I envision this to be probably about 3 chapters long, all little moments from the movie that weren't shown, all focused on LoVe.

I've been waiting for someone like you
To be waiting for me
This is more than I ever dreamed
And I dream on
I wish I could stay
I wish I could stay
Right beside you
We've come all this way
And I'm still lookin' after you

-Lit "I Live for This"

They take the long way back from the hospital, Logan afraid that paparazzi will find where she lives and become an even bigger nuisance to them. Somewhere along the way, she's fallen asleep, her hand resting on his on top of the gear shift. The car door opens and Veronica feels him carefully place her arms around his neck and slide a hand under her knees as he lifts her from the car. She knows she could probably wake herself up and walk to the door, but there's something about being so close to him that makes her want to stay there. She feels him carry her up the stairs and pause at the porch. She hears her keys from a distance, and his muttering as he attempts to find the right one.

She lets the exhaustion from the previous days- physical, mental, and emotional- reclaim her. She knows she is safe, she knows she is home, and he makes both of those statements true.

Her consciousness resurfaces briefly when she feels him take off her shoes, and then she quickly falls back under. When she shifts again, she registers the discomfort of falling asleep in her outfit. She stretches her body out, and is surprised to find a blanket over her. She shakes her head a bit to get her bearings, and the events of the last eight hours come rushing back to her.

Veronica begrudgingly rolls to the side of the bed and let her legs hang over. She stands and strips off her outfit, grabbing an oversized t-shirt from the dresser. She wants to climb back into bed and numb the feelings of nausea and worry that consume her. As she is about to crawl into bed, she hears the sound of someone moving around in the kitchen.

Quietly, Veronica pads out just in time to see Logan try to make a quiet exit. She doesn't know how long he's stuck around, but she know it has to have been a while. Her heart beats faster in her chest.

"Wait," she calls to him, and she doesn't know what to say next. She wants to tell him about her, about Piz, about him. "Don't go" is the only thing she can muster, and she sighs when says okay.

Talking has never been her strong suit, so she decides to show him what she wants. She's halfway to closing the distance between them before she registers her actions. She kisses him full on, and there is a moment of panic when he doesn't respond. Keep to the plan, Veronica, she tells herself, and thankfully, he responds. Suddenly she can't be close enough to him. She launches herself into his arms, her legs wrapping around his body. More lean than she remembered, but his hands come to her back and she remembers how his touch can electrify her skin.

They spin together and then her back is to a wall. One of his hands has left her and is bracing them. She rips open his shirt, buttons scatter to the floor. It must have been enough to shock them both into the present. There is a moment when they both pull back, and she can see the concern in his brown eyes. She imagines he's asking her permission, her forgiveness. She imagines he wants to warn her that this time it's different. She knows, but she can't afford to screw it up by using words. Instead, she shifts her hips and kisses his neck until he moans. This will have to be their agreement for now.

She can feel him through her thin panties as she rocks down onto him. She needs him inside of her. She needs to feel grounded, and that's how she thinks it will happen. His hands have slipped from her thigh up her shirt, moving up and down her back, cupping her ass. He takes a half step back from the wall and starts to push up the shirt. She reads his intentions and helps lift it off. She tosses it toward the living room as she hears Logan's sharp intake of breath.

"Holy shit, Veronica," she hears him mumble as he pushes her back against the wall. He hoists her a bit higher and takes a nipple in his mouth. Holy shit, indeed, she thinks, and wonders just how she can continue to do this and simultaneously shimmy back down to grind on him. It feels stupidly high school to be grinding on him through layers of clothes, but sometimes a few steps back can give you the momentum you need to continue propelling forward.

She doesn't realize she's moaning, just like they are halfway back to her bedroom before she realizes they've started to move. He lays her down on the pull out couch, and she is on her back, looking up at him. He kneels at by her feet, and she sits up just long enough to grab him by the lapels and pull him down to her. She pushes the shirt from his broad shoulders and starts to work on his belt.

"Whoa there," he says, and tries to slow her down. She looks at him and shakes her head. She wants him to see that things are different, but this time, they have to be frantic. Hard, fast, the culmination of nine years of radio silence. Veronica can't afford to slow down- she needs this now.

Thankful for small graces, he reads her mind as she works to free him from the button and zipper of his jeans. He peels away her panties and she thrusts her hips up to help him slide them off. He moans when he sees her naked before him.

"Not so bad yourself, Sailor," she murmurs as he is finally freed. Before he can take the pants all the way off, she sees him reach to his back pocket and take out his wallet. From the wallet comes a small foil packet. Veronica smiles. It's redundant, but she appreciates that this is the man he's become.

Veronica watches as he rolls the condom onto himself. He moves so he is over her, propped on his elbows, and places more kisses on her lips, trailing down to her neck. One hand slides between her legs, and she is aware of just how wet and ready she is for him. He seems satisfied, and resumes his previous position. Logan stops again for a moment and pulls away from her, searching for her eyes. She finds the deep brown eyes with the quizzical eyebrows. She tilts her hips up to meet him, and he takes it as permission.

When he sinks into her, she gasps. He starts with a few slow strokes, but quickens his pace when her legs wrap around him and she digs her heels into the small of his back. His hands are everywhere- her breasts, her clit, her hips, her thighs- she doesn't keep track. She also doesn't keep track of the time it takes until she feels the glorious build in the pit of her stomach. She squeezes around him and it takes her over the edge, her moans escalating to a loud gasp. He must feel it too, because it's only a few more strokes before Logan calls out her name and collapses on top of her, his entire upper body quivering.

There's an awkward moment after they clean up, and Veronica heads back to bed. Logan looks at the bed, and then at his discarded clothes. She knows doesn't want to overstay his welcome, but she meant it when she told him not to go. She lifts the blankets and pats the space next to her, and her heart melts a little with his smile and look of absolute relief.

The curl in close so that Veronica is completely enveloped in his arms, his head nuzzled in her neck. She is safe, warm, and content, so she starts to drift off to sleep. His body suddenly goes rigid, and there is unexpected space between them.

"Shit," Logan starts, "Piz. Listen, Veronica, I'm sorry, I-"

She almost laughs, but she knows that response isn't appropriate. How can she explain that she knew things were over with Piz the moment she saw Logan at the airport? "No Piz," she says simply.

"What?" he questions, and props himself up on an elbow. She turns to her back so she can make eye contact.

"No Piz," she repeats as she looks into his eyes. "Since before tonight, no Piz," she absolves him. Veronica rolls back to her side and nuzzles the length of her body against his. Logan is silent as he resumes his position wrapped around her. She quickly drifts off in his arms.

It's still dark when Veronica wakes next, Logan's arm still around her, his breath on her neck. It only takes a few minutes before the feeling of his breath on her neck turns to a wetness between her legs. She gently rocks herself back towards him with subtle movements. She feels him start to get hard and hears his breathing shift. The arm around her chest finds a breast and begins to knead.

When she is sure he's mostly conscious, she flips around and pushes him to his back, straddling him. His hands move to her hips and she seeks out his collarbone with her mouth, grinding her wetness down on him. She waits for him to moan and push back towards her before she lifts herself up and positions herself.

"Oh no no," she hears, and in one swift movement she is on her back and he is above her. "This time, we do it my way." Logan is kissing her now, his tongue mingling with hers. He moves to the spot just behind her ear and trails kisses and nibbles down her neck, to her own collarbone, between her breasts. He takes one nipple in his mouth and her hands move to his hair, fingers trying to find purchase on his shorter strands. He gives due diligence to the other nipple, then continues his lazy quest down her stomach. He jumps past her core and starts at her knee, moving his ministrations up her inner thigh. He lets his hand scout out before his mouth, and he runs a finger between her folds. She can feel the chuckle of satisfaction as she moans and thrusts towards his fingers.

"Good things come to those who wait," he says into her thigh, and Veronica whimpers. Nine years isn't enough? she wants to say, but she bites her lip instead when his fingers find her clit. In one quick movement, his fingers are replaced by his mouth and her knuckles are white as they grip the bedsheets to either side of her. Her back arches up, and he takes the opportunity to move down slightly, his tongue now in her folds. Veronica's breathing becomes more shallow as he slips one finger, and then maybe two inside of her, and she can feel the telltale signs of her impending orgasm. He must know she's getting close, too, because she hears him tell her to let go. Her body arches up once more on its own, and the release is phenomenal.

His fingers are still inside her as they ride it out together. His head now rests on her stomach, as she tries to catch her breath, a stupid grin plastered on her face. It probably isn't quite as proud as his grin, but she figures it will have to do. He slides his fingers out of her, and then moves his body along hers, so his head is now level with her chest. He blows warm air over her nipples, and she chuckles softly. Cheater, she thinks.

Instead of saying what she thinks, she gets an impish grin. "Turnabout is fair play," she warns, and she is back to straddling him. She knows what he expects, but she won't give in that easily. She takes her time kissing him, her taste on his lips. She bites a little harder on his collarbone, hoping to see a line of color there in the morning. She too, kisses down to his abdomen, and then slides the rest of her body to between his legs.

Veronica places hot breaths to the base of his dick, and can feel Logan shudder. She sticks her tongue out and runs it from bottom to top, and it's his turn to gasp. When she takes him in his mouth, she can't help but smile as her name flies across his lips. She sets a steady tempo, and then he's reaching for her, his hands in her hair, signaling her to stop.

"Whoa there," he says as he looks at her. "Any more of that and we'll miss the main event. I'm not exactly as, uh, spry, as I once was."

"Fair enough," she returns, and her grin is back. "Then I suppose it's time for the main event." With that, she scoots up to him and is poised over him. His hands are on her hips, ready to guide her.

"Wait," he says, and he seems embarrassed. "I'm out of- I mean, I don't have more protection."

"I'm safe," she says to him, "my shot's still good for another month. As long as you-" she let the question trail off.

"I got tested after I found out about-," he doesn't finish, and she nods.

"Good," she replies, and the situation is resolved. She moves straight down, burying him deep inside of her. His hands hold her hips in place, and for a moment, they remain still, eyes locked. They stay that way, communicating through their gaze, and they can only hear the sound of their breaths. When it gets to be more than she can handle, Veronica moves her gaze to his chest and starts to rock on him, slowly. His head tilts back and his feet find purchase on the bed so he can thrust up into her. His hands guide her hips up and down to meet his thrusts. Veronica is panting now, barely in control of her muscles. His hands move to hers, and their fingers thread together, giving her a point of leverage. Her hands find his shoulders and she grabs on, unaware if she is pressing too hard with her nails. His hands go back to her hips and he buries himself again and keeps her hips in place, using his hands to guide her hips in small circles.

"C'mon," he says huskily as he pushes even further into her. She can feel his pelvic bone deliciously pressing into her nerves. "Let go for me," he tells her, and it's just about all she needs. Veronica yells out at the same time as Logan places three more deep thrusts into her and joins her.

This time there is no question about whether Logan will stay. They lay down together and drift off again.

Veronica startles awake after she hears the sound of Sach's car being crushed by the truck. She knows she won't fall back asleep after that dream, although there is at least morning light filtering through the curtains. In the night, she and Logan have become separated, her leg carelessly thrown across his. It's easy enough to slide out of bed, and she hears a small moan as she breaks contact, but he doesn't stir.

Veronica checks her phone for any messages from the hospital, showers, makes coffee, and checks the latest news updates. No one seems to have caught the one about Logan's heroic actions to save her dad, and she's a bit conflicted. She knows it would be good PR for him now, but she isn't ready for the questions it will unleash, and god forbid, the negative turn it could all take if the press catches on to them. Whatever kind of "them" they are right now.

When she has exhausted all of her news outlets, Veronica sighs. Her nervous energy has been growing since she left the bed, and while she's sure Logan is exhausted, she can't wait any longer. She moves to the bedroom and notices that he's moved to his side now. She hesitates for just a moment, but knows that she needs to answer the questions about who hurt her dad if she wants to be able to think about anything else. And there is a lot more to think about right now.