Oh my god. I've died. I must be dead, there's no way you can feel like this and still be alive.

Annabelle managed to crack her eyes open enough to survey her surroundings. She was mildly relieved to realise there were no bright white lights or fluffy clouds surrounding her. Instead she was greeted by a scene that reflected last night's utter carnage.

Beds were littered with fully clothed occupants, sometimes on their own, sometimes in piles.

Those that had managed to prepare themselves for bed had left clothes strewn over the floor, furniture and even the rafters. Empty bottles and half-filled glasses covered every surface and plates of food were dotted around the dorm. Her Auntie wouldn't be best pleased the girls had raided the kitchen.

She breathed in deeply trying to get oxygen to her brain so she could clear the haze behind her eyes, all she managed to do was choke on the stinging aroma of vomit coming from next to her bed.

The head girl glanced tentatively over at the floor. Oh bugger, I hope no one saw me do that. Jesus Fritton, you know better than to drink Trinski. Should have stuck to beer.

She moaned quietly as she returned her head to the pillow, the spinning would stop after a few seconds.

"Annabelle" a voice whispered behind her. Through her severe hangover she hadn't realised there was a warmth and a presence behind her. Her whole body went ice cold as the realisation hit her like a train, a flash back popped into her head. She'd been in the kitchen with Roxy, they were up against the wall and the blonde had leaned in to kiss her. She braced herself and managed to half roll, half look behind her at who she was sharing a bed with.


Chelsea was far too chipper considering how much she had drunk.

Thank god.

Annabelle groaned aloud and let her head hit the pillow again, burying her face into it.

Ohhh, she must have seen me in such a state last night. Bloody hell.

"How are you feeling?" Chelsea asked, leaning over Annabelle and gently stroking the hair off of the side of her face.

"I think I've died." the head girl mumbled into the pillow.

The posh totty laughed, she was pretty sure alcohol was still running through her own veins so she could get a remedy sorted before a hangover kicked in. Her friend was clearly not so lucky, snickering to herself she clambered over Annabelle and made her way over to her own bed. Bottles and glasses clinked as liquid was poured and soon Chelsea was returning to the suffering brunette with two glasses of a bright orange, fizzing drink.

"Here, sit up. Slowly!" She added, before the bucket came out again.

Annabelle managed to prop herself upright against the headboard and take the drink. Chelsea looked remarkably groomed considering the size of the party they threw last night, she hadn't taken off her make up yet but her hair was still neat. The head girl didn't want to imagine how awful she looked, but given that the rest of the school still appeared to be unconscious she didn't really care.

The reality was she looked considerably more unkempt than her blonde companion. Her wavy brown hair had fizzed out in protest of its constraints so was sitting in a messy bun with lots of fly aways, her eye make up had ran down her cheeks with the river of tears that had flowed last night and around her lips was still faintly red from her lipstick, despite most of it being on the tissues she had wiped her mouth with after the alcohol made a reappearance. The majority of her foundation and blusher was smeared on her pillow

Her stomach was burning as if she'd been drinking paint stripper, she wasn't entirely sure she hadn't. All of her muscles ached, the last 36 hours had been intense. As she sipped her drink the bubbles felt like knives on her throat, it was raw. Annabelle grimaced and forced herself to swallow, she felt a sharp pain in her chest and coughed, more pain in her ribs. She'd never been so sick in her life as she was last night and she was paying for it heavily now.

Tears of pain and frustration tingled behind her eyes but she was too dehydrated for any moisture to appear, she began to wish she could just switch off for today and resume her life again tomorrow when she'd feel human again.

"Here, this should help" Chelsea had pulled out a pen and was stirring Annabelle's drink to take the fizz out of it.

"I'm so sorry if you saw me last night, I can't believe I got in such a state." the head girl croaked, unable to make eye contact with her friend.

"Belle don't worry about it, I know you'd do the same for me if I got that bad." she smiled fondly across at the brunette. "What do you remember from last night anyway?" The posh totty wanted to know if Annabelle could confidently confirm that she hadn't got up to anything questionable. Chelsea was a total romantic and she loved the idea of Kelly and Annabelle being together, she'd saw it in Kelly's smile when she ordered a makeover for the new girl. Jones didn't order makeovers for just anyone, girls who didn't fit in anywhere specific were usually just left to be fought over by the tribes. The treatment Annabelle got put her above the tribes, straight into Kelly Jones' pocket. Kelly had barely let her new friend out her sight from then on. Most of the girls assumed she had been given some sort of direction from the headmistress, who intended to have her niece fill Kelly's position when she left, Fritton was merely studying Jones' techniques. Only Polly and Chelsea had realised at first, Roxy clicked on after she tried to go there with Kelly and was promptly brushed off. The posh totty had overhead the way Annabelle spoke to people on the phone and her voice always softened for one person.

Not to mention the way she plays with her hair when she speaks to Kel Chelsea thought.

"Not much." the brunette concluded. "You went to dance with Bella and Saffy, so it was just me and Roxy left. The others...I can't remember where Roxy said they'd gone." She sipped at her drink and furrowed her brow in the hopes it might jiggle her brain to function quicker.

Chelsea knew she had to press deeper.

"Belle, did anything happen between you and Roxy? There were rumours flying round last night the two of scampered off together." she saw Annabelle's eyes widen, shock or fear? She wondered. "I found you up here in bed alone." she added quickly. "But what about before you came up, did you do..?" she paused awkwardly.

"NO!" Annabelle cut in sharply. An eco warrior passed out on the floor at the end of her bed grunted and rolled over.

"No." the head girl repeated gently. "When I turned around, I asked where everyone had gone and…out of nowhere she had her hands on my hips, holding me. Next thing she drags me off the table, nearly breaking my neck in the process, and we end up in the kitchen." She sipped her drink as Chelsea looked on, waiting for the rest of the story.

"We were up against the wall when..." she paused and swallowed heavily. Chelsea nodded at her to keep talking. "She kissed me." The blonde's stomach sank, this wasn't good.

"But it was barely a brush of lips, I thought of Kelly and realised I didn't want anything to happen. I'd pulled away and Roxy had missed the target." she felt awkward talking about the events with her friend but knew she'd done the right thing.

"It probably sounds awfully cheesy," Annabelle looked down and picked at a pull in her blanket. "I want to...it's just I think Kelly...see, I've never kissed a girl before..." she stumbled.

"You want to save yourself for Kelly?" Chelsea helped her out, she wasn't trying to torment her friend. Annabelle looked up smiling sheepishly, her cheeks were burning red as she nodded.

The blonde reached out and took hold of the head girl's hand, giving it a squeeze.


Annabelle felt better for having had someone to talk to and even more so, someone who seemed to understand her.

"Thanks Chels."
The posh totty announced she needed to sort her face out and went over to her bed to begin the process of making herself presentable to the world. Annabelle didn't think the ability to walk had returned to her just yet so stayed put under the covers. She finished the drink Chelsea had made her, it's contents were a mystery to her but she felt like her stomach was beginning to stop burning. As she reached over to set the glass on the bed side table she noticed her phone, she scooped it up and leaned back into her pillow as she lit up the screen.

Let's see if there's any damage. She thought, though not a regular drunk texter, there were exceptions and last night was probably one of them.

She brought her messages up and was pleased to see there were only two, one to Roxy and one to her Auntie. She cringed violently at the second message, she took minor comfort in the fact Camilla was understanding, surely she wouldn't mind.

I liove yui,,auntr cMills xxxxxxxx

At least she could make out what she was trying to say and it had plenty of sentiment to it. What she hadn't expected was the reply

love you twoio my gir; srop tezting an go ger wsnkerrd

Annabelle glanced around the keyboard and managed to make out her Auntie's message: love you too my girl, stop texting and go get wankered. She grinned to herself, her father would never have had a sense of humour like his sister.

The message to Roxy was easy to make out, she'd written the word sorry with lots of kisses on the end. There had been no reply, but from what she could remember of getting into the dorm Roxy hadn't been annoyed so she'd probably gone out for more action.

She was about to put the phone down and go back to sleep when something at the back of her mind made her want to check her calls. She'd never called someone drunk before but she couldn't shake the feeling she had last night. As she swiped across to the history of her phone, her stomach knotted. Sitting at the top of the list was Kelly Jones.