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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Tsunade decided as she read a reply letter sent to her with the most peculiar way that she was starting to get used to seeing. She pulled out a small piece of paper and wrote a short note on it, before sliding it under a large book on her table. She would have to personally deliver that later.

The client, 'Albus Dumbledore,' an old friend of the Third Hokage's, had send her a letter of a mission request about a week ago. After sifting through old personal records of the Third, she deemed the request legitimate and to be considered.

Soon, letters were written in return and reintroductions were made. Some minor kinks were smoothened out and the situation in the client's world was explained. Tsunade decided to accept the mission…regardless how, unusual the details. She just hoped this 'Patronus' jutsu Albus Dumbledore-san said would use to contact her in the future is as fast as he claimed it to be. She wasn't really fond of owls anyway. A 'phoenix' looked bigger than the owl but sounded much more efficient.

The 'overgrown bird-beast' as she put it, ruffled its feathers and flew to the other side of the room, watching the 'seemingly' young Hokage with bright, beady eyes.

"Mouse! Lizard! Sparrow!"

She activated the intercom on her table and barked for three of her ANBU personnel, knowing full well that they will have no problem hearing her due to the coms hidden in their masks.

Almost instantly, the two shinobi and a kunoichi dressed in black attire were kneeling on one knee in front of her, amidst the swirl of leaves from their entrance. Their uniform consisted of black capris and grey armor covering most of their body except their shoulders, where a curious tattoo shaped like an oriental swirl resided. Weapons of various kinds were strapped on their backs, showing just how lethal they can be.

Their faces were covered by a porcelain mask, stark white and decorated with elegant oriental strokes that depict the animals their codename came from.

Their body language betrays nothing of their emotions except the utmost respect for the village leader in front of them. The apparent leader, a shinobi that was Lizard spoke with a tone that suggests nonchalance yet with an undertone of a leader. He did a good job at ignoring yet not believing the undeniably peculiar sight of a nocturnal bird wide awake inside the tower in summer midafternoon.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?" And is that a freaking owl?

Of course, the last line was not spoken.

These are the ANBU, mysterious…lethal…silent. They are the killers of the night, murderers living in the shadows, acting only under the direct command of the Hokage. There are a thousand words that can describe them, assassin being the most truthful. There is no stealth mode for ANBU. ANBU is stealth mode.

These three particular ANBU, however, specialized in training new recruits and was their seniors that had taught them everything they had to know about being the Hokage's direct Special Forces.

"I need Cat, Hawk and Raven,"

She continued barking her orders, it was time to assemble the team that was chosen for the mission, starting from the trio that was Cat, Hawk and Raven that were free at the moment, "NOW,"

"As you wish, Hokage-sama," again, Lizard spoke in the same nonchalant voice. The three ANBUs dipped their heads ever so slightly and vanished in a swirl or leaves. They assemble for a brief moment on top of the Hokage Mountain before each shunshined to different directions. Lizard went to find Raven, or the 'ROOT kid' as the other senior ANBUs endearingly call him while Mouse and Sparrow went to find the Hyuuga cousins.

All the while Lizard was silently wondering who in the Elemental Countries would use an OWL to send messages. The absurdity of the method honestly gave him a headache, his habits as an intel and courier specialist seeping through.

Of COURSE an owl in the middle of broad daylight in summer isn't the least bit suspicious, but who cares…

I'm retiring next month anyway, not my problem anymore.

Sparrow soon arrived at the Hyuuga main gate, Mouse had broken away from her before they arrived, going straight to Hawk's home. Since this particular junior of hers was a main branch family member and an heiress to boot, some level of protocol had to be followed and she had to make herself known to the shinobi in charge of the Hyuuga gates before entering to meet her.

But seeing the said shinobi in charge, she almost immediately felt disgusted.

The ninja was thoroughly and carefully picking his nose, rolling the results around and around his forefinger and thumb into a small hard ball before flicking it off. Before he could explore his other nostril, Sparrow announced her purpose quietly with disgust only an ANBU (or a shinobi with at least half a brain) could detect.

"I have come to see Hyuuga Hinata-san,"

His reaction was nothing short of comical. His face began turning into the most vibrant shade of puce while wiping his finger on his capris. Sparrow wrinkled her nose (not that he can see it) and shunshined into the compound, leaving the spluttering sorry excuse of a shinobi behind.

Hinata Hyuuga was happily at peace, enjoying her routine afternoon tea and sweet snacks in the compound garden accompanied by a few of the household servants. The garden was not much different from other Japanese styled gardens, with a flat rock for her to use as seating and a nice big pond for the Koi to swim in. There were also some bamboos planted to complete the Zen look her late mother so adored.

She had recently came back from a retrieval mission in Kirigakure and is eager to spend the precious few moments of relaxation she had in the comforts of her home instead of her ANBU quarters for a change.

However, her relaxation time was cut short when she felt a too carefully suppressed chakra getting nearer to the Hyuuga Compound main gate. Knowing who it was, she ushered the servants inside. They obeyed with a low bow, knowing better to eavesdrop on their mistress' conversation.

It was roughly a few months after the second anniversary of the last ninja war. The village and the Elemental Countries as a whole were healing, which is a good sign. They were excepting missions again, as a bid to gain money for renovations and reconstructions of the larger infrastructure that was destroyed. Although, some of said missions still required help from other nations and villages. The dead were mourned and the battles remembered like a large scar in history books, like all other wars. But all in all, it was slowly beginning to feel normal again, at least for her.

Soon she found herself face to face with said Kunoichi.


She greeted the ANBU with a bow, banishing away her last thoughts and focusing completely on the kunoichi cum messenger in front of her.

"The Hokage wishes to see you, Hinata,"

Sparrow said without so much of a return to Hinata's earlier greeting. However, she wasn't perturbed. She spends much of her time around them to know what they really mean. After all, look underneath the underneath. Besides, her senior was one of the most maternal ANBU instructors she had.

"Of course…I suppose its ANBU related since you're here?" She asked softly in her flute like voice.

Unlike most of her peers, she, her cousin and sometimes Shino didn't have much of a problem adopting their professional facade outside of the mask. She was used to the calm, quiet demeanor.

Naruto, Lee, and Ino however were too cheerfully bright to keep the act up while the others just found it to be too emotionally exhausting, being so uptight, professional and formal all of the time.

However, there are a special few, like Shikamaru, who just declared it to be 'too troublesome', and Sai, whose whole 'I-am-A-profesional-ANBU-look-at-my-pointy-weapons' act was practically already his own (admittedly not much of a) personality. Including Sasuke, whose natural personality already worked quite as well.

Another dip of Sparrow's head as a sign of admittance and she vanished in a swirl of leaves, leaving Hinata alone once more. She wasted no time in going inside to change into her usual training clothes instead of the plain yukata she was currently wearing, setting aside her tea and sweets.

Technically, ANBU costumes were only required during missions and official ceremonies. However, it was an unspoken, unwritten and unofficial agreement between them that to keep their image up, every ANBU should wear dark clothing alongside their masks when debriefing and handing of missions.

It admittedly made them look so much more badass.

It was a rule of the ANBU, however, that hair should always be above waist level when let loose, regardless of how they tie or style it. This led to most of her peers, including her, to trim their hair, much to Ino's (or Dove's) temporary chagrin. ("If you are serious of being an ANBU, Yamanaka-san, I suggest you act like it-")


Putting on her own porcelain mask which featured a cat with snarling canines, she set off for the Hokage Tower.

"A guarding mission, Hokage-sama…?"

Raven asked in his usual blank tone as he scanned the contents of the scroll, each detail admittedly getting more ridiculous than the last. Wizard…? Killing curse…? Scar…? The only words that made sense to him was 'Evil snake lord'. Even that, it still sounded absurd.

"Yes…I know the circumstances are…different…at best but I have the utmost belief that all of you could manage this mission," She said briskly.

Besides, she personally would like to meet this civilian that caught the eye of her sensei so much in the past.

Makes sense, Hawk thought. Having two Hyuugas would make the mission that much easier.

"Will you accept the mission?"

One by one, the three accepted the mission.

"Good. Raven, you will be the second in command with Fox and Stag acting as first and third. Slug will be the lead medic if the three of them accepts,"

"Of course, Hokage-sama,"

"You may leave, but be prepared because I want you three to accompany me to Suna tomorrow to meet the Kazekage. I want him to join if possible. We'll set off at dawn and move in top speed,"


"Shizune!" She called out for her assistant as soon as the trio disappeared from her office with swirls of leaves.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?" The young apprentice rushed into the office, slightly hoping that it wouldn't be for sake this time. They were rapidly running out of it and an alcohol-denied Hokage faced with paperwork is not something she would wish upon not even to her worst enemy.

"I need the fastest hawk available to send this to the Kazekage," Tsunade pulled out the note from under the book earlier and handed it to her.

"Right away," She immediately took the note and scrambled to the Hawkery to deliver it as quickly as she could.

Tsunade sighed, slumping into her seat and pulling out a bottle of sake from her secret stash. As she poured herself a cup, her mouth upturned into a grin, swishing the cup's intoxicating contents around and around. She was sure the Kazekage would love the chance to be involved in the mission and hand over some of the duller duties of being a Kage to Kankuro.

"A year without Naruto…or that lazy brat Shikamaru…" She began to give a princess-like high pitched laugh, gulping the alcohol down.

"Or Sai with that shit-eating grin of his…Or that emo Uchiha~" She rolled the words on her tongue, savoring the meaning. She poured herself another cup and drank it in one go, "Now this requires a celebration…!"

"AICHOO!" Fox groaned mentally as his nasal felt as if it was on fire. Someone's talking about me, he grumbled.

He managed to mostly ignore the pain radiating off the few senbons embedded in his forearm. They were on a simple assassination mission of a tyrant feudal lord. The lord had allied himself with a gang of thieves, who had stolen various forbidden jutsu scrolls in multiple villages, Konohagakure being one of the most recent.

They managed to track the lord to one of his many owned houses hidden in the forest at the outskirts of Iwagakure. They also found he had hired close to a hundred rouge nin as guards, which prompted a very familiar phrase out of their strategist.

However, the once a simple mission took a bloody turn when one of the rouge nin they initially took for interrogation managed to activate an explosive tag attached to his own body as a suicide attempt.

Needless to say the other nins were pissed when they heard the explosion, even more so when they saw nearly three squads of ANBU standing over the charred body of what used to be their comrade.

He was engaging in a short distance battle with one of the hired nin when the sneeze raked through his body.

On the corner of his eye he saw Dragon using one of her beloved toys, the hooked barbs at the edge of a sword-like weapon completely shredding her opponent's arm and leg. He could have sworn she was enjoying this, that sadist.

Soon he could feel sprays of dirt and grass hitting him followed with a loud battle cry, no doubt from one of Slug's chakra-enhanced punches.

The battle cry was quickly followed by the shrill sound akin to a thousand bird calls, but it was quickly dampened with a sickening squelch and the unmistakable crunch of bones. Snake huffed, that was the second Chidori he used in this battle. He really hoped that it was going to end soon, he didn't manage to finish his dinner, (Soba with rice and Unagi…Mmm…) and the chakra slowly depleting isn't doing much good, either.

Snake really shouldn't use his special technique; Fox pondered slightly and managed to pull the senbons out of his arm. That is, before slamming his Rasengan onto another ninja's stomach. The bastard was creeping up on him from behind.

Said ninja flew halfway across the battlefield before crashing into a huge tree, slumping onto the ground, his abdomen now merely nothing other than ribbons of intestine and meat. Then again…I shouldn't either…Oh well… He dodged several kunai and shuriken before throwing some of his own.

Stag, being the other side of the battlefield, used a more…relaxed, approach. He didn't charge at his opponents like his comrades. He preferred waiting. He used a charging nin as a springboard and quickly silted his throat in one fluid motion. The after effects were not exactly mess-free.

He wasted no time swiped the nin's legs with his using his arms as anchors. The nin fell on the ground, his head hitting the earth with a loud crack. He detected two poorly conceal chakra signatures behind him and threw a few shuriken, each hitting a vital organ. Much cleaner, he marveled in personal approval.

Another nin threw an explosive tag attached to a kunai, which of course, Stag dodged easily. The kunai embedded itself on the tree behind him with a familiar thud. He did not, however, expect the nin to activate it that quickly. The chips of burning wood did little to damage his armor.

Not far from him, Slug glowered around the seemingly empty battlefield (except for Stag and his opponents a little farther to her right) she was in, seriously! We just supposed to take them out QUIETLY! How did it get this messy?

She could feel tiny tremors in the ground she was standing in, surely coming from her opponent. It felt like it was coming from different places all at once and made it almost impossible for her to accurately detect the ninja, obviously an earth user. She growled and decided to take the shortcut she learned from one of her ANBU handlers. She carefully used her own chakra to 'enhance' the small vibrations. The vibration turned into pulses in which she could now properly feel. It was getting closer…closer…a bit more…


She punched the earth, making a huge crater in the process, dirt flying everywhere. She smirked at the sight of the dead earth nin caught in her punch. The nin's limbs were sprawled at an awkward angle while his head was twisted unnaturally, exposing his blank face, blood seeping out of his mouth.

Stag managed to get out of the way but he threw a scowl to his teammate, who managed to get a picture despite it being hidden by his mask. But at least some of the nin he was facing was dead as well.

Tortoise was clearly the most enthusiastic of the ANBUs. He planted his palms onto the ground and he delivered kick after kick to the female nin he was facing, making sure to stay clear of her 'assets'. He might be an ANBU sent on a mission to kill these nins but he's still a man. And it's unyouthful for any man to treat women less than the princesses they are. He then leaped up and stood on both her shoulder, using his knees to twist her head thus snapping her neck, killing her instantly. He leaped off, pulling the same move on another nin. At least it's quick for them! Slow and painful in death is quite unyouthful!

The other ANBUs were in pursuit of the feudal lord, who manage to took almost twenty men with him before fleeing into the dark forest.

Soon, the battle was over and the ANBU squad found themselves standing over piles of dead bodies. Soon, the other ANBUs returned, with bodies of the other rouge nins and the feudal lord carried like sacks upon their shoulders. They dropped it unceremoniously before they began their inspection, managing to find the stolen scrolls hidden inside one of the rouge nin's lolling tongue, thanks to Akamaru.

"A seal…" Stag said as he inspected the tongue and frowned. "These seals are quite common but quite-"

"-Troublesome, we know," Fox grinned silently while checking the seal himself.

Stag sighed, "The seal needs a steady stream of chakra to remain imprinted. If not…the seal will disappear and the contents lost forever…See, the edges are already fading…"

Fox hummed, knowing about the seal as well, "The seal needs to be at full power to enable the seal to be broken" He pointed out. True to his word, the black marks are fading fast, leaving only small slashes on the nin's slimy lolling appendage, "But it's pretty basic, we should have no problem with this,"

"But obviously we can't do it here," Boar huffed, deflating himself after using his family jutsu, "Too vulnerable,"

"So that just means we have to bring it back," Slug simply said. Stag nodded, confirming her hypothesis.

"Alright. Slug and I are going to keep chakra pumping while I need Wolf and Akamaru to support the body. Snake, Dove and Boar will come and cover us. We'll have to move fast. The rest of you stay here and clear the surrounding." Fox gave his orders after a few moments of thought. "…What do you think?" He consulted the squad's strategist.

Stag nodded, giving his consent and approval.

"Good, give us a few minutes before cleanup," Fox and Slug were already loading the body onto Akamaru with Snake, Dove and Boar in tow. They shunshined out of the bloody battlefield, leaving the rest of the squad behind for cleanup duty.

It was well after nightfall when the rest of the squad managed to reach Konohagakure. Fox managed to break the seal and the forbidden scrolls were retrieved without many problems.

Now, he and Stag went to the Hokage Tower for their oral report. Hopefully their leader would be merciful and would give them a night's rest before asking for their written report.

"Will that be all? Hokage-sama?" Fox asked as Tsunade reviewed their mission and wrote it into the official record, a brush gracefully stroked on the scroll.

"No…actually," she surveyed the two blood-crusted ANBU in front of her, beckoning them to sit down. They looked at each other for a fleeting moment and obeyed, having a feeling that it was going to be a long night.

"You have got to be kiddingggggggg…"

Naruto groaned to his co-captain. Their masks hanged limply from their belts as they made their way into ANBU headquarters. The mission briefing ended a half hour ago and he's still complaining, Shikamaru sighed. But it's not like he doesn't have a good reason.

A mission outside the Elemental Countries was scarce at best and avoided for a reason. The Elemental Countries were the world's biggest secrets, kept so hidden that only a select few have even the slightest knowledge about it. This 'Albus Dumbledore' must be important to be one of those very, VERY select few.

"Well you were the one that wanted more 'awesome' mission," He snorted, "And besides, if you didn't want it so bad, why accept?"

"But not this!" Naruto whined, sounding like an overgrown child and conveniently ignoring his last question, "And it involves so many of us too…You…Me…Uhh…" She counted with his fingers, "Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan, Teme, Sai, Ino…" He paused again, "Neji, Kiba, Gaara and Tenten,"

"If they accept," Shikamaru yawned and sighed, "For now it's just you, me, Hinata, Neji and Sai,"

He didn't really pay attention to his squad leader's complaints, thinking of how there was still so much to do. He needed to get his clothes washed and the blood removed before it stains. He was sure the others were already fast asleep and he needed to sore his back bending over a plastic tub full of smelly bleach. So troublesome…It was times like these when he wished his wife and child were at Konoha.

He waved Naruto good night as he trudged into his apartment the ANBU so kindly gave to him while Shikamaru made his way towards his own home. At least the written report was delayed.

While washing his clothes, the strategist decided a one-year mission guarding a magical castle wouldn't be too bad after all.

As he lay in bed, drifting to Lala-land, he had one last coherent thought, maybe, just maybe, this 'Harry potter' gaki has enough brains to keep out of trouble and do something not stupid for a change.

It was almost 3 o'clock in the morning the day after they set off when Cat, Hawk, Raven and their Lady Hokage reached the hardened sand-walled village that is Sunagakure. Despite it being summer, the dessert was freezing at night and they greeted the warmed Kazekage office with inaudible relief.

They were standing behind their seated Hokage, each at her sides. She herself was facing the Sabaku no Gaara, the current Kazekage as she explained the mission and her request. It was only the five of them; Gaara had trusted Konoha enough to comply when Tsunade requests absolute privacy during any of their meetings between the two villages.

"So you want me to join in this mission?" He raised a non-existent eyebrow.

"Yes, Kazekage-sama," Tsunade respectfully nodded, confirming his statement.


"We believe your sand would make a great asset to the squad…Your sand, alongside Fox's Bunshins, will drastically make surveillance a lot better," She explained, "In addition," Her tone seemed to grow soft as it was filled with a kind of fondness, "You were a huge help to Konoha during a lot of troubled times. With the amount of money the client offers, it's more than enough to share between our two villages. Consider this a token of gratitude from us after all you had done,"

The Kazekage, although didn't make it known felt slightly touched at the gesture. Though he still had to ponder it for a while, ultimately agreeing under the pretense of friendship between Konoha and Suna.

"Very well. I accept the mission,"

It was not long after they discussed, written out and signed the official papers when a mist of pure bluish white burst into the room and taking the form of a silver bird that only Tsunade knew. The very client they were discussing had sent a picture of the bird that the Patronus Jutsu will take form.

What happened then was to be expected. The ANBU unsheathed their various weapons. A trickle of fine sand slithered out of the gourd strapped on the Kazekage's back.

"Tsunade-sama, it's Albus Dumbledore," The silvery, misty bird opened his beak and a slightly accented voice belonged to what sounded like an old man filtered through. "I'm afraid I need your help now more than ever,"

Tsunade trusted the apparition of the bird, and the man whose voice was coming from it. No one in the elemental nations could ever dream of imagining, much less creating a bird like that. She gestured for her ANBUs to lower their weapons but proceed with caution. But the Kazekage was not that easily to convince, sand still streamed steadily out of the guard and around the floor in which the phoenix was floating.

"The mission needs to be carried out much earlier than expected. I know this must be terribly inconvenient for you but there was an emergency. I daresay to say, If convenient, please accept. If inconvenient, I beg of you, please accept anyway,"

The Hokage could sense the genuine desperation and said rather begrudgingly, "Alright…We accept if we are able to," The sum offered was too huge for her to pass on anyway.

The voice sighed, as though one of the things he had to do was crossed out from his list, "Thank you….I shall come in a few days after I sort things out with my own wizards. I'm afraid it will be a week earlier than supposed, and the rendezvous point will not be the same as we discussed as well,"

Tsunade glanced at Raven and Gaara who nodded.

"Alright. That won't be a problem," She confirmed.

"Though may I ask, Dumbledore-san, what is the emergency?" Raven asked, trying not to seem rude (because six zeros is a huge number). He hoped that this client had no more 'emergencies' like this. It would be a mess to get sorted out.

"This is Raven," Tsunade made the point to introduce the ebony haired youth, "Second in command of the mission,"

"Of course, Raven-san, Tsunade-sama. I have just received news that Harry Potter was attacked…By what we believe Dementors now in Voldemort's control…"

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