The Unsorted

A Hogwarts Modern AU with Disney and Manga characters. Hogwarts here starts in secondary/ high school so all the characters are teenagers.

My mother is going to kill me.

Rapunzel stood in the station staring down at the papers in her hand, carting a suitcase, a duffel bag, and a backpack, a cauldron slung in the crook of an arm and a cat carrier in one hand. She tried to re-shift her belongings as she heard a soft mewing from the cat.

"Hush, Penny, I know…" she tried to calm the cat while deciphering the writing.

Platform 9 and ¾? This doesn't make any sense. Maybe it is a trap.

Her mother had said it would be a trap. There was no other explanation. There was no such thing as witches and wizards.

Rapunzel had always been able to do extraordinary things but her mother had always blamed it on her hair; golden hair that had special healing powers and glowed when she sang. Her mother had always said that if it were cut it would lose all of its magical power and that there were bad people in the world who might try to take her to sell its powers and make lots of money. Her hair wasn't 80 feet long, but it was long. Xie Quiping grew her hair to 18 feet in 31 years and Rapunzel wasn't even that old yet- that was the 2004 World Record. Rapunzel's hair, when unbraided, was almost to her feet.

She knew what her mother had said, but still…. What if she really was a witch? What if she could really do all sorts of magical things? Not just healing things, but all kinds?

She hoped it wasn't a scheme, because she had spent almost all of her savings on supplies; scales, a telescope, a cauldron, and phials she had been able to find on the internet. Her mother was seldom home so she never noticed when the packages were delivered in the mail. Her mother never would have known about the Hogwarts letter if Rapunzel hadn't asked her permission to go. And she had asked and her mother had said no and now here she was and her mother would have no idea she was gone until she came home in the evening.

What had she done?

Who cared? She was going away to school to do magic!

But was she, really?

Rapunzel hoped leather gloves could substitute for dragon skin. Dragons! So there were such things as dragons! Rapunzel had always loved the idea of magical creatures! She had gotten a hat at a costume shop but wanted better quality for her robes and cloak… What kind of robes, anyway? Certainly not bathrobes….

Rapunzel felt dizzy and excited and exhausted. She leaned against a pillar breathlessly. Now to find Platform 9 and ¾… whatever that meant.