Hey guys its my first story so its format and everything else is not good.. Sorry but I am practicing so bear with me with this one :)
Summary: After knowing that Dad the Human is alive Finn left to find him but was attack by an unknown assailant he is also a sword user like Finn but his skills was way above Finn's
but before Finn was defeated he fell off a cliff and was unconsious..

"ugh.." Finn woke up and by the time he instantly tried to stand up he felt the pain and remembered everything. "what the glob who was that guy?" was all Finn could think of then he realizes that he was in
a carriage and everything around him was swords all kinds of sizes, shapes. Some even have eyes and are looking at him. "Weird" Finn said then suddenly he heard a voice of an old man. "ohhh I see you are awake boy." The old man said stopping the carriage and offering him something to eat. "I guess you were the one who found me and saved me?" Finn asked then the old man replied "No. I was the man who tried to kill you." Upon hearing than finn quickly drew his grass sword and taking a battle stance.
"Now now is that how you treat an old man while he is giving you food?" Finn quickly think that this man has gone Baneyney. "Why did you attack me? Are you crazy or something?" Finn asked.
"Nope I felt the power of your cursed sword and tried to see how powerful it is, And it was unfortunately the user was weak.." The Old man replied while giving him a smirk.
"hey! Um…. Yeah…" was all could Finn said. " Fortunately I'm willing to teach you how to control and master all types of cursed swords.. and how to take a more intimidating battle stance and not just charging to his opponent while he does…" but was cut off by Finn "Ok I get it…" thus our hero started learning the way of the Cursed Swords

5 Years Later
"Finn you have a way with swords. Mastering all of the known cursed sword that is within 5 years.
Unlike me who spent 40 years to master them all." Said by the old man
"Hehehe guess I'm special" Finn replied
"Don't let it go to your head. But boy you sure look good now just like in my younger days." The old guy replies.
"yeah.. I've kinda miss them. Plus I've never return them even a single letter I think they are worried sick especially my bro.." Finn said in a sad tone.
"Well why don't you go home? You've been away long enough. I'm sure.." Old guy replied with a worry tone
"But I have to find my dad. I mean he's still alive there somewhere" Finn interrupts the old guy while he was talking.
"You are 18 now and started searching for him 5 years ago if he survived 13 years without you I'm guessing adding more 5 years won't hurt. Plus the guardian that guards that place is stronger than me."

"WAIT! WHAT!? How did you.." Finn shouting at what he suddenly heard.
"Yes. I know your father since he's also the only human in that place plus they are all frozen there so its like he's still the same age as he was before he was frozen. Now just go boy.. you already took 5 years of my life HAHAHA" old dude laughing loud.

"sheesh… fine.. well thanks…. Wait we've been together for 5 years and I don't even know your name!"
Finn turns around and found nothing except a sword and a note "Here's a reminder of me"
A tear drops from his face while he remembers all the times they shared within 5 years.. then a sudden thought to finn
"Hmm.. How's Jake doing or Marceline or PB or FP" Finn said while thinking wait why am I thinking about girls.. well still it will be good to see them again
Finn heads home excited to see his friends again… but still can't stop thinking about the girls.