Kelly Jones was perched on the roof of an apartment building being battered by a harsh Serbian wind. She pulled the over sized collar on her black trench coat closer around her neck and flexed her hands in their thick leather gloves, the chill had pierced her layers with ease and was settling into her bones. Jones had flown out here the previous morning to follow a suspect that should lead her to a conclusion in the case she was currently on. The thought of wrapping up months of hard work and being able to return home was the only thing stopping her body shutting down in the dark, relentless night.

She got up from the foldable canvas chair she was perched on and moved away from the edge of the roof. It was deadly quiet, the only company the spy had were a pair of binoculars and the remains of some local cuisine, any sounds from the street below were blown away before they could reach the top of the building. She raised the binoculars to her eyes focusing in on the shop she was staking out and sighed, there had been nothing significant all night and things were only getting quieter. Letting the binoculars sit on the strap around her neck she pulled her phone out and checked for messages, disappointment rose up her chest. Again.

She cursed herself for being soft enough to write what she had in the letter for Annabelle.

Maybe she hasn't read it. She was trying to justify why the current head girl hadn't been in touch, she had genuinely expected the brunette to call her before she reached the airport. She refused to entertain the idea Fritton was playing games with her, she didn't have it in her. Did she?
Doubt began to creep in as she realised just how much Annabelle had come along from her first day, the moment she'd ordered a make over for the new girl Kelly knew she'd never be the same.

But to grow balls big enough to mess with me? Even Roxy took 3 years. No, she must have missed the envelope...she's probably clumsy enough to lose it. And it would be so Annabelle for her to lose it without even finding it!

She chuckled to herself and found the memories that came flooding back warmed her deeply.

Well, I can't call her but I need to know what's going on. Second guessing the situation was making her think the worst, she needed to speak to someone on the inside but who could she trust?

Kelly sat back down and inspected the street below her, she noticed a man walking briskly towards the store, he fitted the description of a suspect she had personally tracked to this point. Adrenaline started to flood her veins as she watched him walk into the shop, the intelligence agents on the ground needed to be made aware of the situation. She pulled out her phone to make the call and couldn't believe her eyes. The screen was lit up, a phone shaped symbol shook enthusiastically below a caller I.D. she'd been longing to see for days.

Annabelle Fritton

Seriously, Kiddo. You're timing is bloody awful.

The secret agent realised her jaw had dropped open. Shock turned to grim regret, she had no choice but to put the phone down. Kelly groaned as she pulled a red X across the screen to send the call to voicemail, she only hoped it sounded like it had rung out rather than being cut short. The spy dialled her colleague and gave them the signal to go in. She kept watch from her vantage point and within minutes saw a number of big black jeeps scream to halt in front of the shop. Agents swarmed out across the street below her, storming the shop to finally put an end to the drug ring Kelly had been tracking for months.

After a nervous few minutes she grinned gleefully as six suspects were marched out in handcuffs, a seventh one was being carried unceremoniously with an agent on each limb.

Someone tried to put up a fight, she thought. The mission had been a bountiful success, her surveillance had led the rest of her team to this point and right on cue her phone rang again. This call she was expecting.

"Hello, Sir" she answered her boss.

"Agent Jones, congratulations. I trust you have an excellent view of the current situation?" he enquired.

"Yes, Sir. We've pulled seven suspects out so far, we're just waiting for forensics to arrive to dust the place and bag everything." As she spoke two black transit vans had arrived and the occupants emerging from the back of them were pulling on overalls to enter the property.

"I believe they should have just arrived" his well spoken English accent carried a hint of euphoria over the phone, Kelly celebrated internally at the thought of how well she would be rewarded for this bust.

"Well Jones, I'm afraid there's not much more you can do on this case. So I have no choice but to give you some time off." She couldn't decide if he was genuinely sorry he didn't have more work for her or if he was being sarcastic, but time off was exactly what she wanted at the moment.

"I'm devastated Sir, but I'll do whatever Her Majesty's service needs me to do. If that turns out to be a holiday then so be it" she couldn't hide the excitement in her voice.

"Excellent work Jones, enjoy your free time. You've earned it. I'll be in touch when we need you."

Before she could say goodbye the phone beeped and went silent.

She clicked about on her phone for a few seconds before placing it to her ear to make a call.

"Zdravo, ja bih naruńćiti jednom pravcu kartu za Gatvick molim." "Hello, I'd like to book a one way ticket to Gatwick, please."

Kelly Jones was going home.