Ok, so this is a new fanfiction based upon Summer Rose and the events leading up to and following her death. Many things will happen, some as unknown to you as they are to me, others planned out before they have even been written out and explained. I hope you enjoy, and if you don't please tell me why and I will take no offense. People seem to always take it personally when something they have one is not received well, I however believe if people do not like it, you must change it so that they do, although, you can only please some people some of the time. Hopefully, you are some people, and this is some of the time. Enjoy.

Summer's Rose


Such a simple word, yet such a complex feeling.

That simple word was all Summer could think about right now as she was fighting for her very right to breathe and see her daughter once more like she promised she would. If she was not the victor of this battle, regret would remain a shard of darkness in her very soul until naught remain of her but ash.

While her white cloak normally provided excellent cover in the snowy forests of Vale, where she normally dealt with Grimm and lived with her daughter, Ruby, it provided only a beacon to her location to the Grimm of this forest because this wasn't Vale and it wasn't snowing. The cloak was a very fine and heavy white wool with a white satin lining, allowing it to be very warm but also very soft on the interior of the cloak. The wools' weight also kept the cloak from flapping in almost any wind and stayed on her back even when Summer was sprinting. But she had to leave Vale two weeks ago and go into the deciduous forests of Atlas where only a Huntress of her caliber could control the situation.

While normally she would refuse such offers, so as to stay close to her daughter Ruby, she had to go because of who asked. "It's only a few boarbatusks, I'm sure you'll be fine" her brother Qrow had said to her in his gruff but caring voice when he asked her to go all the way to Atlas.

"Why do I need to go to Atlas, can't you take care of it?" she asked her brother.

"Because I am in Mistral right now, not Atlas, come on sis, you're as good with your cutlass as I am with my scythe." Qrow said.

"Ok, fine Qrow, I'll go to Atlas, but you owe me. And Ruby." Summer said reproachfully. "I don't even know why you like to go to those competitions anyway, there just for pompous hunters and huntresses who go hunting about once a year just because they thought it would be fun to be a hunter of huntress."

"Because Summer, if I don't go, who will teach those pompous pains that they don't really know what being a hunter or huntress is like and to kick them off of their high horse." Qrow said in a light-hearted tone. "Besides, even if most of them are pompous losers who don't need to go out and hunt Grimm, it doesn't mean they didn't at least put the training in originally."

While Qrow was her brother and they loved each other near to death, the two siblings were about as similar as apples to freight trains. While Summer was thin and tall, and looked frail despite her true strength, Qrow was stockier and looked about as heavy and strong as he was. He needed to be that strong however, because of his weapon. While most scythe wielders chose to make their own scythe as light as possible to increase recoil and allow for very fluid movements, Qrow made it so that it could get through any armour with his sniper or the actual scythe itself, making the bone armour of Grimm act like parchment because he knew he would never be able to move like the traditional scythe wielders normally do. The only drawback to this is that it weighs almost as much as Summer because of all the steel and tungsten and titanium that went into its construction. He named his scythe "Grimm Reaper" in the arrogance of his youth, but the name was aptly given. So Qrow being extremely strong is an understatement.

"But Qrow, everyone already knows you, Ozpin, or Goodwitch will win the tournament anyway. So why bother?" Summer stated, trying to convince her brother of something neither of them could change at this point anyway since he was already there.

"It's too late Summer, there is nothing either of us can do at this point to change what must needs be done." Qrow said.

"But Qrow. . ."Summer said

"No buts Summer, I know you don't like competitions but I think they are a lot of fun because for me it's a time to relax from hunting Grimm in Atlas, and I get to talk to our friends from Beacon." Qrow said, "Like Ozpin and Goodwitch, and all the others who live in Mistral or in the far corners of Remnant where I can't get to them easily. Sis, you just need to relax, I promise next year I won't go, but it's too late now anyway unless I found the craziest pilot in Mistral and paid him enough money to buy the ship myself." Qrow stated, with a tone of finality in his voice, as he always got when he was tired of arguing. "You are the only one I trust enough to do this Summer, and you know I love Ruby too, and don't want to make it a pain for you, but you need to go to Atlas, people need you."

While she really didn't want to go to Atlas, but it was either going to be her or no one at all because of how difficult it is to get to and from Mistral at this time of year. It was also the World Championship in Mistral where almost every hunter as good as her, and even a few that were better, were there. They were not where they normally should be, whether it was in Atlas or Vale or anywhere else on Remnant. And while she had a duty to be with her daughter and keep her safe as all mothers had, she had sworn a solemn oath to never turn her back on those that needed protection from Humanity's sworn eternal nemesis.

She shook the thought out of her head as she couldn't think about why this happened, or the circumstances of how it managed to get this bad this quickly. She needed to find out how to get out of this situation and call her brother and ask what the hell he was thinking by not getting more information from the locals about the boarbatusk infestation.

This seems to have a large drop-off of people reading this, from this chapter to the next, i would just like to say that the following chapters are different from this one, they go into the past with Ruby Rose.