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Chapter One

Ginger: "Poor Gilligan, eleven hours and he's still running."

Professor: "I'd be happy if he was still alive and walking."

Mrs. Howell: "Or crawling!"

Skipper: "Yeah, well, a bullet hasn't been made yet with Gilligan's name on it. That guy'll never catch'em. My little buddy is too fast!"

-The Hunter

A sound, so soft the humans would write it off as their imaginations playing tricks on them, hovered in the air. Silence was nowhere to be found at this time of day. There was always some kind of animal making noises in the jungle that the small tropical island housed or the swells of the ocean slamming against the rocks on the shore.

Another sound, the same one in fact, with a slightly louder volume floated higher and higher.

For the third time, the very same sound was heard by anyone and anything that was nearby the location. The sound became clearer and easier to decipher as the volume went up a notch each time the noise was made.

The sound happened to be a moan of pain. Obviously, someone or something on the supposedly deserted, uncharted island was hurt. How bad, no one would know for certain until she or he checked out the source of the noise. However, only the animals living in the jungle and whatever deity was watching from above knew immediately what was causing the noise and how serious the situation was.

For indeed, this was a situation. Not a minor one, as everyone had wished once in their life.

No, the level of the situation was serious. Should no animal or man start searching for whatever was causing the sound, or an animal alert one of his friend's humans about the problem, the situation could easily switch from serious to dire and dire to demise.

Unfortunately, the animals whose considered a friend was the one needing attention and his human friends were currently locked up in their old jail cell, waiting for either the time limit to be up or the sight of the youngest Castaway's lifeless corpse being carried over the hunter's shoulder. Though, the six remaining Castaways prayed with all their might that the former would happen instead of the latter.

For you see, the one called Gilligan was being hunted. Not by a dangerous animal but by a crazy human by the name of Jonathan Lee Kincaid. Kincaid grew tired of hunting animals over the many years of his chosen career and no dangerous, wild, or big game would satisfy the now-constant thirst he craved to bring the fun and interest back into hunting.

That is until his companion, Ramoo, suggested they both go searching for his next prey away from civilization and found the perfect quarry in the bumbling fool of the first mate. The hunter finally found what he had been seeking for years and the endless craving for something new and exciting had finally vanished. Hunting man was a perfect game for hunting and no one had ever done it before.

Until now, that is.

Why he hadn't thought of hunting the most elusive prey there was in the world, a human, until now he would never know. The hunter could have gone after man as his new game years ago! It certainly would have ended his boredom. However, it was pointless to look back at the past and wished you could have said or done something differently. Besides, Kincaid finally realized what his new quarry should be and wasn't going to allow any more time to be wasted.

As for Gilligan, he had to survive this mad scheme of Kincaid's for twenty-four hours. If the young sailor was still alive when the time limit was up, the hunter would bring the seven stranded Castaways back to civilization. As much as the former Navy sailor tried to see the good in everyone, even the monster that was Jonathan Lee Kincaid, he knew deep down inside that the man had no intention of rescuing them. He would have witnesses of his horrendous attempt of murder and obviously wasn't stupid enough to risk the chance of going to jail and ruining his reputation.

Which brings us to the start of our story: the moans and groans filled with pain. Knowing all the facts on why Gilligan – yes, the cry of agony could only be coming from him – was hurt would certainly be understandable once the events leading up to the situation he was currently in became apparent.

For you see, the lovable, clumsy, yet often annoying first mate was lying on a rocky ledge, coming back from unconsciousness from however long he'd been out.

The first thing the sailor became aware of after waking up was the uncontrollable shivering that made his whole body shake. Yet he couldn't figure out why the involuntary action was happening. The youngest Castaway didn't feel cold and the temperature for the day was a normal low eighties degrees Fahrenheit. So why was his body trembling like he'd been out in the snow of the coldest winter for too long?

The second thing Gilligan became aware of was the burning pain that was licking and consuming his own form. It felt like someone had put his body in a fiery pit and was continuing to build up the temperature! His whole figure hurt worse than he had ever felt in his short life, even moving his eyes and eyelids caused himself to ache, like they were attached to the rest of his hurting body.

The final thing the first mate became aware of was the rough and uncomfortable ground beneath him. While sand wasn't a bed of fluffy clouds, Gilligan didn't remember it feeling so hard and rocky from the last time he laid on the tiny pebbles.

Despite the horrible pain every part of his physique was experiencing (and he meant every part), the former Navy sailor opened his eyes and saw the turquoise ocean and sandy white beach in front of him. The youngest Castaway's forehead furrowed in confusion because the level of the beach below seemed closer than he earlier recalled as he tried to put more distance from his tormentor. He slowly closed his eyes and concentrated on the last thing he could remember before waking up, ignoring the endless pounding in his head while he did so. It felt like someone was using his head as a percussion drum. Gilligan placed what little strength he had at his disposal in figuring out the events that had transpired before he was knocked out cold.

Apparently, finding out what had happened wasn't meant to be. The limited strength he had and the new level of pain surging inside of him like a rocket forced him to give up after two minutes of trying. Just the act alone almost caused him to black out again.

All Gilligan wanted to do was lie there, wherever he was, and go to sleep. Maybe if he wasn't awake, the agonizing pain would disappear. But something or someone was stopping the young man from receiving his wish and silently prompting him to discover his exact location. So even with the terrible throbbing his entire body was going through, he slowly turned his form over, for the first mate noticed he was lying on his right side. The sailor winced and bit down hard on his lip to stifle the intense pain that suddenly erupted from the unwelcome movement.

The morning sun was gradually rising in the sapphire blue sky and its white hot rays had already found the youngest Castaway, mercilessly torturing the visible flesh with the heightened heat. Droplets of sweat rolled from his brow and other parts of his frame. The salty drops of liquid caused the stinging as they entered his cuts that Gilligan had received previously as he tried to find shelter to rest and hide from Kincaid.

Gilligan shifted his throbbing head slightly to the left and what he saw made his blue eyes widen in horror.

A rocky cliff was above him, but that wasn't the cause of such terror seen clearly in the young man's eyes. What alarmed him was the distance between the cliff edge and him. The cliff rim was at least a hundred feet above him.

A jolt of realization flashed inside the sailor's head and his earlier attempt at discovering what happened before he had passed out finally became clear. Now he really wished he could have continued being oblivious to his exact location if it would halt the panic bubbling to the surface.

The first mate had fallen over the edge of the cliff accidently with Kincaid after the hunter confronted him and provoked him with his awful words involving the other Castaways. With the help of his senses, the youngest Castaway gathered from the limited information he had that he must have landed hard on his right side on the ledge below the cliff, which saved him from instant death and was now holding him prisoner until help arrive.

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