Hello everyone. I bet you were all super happy to see an update for this? Well, sorry to say this, but it's still not an update. Luffy's Renewed Adventure is still under rewrite. This is just to let you all know what's been going on with it.

First off, to all the negative reviews and such I've gotten about it. Truth be told, many of you are right. When you look at it, it really is just a copy and paste with only a few twists here and there. Just the same adventure with more crewmates and lemons.

The reason it was like that was because I was just writing it for fun, and my writing skills when I first started it weren't the best. Probably not that much better now, to tell you the truth.

Still, a lot of things I read in the reviews really hurt.

As for why it's taking so long? It's a mixture of not knowing how to truly start it so that it's actually good, a bit dash of general laziness and, recently, the fact that the manga/show is near the end. I've seen tons of curveballs and surprises that has been keeping me on my toes, and I don't think I can do a proper job of writing the rewrite, or this original, until I see it through to the end.

Example: SPOILERS! Jewelry Bonney is a kid! 10 at the beginning and 12 after the timeskip! If I had kept writing and gotten that far without this knowledge, I'd have felt very awkward, if not outright disgusted, with adding her later on.


Well, I hope that these few reasons clear up why it's taking me so long. I hope you all can forgive me for not saying anything for so long and hope that, when I do finally start writing for it, it'll be far better than what I tried at first.

Until the rewrite,