A New Alliance

The dark sky of the night shined bright by the fires of Blackbeard's canons, declaring the shameful defeat of the Bonney pirates. Again.

It is the second time that Blackebeard tirelessly fights Bonney and forces her crew to surrender, he is obsessed with her. She is a strong, beautiful, stubborn woman; she is Jewelry Bonney.

Bonney is now the only member on her ship who is still able to stand and fight. Bruises covered her entire body , lots of blood is lost , weakness possessed all her muscles , yet she refuses to give up. She took a deep breath and tightened her fist around one of the swords, she found lying near one of her crew members injured body, and decided to strike with all her left strength one last time , but all here efforts were in vain . She fainted.

With the new day's sun , Bonney opened her eyes slowly waking up to find herself chained with sea stones in Blackebeard ship's cellular, she cursed her damned luck.

In the Thousand Sunny kitchen, loud noises marked the beginning of new morning for the Straw Hats. A certain black haired young man sat quietly, observing with stern eyes the ridiculousness that surrounded him.

" Enough already! I'll go to check on our current location " yelled the orange haired navigator to her rubber captain and a long nosed young man, who were fighting over a piece of meat.

" Ah Nami-swan is so beautiful when she's mad, " said Sanji in a love-fool manner, following his mistress carrying a cup of coffee as he followed her through the kitchen door.

It took the navigator a moment to realize the horrible scene front of her; the whole view ahead of their ship was floating shipwrecks and a flag that belonged to a certain pirate crew.

" Sanji , look" said the shocked Nami as she grabbed the arm of the young man who stood beside her trying to shift his attention from her breasts to the scene front of them.

"What the…." Exclaimed the blond cook with widened eyes.

"Wait here Nami-san , I'll go call the others" continued Sanji, running back to the kitchen.

"Ok, I'll check the weather, this might be due to a storm or a hurricane." Said Nami .

Sanji hurried to the kitchen and opened the door " Guys, I think you should see this" said Sanji panting.

Everyone left the kitchen & stood on the deck watching the horrifying scene in shock.

" I think I see a flag in the water, " said Kinemon.

"I'll get it, " replied Luffy stretching his arm to reach for the flag.

Luffy held the flag in his hands & stretched to see a pirate Jolly Roger he didn't recognize " mmm….I don't know this Jolly Roger " said a Luffy with a puzzled look.

"It belongs to the Bonney pirates" replied Law with his usual calm voice , taking the flag from Luffy. He stared at the flag for a moment before continuing " They have been attacked." Whispered Law and tightened his fist on the flag. " Someone attacked them and destroyed their ship" continued Law in a bit louder tone.

" A lady is in trouble then, huh? " Said Sanji lighting a cigarette. "I think we should help her , do you have any idea who might have attacked her? " continued Sanji blowing off smoke.

" Who cares who attacked her ! No way in hell we are going after her, you shitty cook" said Zoro. " This is the Bonney Pirates ! A supernova and one of the Worst Generation , who knows who is she allied with . this might be a trap to get rid off pirates." Continued the green haired swordsman.

" I agree with him" said Robin "This might be a trap to take us down."

" Yes, yes, definitely! I agree with them , and you guys already know that I have the-pirate-chasing disease."said the shaking Usopp.

"It is none of your business Strawhats.I'll find her myself , I don't think you guys can handle Blackbeard anyway." Said Law firmly.

A nerve twitched on the side of Zoro and Sanji foreheads , he offended them. "And why is Blackbeard involved with this?"asked Zoro trying to hold himself back from slicing Law up.

"Because he is the one who blew Bonnney's ship up , She had been chasing him since the Marienford War , she wants to avenge for Whitebeard's death." Continued the young doctor.

"And why do you want to find her, " asked Zoro.

"I have my reasons." Replied the gray-eyed man.

Luffy stared at Law for a moment before speaking "Tra-guy! You are my ally now, so I won't let you go alone , plus it sounds like an adventure" said Luffy grinning widely.

Sighing,the Strawhats knew that helping Law is a must after their captain's statement,

"I agree with Luffy, I can't leave a lady in distress even if she was an infamous pirate." Said Sanji.

" Ok then I'll go check the location of the nearest island, " said Nami making her way to the crow's nest.

"I have a very bad feeling about this, " said Usopp shivering.

Minutes later , Nami saw an island and called her crew mates' " Guys, I see an island on the horizon, get ready we'll land in a couple of hours." Spoke Nami loudly from the crow's nest.

"We cab start searching from there."said Robin.