A/N: Welcome to my first Hunger Games fan fiction! May the odds be ever in your favor!

As I parted my hair, I rolled my eyes. Yet another reaping. In four years, I will finally be done with this crap. I took a few tessarae this year, so my odds are higher, but I doubt it will affect me very much. From what I hear, some eighteen year olds have taken up to ten tesserae. I tied off my braid and told my family that I would see them soon. I stepped outside, spotting my red-headed friend, Hanna, easily. I ran up to her, careful not to snag my dress, and slowed to her speed.

"Where's Alli and Meg?"

Hanna jumped. "Oh my gosh! Don't sneak up on me!"

"Sorry, sorry," I laughed, "So where are they?"

"Where do you think?" She looked at me, rolling her eyes.

"Ah." Hanna's older sisters were off fighting with their parents, again.

We were silent as we walked into the square. We manuevered into the shortest line we could find. I watched Hanna stick out her arm and mutter her name, 'Hanna Aldrich,' and walk off to the side where she waited for me.

"Next," the peacekeeper said lazily. I stuck out my arm.

"Autumn Jones," I said, wincing.

I walked towards Hanna. "Sheesh, you would think they would give us a bandage or something," I mumbled, poking the drop of blood that gatered on my arm.

"Oh, look at that!" Hanna snickered, referring to her sisters' and our friend, Liz, who was in a dress, "It gets better every year! Look, the toboy is wearing a pink flower dress!"

I giggled a little, then said, "Come on, let's get this over with."

We climbed over the rope and squirmed towards the far back corner so we could talk. We chattered on about school, what was going on at home, boys and such. An escort, a new one, with long, neon green hair in crazy braids, a short, puffy dress of the same color, and pale, green skin, skittered up on the stage and everyone settled. The anthem played, and I heard some girl behind me cry.

After the mayor gave his speech, the video played, and after that, the new escort stood up.

"Greetings, District Twelve! I am your new escort, Effie Trinket, and this is the sixty-fith annual Hunger Games!"

Great, I thought, she's just as arrogant as our old escort, Eustacia Williford, maybe worse. I wonder what happened to her.

I heard more sobbing, from a different direction.

I was just about to whisper a mean joke about Effie's hair to Hanna, when I heard Effie herself say, "Okay, ladies first, and," she smiled, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Yeah, right.

As she twirled her green-nailed hand through the glass bowl full of paper slips, I got a nasty feeling in my gut, like something bad, really bad, was about to happen.

"Autumn Jones!"