The Queen of Darkness

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Chapter 31: The New Set Up


It has been two weeks since Magneto's visit. With the forged documents that Statue was able to provide, Johnny and I were just finishing negotiations for a large, isolated mansion in the central mountains of the State. Johnny and I were posing as Newlyweds from New York City.

I had simply used my Power to borrow a ring, which I would return later-maybe. Johnny and I were pretending to be Mr. and Mrs. John Allgood. The forgeries that Statue had gotten for us held up nicely.

This was the fourth Realty Company and second new Safe House that we had gotten for the MUR. In both cases we had used different forged Identity Papers, and had no problems, yet. In all four cases, the Realtors were so eager to sell, and Johnny and I, ARE a real couple, so why look for a reason to turn us away? We only scored two Safe Houses due to A) Budget, and B) Only the first and last Realtor Companies had the houses that the MUR needs.

Johnny and I told the Realtors that we were planning a HUGE family, with at least five or six children! Johnny's grin at HOW such children would come to be, was VERY convincing! I blushed like the new bride-to-be that I was supposed to be. All in all, this meant that we were looking for a LARGE house. Something with multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms, yet inside the budget.

The budget was partially underwritten by Magneto, and a few days later, Mystique as well. I had used my Powers to launder the money by swapping out the new bills from the banks I had robbed (at a distance, so I left no evidence), with regular bills of the same value from restaurants, and other businesses. As long as I was careful, the staff at the restaurants (etc) would not bother to do more than count the bills and see that the values were the same and that the bills were real. Odd, but harmless, they should ignore the unannounced money-swap. I had also simply used my Power to rob drug dealers at a distance, and let them figure out how on their own. If we were all lucky, they would accuse one another and kill each other off. No loss for the rest of us...


Johnny and I were Officially Dating, so we were in no trouble from our parents, and it gave us the cover we needed to get things done. The trip to Lover's Lane was expected, and thusly, a good cover for the activities of the night. After all, we were seen in a local restaurant, and much later we were pranked by Instituted kids. This solidified any alibi we would need. It would be nearly impossible to prove that we were not there at the time we claimed, if we were ever asked. Now our VERY unofficial shopping trip was a safe secret.

Johnny's kisses had me SO turned ON! Our make out session nearly went too far, but Bobby Drake, and Tabitha Smith were sneaking around Lover's Lane and playing pranks on each car with their stupid Powers! I was SO cold...Idiot! Then the car 'backfired' from Boom Boom! I'll deal with those two later…

In the mean time we simply acted just like the others here, as we got out of the car and yelled at the two retreating mutants! The Instituted idiots ran away laughing. Johnny checked the car, and there was no damage, just frost all over it, and the tail pipe had a charred look. Still, it was time to take me home. Ten minutes later, I had JUST made curfew.


I recounted the date, in a heavily edited version, to my Minions! I praised Johnny's skills at dancing and kissing! It made my Minions so jealous! The jealousy they displayed warmed my heart!

Johnny and I quietly planned on what to get for the two safe houses. As much as I wanted to keep Johnny away from MUR business, I needed his help in getting the two properties. This meant that he was already involved. Of course I had NO intentions of letting either Magneto nor Mystique EVER find out about my precious Johnny! Human or not, Johnny is MINE! Mystique had BETTER not try to take him from me, either. Truce or not, I'll kill her and lose her corpse a few miles under the ocean….

In the mean time, Johnny wanted to help, and we could even disguise it as 'Planning a Dream Home' that many of the serious teenage couples play at. Johnny has a good head for organization, and had a few ideas that had completely slipped my mind: Well-stocked tool kits meant less need to rely on anyone outside that house for repairs and other needs. Medical supplies had a similar advantage. Spare home goods, and clothes were all added to the list.


I arrived inside the nice house. It was old, but that was a selling point for us. The MUR needed to be anonymous, and old houses were often overlooked. The fact that this house was in a backwater town with a small college, made it ideal; isolated enough as to not have too many visitors going to drop by to sell us anything. Meanwhile, the influx of college students allowed for the locals to be used to new faces without too much suspicion…

Looking around, I found it to be just fine. It was a fine specimen of a 'split-ranch' style home. It has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The advantage to having been built in 1973, is that most of the houses around here are almost identical, except for color, and a few are mirror images of the rest.

The other great thing about this house is that it is surrounded on three sides by local woodlands! Can you say 'Privacy'? I knew you could! This is privacy gold! The basement held a lot of promise. I bet we could dig a tunnel from under the boiler into the woods and not be discovered! Oh, yes! I have ideas. I had watched 'The Great Escape' with Johnny and my parents Sunday night. It gave me so many wonderful, and plausible, ideas!

I snuck out into the back yard, and used a few basic tools to measure out the distances I needed. Not needing any artificial light source is a HUGE boon for my stealth! Even if someone were to walk past now, they would never see me! Soon I have what I need.

Falling into Darkness, I aim for the next Safe House.


I arrive inside this newer, but harder used small apartment building. There are no tenants, now. But that will soon change. I have an offer to make of a few mutants that I know of…

In this place, we have six apartments, half with one bedroom, the other three have two! The former owner had died of old age, no heirs, and the State took control. The State refused to renew the leases, and left the building fallow. Fortunately, the State also used professional bars to seal the building, just like a New York City business after hours.

I had a few ideas that would make this the new Main Safe House. I would add tunnels, and seriously DEEP ones too! I would need to borrow Avalanche, but, as the whole Brotherhood owes the MUR their lives, I doubt that it will be too much of a problem.

The basement will become the Central Network for the MUR. Paper files or perhaps computers that are incapable of being connected to the Net. This would allow for very secure communications, as a mutant, such as myself, Quicksilver, or Nightcrawler could carry the information in a way that no cybersleuthing could break. I will have to find a way to encrypt all the files, to avoid problems, if someone gets careless.

The basement will also become the gateway to new areas: A Training Room (We cannot possibly handle a working Danger Room clone here, as the cost to built it would bankrupt the MUR in five seconds!), a full Medical Bay, and an emergency Dorm (to handle sudden influxes of mutants).

Checking this area, I find it nearly PERFECT as it is! I have no reason to leave it all for later. Using my Powers, I simply move the extra stuff down here into one neat pile in the center of the basement. Then I cause the dust and dirt to simply Fall into Darkness, and thence into the night-shrouded gutters in another part of the city. After an hour, I realize just how much time I have spent working. Time for my beauty sleep.


I am SO tired! I had quietly let Johnny know what I had been up to, and he made sure to get me coffee. I had forgotten my tumblr at home, and was to tired to use my Powers to get it. Johnny had snuck out, and got for me a large coffee and an apple pastry. It was so sweet of him! I kissed him as a thank you, and life was once again so fine!


Anyone who sees me now cannot call me lazy! I am TIRED from lack of sleep, and yet, here I am cleaning the new MUR Safe House! I am making great progress. In only twenty minutes, I have finished the basement and will soon begin the first floor. This weekend is going to be busy…


I arrive via the Darkness of the woods beside the house. With my Dark Suit and Mask on, I am ready to talk to Mystique and the rest of the Brotherhood. As I knocked on the door, I could hear a discussion going on. The girls were upset with the boys for something stupid the boys were guilty of. #sigh#

I was greeted by Blob, and his Southern Gentleman manners were in evidence as he politely asked me in. I stepped inside and saw the infamous Mystique glaring at the prissy speedster and the well built geokinetic.

"Greetings, everyone, from the Mutant Underground Railroad. I have come to discuss the newest Safe House, and the need to work together on this, for the good of us all…"

Mystique rose from her seat, and welcomed me "At least SOMEONE is competent! Greetings my dear. "

I politely accepted her gracious welcome, and soon outlined what I had in mind. Impressed with the ambitiousness of the project, everyone wanted to help. Well, Toad was still on the injured list, but at least he is supposed to keep the arm.


Father was watching the news, when it was announced. I heard the report, but could not believe it. Brian Talbot had been murdered by a mutant. Apparently, his position as Patrol Leader made him a target, and was destroyed by fire! Supposedly burned alive, Brian Talbot's death was now the THE Anti-Mutant rallying cry!

I was SURE that every mutant in the Bayville area had been accounted for! At least I knew that none of the Brotherhood was responsible, nor any of the MUR! No one in either group even has that Power. Well, Scarlet Witch does, but she is still in the asylum. Pyro is with Magneto, and if Magneto had ordered Brian's death, then Magneto himself would have gone on the air to announce it FIRST! This smells like a set-up. But who? Why? Why NOW? Darn it! I need answers!