Impel Down.

A prison where the worst of the worst criminals were sent. A place filled with horrors beyond your wildest nightmares. A place that any sane person would wish to avoid. And it was in this horrible place, filled with the screams of anguish from the prisoners, was a young man. His name: Monkey D. Luffy.

It had been four years since he was sent here. Four years of being chained to a wall, covered in dried blood. Fours years...since he lost everything.

Luffy was a fearless pirate captain. His crew, the Strawhat Pirates, were known world wide. They were feared by the marines and to those who read whatever propanga the marines had the newspapers posted. Each and everyone of it's crewmembers were strong in their own way. Each one ready to fight alongside each other to see their dreams come true. Each one was-

"Dead." mumbled Luffy. His face, once a cheery, smiling face full of hope and want for adventure, was now one of emptiness and sorrow. He had failed them all. He had worked to become stronger so that he could protect them...but it was all in vain. He and his crew were one island away Raftel, the last island on the Grand Line, and the rumored resting place of the One Piece, Gol D. Roger's greatest treasure. They were ready to go, but the marines had sent everything they had at them. After the fight, the marines were left with only about 3% of what they had sent. And the Strawhats...were dead before Luffy's eyes. He just stood there, lifeless, and covered in blood, as the remaining marines shackled him in seastone and dragged him away.

And now, he was here. Left to live out his days in this horrid prison. He sighed as he closed his eyes, feeling tired and mubling before falling into slumber "Everyone...forgive me."

"Wake up."

Luffy's eyes slowly opened. He was expecting to see a prison guard through iron bars, telling him it was meal time. He wasn't expecting to see the sight before him at all. He was in a small room, lying on a bed. He looked around, genuinely confused as to why he was in this strange place instead of his prison cell. He sat up, still in his prisoner outfit and seastone shackles. " I?"

"Bought time you woke up."

Luffy spun around to see what looked to be a very aged man walk into the room. He was slightly taller than Luffy with gray hair and wrinkles. He wore a brown, button up shirt, tan slacks, and white shoes. He looked at Luffy, smiling as he came closer. "Glad to see you're awake." he said in a raspy voice.

"Who are you old man?" Luffy asked as the man stopped about 3 feet away from him. He watched as the man raised his hand at him in a fist. He stared, wondering what the old man would do.

"Open!" said the man as he opened his hand. Luffy suddenly heard a 'click' as his shackles fell off of him. Luffy looked at his freed arms and legs, rubbing them as he felt his strength come back.

"Whoa! How'd you do that old man? Do you have powers too?"

"The Open Open Fruit." the man said with a nod. "I am a man that opens things. Like that." he said as he pointed behind Luffy. Luffy turned around and saw what looked like a hole in the hole. But his eyes widened at the sight in the hole. It was his prison cell. He kept staring even as the man walked to the hole and placed his hands around it, pushing the edges together until it closed. The old man then looked back at Luffy, who then looked at the old man.

"So you opened up a hole into my cell and pulled me out of there?" he asked. "Thanks old ma-" was all he said before he collapsed.

"Are you okay?"


Some time later, Luffy was eating a mountain of food as the old man stared in awe.

"They said you had a big appetite, but this is unreal." he mumbled as Luffy wolfed down the food before him. After what felt like an eternity, Luffy laid back the chair patting his swollen belly, giving a loud belch.

"Ahh, that was some great food. This beats that slop in Impel Down." he said before looking at the old man. "Thanks again."

"No problem Luffy."

Luffy just smiled before he then realized something. "Hey, how do you know my name? I never told you."

"I know who you are Monkey D. Luffy. Or, better known in the world as Strawhat Luffy. Captain of the Strawhat Pirates."

Luffy's eyes widen in horror as the mentioning of his crew flooded his mind with painful memories that he had locked away. He remembered each of their faces as they lay before him, broken and lifeless as he clenched his eyes shut before grabbing his head with both hands and began to smash it against the floor. "NO NO NO NO! STOP IT!" he screamed as tears began to stream from his eyes before he turned to the old man. "Why did you remind me?!"

The old man looked at the boy, suddenly realizing that he had opened up old wounds that were best left closed before he gave the boy a sad look. "I'm sorry."

"THE STRAWHAT PIRATES ARE DEAD!" Luffy screamed as he lunged at the old man, pinning him to the wall. The old man just looked at Luffy with a blank expression as Luffy looked ready to lose his mind. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! YOU BROKE ME OUT OF PRISON TO TORMENT ME OR SOMETHING?! WHY DID YOU EVEN BREAK ME OUT ANYWAY?!" Luffy screamed before he was panting, looking ready to snap if he didn't like the answer. The old man stared at him for a moment before closed his eyes and let out a sigh before smiling.

"What if I told you that I could let you try again?"

Luffy looked baffled at the question. "What?"

"Take a look at that paper over there." he said as he pointed to a newspaper on the talbe. Luffy looked at him before walking over and opening the paper to see the picture of another old man in a marine uniform before reading the headlines.

Marine Admiral Coby Retires.

Luffy blinked for a moment, confused at the words. "Marine Admiral...Coby? Where?"

"The old man in the picture. That's Marine Admiral Coby." the old man said. Luffy looked back at the picture again as he looked at the aged marine. His eyes slowly widened as he stared at the picture.


"It's simple." the old man said as he stood up and walked towards Luffy. "It's because it's been over sixty years since you've been imprisoned."

Luffy just screamed at the old man. "SIXTY!? NO WAY! IF THAT WERE TRUE...I'D BE OLD LIKE YOU!"

The old man smiled. "That's because I brought you sixty years ahead of your time. The hole from before wasn't into your cell. It was into your time. You Monkey D. Luffy are sixty years in the future."

Luffy froze as solid as a statue as the old man's words sunk in. "The...future?"

"Yes." the old man replied as he took the paper away. He watched as Luffy slowly fell back into a chair, unable to comprehend what has happened. Luffy just stared at the ceiling, replaying everything that just happened in the last couple of minutes. Him being pulled here, the food, his nakama, trying again...trying again?

"What did you mean by 'try again' old man?" Luffy asked as he looked at the old man with curiosity and a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes. The old man smiled back at Luffy.

"It's exactly what I said. Try again." he said before standing up. He then held out his hands in front of him with his forefingers and thumbs touching each other, forming a hole. "Open!" he said before the area inside his fingers changed. "Look inside."

Luffy stared at the hole as walked towards it. He then peeked inside and looked around before jumping back. He shook his head, thinking he saw wrong before looking again. As he stared, his eyes began to water as his lips trembled. He saw a sight he hadn't seen in years. It was his old crew. His nakama. He was there with them too, laughing and cheering with everyone.

"" Luffy said before breaking down sobbing. "MY FRIENDS!"

"Yes." the old man said as he closed the hole.

"No wait!" Luffy screamed. "Bring them back! I wanna see them again!"

"You'll do more than that Luffy." the old man said with a smile. "You'll travel with them once more."

"R-really?" Luffy asked, trying to get himself under control. "Why would you d-do all this for me?" he asked. The old man looked at him with a grim stare.

"Because...this world is too twisted to live in anymore." he said before closing his eyes. "The marines are out for blood in their asinine pursuit of 'Absolute Justice'. It's gotten to the point that if you look at them funny, they'll suspect you of criminal activity and come busting down your door. That's why I brought you here, in hopes that you would go back and stop them."

"How?" Luffy asked.

"By achieving your dream. By becoming...King of the Pirates!"

Luffy stared long and hard at the old man before him. He had a chance to be reunited with his old crew. To go on adventures again. To chase their dreams together again. He could feel his hope swelling in his chest as tears of joy fell from his eyes, his lips forming the biggest smile he'd ever shown in God knows how long.

"Well?" asked the old man. Luffy didn't need a second to think this out.

"I'll do it!"

This is my first time writing a One Piece Fic. It'll explain more things in the next chapter. Now don't rush me. I need time to think more chapters out.