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A lone 13-year-old boy is walking around a rocky beach. He just had an argument with his parents…again. Right now, he felt the ocean breeze on his face—very cold but yet calming. He's wearing a white shirt with a blue coat on, a pair of out of proportion jeans and a pair of sandals that looks like it's going to break any minute.

He has dark brown eyes, a pair of blue glasses, a flat nose and a slightly out-proportioned mouth.

As he looked up to the bright full moon, revealing his dark hair, he saw a streak of blue light, following by something falling out of the sky. He heard a screeching noise that he recognizes from some movie he watched an awfully lot of times. Something that he saw that would forever change his life.

What he saw was a creature that is supposed to be fictional, a myth that should not even exist.

It has a large reptilian body with a pair of bat like wings. Its scales are midnight black. Luckily, it still has all of its tail fin and wings intact, unlike the same kind of dragon that he saw in the movie.

By that, he meant…a Night Fury.

Standing there jaw-dropped, the boy gathered back his thoughts and ran to where the Night Fury had landed.

There, he saw a pair of green-yellowish reptilian eyes looking straight at him. The scared, confused boy felt that the dragon was feeling the same. Although neither of them had the intention to kill each other, they still don't know what to do then.

The awkward silence (even that both sides can properly have a conversation with each other) was broken when the boy decided to reach out his hand and pet the dragon to comfort it.

At the time, the boy thought to himself that he was crazy. But then again, actually seeing a dragon in real life probably already meant that he was already seeing things, so he decided to reach out to see if it's real or not.

As it turns out, it was as real as it could get.

He felt his palm was touching something smooth but rough. He was actually petting it, an actual dragon! Never would he saw the day that this would happen.

Never would I have seen that coming.

That boy was me.

And at that day, I befriended a dragon, but not just any dragon. I befriended a Night Fury, the supposed unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.

However, let us rewind a little bit and retell who I am first. My name is Ken. I am 170 cm (5 ft.7) and I live in China, more specifically, Hong Kong. I am better at speaking English than Cantonese or Putonghua, which were supposed to be my native tongue, for some reasons.

Anyway, after that night, I began spending more time with it, or now more appropriately, him, as in Dion, a name that I gave him. Luckily, right after the Christmas holiday I had the exam for the term so I had a little more time to spend with him before school regularly starts again. It's weird that he did not flew away after a few days, it's like he wanted to stay with me.

And that gave me the idea of riding on him and go flying.

I knew that it might be risky considering that there is an airport nearby that has planes that might crash into us, but I was willing to take the risk and experience what it is like to be high in the sky…as long as I don't pass out from lack of oxygen.

Today was the day that we were supposed to have our first flight together.

However, something went terribly wrong…

As we were traveling through the clouds, I saw a strong beam of light flashing in the sky.

"What's that? Maybe we should take a look, Dion." I said.

Then, the light consumed us.

We both panicked when there was nothing but salty seawater below us.

To make matters worse, we saw the sun going down.

At that moment, we had only two things that we can do A. land in the water and hope that we could wash up somewhere…or just plainly drown after the endlessly unsuccessful search for land. Or B. Find land while we were still airborne.

As it turns out, I chose B since we just so happens to saw an island not far from where we were.

That island looked way too familiar for me. It almost looks like…

"No, it can't be… It's impossible!" I thought.

The impossible just became a reality.

As we flew near the isle of Berk, I suddenly made a connection in my brain.

"It all makes sense now! Dion must have traveled to my world, uh…time or uh…universe or whatever through a portal in the sky! I remembered there being a streak of blue light on the night that I met Dion." I thought, as we slowly landed in the woods outside the village.

"I've got a feeling that this is going to be one ride that I will never…" I was interrupted by a voice saying" What! Why I am back on this island?"

"Wait! Who said that?"

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