Max PoV

I just stood there in the rain, watching the taxi driver, pull away from me with Fang inside.

I just stood there and cried.

"Max, I never see you, you never want to go out, you just sit in your apartment, I'm sorry... See you around." His last words were etched into my mind.

I remember the first few years. Like on one say he gt stuck at the laundromat, trying to finish his stuff, when all his black and some white got dyed by by of my red shirts. He was never one to do laundry.

And one Halloween, he was superman, and I was Lois Lane, and he got some guy to write my name in the sky and ask me out. He was really dramatic, and liked to go out a lot, and do these big things that you never really expected.

I really love him.

Fang PoV

I'm really going to miss the way her. I'm going to miss everything about her. The way she laughed and her bright wild eyes, and her smile. Oh, man, the way she smiles, she could just light up an entire room. She was genuine. But I had work, and she was always writing or reading, and I've known her since we were 7, but I couldn't deal with all the stress of work and her.

When she was little she used to pretend that angels were all around her, and she'd talk to them. She's make me talk to them too. She once tried to count the stars and came up with 93 Nickillion, before she called me Fang. And then when she was 13 she used to wish on passing cars, she thought it was more real, instead of a rock that burned up.

She used to stand with her arms crossed all frustrated, and I'd pick her up and spin her around.

I laugh because she never made sense. She tired to watch the sky and catch a glimpse of someone flying. Max liked believing in odd things.

I guess she's waiting for superman.

All i wanted her was in my arms. All I wanted was to show her love.

But, I don't think I can save her.

I don't think I can save myself.

One year later...

I was walking up to her apartment, hoping she would still be there. White and red roses, in hand, their smell almost intoxicating. I still had the key, and after three knocks, I went in. She wasn't there. Her apartment completely changed, her were royal blue, instead of sunshine yellow. And she had new furniture. And she had new pictures, I no longer saw any of us together. I saw plenty of her and some of her friends, Iggy, and Angel.

A tear ran down my face, falling onto her wooden floors.

I turned to leave, and i shut and locked her door, and I decided to walk through central park.

What did I do?

I was never going to find her. It was New York! I could never find her. And even if I did she would never let me in again. She'd never talk to me.

So I just walked and kept walking. I walked to our tree, so big now, we had etched our names with a thousand other people. I touched our names, and I smiled just a little, remember how we used to be. And I looked to where we used to sit. And I saw her.

I Saw Max's hair. And The way she sat. She was watching the people ice skate and dance. Like she used too.

And She looked up and began to count the stars.

I ran. I ran as fast as I could.

I was right behind her when she said it.

Max PoV

"Just as I thought, 93. 93 Nicktillion stars and planets and - an- and hope." I said, turning to my left to as my angel what she thought. She said I was crazy, but that she loved me anyway. And I laughed.

When I turned to my right to ask an angel what couple looked the cutest, there was a man sitting next me.

Barely recognizable.

"How many stars do you think there are?"

And his voice was honey.

"I used to say 93 Nicktillion. But now I think it's 93 Nicktillion and one."

Fang turned his face to I could see him.

And I smiled. A good smile, a smile that i hadn't felt since before he left.

"What are you doing?"

I replied, "Oh, you know, waiting for superman."

The next thing I knew his lips crashed onto mine, leaving me utterly breathless.

I love you, Fang.

And I hoped he was thinking the same thing.

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