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Max PoV

"Fang? I don't like walking around here. The house is old and empty. Why did I let you talk me into this?"

I knew Fang was into creepy stuff, but this was down right freaking weird, and scarier than the King of Hell.

"Oh, come on Max, I'll hold your hand, and you can walk right next me. Okay?

"Yeah, but last night, I mean the stairs creek, and the house, it's just eerie. It was keeping me awake."

"Maybe it was the house telling you to close your eyes, and go back to sleep."

Fang liked the idea that the walls could speak and sometimes they held secrets.

Maybe if we die, they will find us and carry our bodies back to safe land.

Fang PoV

Sometimes there is a little voice in my head that tell me to hold back, and sometimes it holds me back and make me second guess myself, but by walking through this I figured it would allow me to over come me fears. And besides, I missed the little talks Max and I always had.

But soon this little phase will be over, and it will be in our past.

Kinda like how me and Max always used to play outside when we were little. Max's mom used to say we had such like and were always full of love.

"Some days, I don't know if I am wrong or right... You know?" Max said, breaking my train of thought. She also second guessed us a lot.

"Hey, don't worry about it, your mind is just playing tricks on you."

I felt like that, like sometimes the truth varies, depending on point of view. But we always find the right ground to stand on.

"Fang, don't listen to me, I'm just rambling."

She tried to silence the screams in her head, no matter how much the house scared her, she was trying not to let it show.

Again the truth will vary.

I turned around, and she was walking back down the hallway, and I watched her disappear.

And I remebered she was gone. This was just a dream. All that's left is a ghost of what she used to be. And now we are torn. Just torn. Torn apart by eternal sleep.

My last words to her were wait, i needed her around.

"Please hang around? I'll see you when I fall asleep too.

"Oh, Fang, don't listen to me. I'm just going crazy."

But she wasn't going cray, her truths were varying. And then her body was carried away too.

And all our lives changed. Truths changing and varying.

Though the truths may vary, I met her in the end, and our bodies were carried safely.

And we had an infinity of little talks.

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