Takes place AFTER TLO! Annabeth Chase's POV

Everything was perfect. Olympus was saved, the world was saved, and i had my Percy! The satyrs started finding new camp members but lately nobody has come for months but it was okay, because we already have at least 214 campers! A couple of us were sitting by a fire telling funny stories and adventures. "Hey guys did I ever tell you how i discovered the stolen chariot of Ares?" "Yes Clarisse! You've told us enough!" Everybody started laughing.

"Did I ever tell you how I found Percy and Annabeth smooching in the canoe?" I looked at Percy and I couldn't tell who's cheeks were redder mine or his. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

We heard a loud bang and saw Argus on the ground. Everybody at camp ran over to the entrance of camp. We saw a teenage girl that was the same age as all of us with, very dark long brown hair that looked amazing, a blue shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, and a tore up pair of black sneakers. She had a sword in her hand. She had arrows and a bow tucked in a back pack that hung from her shoulders, she had a knife that looked exactly like the one Luke gave me around her waist, she had tons of scars and cuts.

"Who's this?" She looked strait at Percy and fell on him. It looked like she passed out. "Perry Jonson get her to the infirmary." Percy carried her to the infirmary and gave the girl up to the campers that help at the infirmary. We were walking past my cabin when I saw Nico flirting with some Hermes girl. I saw him give her a weird plant thing. We both ran up to them.

"Nico what is that?"

"Don't tell anybody but its drugs." We slapped it out of his hand and on the ground. Percy walked me to my cabin and pushed me up against the wall. "Annabeth Chase, lets never break up." He gave me one final kiss for the day and I went in the Athena cabin and went to sleep.

Percy Jackson's POV

When everybody woke up Chiron had us all go to find out about the new girl that arrived last night. Annabeth and I dragged the new girl to the beach.

"Okay what's your name new girl?" "It's Allyson Luna Jackson." Annabeth looked at me and mouthed 'Do you think'?' I looked at Allyson and grabbed her arm. "Quite a lot of cuts there. Here let me see something. Put your hand in water and let me see what happens." She smiled and put her hand in water. The water went up her arm and cleared all of her cuts. Then I saw a trident above her head.

Annabeth yelled for Chiron. "CHIRON! COME SEE THIS!" I saw Chiron gallop down toward the beach. "Well it looks like Percy and Tyson have their only half sister!" She looked at me and dragged me by a tree.

"I'm not your half sister.. I'm a sister.. sister." I looked at her and looked at Annabeth.

"She's not a half sister. We have the same mom I guess.." Annabeth looked at me and gasped. I looked at Allyson and she ran but fell into Danny Robinson, a son of Hermes. She put her head up and bumped his head.

"Sorry! Oh my gods your cute! I mean... yea there's no way to save that." She laughed and ran away. Tomorrow was the first day at Goode High school. Only me, Annabeth, Clarisse, Allyson, the Stoll brothers, Danny, Thalia, and Grover go there. All nine of us started packing and went to sleep. The next day Argus drove all of us to Goode High school.

Allyson Jackson's POV

Argus dropped us off at Goode High school and some kid ran past me and shoved me on the road. I hurt a lot and saw a car coming strait towards me. All I remember is Danny shoving me to the side and then tons of pain. Then I was in the hospital. I felt a jerk of pain. I looked over and saw Danny Robinson. He winked at me and then rolled over and fell asleep.

"Clarisse!" I sat up and gave her a hug. "Ally just use your water healing shiz and cure yourself and Danny!" I nodded and cured my injuries and Danny's. Then we escaped and went to Goode High school where class almost started. The lunch bell FINALLY rang. Danny was the most popular student at Goode and he's been going there since he started high school. When I got my lunch the lunch lady stood there.

"You have to pay for your lunch sweet cheeks..." I looked at her and laughed. "That's the most st-" Danny came over and handed the lunch lady three dollars. I took my lunch and stood in the middle of the cafeteria. I saw Danny sitting with the football team and he signaled for me to sit with them. I walked over to the lunch table and sat

Percy's POV

At lunch I turned around and saw Allyson sitting with Danny and the football team. I was sitting with Annabeth and Grover. Soon it was the end of the day. We all came home back to Camp Half-Blood. I went down to the beach and saw my sister, so I went down and sat by her.

"Hey lil sis." She looked at me and punched my arm. "What's your story? Ya know how you got here." She laughed a little and her voice started sounding like she was sick or crying.

"Well I lived in dad's palace and he said I was his favorite child but then he never payed attention to me. So I left then Luke found me on the streets and we were like little kids in love. Then he asked me to join Kronos's army and I said yes. I was the one sent to kill Benckendorf."

Danny Robinson's POV

I saw Percy get up and go over and kiss Annabeth and I saw Allyson, sitting on the beach crying. I ran over and she told me her story. "Wow." I leaned over and brushed her hair to the side. I looked at her sea green eyes. I leaned in to kiss her. She looked at me and smiled.