For couple of days, Bonney barely talked to Law, she was avoiding him. He understood that she needs some time to think about what he asked of her, but he was tortured by her silence.

Every night, he waited till she slept then he would walk quietly into the room to sleep on the couch, he wanted to make sure she feels comfortable and he wasn't pushing her. He would examine her and check her diet and medications without talking about the same topic again; He waited patiently for her reply.

Bonney was confused indeed, but she was feeling more comfortable and safe each day. Law's presence with her made her feel safe, protected, and taken care of. She loved being here with him.

'Why not give him a chance! He is smart, strong, handsome, VERY HANDSOME, and loves me so much. He is so decent that he only talks to me when necessary; he really cares about me and wants me to feel comfortable around him.' Thought Bonney, deciding to give Law a chance.

When night fell on the ocean, Law walked into the room quietly to sleep on his couch, Bonney was already in bed. He looked at her sleeping face, and was about to kiss her when his senses stopped him from doing so. He sighed and walked to his couch, but stopped when Bonney's voice called his name.

"Law, it is kind of cold tonight, why don't you sleep next to me?" Offered Bonney politely.

"You are sure. Wouldn't that bother you?" asked Law.

"No it won't" replied Bonney with a soft smile.

He laid down on the bed next to her, she moved closer to him, covering him with some of her blanket.

"I thought about what you told me Law. "Said Bonney. "I'll join your crew Law, you are so nice to me and I…I am going to give you a chance." Continued Bonney with a shy smile.

Law blinked at her for a second , trying to figure out whether she is serious or not " Are you sure about this Bonney?" asked Law, Bonney nodded and kissed the tip of his nose.

He smiled at the innocent gesture and hugged her "I'm so happy you finally decided to be with me." Spoke Law softly.

She looked at him for a second then closed the gap between them and pressed her soft lips against his; he smiled at her lips and pressed back.

She replied by licking his lips and he opened his mouth for her tongue; she enjoyed the feeling of her tongue against his and let out a moan of pleasure when he sucked her lower lip.

Law grabbed Bonney's arm and pulled her under him, he broke the kiss and moved to kiss her neck; she buried her hands in his hair and moaned softly.

She pulled a handful of soft hairs when his tongue teased the sensitive spots in her neck

"Law" she whispered weakly, he was good at using his tongue for pleasure. Law raised his head and looked into her eyes before catching her lips for a passionate kiss, as his hands found their way under her sleeveless blue shirt, caressing her breasts before completely removing it off her body. Bonney moaned loudly, she was filled with desire.

She passed the shirt off her head, tossing it away to land somewhere on the room's floor, and went back to kissing Law's swollen red lips.

Her hands sneaked to capture the rim of Law's shirt, a hand moving it up his body while the other massaged his abs roughly. Law let out a coarse moan, breaking the kiss to take his shirt off.

He went back to kissing Bonney, this time skipping her lips and aiming for the top of her breasts, he slid his hands to her back and unclasped her bra, moving the straps down her arms slowly and completely taking it off her voluptuous breasts.

Law looked at her breasts lustfully and licked his lips, he wanted to touch them but Bonney covered herself with her hands, blushing.

He looked at her and smiled warmly then moved closer to kiss her. As he kissed her he rubbed his toned chest against her soft breasts, hardening her nipples. They both moaned out of pleasure.

Bonney pushed him on his back and straddled feeling his erection push against her private part, she moaned and bit her lower lip. Law felt feverish and started to massage her body from her breasts down to her stomach.

He pushed her on her back and laid on top of her; moving his mouth to her breasts. He licked the nipple of once breast and manipulated it with his tongue then, daringly, he flattened his tongue on it and started to suck, his hand caressing her other breast. Bonney moaned loudly.

"Shshshsh baby! You'll wake everyone up." Whispered Law sexily to her ear. Bonney panted and nodded, she was so enthralled to speak.

When Law moved his hands to unbutton his jeans, Bonney pushed him on his back again and slapped his hands away. "Bonney" he complained, "Leave these to me" she said in sultry tone.

Bonney used her slender fingers to unbutton his jeans and her pearly white teeth to undo the stubborn zipper, then both her hands to pull his bottoms of him.

She stared at his erection with lustful eyes before licking her lips and looking at him, smiling mischievously . Law raised an eyebrow at her.

She positioned herself comfortably on the top of his thighs and leaned forward to catch his penis in her mouth, Law gasped out of surprise, but that didn't stop her from sucking him.

Law writhed with pleasure, her tongue was driving him to the edge of sanity. He moaned loudly when she licked the soft head of his organ, sending electric shocks all over his body.

"Bonney…ahhh...please…please stop, I'll…ahhhh...I'm going to cum." Spoke Law weakly.

Bonney only moaned seductively in response.

Before he would completely loose his senses, Law pulled Bonney off him and placed her under him. "Now, it is my turn." Whispered Law panting.

He sucked her breasts roughly and moved down to her thighs, he licked her thighs before powerfully spreading them open to expose her private area; she was completely wet and throbbing.

He buried his face between her legs and began licking her clitoris roughly, Bonney screamed his name loudly.

He looked at her with a sly smile "I didn't even start yet" he said huskily.

"Law please don't...Um…just don't…" spoke Bonney with hesitation.

Law looked at her worriedly "What's wrong Bonney? Aren't you enjoying this? If you want me to stop just tell me, I'll stop immediately." He said honestly.

"No Law it is not like this, it is just…" she was too embarrassed to speak.

Law smiled at her warmly "It is your first time isn't it." He spoke gently. She only nodded.

He kissed her passionately and whispered to her "How about you give me a chance to prove to you that am worth your love, I'll make you feel so good, I promise." He spoke sexily.

She gasped at the feeling of his hot breath against her ear and nodded shyly.

He went back between her legs and began licking her womanhood gently, occasionally sucking on her clitoris, Bonney responded by moaning and wetting more.

He looked at her eyes and kissed her lips gently as he positioned himself on top of her and penetrated through her barrier gently.

Bonney met out a short moan and sank her pink painted nails in Law's shoulders as she bit her lower lip. Law understood she was in pain.

"I am sorry baby, I am so sorry. The pain will be over soon" apologized Law as he kissed the tears at the corner of her eyes.

True were his words, soon the pain was replaced by pleasure when he was completely inside of her. Law waited for her to cope with his size then he started to rock himself harder in and out of her, her moans became louder.

With his last thrust inside her, they both climaxed together and fell on the mattress, panting heavily in a semi dazed state.

When their bodies rested, Bonney rested her head on his chest and trailed her fingers down to his abs, He played with her hair.

"Bonney." Said Law quietly.

"Yes" replied the pink haired woman.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Law with a smile.

Bonney looked at him and smiled back "Yes I did" she replied and kissed him.

"I love you Bonney and I would never hurt you or let anyone lay a finger on you." Spoke Law seriously.

Bonney smiled and kissed his chest "I know you will." She said softly "This is why I love you Law." She continued and looked at him kissing him passionately.

He broke the kiss and spoke to her softly "Come on, let's get some sleep. Bepo will wake us up early in the morning." Said Law with half closed eyes, pulling Bonney closer to him, she kissed his goatee and snuggled up to him before closing her eyes to sleep.

The End.

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