Title: Despair, Shock, hope and Clarity
Short title: Tragic Heroic Villains

Author's notes:

Slightly AU. Characters= still powered. Season: 1. This is mostly anime based with some manga stuff. Also has hints of PGSM stuff.

Stuff that is different from originals:

Usagi and Mamoru are already romantically together, as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sailor V is Sailor Moon's partner in crime. Sailor V is aware of Sailor Moon being Serenity and Sailor Moon is also aware of her royal status.

No other senshi are active yet...

except my OC, Sailor Fire Sun.

Also: Tuxedo Mask was a thief in the manga. I am not sure about PGSM Live-action and the anime though. But in the manga canon, he was one. In this fanfic, he has robbed dozens and dozens of jewellery stores.

Sailor Moon is a Psychotic person. Usagi is not. It's kind of like … a magical and horrifying uh…Dissociative Identity disorder, if you think about it.

Their relationship in this fanfic is complicated.

In this, Beryl's backstory is slightly different from canon.

Features an OC sailor Senshi of mine and she is crazy.

This is also dark and incoherent on purpose.

The other senshi will not be featured in this fanfic frequently.

I hope you all enjoy.

Warning: death, crime, horror (nothing above pg-13) and blood and suicide.

Note: I do not condone suicide.

Note: in regards to the story; the characters are more than likely OOC; but I did specify that this was an AU (Alternate Universe/Alternate Reality) and once again, it is FANFICTION; so any comments about that, please be silent.

There will be twenty Chapters.
1. A theft, blood and rage…
2. Usagi's a murderer?
3. Sun-kissed secrets
4. I will not be afraid of her.
5. Is it Denial or lies?
6. Shadows
7. Hatred and Love
8. Forbidden Love
9. Secrets
10. Hate
11. Love
12. Truth
13. Another Truth
14. The thief and Murderer
15. Deaths
16. Rage and Defeat
17. Victory and Clarity
18. Two wrongs don't make a right
19. Dying and Rebirth
20. Epilogue

Chapter 1: A theft, blood and rage…

The gems were all on his bed, gleaming brightly.

Mamoru smirked as he looked at his loot.

He stared at his winnings of the night.

He was very successful today.

He stole the crystals, the precious gems… he did not why. Maybe he was a kleptomaniac. Maybe his father or mother had been robbers or thieves. He just did not know. He was an orphan.

All he knew was that he felt compelled to do this…

He had to steal… to find the Ginzuishou.

He wanted; no… he needed to do it.

Meanwhile, in a dark alley, Sailor Moon was smiling darkly.

Sailor V was with her. Sailor V smiled sadly yet darkly. her smile had traces of regret yet amusement danced in Sailor V's blue eyes.

The monster was dead. Blood was splattered on the floor.

"I WON!" She yelled in excitement.

She then snuck out of the alley and after making sure nobody was around, she then transformed back to her normal self. Her normal self was a teenaged blonde named Usagi Tsukino. Usagi was upset. This time…. It was irreparable. Her evil side had really done it. The victim was permanently dead. Why? why was it that transforming and having power was addictive? Why?

Tears leaked out of her eyes.

"Oh kami…"

Usagi covered her mouth with a hand and trembled. She could not believe it… her own actions… why did she bring it about? Why did she kill?

"How… how could I… why?" she mumbled.

Tears fell from her eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

Sailor V sighed and turned back into her civilian form, Minako Aino.

Minako spoke in a matter-of-fact voice. "Our powers... are both a gift and a curse."

Usagi looked at the ground miserably upon hearing those words. Even if they threw away their magical items, something would happen to make them stronger... She knew. She knew it well...

"She was her own enemy…Serenity. Oh...and I have to say...You are her murderer. V... Venus... you are useless." A sailor senshi spoke behind them.

Usagi gasped. Minako readied a fist.

The voice was cold and soft.

Usagi and Minako both turned around and saw a girl with blonde-red hair and cold blue eyes. She wore a sailor suit…

"You… you are a sailor senshi?" Usagi spoke incredulously. Minako did not say a word.

"Yes…I am. I know who you are… You are a hypocrite. You don't deserve my don't deserve to be a heroine! You are not a hero! You are a monster. You claim to save people, but you killed an innocent tonight."

Usagi's eyes widened. She whispered, "You know."

The blonde-red-haired girl nodded and spoke. "We have known for a long time… of the lunacy of the Moon senshi. If you have a child, your child will inherit it."

Then, the girl turned around and prepared to leave. Usagi was confused. She spoke, just as the girl walked two steps away.

"You… wait. What do you mean by we?"

The girl turned around.

"My sister knows. You know her. She is the Queen of the Dark Kingdom, The first-born princess of the sun and the disgraced one. I am the second princess of the sun… heiress and sailor senshi…You will pay soon..."

The girl spoke and suddenly… mysteriously vanished into the shadows.

Usagi ran at where the girl was, which seemed to be a dead end.

Where did that girl go?

Usagi wondered out loud in a sad, angry and bitter tone. "What do I have to pay for? My past incarnation's sins? or my present sins?I... don't like my alter ego too! I don't! I... I really don't!"

Minako walked towards Usagi and curtsied. "Princess,calm down. Please be careful. Oh...also… she mentioned the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. Did that mean beryl had a sister?"

Usagi looked and felt utterly, utterly baffled.

"Beryl had a sister? How come... I... I don't remember?" she spoke, feeling panicked. She bit her lip anxiously.

Minako closed her eyes and thought back...

"She... was royal..." Minako whispered.

Usagi stared at Minako.

Meanings of words:
Japanese to English

Kami= god
Ginzuishou= silver crystal
Senshi= soldier or warrior