Ok, update time. First off, why I never continued posting in the summertime. . .work sucks. Especially when you have to deal with a lot of people who just . . .ugh never mind. Then, school kinda started, nothing to crazy, but I wanted to get in the groove of things there again. Then the worst thing that could've possibly happened, well, happened.

First, we found out where they lived originally, second, we found out that the kingdom of vale isn't even the northern continent, atlas is, and atlas isn't the huge continent in the middle. Then we find out what happened to Summer and all that jazz. When I watched the episode, I was just like "*sighs heavily, well, now this is entirely an AU, without any hint of 'realism'." But, it also gave me some insight. I had planned Yang and their dad would be in the story, as we all know what will happen, but what I did not think of was that Yang's mom was never there at all. So that is something to help the situation.

I would like to say I am sorry for the long waits, and really unsubstantial payoff of the waiting, but when the inspiration goes, it goes. It will return soon though I hope. Who knows, I could finish the next chapter this week. But first comes the revision of the last one, and more consideration. Ruby and Summer will finish their walkthrough of the weapon's exhibit, but I might change it slightly at a later date. I am not fully sure, considering we could have another information drop and it would just break me again like it did last time. Hopefully not, but just because it is a bad for the story, doesn't mean it's a bad thing for everyone. At least this drop wasn't as bad as the drop of Weiss having a sister. That was a freaking nuke. Anyways, sorry, but soon.

And a lot of new awesome games are coming out and have come out so its been a bit distracting. so, i ask for forgiveness and patience. even thought patience is wont to wear thin.