as they pumped their fists. "Janken pon!" They looked and saw Yamamoto with his hand still on a fist and Rin with his two fingers out.

"Yamamoto is the winner!" Yuu exclaimed as she got his arm and raised it in the air as Rin was sulking on the ground with a dark cloud over his head while Mato patted his back.

"Hahaha! Looks like I get to do a duet with Tsuna!" Yamamoto said happily.

"I want a rematch!" Rin exclaimed as he jumped up.

"They already left." Mato said, pointing to the four that were walking away.

"So what have you two been doing?" Mato asked, looking at Tsuna and Rin. They were all sitting at a table, eating and drinking.

After signing up for the contest, Tsuna's friends came over and ended up going into little groups with the others. Gokudera stayed with Tsuna, but ended up getting kicked out by security for his bombs. Now let's get back to the crazy people.

Tsuna ended up spitting his drink out while Rin was choking on his food. The two ended up in a fit of coughs.

"N-nothing much! Ha ha ha!" The two said. That's when Rin, Tsuna and Mato froze.

"Tsuna? You okay?" Yamamoto asked as he shook the other boy. Yuu was doing the same with Mato.

"Mato? What's wro-"

"Duck!" Rin ducked down while Mato and Tsuna pushed Yamamoto and Yuu down as something flew over their heads.

'What the heck was that!?' They all thought. Rin looked behind him and saw a weird, deformed blob.

'Is that...a demon?' Rin thought as he saw the weird blob. He then noticed something. 'How did Tsuna and Mato notice it...?'

'It's times like this that I'm so happy for Hyper Intuition.' Tsuna thought. 'But what was that?'

'Thank you.' Mato thought as an image if Black Rock Shooter came into her mind.

'I'll help you see it and use our power.' The taller girl said. 'Looks like your friends noticed it.' Mato turned and saw the blob. That's when she saw the blob growing rapidly until it was the size of a building. 'I'm sure that Strength has noticed it too.'

'What is that!?'

'Crap! I didn't bring my sword!' Rin mentally yelled.

'I can't see it! I should have brought my gloves and pills!' Tsuna thought.

"You two can see it!?" Mato exclaimed.

"You can!?" That's when the three noticed something overhead and jumped out of the way (with Yama and Yuu) just as a giant blob hand slammed to the ground.

"We don't have weapons! How can we fight it!?" Tsuna asked. That's when he saw a flash and turned around to see something happening to Mato. Her pig tails grew, her clothes changed and her skin got paler. She now wore a sting bikini top under a black jacket. The jacket had white strips running along the length of each of her sleeves and had a white star on the front, left side and the back. She also wore a pair of tight-fitting shorts, gloves and black knee-high boots.

"I'll take care of this."


1 - Rock-Paper-Scissors. Everything there was from what I read.

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